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How to Find the Inspiration in Meditation

Like meditation and the love, happiness and peace with which it is so closely aligned, inspiration is mysterious, nebulous and hard to pin down. r

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Why is Asking ‘Why’ Important in Life?

When you’re a child ‘why’ is a question regularly, from the most obvious of questions to the more complicated. r

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Boring is a State of Mind: How Curiosity Diminishes Monotony

I believe this principle applies, not only to making things, but also to experiencing things. Just as there is a muse for creativity, there is also a muse for curiosity. r

Simplify And Enjoy Life

10 Tips To Make Your Life Easier And More Enjoyable

Here are 10 simple things you can do immediately to simplify your life and to render it more enjoyable: r

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The Three Rules Of Creativity

Creativity is defined as the productive use of ideas and imagination.

Unfortunately, because of widespread preconceptions about creativity, people tend to go about it the wrong way. r

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WARNING: Following your dreams can get lonely!

If someone told you that they were ‘following their dreams’ what would you say to them? Would you mock and laugh or would you encourage and support them? r