10 All Natural Ways to Stop Feeling Depressed

  • Life is a drag.
  • What’s the point of anything?
  • I’ll never be happy.

Do any of these gloomy thoughts sound familiar? It’s likely they do. The occasional case of the blues is perfectly normal, but that doesn’t make dealing with it any easier. If you allow them to, negative thoughts can fester and lead to serious depression. That’s why it’s important to take action early to bust yourself out of a slump.

While these suggestions won’t eliminate your problems, they can help you break a negative thought pattern and stop feeling depressed. If you think you might have a serious mental health problem, don’t hesitate to see a medical professional.

1. Understand the emotional cycle – Life is an emotional roller coaster. Some days you feel like nothing can stop you. Other days you feel utterly hopeless. Most of the time you’re somewhere in between. Understanding the pattern of positive and negative emotions will help you put your feelings in perspective. Next time you feel down, just remember that it’s a natural emotion that will inevitably pass. Knowing that a feeling of depression is only temporary makes it less dreadful.

2. Spend time with positive people – Nothing affects the way you think and feel more than the people you interact with. Thoughts (both positive and negative) are contagious. If you are surrounded by negative people, it’s only natural that you’ll start to think and feel the same way. To improve your outlook on life, spend time with positive people. Search them out and try to understand the way they see the world. Chances are their happiness will rub off.

3. Reflect on past success – In the wake of a colossal failure, it’s easy to forget everything you’ve ever done right. Take a few minutes to remember your past accomplishments and build yourself up. What made you successful before? What are your strengths? Frequently, this exercise will build self confidence, help you figure out what went wrong, and generate ideas for success in the future.

4. Focus on gratitude – It’s human nature to measure ourselves against those ahead of us on the social ladder. Studies have shown that people care more about being richer than their friends than actually making more money. When you consider everything good in your life and compare it to the problems of less fortunate people, the issue that’s making you depressed won’t seem as serious.

5. Change of scenery – One of the best ways to change the way you feel is to change your environment. When you get in a slump, you start to associate your problems with everything around you. It can get to the point where your environment is a constant reminder of your problems. This can be a dangerous cycle. The solution is to change things. Change doesn’t have to be radical. Cleaning up, adding more lights, or including pleasant decorations can completely change the mood of a room.

6. Break your routine – Going through the same routine, day after day, can be monotonous and depressing. It often leads to getting caught in a rut. To get out of it you need to temporarily change your routine. If you can, take a day off from work. Do something you don’t normally have time for or something you’ve never tried. In the long run, taking a day off every now and then to get out of slump will make you happier and more productive.

7. Interact with animals and nature – It’s funny when you consider how humans put so much importance on their own tiny problems. Animals don’t think this way. A little bird doesn’t mope around because it isn’t an eagle or because another bird beat it to a tasty seed. Animals live in the present moment and they show love unconditionally. Observing and interacting with them will help you get over your problems.

8. Get moving – As Johnny Cash famously suggested, “Get a rhythm, when you get the blues.” Moving to a beat makes everyone feel better. The same is true for movement in general. Hitting the gym or going for a walk will help you shed the lethargy that comes with feeling depressed. The more enthusiastic your moments, the better you will start to feel.

9. Think about the big picture – As Carl Sagan made evident with the Pale Blue Dot, we’re insignificant creatures living in a vast universe on a tiny planet. In the long run, everything we do will probably be forgotten. Some might find this depressing, but it shouldn’t be. It means that all our problems are illusory. In a million years no one will remember what you did or didn’t do. What matters is the present moment and enjoying every second of life that we’re blessed with.

10. Do something to help yourself – Above all, the best way to stop feeling depressed is to take action. What is your biggest problem? How can you alleviate it? Once you decide to stop moping and start moving forward you won’t have time to feel depressed. Action will occupy your mind and give you something to look forward to. Once you get some results, you’ll build momentum and positive thinking will keep getting easier.

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  • Nice John – I can relate to No.4.

    I’ve been taking some advice from author and speaker James Arthur Ray, namely – to use the power of gratitude every morning when I’m going through my routine.

    I’ve found it really powerful to get me through the emotional bumps and grooves that occur during the day.

    All the best,

    Stephen Martile
    Personal Development Made Simple

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    • yea me too.

  • Thanks, Steven. I’m not surprised that James Ray is big on gratitude at all. It seems to be a big part of personal development.

    • Right on time. I am just crossing a low-motivation period and your article is really helpful!

  • LW

    What about doing something for someone else?

    • lakes

      i have been lately stuck up with a very bad company and myself being very emotionally very weak couldn’t stop crying the whole time… helping needy is best way to come out of it but im unable to find a way to do that….

      • saira


        what exactly do you mean. Are you working for a bad company,can you leave your job and get another job. Or have you got involved in bad company,in other words, bad friends.  can you share it here.If you want to talk I am here okay.

        Take Care

      • saira


        what exactly do you mean. Are you working for a bad company,can you leave your job and get another job. Or have you got involved in bad company,in other words, bad friends.  can you share it here.If you want to talk I am here okay.

        Take Care

      • April_cunn

        I am very needy depressed and hopeless…. struggling college student

        • Businesswims

          hang in there, April, depression sucks, for sure, be sure to get some help for yourself from counselors at college — many people who have experienced depression have very fulfilling lives.  don’t be deceived by negative thoughts — you can feel better, just like thsrs other people, and something much better is on the next pages!  (((BIG HUG)))

        • angel

          hey april as bad as it seems at the moment iv had depression and fought my way out of it on my own with some gr8 advice from professionals and it was pretty much what is said in the 10 above actually  when u think of it its common sense it but sitck to it and  u will get there but talk to people if its a doctor or a friend that can relate to the way ur feeling it will make it easier on u unloadin some steam keep ur chin up !!!!! xx

        • Emily92

          Hey April I’m Emily and its funny because my birthdays in April and I’m college age… Not a student yet because with my depression always getting the best of me it took me longer to find the right path to get me graduated from Highschool, but I’m glad I saw this because it’s hard being this age and depressed and makes me even more depressed because all my friends are away at college partying and having the best times of their life’s which makes me feel even more alone because it’s hard to find people our age admitting to depression bc most others our age make us feel judged but seeing this made me feel not so alone so thank you and I want u to know ur not alone either i know this may be out there but if you need to talk to someone you feel you can relate to and stuff being your age don’t hesitate to let me know I’m always open to new friends!

          • James Wann

             Emily, I responded to April already, but as I said to her, I too am open to talk, as loneliness makes depression infinitely more difficult to deal with. My email address is above, and since I am (I guess) only around a year older than you, I’d imagine we have had similar experiences to an extent. Feel free to email at absolutely any time, if I’m available to respond and you feel troubled, I’ll try to help in any way possible. Reading these comments has made me feel very encouraged, and it’s pleasing to see how easily people can relate. Keep being as positive as you can manage to be, and you’ll do great, I’m sure.

          • same here…

          • Asdf

            Do work

          • Asdfomasdf

            Do work

        • Mify

          I’m exactly in the same position as you :(

          • Are you studying something you really like. If you’re not on the path to doing something you want to do in the future it has the potential to make you feel ‘hopeless’. Perhaps you could consider where you are heading and change course if it is appropriate. Take some control of you life and then take action.

        • Mify

          I’m exactly in the same position as you :(

        • James Wann

           Hi April, I hope you’re feeling better now. However, I also am a depressed student, but I find your outlook totally counter-productive. You should ask yourself, very seriously, do you want to be depressed? The answer may seem obvious, but surely, if you don’t, you would address the issues at hand, and display them differently. I suffer severe depression; however, I realize it is my own responsibility to change that. The fact that you’re exploring avenues is encouraging, but you need to take a step back to analyze your feelings. If you are ‘needy, depressed and hopeless’, you must also realize these are things you have to deal with, to an extent, independently. If you are needy, try to tone it down. Take time alone to do something you enjoy, and notice that you don’t NEED other people. Company can be amazing, but individuality and independence is one of the greatest strengths we can possess too. You need to look at changing your approaches. Change your day to day. When I feel down, I try to challenge myself, by going somewhere, despite the knowledge I may feel anxious, or cook something, or tidy up. You need productivity. Some of these things will not only help to, at least temporarily, alleviate some of the depression and hopelessness, but more importantly, help your self-confidence. Notwithstanding the fact that I think neediness can be bad, I do believe talking can be incredibly helpful. Therefore, I’d suggest speaking to somebody who understands, preferably from experience. Age is good too, I am 21, and it is good to speak to people of a similar age. However, more mature people can be excellent too, such as counsellors.

          Anyway, since I imagine I may forget to check this religiously, if you, or anybody else for that matter, would like to talk, I am available at jameswann91@hotmail:disqus .com. I think talking is therapeutic and sensible. I also think another person’s point of view really helps to rationalise one’s feelings, or fears. Don’t hesitate to contact.

          • Tazin

             hey james i really liked what u wrote to april, it actually kinda helped me.

          • Nicholas Ross

            I too feel

          • Debra

            Nicholas, I don’t know if you ever received any response or guidance to your post, considering it was 4 months ago when you posted it. I feel your pain. First, have you at least googled “

          • Debra

            Nicholas, I don’t know if you ever received any response or guidance to your post, considering it was 4 months ago when you posted it. I feel your pain. First, have you at least Googled “how to become an accountant” to see what comes up. It’s the least scary way to find out lots about what it would entail without having to talk to anyone. If you’re still interested, then work on a game plan. Contact an interesting lead from your Google search. Educators love to talk about their profession and answer questions all the time without expecting you to obligate yourself. Take time to really think about it and consider all the steps and options to see if it feels right for you. Don’t let anyone talk you into anything. Be in charge of your life and where YOU want it to go. When you decide what you want to do next, go for it with the excitement and gusto of a new adventure. Remember that adventures have ups and downs…keep your eyes on the goal…the prize. If you’ve ever watched “Indiana Jones”, you’ll see what I mean. You’ll be able to feel if a new direction resonates with your spirit. It will feel right, interesting, exciting, you can hardly wait to get started. Second, do one good deed everyday. I know this may sound positively ridiculous, but doing so will change the way you see other people, yourself, and the world around you. It can be a totally anonymous deed that put a smile on someone else’s face…made their day brighter or easier. It doesn’t even have to be a person, it could be an animal. Creatures of all kinds know when someone has done them a kindness, reduced their load in life, reduced their suffering in some way, comforted them in some way. It can be as simple as just “doing the right thing” when a situation comes up. If no one else noticed, believe me that God certainly noticed. It can be as simple as opening the door for someone else or making sure the door you just opened didn’t slam into the person right behind you. You can smile and say Hi or give a friendly nod to a stranger. You never know when the person you’ve been nice to may have been having a very hard time and your kindly act was the salve to their own emotional wounds that day. Doing something good for someone else every single day will circle back to you from the universe in good ways as well as give yourself a little shot of endorphins which will momentarily make you feel better yourself. Out of nowhere, you will receive something good, or the break you’ve been wishing for, or the kind words from someone that made your wretched day feel better. Just step out in faith one time each day and see how your world changes. I wish all good things for you, Nicholas.

          • Nicholas Ross

            Thanks Debra. Your response has really done something for me. Though it has been quite a while, things are looking up for me. Since my post, I have gotten a second job, my own place and have become a lot more social. I went to a community college to speak with a few people about courses and programs. I even googled some info i was curious about and took down some notes a while back. I am so much more positive and looking on the bright side of everything. A big part of getting back to my positive state of mind was the gym. Oh I love the gym. Lol When I start to have my moments, I just think to myself that there really isn’t much I can do to change my circumstances unless I think positive. First thing I do is ask why I feel the way I do and why it has happened to me. What did I get from it and what was I supposed to get from it.Then act on my next move. Have to stay in motion. Never allow yourself time to get or feel depressed. Never doubt yourself. Depression starts from within and you can only stop it from within. Everyone is in control of their own emotions. GOD has a plan for me and I have people that depend on me. I have been doing a lot better ever since.

            I want to thank everyone for sharing and expressing themselves. I have learned a lot from this experience and it always feels good to know that you’re not alone. Even in the darkest of days, you’re never alone. Thanks again Debra.

        • tori

          me, too :(

        • G_contebardo

          Hey maybe we can talk I’m in the same boat

      • Jgrashorn

        how about getting a hobby you actually like huh lakes it would help you out of your depression k bye

      • ham_ham_tati

        I have to tell you that I was in the exact same position a few months ago- stuck with a bad company, doing the corporate grind, crying uncontrollably everyday, allowing people to walk all over me, forcing myself to go through the motions, etc.  I walked away from the position and never looked back.  My sister went through the same thing and felt an immediate sense of relief after leaving her job.  If you are crying the whole time, just leave…whatever it is that you are doing, it is not worth sacrificing your sanity or quality of life.  I am now working on becoming a school teacher, and it is the best decision I have ever made.  Work is a HUGE part of your life; in fact, many of us spend more waking hours at our jobs than we do with our families (unfortunately).  I hope you find a calling that you truly love.  Good luck to you.  It gets better :)  

        • Rosalindgordon84

          Hey this Rozy an i’m new to all these feelinga n i’m not sure what to doall I know is i’m always sad n Moody I just feel like my world is crashing no don’t know how to stop it n have kids no can’t let them see me like this. U sound like u give good advice help me heal if u can

          • Kamsrouy

            Get the FEELING GOOD HANDBOOK by David Burns. Read it and do the exercises. It is the best user friendly and scientifically backed self help book for treating depression. He also has one on anxiety called Panic attacks.
            The third one I would recommend is FULL CATASTROPHY LIVING by Jon Kabat Zin.

            But if your depression and/or anxiety is severe you need to see a psychologist or psychiatrist.

      • Drain Wane

        ้hi lakes, I definitely understand how you feel ’cause I’m in sort of the same as yours no way out , love to take action but still lost in the same old depressed circle, helping needy surely helps, you might join any non-profit org giving hands to people in distant areas like drowned area or sth 

      • jonny

        i am in the same boat, i feel you

      • Kon

        Sometimes we need to be strong in our lifes to move forward to open our hearts and see the the joy that is within good luck in all that you lobour my friendi

  • LW — That’s a good suggestion. I think it fits in with #4 and #2, especially if you help someone with a good attitude.

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  • Soumya

    Hey, great article! I especially agree with number 7 and 8 – interacting with animals to make you feel better, and ‘Get a rhythm when you get the blues’! In fact, ‘Get a rythm’ is set as my mobile ringtone currently!

    Great post!

    • raj

      i am realy depressed. just browsing the net i dont know what to do. i felt like sharing with some one.

      • lindy-Ann

        i am also depress. it is not an easy thing to go through.i know how you feel. if you feel like talking to me . please feel free.

        • Kei

          I need to talk

          • niri

            talking 2 sum1 really helps..jus letting it al out..but u need sum1 2 trust 1st

        • helen

          i feel like im going to go mad. im taking everything out on my kids .i dont want to look or even talk to my two thinkin of havin a few drinks to get drunk so i wont have to listen to my children.

          • Friend:)

            hey helen..hope things have gotten better ???:)

          • saira

            Helen is there someone you can talk to.Can you have a bit of me time.What is it you are depressed about,is it something that you are aware of,or can you not explain why you are depressed.Please seek out someone you can talkto in confidence or are you asble to share it her on this platform.

            Kind Regards


          • jacquie scott

            Understandable Helen. I have a 3 year old split with my partner and sometimes I get irritated for no reason and feel myself barking at him then as soon as I do it I feel bad……

          • jacquie scott

            Understandable Helen. I have a 3 year old split with my partner and sometimes I get irritated for no reason and feel myself barking at him then as soon as I do it I feel bad……

          • Wendylom

            Me too. Am suffering from mood swings n at times wish I can run away from their noise n demands

        • Sohaib


      • saira

        raj if you ever come back and want to talkyou can talktome.hope things have worked out for you.

        • Fahad

          Saira,, It’s nice to see people like you are still around.. God bless!

    • ram

      experience the power of gardening, walk in woods speak to the greens in early morning jogs.. makes a lot of positive difference in life..rather one feels blessed.  try make a routine …try to connect with nature… feel the difference…

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  • Best solutions for breaking up negative thoughts and building up confidence! All the 10 suggestions given by John Wesley helps to develop positive attitude within the human mind. Putting a ‘Reflect on the Past Success’, the 3rd suggestion, really will help to build self-confidence. The 8 and 9 article will help to start of the present day with enthusiasm.

  • Excellent tips..

  • The best one that i ever liked is the one on Number 6. You see many of us always want a routine life cycle thinking that it will solve all our problems and that everything will be fine and dandy. But it is not so. In fact when you do not get any change with your life on a daily basis… then you obviously go into depression automatically.Keep up the good work..!

  • Craig

    “Depression” is an oft-misused word. This article would more accurately be entitled “Stop Feeling Down” or “Stop Feeling Blue”.

    Depression is a serious medical condition and while these suggestions would be help to a person with actual depression, it’s important to make the distinction.

    • Damiana00

       I hear you Craig but I’ve been thinking about another way of looking into it that might actually help, albeit a real challenge.  If you know anything of neural pathways and how the body forms behaviors, patterns and habits consider this:  as much as depression is and can be a serious medical condition, it also becomes a habit for those suffering from it for a long time because it’s familiar, our brains know it all too well.  Our body’s  have probably formed well-worn neural pathways that when something triggers the depression, we slide right into it with too much ease rather than instinctively fighting it.  No I’m not blaming anyone but recognizing  that something that might also exist on a biological/neurological level which would correlate it with being a medical condition.  So perhaps a combination of healing depression from a biological/neurological AND spiritual/emotional/habitual direction might be helpful.  Just something to consider :)  
      -Someone who has struggled with depression most of my life, including  severe clinical depression. 

      • Charlene

        I think what you have just explained is true in my situation iv been diagnosed with depression thanks Damiana

    • We aren’t meant to be anti-social, not talk to our neighbors/friends/family on a regular basis, or hide in our rooms on computers.  That’s more likely the problem, as the chemicals in our body are reactive.  The fake it till you make it, for example, has been more effective over the last millennium than any mind-altering substance has been (which sometimes does more damage than good).  Change your mind, change your environment, and you change how you feel.

      • Cocobutters

         My brother has been suffering from chrnoic depression and social anxiety since middle school and the only thing that seems to help him go outside his comfort zone or box are the tips you have aformentioned in your article. I just wonder if there was tips on how to be a better conversationalist and people person without fear of scrutiny in the social scene. This is the crux of the problem: he rarely socializes other than his roommate and doesn’t feel like getting into gossip on the internet and i want to advise him on that.

        • angela

          Hi Cocob.  I don’t know if it’s you or your brother that is feeling a compulsion or responsibility to be a better conver-sationalist or more social. I can only say to you that I spent a lifetime feeling like I HAD to contribute to what was going on around me, that it was my responsibility to fill in the silent gaps, to be interesting and more Involved. But now, at a ripe age and feeling more at peace with myself, I want to tell you that it doesn’t matter if I do or don’t add to the conversation, if I’m more social, more socially acceptable, ‘out there’, as long as I feel comfortable. Whose idea is it that your brother is not acceptable as he is? As long as he knows that NO ONE is judging him, especially not you, he is perfect.

      • Adam Casillas

        joe i think uve hit the nail on the head for me but all i do is feel depressed n not wanting to talk to anyone and it makes me feel onely. i try to make an effort with my mates and when im alone and think about my night it makes me even more depressed. i know its better to speak and talk to people but i make myself reclusive and it makes me feel like s***. whnever i talk to people i think they know that im a depressive person and that they think that im negative. everyday its making me think more and more why do i bother and that makes more depressed i feel like ive got noone on my sidfe and that people are against me its kind of giving me suicidal motives and my ambition well i dont really have one cus i cant get a job and feel like s*** all the time  i just think that ive got nothing going for me and noone wants e about and i really dont know wat to do anymore if anyone wants to talk to me about this thing with me it wud be much appreciated thank you if youve read this

        • Adayinthelife54

          Adam Casillas, Your words above worry me. I’m on your “side”. I’ve discovered that taking  little positive actions helps to empower! Whether it’s doing something you’ve always wanted to do, like volunteer at an animal shelter, or losing weight, join a book club (with a topic that you find fulfilling, like “Transform” or “Self-Help” theme). etc. helps to put yourself on a route of “positive action” & snowballs to more good/positive feelings! If you feel suicidal, please go to the professionals, i.e. emergency room! That action of seeking professional help, too, will put you on a self-empowering track because it’s positive “action”; ultimately, it is your individual positive choices that will make the difference in your life. I hope you find these tips helpful! 

        • Carol

          I feel the same. I feel like I am not peasant to be around because I’m so sad. I have been trying everything to stop my depression except for medication but I’m still depressed.

        • Beccaline

          You remind me of me… I’m sorry u feel this way… I’m having a down day at the moment… You are not alone

          • Alex

            Trueee, me too

          • madison

            you remind me of me too :( im very sad at the moment i cant ever bare to talk

          • Monny may

            Hi Madison just a note to say I think you are amazing, you are lovely, kind and caring. I know you will be feeling better by now and I am glad you are taking the time to appreciate yourself -you are wonderful.
            Lots of love to you,
            Monny may

            Ps what a great name! Xxxx

        • Cantbbeat 1

          Hey ..Im feeling the exact same way today. All we really need is a hobby do something u enjoyed everday n when u cant talk about how much u love it .. The best thing to do Is have many interest stick to a schedule until other spontineous taughts appear then siez the moment when things slow down get bk to your schedule . Also very powerful make sure u earn a yourself a living n enjoy it even if its not the best fit actively work on a great work enviorment .

        • Clara

          hey Adam, I have been going through depressive moments or periods since i was 15 and up to now that still happens . But what i have learned from my experience is that you shouldn’t punish yourself because you are depressed and therefore “different” from the others, you should understand that that is something that is into you , a pert of your personality , which doesn’t necessarily mean that is something bad. How i see things is that i feel depressed because i am very sensitive to life and events, because I see deeper inside life than others , because I understand that life is short and should be lived at its fullest but society rules block us from doing that and so we have to live according to established conventions. that really annoys me. On the other side I know that i have this problem with feeling down and not motivated most of the time and I take it as a challenge to myself, and as a struggle fore empowering my brain and gaining more strength that anyone else, because in the end no matter what happened, no matter how many people were annoyed by my depression and no matter how hard I have to struggle to motivate myself and smile, I win over myself and i get what i want. It is not easy, actually it is very hard, but you can get for sure at your goal if you work hard and overcoming your depressive moment will empower you infinitely. And always remember that no matter what you are going through, in this exact moment there is someone in this world that wants to be like you, to have what you have because he is struggling even to be alive. I always remember that. So keep on working with yourself and appreciate yourself :)

          • mel

            thank you for this.

          • Phil

            Clara, that was very well put not to mention your intelligence level, wow!

          • Carl


        • lonley heart

          hi that sounds like my life and im trying so hard to fake feeling ok that it just drags me down deeper

        • Melissa

          I know how you feel, I used to be like you but I’ve changed. You have to throw those negative thoughts out the window and start talking positive to yourself. It’s going to be tough the first couple of days but it gets easier. Your worth it! I believe in you. Hang around positive people that you can trust and that know your situation. Go for a run, go to the gym and exercise, especially when you don’t want to that’s the best time to do it. Trust me.

        • shady1701

          you are not alone man, i am having those same feelings. Keep your head up man. I just keep thinking that i am graduating from school soon and that helps me. It is getting harder to concentrate and my grades are showing it, but i have till Feb to be done will all my classes. I try to keep an eye on that prize, and it makes bad days like today seem not so bad. Go to a park, mingle, enjoy nature, talk to a stranger. You can do it. Olympus wasn’t built in a day.

        • Stevie

          Stop drinking that will help , try take up sport , 5 side football and eat more healthy

        • brokenhearted

          You posted this 2 years ago. Do you feel better now? I suffer chronic depression. I believe I’ve always been depressed since as far back as I can remember but I do think over time my depression has gotten even worse. For some time now I wake up depressed and I go to sleep depressed. No matter what I’m doing throughout the day it’s just always there. I think I can divert myself from it sometimes but it’s like always with me. Right now as I’m typing this I fee it, the horrible feeling of anxiety and depression. I been living with a huge disappointment. Plus people have always treated me badly from my childhood and now I’m middle aged. My own family has treated me badly (my siblings) but my 2 sons treat me good. I’m from a dysfunctional family and all my siblings are dysfunctional, me included I suppose. I have almost no social life but I’m not alone as my son is with me. I have no ability to get involved in anything so I don’t and I don’t have the ability to plan like a little party. My son and I did make a friend whom has a husband and a daughter. Or should I just say they are acqaintances. I am also depressed about the state of the world as I know their are zillions of people and animals suffering tremendously out there. I use to sign petitions but now I don’t as I’m required to put my address down; I’m afraid to. I’m afraid of this life.

      • Jamie

        i always (for me that is) like to be alone, people that im forced to interact with are awful, my father is verbley abusive and all the people i go to school with have bad morals and are just truly awful people not just to me but everyone. I like to be alone, although im always tild im good with all types of people that doesnt mean i want to be around them. Even when it comes to learning I learn best sitting alone with a text book or something i can learn from

        • Jamie

          *told not tild (that was one of my many fails at spelling when typing on a phone)

        • josh

          i feel the same way

        • Carl

          Well put. That’s me all over

        • limebay

          Is it possible that you can get involved with a youth group in your area? You need friends with good morals who can also respect your alone time. 😉

      • F-ing Depressed

        Fake it ’til you make it does not work. I’ve been faking it for over a decade now. It just keeps getting worse.

        • ME TOO


    • G8grudge

      I couldn’t agree more. 

    • kriz

      You are correct Craig, but from the perspective of someone feeling so down that they would need to sseek help (googling being their first baby steps) they probably won’t get so technical.

    • Boyet


  • Craig is correct. Serious major depression will respond to none of these things exclusively. Medication and psychotherapy is an absolute necessity. I must say though that these suggestions would be effective as a supplement to normal treatments.

    • Someone buys into the new age psychology bull out there.  For as long as humans have been around, they have been dealing with depression.  Along comes someone with pills to sell, and a phantom disease to talk you into so he can give you his cure… for those who aren’t sheep, DON’T BUY IT!!  If you really want them to, the tips above can help.  Most just want to remove responsibility and let someone else have power over them.  Think politics, etc.

      • Asher

        This is bullshit. Depression is not a trait for which evolution would have selected. Also, mental disorders are epidemic and elementary biology dictates that genetics cannot cause an epidemic. Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler (PhD Chemistry, Princeton, 1985) says that 95% of depressed individuals test positive for heavy metal toxicity, namely mercury. If you remove the source (usually dental fillings, but it’s pretty ubiquitous– air, water, vaccines, fish, HFCS), and chelate the mercury safely (low-dose frequent DMPS), depression is cured. It worked for me, and I had suicidal Bipolar II. Mental illnesses are not “phantom diseases.” If you think that, you’ve never suffered from one. Also, these illnesses have comorbid toxicity symptoms like fatigue, suppressed immunity, and insomnia. No pharmaceutical exists that doesn’t heap a ton of side effects onto the sufferer, so the “magic bullet” theory is bunk. 

        • Gamedad

          Asher that is very interesting and who would think of that one!  Hmm, heavy metals…dental fillings, etc. We can get away from some of it, but Mercury seems to be getting into everything lately! :( I would love to have all of my fillings pulled and test your theory, but…that is a bit extreme without proof to back it up…can you tell us how you figured this out? I have battled depression, fatigue and insomnia terribly over the last 25+ yrs and would love to get rid of depression and insomnia…fatigue I have lived with so long that it almost feels normal now lol! :) I also agree with your last sentence about pharmaceuticals only seeming to heap horrible side effects to the already terrible problem. I have only found one thing that helps and that is Marijuana. This of course creates more problems (Jobs, effectiveness, etc). I have the medical prescription, but the taboo around weed and the ramifications to work and drug testing (even though you have a prescription, please know that will not work at an interview…you will not get the job). I totally understand the idea of drug testing employees and don’t across the board disagree with it, but this is the only thing on earth that helps with insomnia, but adds to guilt, this leads to more depression and the circle of depression is created. I have been in cognitive therapy for some years and that has helped tremendously. Depression takes your life away and you have to reclaim it. I can’t speak to clinical depression, but the depression I have had for years is greatly relieved through therapy and weed so far. I am and have always been open to suggestion. I have tried every sort of prescription drug for sleep, but the ones that work are too powerful, cause much lag (hangover) the next day is ruined. This creates the vicious circle, because if I don’t get sleep, I get depressed! Maybe I would be classed as an insomniac depression…not sure the clinical name, but I know that all day I have minor depression and at night become so agitated that I cannot sleep. If I sleep the depression is much, much less. At this point I have pretty much lost all hope of ever escaping depression, but have learned that deep depression for me is a choice, I feel depression come on and immediately force myself to reject the depression that is trying to fool me into a full on depressed  state. This helps almost all of the time. I feel for everyone afflicted by depression and or sleep problems! 

  • Craig,

    You have a good point. I think that depression has more than one definition–it can be used to refer to a serious medical condition or a general feeling of unhappiness. In this article I intended to use in the more general sense so I hope that didn’t confuse anyone.

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  • Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I have found that “physiology trumps psychology” in cases with an underlying biochemical cause. Something worth checking out of the problem is impacting your life…

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  • Amarjeet

    I am feeling very depressed becuase I have a lot of problems at home.I stay with very old parents and they don’t understand me at all.I am trying hard to stay with them but it is not working at all.Please advise.

    • Clumsy Annie

       Parents are always parents. They always forgot how they were as a kid and do not listen to us at all. Just try to sit back, talk to them, properly. Tell them all ur thoughts. They might not understand but I’m sure that u gonna feel better.

    • Clumsy Annie

       Parents are always parents. They always forgot how they were as a kid and do not listen to us at all. Just try to sit back, talk to them, properly. Tell them all ur thoughts. They might not understand but I’m sure that u gonna feel better.

    • Rupidheria

      i am so depressed right now, i want to cry….i am married to an abusive man..he treats me like im an idiot and calls me an idiot and peice of s***t all the time…when we joke around we have fun, but then i dunno what happens to him, he turns into another person in an instant…today we had an argument over me not wanting to install skype on my laptop because i use it on his laptop and he just started swearing at me and threatening to leave me…i duno whats happenin to me these days…i stand up for myself now infront of him and when he told me that he was going t call my dad and tell him what kind of a person i am..and i told him to do it..i was so surprised with myself..and then told me to get out of his house and i said: with pleasure….i was feelin so strong when i stood up for myself..but now tht im at my parent’s house…i feel like crap :(

    • Rupidheria

      i am so depressed right now, i want to cry….i am married to an abusive man..he treats me like im an idiot and calls me an idiot and peice of s***t all the time…when we joke around we have fun, but then i dunno what happens to him, he turns into another person in an instant…today we had an argument over me not wanting to install skype on my laptop because i use it on his laptop and he just started swearing at me and threatening to leave me…i duno whats happenin to me these days…i stand up for myself now infront of him and when he told me that he was going t call my dad and tell him what kind of a person i am..and i told him to do it..i was so surprised with myself..and then told me to get out of his house and i said: with pleasure….i was feelin so strong when i stood up for myself..but now tht im at my parent’s house…i feel like crap :(

      • Name given

        Don’t feel too bad. If this guy is really being abusive then you have done the right thing. No one has to put up with that. I haspavined through a split in the past and although it can feel like the most devastating thing to happen to you, in my experience, it has turned out to be the best thing to ever happen. I still get bouts of depression from time to time and the kind of things in this article keepe sane. Just hang in there.

        • Kelly

          I can relate to this. I am hunting around the internet, like so many others, because I am deeply sad…and I am usually a happy person. My husband and I have been having the biggest fight of our 26 year marriage (can you believe it?) and we are struggling to fix it. I feel unloved and alone. I know what I should do to feel happier, but every day I go home and it starts all over again.

  • Chandran V.

    Amarjeet, I read the following everyday at least twice. I am so relieved.

    As I let go and let God, I become a part of a divine solution.
    When I have what seems to be an unsolvable problem, I give it to God for a solution.
    As I do, I imagine laying it on God’s altar, giving thanks for the positive outcome that
    will happen, and then walking away. I know not to take the problem back by starting to
    worry about it again. I have let it go! I give thanks that, through God’s guidance,
    all will be handled in the best possible way.

    I can and do let go of concerns, large and small, because I trust God. One day at a time,
    I let God’s plan unfold, and I feel at peace about what is happening. Certainly, I honor
    the commitments I have made, but I am open to a divine change of plans.

    As I become more comfortable with letting go of trying to control my life, I discover
    how fulfilling it is to let God lead me. By letting go and letting God, I am part of
    a divine solution that is taking place.

    • lindy-Ann

      You made my day . To live and let God take over. This is what i am going to do.
      do not know if i can stop loving him. i love him too much, and it hurts . i cry whole day .
      but i would try to take the advice.

      • Clumsy Annie

         At least u can cry. Well, I just cannot

      • Clumsy Annie

         At least u can cry. Well, I just cannot

      • Clumsy Annie

         At least u can cry. Well, I just cannot

      • Clumsy Annie

         At least u can cry. Well, I just cannot

      • Clumsy Annie

         At least u can cry. Well, I just cannot

      • Clumsy Annie

         At least u can cry. Well, I just cannot

      • Clumsy Annie

         At least u can cry. Well, I just cannot

        • Skye Richey

          Have you ever heard of a Comany called Melaleuca? They are an all natural company that has a line of over 350 products that are all natural. Including an item called Luminex. Its the Natural way of getting through the ups and downs of life! I personally had to be on Prozac for a while and I switched to this bc I didnt like the side effects of putting all those chemicals in my body and I HAVE BEEN SO PLEASED! The entire line of products is amazing. They dont advertise on TV or the internet, it is just a word of mouth passing them along. They have been around for over 25 years and all of their items are backed by the BBB and many of them are patented! They are 100% guarantee, so if you ever try anything that is not up to your standards, then you can return it and get your money back or exchange it for something else! Let me know if you are interested! My cell phone number is 605-393-7334 and the website to check it out is:


      • Ranakishi

        luv urself first n most.u r a unique individual.nthng can replace u.

    • matt

      my parents aka my stepdad is a jelous and my 2 bestfriends colin and gary want me to crash at there place but his dad is a single dad and when something like this he dosent allow me to go anywhere and my mother dosent stand up for me so i usually cant c my friends and to top this all off im in the mist of going to court where my real dad is being chared with abuseing me me left me with a black eye and a broken finger and a broke nose also i will b moveing 4 hours away from my friends and everyone i no i dont talk about this because no one cares in my house and i just get called a B**ch and to b a man about so now of days all i do is sit up in my room and look at my fan just turing around and around ill do this for sometimes 2 days stright just getting water and to use the restroom no one will cheak on me they just dont care i just beeen really down and i really just needed to get this out to someone to any one really im really trying but i just cant get myself happy im 16 and just a mess thanks to who ever reads this iy will really mean alot that someone actually gives a sh*t about me

      • Christine

        Matt, when your parent(s) seem like they don’t care about you, it’s because they have their own problems and don’t know how to give of themselves. It is immature and totally selfish of them to neglect you. You are not the problem. I’ve been there, and am living proof that you can change your life. Obviously you have good friends who want to help you because you are worth it. Don’t ever forget that even though you may feel needy, you are liked for your qualities and personality. Keep trying to find someone who is willing to get you out of that environment and allow you to stay with them. Also, what I did to help myself was join after school programs so I didn’t have to go home until absolutely necessary. I did my homework at school, too. Maybe you can get involved on some sort of a team sport or with a special interest of yours at school? Perhaps you could get an after school job to get you out (ride your bike, take a bus, get rides from people later as you meet them at your new job…), because what you need is to feel needed and necessary, which you really are. Lots of people will be attracted to you as you build your self confidence up. Stand tall, get out of your room, escape to your friends’ houses—that’s what I did! As soon as I got a full-time job, I bought a used car, and joined aerobic dance classes for a few dollars per class in the evenings. Then I was asked to teach some classes! Before you know it you are out of that environment and beginning a new life! Try to get the courage to do one thing you want to do, with or without your parents’ blessings. Lots of people already like you and want to help. Someday you will be helping someone, if not already, just from this experience you are having. You will have empathy, therefore you will be way ahead of most people your age. You can do it! Also, remember you are not alone. And this is not permanent. This is temporary, because people want to help you.

        • Carson

          We’ll I’m depressed because I love this girl but she is going away and I truly love her what do I do

      • K34adidas

        It sounds like a really rough and confusing time for you right now but remember that many of us have been there before and come out on the other side. Don’t try to Solve the whole problem immediately , and want everything better at once. Set smaller attainable goals and accomplish things bit by bit. You will get there

      • pooly49

        I care. You need to talk to someone, make an appointment with your doctor asap.

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  • There are so many thing we can do to change our state of mind. Pick up a book, a newspaper, or a magazine that doesn’t have yet another celebrity’s drinking problem on the cover. Go to a museum, a gallery, an exhibit, a film festival, a theatrical production, a classical concert, or a jazz concert. Take a dance class, a cooking class, or even an investment class. Do a crossword puzzle. Do a jigsaw puzzle. Learn a language, learn an instrument, or plan an exotic holiday just for fun. Phew! I’m sure you get the idea.

  • jannoun

    but sometimes people can not make actions to solve their problems an sometimes they just feel depressed and that nothiing worth not even living worth…sometimes u be depressed just for no reason u feeel so much down and that u cant hear or say or do anything and neeed to sit with urself….and i think that it’s a goood way because u will get bored from sittting alone and u loook from ur wndw and seee how life is runing fast while u r sittting alone so u start thinking abot what u r doing in that rooom why u r doing alll that?does anything worth in front of fun …. loook at people ..happy people..why they r happy and u r not?arent u jealous?come on!move ur ass and go out enjoy ur time and forget everything around u !when u die of depression no one will..only u and u’ll be the one who will looose the opportunity of being alive and to have fun!sooooo moooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee think about ur self!say i wannna feeel happpy!and when any of u read my post and he/she depresssed and u felt better pray for me and let me know:P:) :):):):) smilllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee be happpppyyyyyy……. remember always that u deserve to be happpy and if u dont than no one does!

    • Athira

      was a real eye opener luv u ps

    • Ferrykewl

      i don’t knw i can’t feel happy at all…………..tears are round my eyes everytym don’t know what to do..helpless,hopeless worthless…tried to attempt suicide several times…. how can i be happy…i can never be happy :'(

      • Dontworry

        Sharing what you are going through will help you and also help us to give you advice about what to do.

        Remember, there’s always a solution and depression  is just a temporary, things will get better, you just need to be patient and focus on the things you can change and forget about the ones you can’t. 

    • Moysez

      i have a fucked up phobia and u cant just changed in a blink of an eye u fuckin cunt

    • ash

      hey jannoun when i read ur comment i cant stop myself to smile yyes ur abs rite if i die of depression no one will loose only i…

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  • Thom

    This “article” is a load! The suggestions are so over used that I was surprised to see this crap parroted here again. This is the same stuff they were telling people over 20 years ago! It didn’t work then….it won’t work now! And #9 sure is an “Uplifter”! That one will convince some people to go ahead and stick the gun in their mouth! With no more TRUE help that is out there (Like this article), for those who are depressed. Is it any wonder we lose so many to this problem?

    • Joe

      your a fool…
      okay so maybe for you it didnt work?
      but why don’t YOU tell everyone how to make themselves feel better!?
      if this is such a crap blog then make your own!
      and i’d like to see it along with all the other thousands of people that read this one.


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  • What should i do im feeling really depressed and i feel like dieing and that i am always feeling queezyy and i dont know what to do.

    • Clumsy Annie

       It takes time to realize how life means to you. Just imagine, when you die, what havent you done? So many things come up that u have to live on.

  • bee

    Yah…i can definitely relate to alot of these things. I needed this! thanks for posting it…

  • Ajay Joshi

    For next 6-8 months, I am going to do a job that I hate as there are major movements that are happening in that time frame.
    I am getting depressed as I do not like to wait around. Any ideas on what I can do to get over my depressed mood that can get me through next 6-8 months?

    • Hi Ajay,
      My suggetion for changing your depression about your upcoming job is to change the messages you are saying to yourself about it. If you are constantly telling yourself negative messages about your situation, you will make yourself more and more depressed. On the other hand, if you immediately reframe your internal messages as soon as you feel that familiar feeling of negativity or depression coming on and replace it with a positive message you will find that over time you have re-set your internal thoughts to more positive ones. I belienve we can adjust our own reality with our thoughts. I personally have re-set my seasonal depression (which I had suffered from for over 25 years) partly with this method.
      I’d also recommend reading the book, the Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy as it is ideal for this topic.
      One other thing you could look at is changing your job to something that is more in tune with your passions.
      Hope that helps!

  • Perhaps you could concentrate on the end of the job and look forward to better times. You are fortunate to have a limited time frame. At least you know it will be over in 6-8 months.

  • Jonesy

    In number 4 of the 10 way to stop feeling depressed you say:

    When you consider everything good in your life and compare it to the problems of less fortunate people, the issue that’s making you depressed won’t seem as serious.

    What if you are one of the less fortunate people that others compare themselve to feel better?

    • Chan

      I agree with jonesy, you can’t say there are people who are worse off(less fortunate) as you don’t know the situation of the person reading it.

      • Vnmiriam

         Sadly there is always someone out there in the world that are less fortunate…. so don’t use that excuse… take as it sounds that’s all

      • Vnmiriam

         Sadly there is always someone out there in the world that are less fortunate…. so don’t use that excuse… take as it sounds that’s all

    • puneet

      ya i agree Maximillian:
      the point was put to overcome your depressed feelings by temporary feelings because one depressed feeling will give rise to other and the loop will continue which will lead to high depression levels.
      This is human nature you or i cannot change it at all.
      You viewed this page because you felt depressed so please don’t contradict the statement and analyse it are a nice human being with nice thoughts but pls try to analyse things according to the situation……….
      i hope you got it

  • Evelyn

    I’d like to stress also that “feeling depressed” and “beeing depressed/ having depression” are two different things and that people who actually suffer from depression need professional help and should work through (immediate) problem-solving strategies with a psychologist/ psychiatrist (not read some article off the internet, no offense) – although depression is a chronic health problem that needs to be tackled with a long-term strategy.
    You can find general information on clinical depression on Wiki…

    Of course, for the ones among us who are just feeling a little “depressed” from time to time, some of the above tips will work just fine. Anything that gives us (the impression that we have) some power over our lives will work fine 😉

    @ Jonesy: Of course, there are always people who are worse off than you, one might say. “Fortune” is such a relative word which is dependent on your current mood, outlook, worldview… (and if you feel depressed, you might even view your objectively “good status” as the most terrible misfortune in the whole universe —)

    However, what’s really important imho (and what maybe should have been written there) is the way we cope with the misfortune in our lives and to learn to be grateful for the “little luck” that’s evident in EVERY life and EVERY moment… not compare it to some kind of other (or other’s) luck, fortune, success, happiness…

    All the best

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  • Very good tips. Especially number 10. Thank you.

  • Крутотень!

  • A person should not get depressed in life through failures. Failure are in life to give us motivation to do something new every time.

  • All good points! As someone who has chosen to suffer with seasonal depression for over 25 years and over-come it, I’d like to share a few things that I did to “beat” it.
    – eat healthy (fewer processed foods)
    – realize that you are in charge of your life and that you have the power to change your situation. that may require overcoming fears or taking risks but be bold and change what ever it is that you are allowing to rob you of your hope. This may include relationship, jobs, or yoru financial situation. What ever it is, accept that you are responsible for where you are and that you also have the power to change your situation.
    – get into personal development and begin changing yourself from the inside out and most of all, change those internal recordings and messages to positive thoughts
    In gratitude, Susan

  • Paul

    I have been seriously depressed nearly every day since I was about 11 years old (I am 34 now). I have learned how to deal with it over the years using these ideas and many others (no drugs). I somehow survived until now mostly due to the realization that no one really cares. That, like #9, is strangely strengthening. However, the problem I face now is that I am extremely fatigued and physically in a lot of pain every day and there doesn’t seem to be any hope of feeling better. I already exercise and eat healthy, so I am not sure how to deal with that.

    • Mellorine

      I also have been seriously depressed since I was about 11 years old.
      Now I am 17 and I started to realize that those freaqqin depressions are going to follow me to my grave.
      I never really talked to someone about it since I don’t really want to talk about my weaknesses, my family does not know anything about this, nor does my best friend.
      It’s not like I’m crying all the time, in fact I rather laugh a lot to distract myself and that is why no one suspects anything, but there are days where I cannot put on my *fake smile*.
      Whenever I feel depressed I sleep instead of crying (I would absolutely hate it if someone saw me crying).
      The problem of not crying is that you cannot release what has been gathering inside of you..
      When you sleep, you dream and while you dream you can do anything you want to do LOL.
      The thing that I would hate the most is, if someone pitied me, it only makes me feel pathetic (that is also why I do not like to cry my eyes out).
      I keep saying to myself that some people are far worse off than I am and that I should be thankful for being healthy.
      That is how I coped with my depressions until now.
      To be honest, I sometimes think that I am despicable, because when I am depressed I tend to get enraged and I let everything out on the ones I ‘love’ (my family and best friend).

      • Jojogh_87

        hi paul its better to talk,you’ll get get fast reliefed.try always to work on your self,improve your work,make physical effort that could make you forrget your situation.for example i am a teacher that work for too long,this make me some how forget my problem,but there always be a time where your be emotionaly week…this is life,hard but what to do???? 

  • Judraksh

    Having dealt with people suffering with it and given considerable thought to the subject, in my opinion the root cause of any form of depression is excessive focus on the self. In the age of consumerism where we are encouraged to be “selfish” and enjoy as much as we can in the limited time and resorces, we forget about the universe that exists outside of us. Sacrifice is no longer considered an intelligent option in popular discourse.

    Globalization, with its benefits, has also tried to achieve a convergence of ambitions, desire, intellectual discourse, which i feel in the long run builds up pressure on individuals to act in certain ways, achieve socially desirable goals. When people can’t match up to these, or fulfil their “socially acquired” desires, the feeling of worthlessness sets in.

    If you are feeling down and out, just go out…help someone out there who would be better off with your help.
    Believe me it works.

    • austin

      In my experience, focus on self is much more of a symptom of depression than a cause. When I started “malfunctioning” with depression, I took notice of my suddenly negative outlook and empty feeling. I began to turn inward to investigate the “problem” since it didn’t seem to be going away with the usual methods (like the above 10) and persisting, and worsening, despite my environment being generally normal. In some sense, there have been many points in my life when I have been OVER focused on helping others, yet I still became afflicted with depression.

      Ironically, when I checked in for the first time to a mental health clinic after struggling to get out of real depression using the usual techniques that you can find in Reader’s Digest, ect, for months, I was given a survey as part of the intake process. On this survey there was one question in particular asking me to rate how I felt about “self-identity” on a 1-5 scale. In my severely depressed state, I managed to answer the other 30 or so questions but I just put a question mark next to this one because I just didn’t get what they were asking. In the evaluation, the psychologist ultimately concluded that I hadn’t been focusing nearly enough on myself, to the point that I didn’t really have much of a self-identity and I was confused by the question.

      I’ve since been diagnosed bipolar affective disorder, which is a genetic disorder (see identical twin incidence rates vs fraternal twins) that factual makes depression a qualitatively different experience then what most people might label as depression in their own lives.

      So in some sense I’m a direct counterargument to your “considerable thinking” on this topic. Self-focus is not the cause of true/clinical depression nor does it cause the persistence of depression. And I think this common misconception, and those like it, about depression really do a disservice to those who are afflicted with clinical depression, rather than those who just feel down from time to time, ect.

      To a lay person who is unscientifically evaluating the “cause” of depression as yourself, certainly I can see how self-focus or self-preoccupation would seem to be the “cause” of depression, because this is a predominant symptom seen with many who are clinically depressed. However, scientifically there is a huge difference between association and causality.

    • Kelly

      Wow…Judraksh…that was amazing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They really gave me a lift…and some hope.

  • magnate

    Some good points that will surely help lighten the mood of people who are feeling down. However I needed to point out that I think it is incorrect to label this as ‘depression’. It’s normal for people to feel dispirated from time to time however the underlying cause of true depression is down to alterations of certain biological factors; a change in neuroanatomy and chemical imbalances are primarily responsible for clinical depression. These subsequently influence and cause changes in cognition.
    Sorry about the small rant I didn’t mean to sound patronising however a few years ago when I was in my early teens a friend of mine was diagnosed with clinical depression. When people told him to “cheer up” or said something to him along those lines, it actually tended to make him feel much worse. The whole class was oblivious to the fact that his condition was out of his hands.

    I also don’t see the relevance of no.7. Human beings are quite possibly the most complex organisms to have ever ealked the earth, I feel slightly degraded by the fact that you’re comparing us to such lesser species. I’m aware that evoloution is a process that helps to promote species diversification, rather than a scheme for hierarchial imporvement however it’s important to appreciate the vast complexity of the Human brain. The reason why animals do not worry about “tiny problems” is beacuse they have a miniscule menal capacity and low EQ. This means that they are concerned about two things – survival and reproduction. This is actually something that actually helps me feel better, people are always worried about their hectic lives that they dont seem to have the time to marvel at just how complex our world – our universe actually is. I strongly recommend looking up “pale blue dot” this tends to sum my perception on this matter entriely.

  • А чё, неплохо.

  • very useful, thanks allot:)

  • Heather Havens

    These solutions work well for mild cyclothymia. My depression requires medication. Without it, I’d be dead. Put away your anti-psychiatry agenda. It endagers lives.

    • James Wann

       I agree, as I am on a prescription of citalopram, and feel that without it I would feel much, much worse. In fact, it was a product of my feeling suicidal that I eventually made the right decision of choosing anti-depressants. However, I don’t think this is an ‘anti-anti-depressant’ article; contrarily, I thin it is merely an article for those who want either: to combat depression without drugs, or, as is my case, for people with prescriptions, an additional piece of help to further one’s progress. Apologies for this being so ridiculously late, I only just realized this to be the case.

  • Another great post. A person should not get depressed in life through failures. Failure are in life to give us motivation to do something new every time.

  • Carl

    I’m always depressed at the end of the weekend-pets do help!

  • torgunn

    why should i feel happy, when everything i acomplish doesent matter. Nothing matters, in a decade we will all be gone and no one will remember us!

    • Clumsy Annie

       U shouldn’t be that pessimistic about life. If we are positive n do sth big, maybe they can remember us for ages.

  • SAB


    I just wanted to thank you for your article. I was having a bad moment and it has really helped me.

    I think when you are feeling depressed it is so easy to forget that there is something that you can do to help yourself – I could actually feel my mood lifting as I read your piece.

    When I scrolled down and saw the comments it reminded me that lots of people feel like I do sometimes and I’m not alone.

    I think my favourite point has to be point 2 – spend time with positive people. That really works, I just forget sometimes!!

    PS – I have bookmarked this page for the next time I’ll need it.

  • J

    I think there is a slight moment 22 problem with #2. Although I endorse spending time with positive people, depressed individuals are rarely positive. Ultimately, the advice tells you to stay away from depressed people, making it hard for the depressed to follow it!

  • Alex

    Good article! Felt good after reading it. It is true, sometimes we put too much pressure on our selfs….I know I have. My stressor is school. I can’t get to get things rights. I do good in exams, but when it comes to hands-on activities I am not good (RN student). I am writing this, I am laughing to myself because, no one cares about ur problems except urself. IDK about u guys, but sometimes I feel lonely. I don’t have many friends, I’m a very boring person. The only time, I am outgoing is when i drink. I think I have a problem.

  • jon doe

    Life is great for some, sucks for others. Im feeling depressed, because it sucks for me. This society we are living in has shifted from a society which merits someone for who they are as a person, to what they have. I havve pretty much nothing but good looks and a shirt on my back. Since i don’t have much, society sees me as low, although i would gladly give my shirt to someone in need.

  • ZACK


    • 12


    • Moysez

       truly inspiring word my friend!!!! thank you  lol

  • For someone that is suffering from severe depression, none of these proposed solutions will work, perhaps temporarily but not indefinitely. In my case I found medication to be although unwholesome, somewhat helpful at best. As people suffering from severe depression, we are the unlucky ones, the ones born with a genetic disorder, the ones born into social poverty, financial poverty, the ones suffering from some sort of abuse, the ones with low self esteem and confidence, the ugly, unappreciated, unwanted ones, we are the ones that see the world in a different light than normal people do, we see things the way they really are. The world is nothing but a bunch of people that are selfish, greedy, I can go on and on…

    • Ouhna

      Robert, your insights are spot on!
      Only those (and they are well represented in this blog) who endure without resolution, the “dark night of the soul”, understand what is truth.

      May All Roads Rise to Meet You (Everyone!)


    • Argon

      “The world is nothing but a bunch of people that are selfish, greedy,…” that’s true and it’s confirmed in the bible. Really, getting right with God is the only reason living, you will find that this life is about suffering sometimes because what really matters is the next, so you should “build your treasure” up in heaven as the bible puts it and not care for what this wicked world has to offer. Get the bible, study it, and apply it, gaurd your heart and mind above all and trust God that you may have inner peace -this option is worth a try.

  • Totally agree with all of these. You’ve got to focus on the positives.

  • Maria

    Well all 10 are great except number 7 because that”s why i am depressed : I just gave away my cat.

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  • What I like, is just to make small changes at the start like moving the furniture, trying new sport, trying to cook new meal. Just do things differently.

  • lite

    I can’t write, I am challanged as how to express my self, but hopefully I can contribute by sharing som of my infamously good links. I read this blog that I think is cheerful in a “extreemly” dry way. Dry but true, hope it cheer ppl up as it in a strange and amuzing way did for me. Cheers,

  • Kate Daly

    The authot this site should be extremely ashamed of themselves concerning Point No 9. where it is written ‘In a million years no one will remember what you did or didn’t do’ This statement is a very irresponsible thing to write. I know it is related to the rest of the paragraph but someone who is extremely depressed who may be on the edge, will zone in on this statement and it could be the final push into rock bottom or suicide. The one sentence had a very bad effect on me when I was feeling just a bit depressed (luckily I was able to talk to someone about my feelings) so as I said if someone with serious depression read it…well..I think the author should change this statement. The other tips I found helpful.

    • Maximillian

      I think you are being a bit of a nit-pick. Afterall, your emotional response could set off another person as well. The point of the paragraph was to help people with their depression, not to be absolutely perfect and to walk on egg shells; which you’ve turned it into.

      He should be ashamed of doing his best in order to find natural remedies? Nay- You should be ashamed for criticizing others. How would you feel if someone started off on you for trying to help whilst you were feeling depressed? Hmm?

      I, for one, support that statement. It wasn’t, “You’re all going to amount to nothing, so give up.” Rather, he was stating that not any one thing you do or do not do is going to have you written up and remembered as a failure. Seeing as number nine was about “Seeing the big picture,” I think you’ve managed to do everything but that. He clearly stated reasons on why it shouldn’t be depressing.

      So next time, do not criticize and subject others to any hypocritical urges you may have. Instead, perchance you could offer an idea or two about how he could have written it so that it would not have upset “Commenter 47 Kate Daly”

      • The negative comments on point 9 are compleatly wrong, as putting things in to perspective and comparrison to everything else in the world helps so many people tremendously.
        A million years from now is a little extreme, but putting things in to a perspective of 100 years, or 50 years, 10 years, or even 1 year from now, depending on the severity of actions.
        Who can remember many famous sports stars and actors who have died or no longer famous from just a few years ago? Think of all those X-Factor and Pop Idol stars who have been and gone!!!!!

  • erik

    I do like this article!
    I think I can finally break out of this mid-life crisis/ heartbreak/ depression,
    and stop hurting the few people left in my life who still love me.
    I really have had a great life, and even though I never got married,
    lost my job of 25 years, my girlfriend, and my confidence,
    it is time to feel good again.
    ————-Thanks for the inspiration!
    ”Mr. True”

    • Dawn Whyte

      I’m 53 yrs old this year and am living proof that depressive illness can be endured. After 27 yrs of dealing with repeated depressive episodes and 3 stress triggered events of psychosis, I can speak from experience and I have learned volumes from this battle I will be challenged with my entire life. Find your faith and hold tight to it. That way even when you feel alone in your suffering, you will find the strength to know you really aren’t as alone as you think. Continue to seek out solutions. Pamper yourself, take care of your body, get out of the house, talk to people you trust. Find a good psychiatrist, and I mean a good one. If you feel talked down to, say so. If you aren’t heard, get a new shrink that will respect you and make you feel supported and safe. If you need to try a drug, do it, and give it a fair chance. It beats the heck out of having no quality of life. If in your searching you find natural alternatives that help, go for it. Your shrink should be supportive of this as well. If not, get a new one. Sometimes you need to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince/princess. Above all, understand and respect yourself and  believe in your ability to heal. Make a plan and stick to it. Remember when you are tearing your hair out with agitation and vibrating with the seduction of giving up, refuse to give in, refuse to put control into the hands of the enemy. Keep your mind as busy as you can. Escape the beast through watching a movie, reading a good book, meditating, swimming, ride a bike, just walk, listen to music, breathe. I’ve found a lot of relief through journaling my feelings onto paper. I’ve discovered a lot of relief through a natural mineral complex made by a man whose wife committed suicide and two children are bipolar. It can be found by going to their website:  Along with ciprolex and wellbutrin, the mineral complex called EMPower, has proven a powerful healer for me. Always consider advice from those who have really BEEN THERE and truly understand the depth of your pain. Become an active member in your healing plan – you know you best so you need to rescue yourself, and you can. You really can. We are heros, every single one of us. I believe we are the most courageous people in the world. With that kind of strength, nothing is impossible. When hope seems hidden from you, keep searching and in your searching, it will find you.

    • Dawn Whyte

      I’m 53 yrs old this year and am living proof that depressive illness can be endured. After 27 yrs of dealing with repeated depressive episodes and 3 stress triggered events of psychosis, I can speak from experience and I have learned volumes from this battle I will be challenged with my entire life. Find your faith and hold tight to it. That way even when you feel alone in your suffering, you will find the strength to know you really aren’t as alone as you think. Continue to seek out solutions. Pamper yourself, take care of your body, get out of the house, talk to people you trust. Find a good psychiatrist, and I mean a good one. If you feel talked down to, say so. If you aren’t heard, get a new shrink that will respect you and make you feel supported and safe. If you need to try a drug, do it, and give it a fair chance. It beats the heck out of having no quality of life. If in your searching you find natural alternatives that help, go for it. Your shrink should be supportive of this as well. If not, get a new one. Sometimes you need to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince/princess. Above all, understand and respect yourself and  believe in your ability to heal. Make a plan and stick to it. Remember when you are tearing your hair out with agitation and vibrating with the seduction of giving up, refuse to give in, refuse to put control into the hands of the enemy. Keep your mind as busy as you can. Escape the beast through watching a movie, reading a good book, meditating, swimming, ride a bike, just walk, listen to music, breathe. I’ve found a lot of relief through journaling my feelings onto paper. I’ve discovered a lot of relief through a natural mineral complex made by a man whose wife committed suicide and two children are bipolar. It can be found by going to their website:  Along with ciprolex and wellbutrin, the mineral complex called EMPower, has proven a powerful healer for me. Always consider advice from those who have really BEEN THERE and truly understand the depth of your pain. Become an active member in your healing plan – you know you best so you need to rescue yourself, and you can. You really can. We are heros, every single one of us. I believe we are the most courageous people in the world. With that kind of strength, nothing is impossible. When hope seems hidden from you, keep searching and in your searching, it will find you.

  • Ouhna

    7. Interact with animals and nature – It’s funny…tiny problems.

    What does the author consider “tiny”? And why is it “funny”? (Too bad Joe Pescii
    isn’t here.)

    Animals don’t think this way.

    What a guy! Not only does he have a psych practice (see above), but he is also
    a zoologist/anthropologist. And mind reader.

    A little bird doesn’t mope around because it isn’t an eagle or because another bird beat it to a tasty seed.

    That’s because the little bird is too concerned about becoming dinner for some
    predator-usually a bigger bird (but rarely an eagle).

    Finally animals and their “present moment” existences. While the teachings of
    Buddha are valuable, these imply that animals haven’t got an identity or memory.
    That is absolutely untrue for either animals or humans. I work with rescued horses and it takes every ounce of strength that I have to keep from destroying the “humans” who do monstrous things to these (and other) wonderful creatures. If you weren’t depressed when you started helping rescue, then you are one cold person.

    • whaticansay

       To everybody who is depressed, i cannot emphasize enough about how important it is to just think about one good thing you want in your future..stand on that hope..that dream or wish..
      everybody knows that a person cannot stop wishing..think of one plausibly good thing you want in your life in the future and start moving towards it..pick yourself up, tell yourself that “that good thing is gonna happen to me, might as well move towards it in the meanwhile”  and move on..
      people say living in the present is important. I disagree. When ur present is full of shit, think of a brighter future and let them keep you going. Wishing for a better present is just going to make things worse, ppl might call u delusional. But nobody can ever take your hopes and wishes away from you. Keep wishing and keep moving on.

  • SOometimes in life we encounter the hard time, just pray hard and work hard soon it will dissapear..look at other ppl life..never think that richer means happier..God allways have ways to make us realise there is a rainbow at the end of a rain….:)

  • NTH

    Ok people i hear all wat u saying bt wat if sum1 u dearly love cheated on u n immediatly afta da long relationshp ended she moved on, wats worse seing her every single day sumtyms wth her new boyfrnd hw do u survive dat hw do u get ova it coz it hurts so bad plz help

    • htm

      try to let go of it. you dont need someone that did that to you. try to ignore her and think about other things you need to worry about. if you are really hurting go for a run and try to work out your stress. whenever i go for a run i feel so much better afterwards and i can think so much clearer. if she can move on so can you. you just need to have more confidence in yourself. and i dont think its good for you to see her all the time either.

    • nili

       huh.. i sorry .. i am also depressed:S hard to say that cos im a creative person  who likes to make loved ones happy a d cook for them and so on.. but i had realy a hard life like( economic problems, father never call crayz and lovely mum we suffer together with my brother too.. her lovers were asholes too.. some of them hit us some of them was only trying  to get what they wants )) what ever i was feeling too much responsable  ,, tring to do everything good for everyone even i was afraid to say  when i couldn”t than i lied but i didn”t like lying..then someone raped me ofcourse could”t say no one i was 15 or something than had some relations some of them loved me some of them lived me.. but i was realy beliving  to each one with all my heart because i realy needed some love..i did not have money either so..i went out of my country to study and find the light went many countrys couldn-2t fnish the study ofcourse:(had a boyfriend he was telling always i was important for him but it wasn”t love so like this 2 or more then 2 years was a good person .. i went back to my country .. it was hard to forgive but i was thankfull cos he has been showing me it wasn”t love it was just to get use to be together.. so i decided to stop feeling bad.. one day i met with my love, husbund  suddenly i descover what was the magic feeling people call love flothing feeling.. 2 years passed and the last yeari cryed too much.. i find some pictures from his past and i get angry .. cos i don”t want him to have them but for him he even doesn”t knoe where is his old picture he trhow away everything which could make me worry and i know he loves me.. im doing this crayz things telling ugly thing to him and i don”t want to do it.. for real i don”t  have my close friends here so he have been my familly friend and everthing.. and me this morning try to kill myself but i love life to much thet even thinking this i cry again.. so if there is someone who read all this and understands me a little wrtite me i feel alone

  • Depression does suck so bad especially when you’ve never experienced it before. but reaching out for help does really help, as well as finding someone to relate to. Just remember that nothing is permenent, and if you’ve felt good before then its completely possible to feel good again. Also theres so many people out there who have felt this way before and although i’m still going through it and it does seem like everything sucks and i dont feel like myself. its really important not to give up and maintain hope because the people who dont want help dont get it and the people who do… well they do. Depression is completely curable and waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night saying that really does help everything is going to be okay.

  • oh and being negitave wont do anything but make things worse being positive WILL make things better. life should not be about getting through, it should be about enjoying every second of it.

  • Great Article!

    Keep Busy!

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  • This is a great article on managing depression. Some of the ideas are things that we may have heard before, but great to be reminded. :)

  • Tracy

    thanks, this was really helpful.

    • naren

      guyz..  just by reading these articles won’t help u out of this depression misery… so guyz go out interact with peoples u don’t know.. cause discussing with the people u don’t know will help u.. 
      so guyz go out and try it ..  play some outdoor sports which will shake your mind.. go and break the walls of  depression.. in your life..
      this is the time u go and put the strain out your mind.. 

  • Papermaster

    Play Cut,listen help recover inside involve true railway down board system realize track extend least play complete widely believe meeting stay trust joint advise site advice distance fruit component office inform picture membership consider exhibition company recent top recently there appoint congress payment journey demand key escape employer rely judge considerable confidence release ask act victory summer fruit produce establish text no tape accident face past beside hence throughout door housing where farm score club towards sound cut few enemy provide combination relevant organise aid matter ask regional speed heat minister age shoe

    • Mash


  • michelle

    I feel everyones pain. I guess the thing I focus on is that JESUS died on a cross for my sins.I hope we all can think about why were even here! It is to help each other,but of coarse there is evil who would love to see us all fail. Don’t allow those thoughts in,again just remember why your here. Find your purose,why did GOD put you here?

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  • Well,
    according to the one that says spending time with happy people is good for you and will rub off on you.
    Bullshit. It’s actually true that depressed people don’t like happy people, just for the fact that they are happy and they themselves are not.

    I find it better to talk to people who are worse off than you, to lighten up your situation a little? :/

    I should know.
    I hate happy people just for the fact that I’m not.
    The doctor explained all this to me also.

  • John

    Suggestion number 9 from “pale blue dot” sucks. You may feel insignificant and nothing/nobody, that doesn’t mean everyone else feels/believes the same. Delete number 9 as it does not help anyone, but make people feel worse.

    • Tobesmike

      I disagree. Before reading this page this is something I have thought about a lot. Other people think down on people that don’t make money or aren’t high by social standards….but do they realize the meaning of life themselves? Is it to become the best you can be and by best is it money, fame or happiness? In 200 years no one will remember your friend that thinks he’s taking the world by storm or that CEO that made a lot of money. You have to do things for yourselves and live in the moment and have hobbies and interests that you can make time for. I was/is depressed since I was 14 and it’s gone till now and I’m 22. I attribute it a lot to drug use through my later teenage years. I have so much pressure from my family and peers always telling me what I should do or what im doing wrong. I started a landsaping business with a friend of mine and I actually love doing it. I love the instant gratification of a nice hedge or lawn. It gives me time to ponder and think while I work. It also gives me time for hobbies and my interests. I dont make much money but that doesn’t matter to me. In the end were insignificant in the big picture. No one is more than anyone else. So just do things that you love and dont care what others think of you. I’d be perfectly fine making 20,000 a year living with the person that I love and doing the hobbies and interest that I love. If you can use a computer the chances are your pretty lucky. Would you rather walk 10 miles for a bucket of water? or use your tap…..Dont take things for granted….everybody here has something to be happy about. Im kinda rambling now but take it for what it’s worth I guess.

  • Shawn

    ” a feeling of depression is only temporary” are you f**king kidding me?

  • shawn pruitt

    I liked this post. I agree 100% with number 2 because being around other people is, in my opinion the best therapy. In fact, I have found that going on to little chat rooms or blogs can be a very effective strategy for relieving stress. Though this is arguable and dependent on the person, this is like number 2.Good post.

    • angela

      Hi Shawn.  I’m Angela, and I haven’t been online with this site for ages, and the formatting has changed,  and the only way I figured I could contribute was to answer your comments. So sorry, it’s not a direct reply to yours. BUT, tonight I’ve had an insight and am inspired to write to my friends, my community, and hope that you don’t mind being the ‘channel’.

      If anyone remembers me from ages ago (I’ve been in That place – the black hole, or as I think of it in my better moments the black home because it’s where I learn my hardest lessons), I used to contribute often. Tonight it came to me that “I  am a beautiful woman”, when I stop comparing myself to others, to people I come across in my day to day life, to the ‘steriotypical others’; I’m a good, kind, loving, healthy, creative human being. Okay so I’m not a Cindy Crawford, a Beyonce, Bill Gates or some kind of fashion icon. Still, in my little part of the world I don’t ever hurt anyone intentionally, no one suffers because of me (except my parents, I’m sorry Mom and Dad), in fact I don’t really stand out! But as Me, little ol’ Angela, I’m okay in the world. So, friends, sisters and brothers, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS.  You are Wonderful as you are.

      Sent with love, understanding, empathy and recognition of WHO YOU ARE!!!! A divine creature of this place and time in the universal continuum.

      Love, Angela

    • angela

      Hi Shawn.  I’m Angela, and I haven’t been online with this site for ages, and the formatting has changed,  and the only way I figured I could contribute was to answer your comments. So sorry, it’s not a direct reply to yours. BUT, tonight I’ve had an insight and am inspired to write to my friends, my community, and hope that you don’t mind being the ‘channel’.

      If anyone remembers me from ages ago (I’ve been in That place – the black hole, or as I think of it in my better moments the black home because it’s where I learn my hardest lessons), I used to contribute often. Tonight it came to me that “I  am a beautiful woman”, when I stop comparing myself to others, to people I come across in my day to day life, to the ‘steriotypical others’; I’m a good, kind, loving, healthy, creative human being. Okay so I’m not a Cindy Crawford, a Beyonce, Bill Gates or some kind of fashion icon. Still, in my little part of the world I don’t ever hurt anyone intentionally, no one suffers because of me (except my parents, I’m sorry Mom and Dad), in fact I don’t really stand out! But as Me, little ol’ Angela, I’m okay in the world. So, friends, sisters and brothers, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS.  You are Wonderful as you are.

      Sent with love, understanding, empathy and recognition of WHO YOU ARE!!!! A divine creature of this place and time in the universal continuum.

      Love, Angela

  • Chelsey

    All these sound like great ideas…but what do you do when you can’t do them? When you want to but you feel so terrible that you can’t even figure out how to attempt to get out of bed or get dressed or do anything at all?

  • Matt

    Most of these fit to me and im only 20 most people tell me that im still young and i dont have any problems but I guess they just dont listen im not saying there wrong or anything but I do know what is going on in my body more than anyone else does.

    I understand that im only 20 and need to calm down alot but I cant control my anger or depression or my bi-polar disorder for that matter. Trust me I have tried.

    Anyway I just wanted to say that this helped me understand somethings and im going to try it out and see if it will help me understand what is going on better and how to deal with it.

    • APRIL

      YA, this really helped me out, no more depression alright, I do get sad though and still actually get depressed but what I did was I went to youtube and listened to ‘relaxing and most beautiful music ever by paul collier’ and i was reading this. It will really work

  • jordyn

    i’m 15 and i feel like i’m depressed. i cut and have sex and drink. Help. please.

    • Mash

      Dear Jordyn, email me so I can talk to you.

      • Killakamxo

        Iam been feeling really depreesed latley. I had my thrid child in sept.and in the last month all i do is cry and feel sorry for myself i don wanna do anything.I am a stay home mom and my husband works all day.i don really talk to no one and i try to go to my moms house to socialize with her but she is so consern abt my 18 old brother she don pay me much attention cause all she talks is abt him.IDK of its me being stupid or if iam really going thru something here.

        • ~T

           Hi K,
          You could be experiencing the baby blues. Very common in Moms that have recently given birth.   Another concern is postpartum depression. It isn’t as common… but is much more severe. Please see your gyn asap. Either way he/she can help you or refer you to someone who can. Just best  to see about it now… try to get on top of it now and stay on top of it.  Hope & pray for all the best for you and your family! ~T

          PS: This isn’t a cure all but hope it can help a bit. Will/does your SO  (significant other) help with the children? Is it possible for you to have some “me” time? Maybe try talking with your Mom alone?… go see a movie, go for a walk, not sure if $ is an issue… get hair/nails done? You can do the manicure/pedicure at home if your SO will take care of the babes for and hour or two. gym, library (good place to find free things to do in your community) Search online for Mommy groups in your area. Can you & your SO have a date night once/twice a month? These are just a few suggestions. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. And as I said isn’t a cure all… seeing your doctor should be your first order of business. :-)
          Oh! Good website to talk with other Moms… lots of groups to join too.  ~Best Wishes & God Bless!

    • karina

      You’re not depressed, you’re being a 15 year old attention whore and are thinking about only yourself. Wonder how your parents feel about your idiocy.

      • wow. cunt

      • what an insensitive comment. why are you even on this blog. You have no idea what her life if like. 

    • Axel 922

      I just wish sometimes i had someone who cared

  • lucy

    i always feel like ending my life since something happened 1&1/2 years ago. if i explained it would sound really stupid, but it always gets me down. after my best friend moved schools a few months ago i feel like i have no-one to talk to. my parents think i self-harm because i think its cool. i feel like a monster and that i deserve to die. everyone seems to have forgiven and forgotten apart from me. every morning i cant see the point in getting up. im so sure about ending my life, its just the how & when & where that is so beyond my knowledge. im trying to help myself now, by going on sites like these. i know it’ll take a long time but it gets under my skin when i just give up. i want to feel better. thanks for the help[:

    • saira

      Lucy I feel for you. I am currently depressed at the momment, as I have a lot of problems. I am in a marriage,which needs to end and I have told this person several times,but he does not want to get lost. Looks like heavy handed tactics need tobe used now. Then and only then willIbe able to move forward.There are so many things that I want to do, but where I am at the momment is stopping me. What I will say is that life is precious, take each day as it comes,I do not know what your problems are but if you need friends  I amhere for you.can you share the problem you have. Is it stupid?Sharing a problem is halving the problem.I do not accept you are a monster and that you deserve to die.Nobody deserves to die.Have you committed some unthinkable crime?

      Please get some form of exercise.Get yourself down to the health store and get yourself some chamomile tea,or B supplements.Foods to beat depression,bananas, brazil nuts, high  fibre cereal, drink plenty of water.

      Do you enjoy swimming,cycling, walking. Do you like drwaing,painting,reading.Get involved in  your community.But please never ever give uponlife.I have lost twopeople to cancer and I saw them die slowly and slip away.Life is very precious, make the most of it. Before you know it it is gone. Are you talented in some field,please pursue it,follow your dreams. If you ever want to talk tome again,please leave me a message.

      I will pray for you Lucy.

      Take Care.


  • abcdef

    I don’t even know why I’m commenting this but…

    I have been feeling a little down and google brought me to this page. It was helpful until the Pale Blue Dot thing. I admire Carl Sagan a lot and decided to go look up the Pale Blue Dot thing as I’d never heard of it before.

    This led me to looking up his wiki page which told me he died in 1996. He died 13 years ago and I didn’t even know it. As if the whole Pale Blue DOt thing wasn’t depressing enough…All this did was bring me to tears.

  • Carley Fox

    i suppose people say it is really good to post things and share how you feel with other people so they can try and help you. I actually dont know why i feel, lifeless, tired, weak, annoyed, upset, angry all the time. I dont want to live with my family, i’d rather live without them, I’d rather die than carry on with my life, sometimes i feel like im not wanted . The only time they have actually cared is when i tryed to run away and then they brought me back and was really nice to me, but thats only because there job would be at risk for not being protective. What can i do to stop feeling like this, as it brings me down everyday! If there is anything? That can cure the sadness and pain

    • Mash

      Carley my friend, please add me on MSN or email me so we can talk…I think this is a real necessary thing to do..I am talking to alot of people who feel the same way, it does help. THINK about all the poor African children who have nothing to eat, no one to talk too…they have to eat dirt just to feel the “fullness” of their stomach. Always look at the people below YOU and not above..maybe God has a plan for people like us? Maybe he wants us to suffer so that we have a better life in the next world? Who knows..anyways, if you need a “e-friend” please feel free to email me.

  • Eddie Marcum

    All these suggestions are B.S. the best way to handle depression is to take a .44 Magnum, point it to your head and pull the trigger. Helps every time. I would know.

  • StupidWebpage

    I also don’t know why I’m commenting on this. I just kind of picked this page out of the “Google hat”…but this is my problem. I am chronically depressed, pessimistic, whatever you want to call it. What I don’t want is to “feel better.” That is to say, I am depressed for many specific reasons: I can’t hold down a job, I hate interacting with people, I hate that everyone I seem to meet or see in public is happier than I am…etc.
    The one thing I really want is to be around more people who are really upset about their life and the world. Not because of things that they can’t change, like a hunchback or a mole on their face, but that they are upset about things that can be changed in society.
    I mostly can’t keep a job, for instance, because I am such a negative, asocial person that the whole “smile and be phony” thing just doesn’t work for me. And I hate what capitalism has become, and I don’t want to help companies whose only goal it is to make money while fucking people over.
    I just want more people to be like me, so that I feel I have a place, that I am represented in society. I don’t want to feel better. It’s not my fault that the world is a polluted, overpopulated shit-hole. Why should I put on a smile and be a slave for companies who are perpetuating this no-future, over-consuming culture? They should come over to my side, and we should have a few 100,000 people out on rafts trying to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage patch. This fucking world is doomed unless we change the current global status-quo. I only want to talk to people who understand that, I don’t want to just pretend these things don’t exist and “feel better” for a little while.

    • Mash

      StupidWebpage: Wow…you took all the words and thoughts straight out of my head. I feel EXACTLY the same way about capitalism, what is the bloody point?? At then end its all about making a bunch of bloodthirsty criminals even richer.
      I also have had problems holding down job’s, I always have the feeling that “something is not right” but I feel so helpless. I look around and see people happy, but you know its fake happiness. As long they have their damn TV and their luxury cars and houses its all ok!!! I am so damn sick of what this society has done to people like me and you. I have contemplated suicide a few times, but only reason I haven’t done it is because of my family…its like I’m stuck, I have great feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, especially on dark gloomy days..problem is, what can we do?? Humanity as a whole needs to stand the hell up and fight this system. This horrible system setup by a group of elites who crave domination over us! I know exactly how you feel my friend…so sad to see what the world is becoming. I want the bankers to suffer horribly for what they have done. I can go on and on about the current status of the world but it only makes me more depressed. Feel free to email me, I believe we need more people like us too so that we can share our struggles., please feel free to email me so we can chat.

  • It is completely normal to feel depressed at times or possibly all the time. There are ways to treat depression that don’t involve taking pills though. Depression makes us feel like every day is dull and has no purpose. Every day is the same as yesterday, nobody hears me, nobody knows me, nobody understands me. If you are willing to try something new that no psychiatrist would ever provide, come visit my webpage on mental health.

    Are you ready for change?

  • ahmed316

    i think personaly that this feeling attacking more the sensitive people ,,plus dont think about yourselves only (selfish)

  • Someone.

    I was going through a bit of a rough time with my mom… She made me feel like I was failing at life… but then I talked to my boyfirend and he asked me this… “Do you know what the keys to happyness are?” I asked him…. “First do you have a roof over your head?” yes I do. “Next you have bread on the table?”.. yes I do. “You have at least $1 to your name?” yes I do. “and you have someone that loves you… thats me.” All of that got me thinking it really seems like my life is pretty good. I hope this helps someone else feeling down.

  • brooke

    i dont know what to do i am really depressed :( and i have a bunch of things on my mind..i feel like no one understands i dont know what to do to make myself happier and school is not qoinq well at all..i have some fs and stuff and my foster parents are like mad at me..i talk to them but they dont understand. I just dont know what to do and i need help.

  • karina

    Brooke and co.: this is exactly why people think depression is a selfish emotion. You feel like no one understands you? Have you EVER talked to a vast amount of people about it? Your problems are certainly not unique. The “troubled, rebellious teenager” dates back to Babylonian times, before Jesus was born. You know, every person has the same problems; trying to figure out a purpose, finding a sense of belonging, etcetc. Some people actually go out and live and others sit around and whine about it. Yeah, try telling your problems to the African children who are starving and saw their parents die. You know what they’d tell you? Life is sacred and if you don’t know what to do, wing it. Not everyone gets the chance, and you sitting around feeling sorry for yourself just disrespects those who never got a chance.

    • chris

      im well aware there are people out there who are alot worse of than me and some of the people on this blog, however, some people just dont have anyone to talk to about this kind of thing and its easier to talk to someone going thru the same thing thats all, i know how lucky i am to be alive but even in the most richest countrys, folks have tragities thats hard to deal with, its just nice to be aware that a total stranger on an internet blog can be there for you

    • Michelle

      obviously you had a good childhood! If you not depressed, what the hell are you doing here. Go live your peachy life and leave us depressed people looking for help alone!

  • chris

    hi im chris, i dont know whats happened to me its been so gradual, i have no motivation left anymore, i find it difficult getting out of bed, i get regular headachs, my neck gets tight with stress and i get tired really easily now. unfortunatly iv realised recently i dont share anything in common with my friends and now i find it hard to trust even people iv known for years. i never used to be like this but iv been this way for so long iv forgotten a life without depression.
    is there anything i can do to do to help myself?
    this blog has really helped me realise im not the only one thankyou.
    please can anyone help?

  • con

    im so depressed and have no one to talk to..i am just feeling alone..i feel so hopeless and worthless..

  • k

    Gee really new ideas here, not!! Well honey I wonder what stressors you have in your life, believe me the situation a person is in really makes a BIG difference to thier state of happiness. Like being able to afford a nice home and heating!!!
    Tell all this crap to a homeless person or a single mother who has to spend 60 – 70% of income for rent!! That leaves 200 bucks a week for food and bills… Now tell her to pull her socks up when the kids are crying from cold and sick of beans every night. You middle class semi professional pontificating idiots need to shut up when you dont have a clue what your on about!!!

  • Your site is exactly the kind of sites which make the net surfing so fun.

  • Sophie

    Thanks for the article, it helped alot.

  • Melody

    Thanks, having a blue day, this really helped. Going to smile now :)

  • s0bored

    Thats for the article. This is really awesome. :)
    What also helped me was this book. I just give you the site so whoever is interested can have a look.

  • angela

    I read a few comments and skimmed the rest about “how to stop being depressed” and feel so Very Sad for all of the people out there. I’m 67, depression started in at age 3 after being raped, and my life has been a roller coaster. But look, I’ve made it this far with many moments of pure joy. My advice, as a seeker for the magic bullet, is that there is no quick fix. One of the best things I do for myself when I’m ‘down there’, and it is definitely Down There, is to just Be there and not judge, not try to change, just let myself be, knowing it will change and for a time all will be okay. Do whatever you are doing, or not doing, whether it’s sleeping or reading or eating or whatever, without self-analysis or self-recrimination or impatience or anything except doing it and being there. We can’t rely on anyone else except for occasional professional counselors or maybe medication, to help us. We’re in a world of our own and really, unless others have similar experiences, they simply Can’t understand. So we have to be kind to ourselves, not dump on ourselves for where we unwillingly go sometimes. If we can motivate ourselves to do so, going outside and sitting on the grass, looking at the sky or trees or just laying down and closing our eyes and breathing, is the best we can do. Know this will pass. Really, it does and things will be right again. For awhile. And so on. Just accept where you are and you will get through. love to you all.

    • angela

      Hi fellow seekers. I’m back because I’ve had an up/down couple of months, but I’m still here and often full of joy and the miracle of life! I’m not a religious person, not a guru a doctor, therapist or any other kind of -ist, unless it’s humanist. I’m just someone who has gone through a life of emotional and physical pain, and when I’m well, I remember and love my fellow travelers So Much and would love to help. So here’s what I know: I have learned a few techniques to stop a depression from spiraling down into the dark hole we all know so well. And a few others to make changes with. They don’t work 100% of the time, and are probably not for everyone, but they work for me almost always. If anyone wants to know, please refer to my comments on July 7th first and then reply to me.

  • David

    I have been suffering with long term depression for years since suffering cronic pain and huge cannabis use started in my teens, since given up for about 10 years now, I have some breaks when i start feeling better in myself, But murphy is always there to kick me back to the gutter. Its always the same. So why bother trying. Just lucky i have children they give me the will to keep trying. I just feel so tired of putting up a front trying to hold my head high, When i try to speak to doctors i feel like i am just a burden to them! and i feel week if i open up. they are not there to listen, I just feel like curling up in a corner and cry. I am so scared of dieing but dont have the will to live, talk about being stuck in limbo. i have been put on endep this time, so time will see. I know this sounds like crap but it so hard, i really feel like i dont even remember myself. its been so long. Not sure if it can be turned around now. Its funny i really do get pains in the chest when feeling down. i just trying to type whats going on in my head to give you a look at a depressed life. i just want it to stop. have that plug pulled to release what ever is doing this and give myself back to me.

  • james

    20 mins of sunlight if possible
    get fresh air
    try to do something creative each day
    remove things that stress you out

    Hope this helps

  • Azure PA

    Me too! Been in the dumps for quite awhile, so I’m available to talk also. But then ~ would we be feeding into one anothers’ negativity? Some people say they don’t “believe” in depression. To that I say ~ “Lucky you if you have never felt how low we can take ourselves!

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    I just watched something funny on you tube that made me smile again. I was going to Gas myself in the Garage,
    but a friend once told me if you are ever going to Kill yourself watch a funny DVD first, Then wait for 24 hours before you do it. So Thats what I am going to do. I watched the DVD now I am going to wait 24 hours.
    I watched “Harden The Fxxk Up”

  • Depressed

    Still Feel Depressed Slightly…Im Gona Need A Load More Than Words To Cheer Me Up : /

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  • matt_bomber

    to depressed to read this

  • charles

    I absolutely hate the suggestion that includes the Carl Sagan. Thank you for making me feel even more depressed than I already was.

  • Darren Mc Master-Smith

    What if you are dumb and depressed like me?

    You try to break the cycle but you know you have no life skills because the skills can’t be learnt if you are paranoid and dumb.

    What do you do then?

  • Evan

    Thank you, i just googled this and it helps, im going to lose a friend to death, my best friend, and im…having such a hard time, this whole journey has been…depressing, and i just needed something, thank you again for these few tips.


  • Rammy

    Great article, so many good tips for the majority of people suffering from depression (obviously not for a severe depression condition, these people should seek proffesional help as stated at the begining) I particularly like the point about interacting with positive people. As someone who has felt very down for a while I can say it’s a great feeling to be around someone positive, as long as you interact with them and not simply observe them jelously they pick you right up! The only problem is that once you start feeling good you may begin to feel entirely dependant upon them as I have and that creates a new set of problems, oh well I guess that’s for another blog. Overall a good article.

  • Great list of things to help change to a more positive lifestyle.

    I think #2 is probably the most important, and can potentially be the hardest one to do. “You are the company you keep.”

  • ghassan

    thanx you really really helped me , god bless you

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  • Elle

    Amazing article, so true, puts everything into perspective, really helped me and I hope it helps others.

  • Thanks for this article! I’m feeling so depressed right now and I’m trying to cheer up myself and now i am done reading this. Thanks for sharing… more power!

  • d

    I read that happiness is not a “state of mind” as many of us depressed types think. It comes from action, so do something, even if other people think you’re strange it’s better then not trying. In the end you’ll find the people and places you like being around. Push as hard as you want, it’s worth it for your own sake. we only regret the things we don’t do.

  • Clare

    Listen up people.
    NOW is the only moment in which we can act. And the best thing to do is to stop thinking altogether.

    Go out and do. Walk, run and turn off the mental incessant dialogue. It’s that NOISE that is ruining your life. Listen to it as you would a child but don’t believe it is all there is to being you.

    Stop identifying with your mind, with the past or a projected future. Read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and get out and walk/run for at least 35 mins every day. Spend 15 minutes listening to your body and breathing and not your mind. Just observe your thoughts if they pop up and don’t judge.

    We can’t always choose what life throws at us…but we can choose how we react to it. With dignity and spirit?

    Trust me…not one of you is a lost cause. You are simply stuck in an idea of yourself. You can change it and you don’t need life skills. Above all you don’t need to suffer, you have just decided that you must because you believe you are a victim. Bullshit. You can change the dynamics around you by changing how you see yourself. Please read The Power of Now and keep reading it until you truly understand it.

    P.S. Watch out for bloggers from cults which I can see above here…unless you think being a victim and giving over your power is cool. Lift your heads, change what you can and accept what you can’t. Stop resisting life. That feeling of anxiety or unease in your gut is you resisting your own life = Madness.

  • bob


  • B.O.B

    I am very depressed and am about to kill myself. Please help.

  • OMG this stuff is useless!!!! i want to kill myself lol

  • prunes rule for depression


  • Clare

    suffering is a choice

  • Willie

    Thank you Angela, the comment you said really made me feel a whole lot better:)

  • Evan


    i used to be just like you, no family life, no money, no food. But then one day i came accross something that changed my life, a skateboard. it lets me express how i am feeling and also get my aggression out. It keeps me focused, and when im on it being depressed is not a thought in my mind. Its all i need in the world, try it.

  • Emily

    I can only tell everyone to ask God for help, I’ll tell ya he’s better than any medicine or doc. out there!!! he truly loves you! like in a romantic way! he wants to help you and wants you to be happy. satin, YES SATIN!!! is after ya! cause he doesn’t like any of you! and he will do anything to make you feel crap, so just rebuke him in Jesus name! 😀 he can’t touch you except put thoughts in your head that will make you feel this way. and all his techniques are the same, why do you think your depression is so similar to others!? he wants you to take the bait! so be a wise fish and get out of there! hurry up! Gods knocking on your door! stop asking why you feel like this and run to God! I just think it’s sad how much people have mistaken him… IT MAKES ME ANGRY! well I can’t push you into anything you don’t want to do… but I think you should just give him one chance. he literally can’t hurt you since he’s actually love! YAY!!! well love you guys! be wise and take good paths! 😀 sorry~ I like to type a lot! XD God Bless ya! OH! don’t be prideful! I read it in a book that pride is a really dangerous thing that you MUST get rid of! I know I am prideful at times but I ask God to help me get rid of it and He does! there will be many Christians and other type of people who want you to get close to God because they want you to feel how they feel when they’re around Him! and I just want to go on and on about how good he is! but I know I’m typing to much… *laughs

  • awesome article, thks for the info:D
    I wrote a small article regarding the purposlessness of life, if anyone is interested, and has the time, you can find it here:
    tx again for the info

  • Lyta

    How do you tell the difference between a) major stress b) depression and c) both?

    Pretty sure I have both. I just want to curl up and cry somewhere. Everything is so pointless. But I know suicide is not an option, never has been.

    Writing a book helps, if you’re good at that kind of thing. If people like us can be good at ANYTHING, but you know what I mean. Take it out on your characters. It doesn’t hurt anyone and it really does make you feel better… my main character’s best friend just got chucked out a window. And depressed people make good writers for tragic books.


    PS. Read The Sight and its sequel Fell by David Clement-Davies. It is a beautiful story with so much meaning.

  • Saretta


    I beg you not to throw your life away. You are NOT worthless. YOU have SO MUCH to give!! Don’t give up!

  • some people think its a joke to deal with this shit day after day (not singling anyone out at all) but the reality of it is people just don’t understand it until it happens to them. You look at someone who is different in anyway and you think to yourself how weird they are. If they’re so sad why can’t they just stop. But it doesn’t work that way. Alot of people don’t realize what another person may have gone through, our experiences make us who we are. So a person who has had alot of bad things or painful memories of the past is going to be more likely to just pass through life on “autopilot” with a dim,sad outlook on life. someone who has had an “easy” life would have a brighter outlook on life. so why am i rambling abour this, because i have a sad outlook on life… nothing I do ever rly seemed to help me out. from dealing with the bullshit of my past to the recent things that get me down. and i finally decided i had enough, if your depressed this is what i did to keep going forward. Teenagers generally think their peers are judging them, this can stress you out worrying about other peoples opinions. It’s time to realize it doesn’t matter what others think, it only matters about how you feel about yourself, and don’t let others influence your own feelings about yourself,it’s time to make you your own person, you don’t need to follow everyone else, put your own style and taste into everything you do,whether its the way you dress, the way you talk, or even how you get through the day. if you be yourself and stop trying to be like someone else it can relieve so much stress and pressure. Another thing, don’t dwell on the past, what’s done is done and there is no sense in trying to change it, so when you have a depressing memory or a terrible flashback of something,try to focus on something that makes you very happy. And I’m sorry this is so long, ironically I have more to say but I have no time to say it.

  • Rosette

    Lost everything I own. Living with my parents again. Have a degree but can’t get a job. Already divorced once and not crazy about they guy I’m with now. All of my friends and family are successful, married, and have kids. I keep trying to make my own business work but scared sh@tless this is my life forever. Just want to drink it away till I’m numb again. Really feel out of place in any place.

  • Just a guy

    Angela, thanks for your words, i’m copy pasting it to my wallpaper..
    And great article too..
    I’m usually a very positive person but somehow today i got beaten…Looking forward to when all will get better..

  • Alicia Cain

    Ok I am 32 year old mother of 3 children been married for 14 yrs.You would think I would be happy.I am sad most days.We have moved around a lot from different states.I miss being around my family.I don’t have any friends.I stay at home with the 4 year old till she starts school next year then I will be working.I feel like a slave in my own home.Everyone takes advantage of me. I hate complaining to everyone because they say I am just feeling sorry for myself.

  • Alex

    Im a new student at university at the age of 19. I thought to myself ‘yeah going to uni will be great, i’ll have the time of my life, and hopefully get a degree bla bla bla’ Well the first week or 2 started of great, made a few friends (not as many as I expected) but now im into my 4th week and I just feel so down.
    I feel incapable and unmotivated to do my work, I dont want to go out clubbing or anything because I just don’t have any self confidence, espeically when it comes to ‘pulling’ girls like everyone else seems to manage :(
    I really don’t know what to do, i just feel like giving up – someone please help!

    • Adam Casillas

       im sorry mate but if think ur depressed because u cant pull a bird then u dont have a cluie

  • Caro

    I’m really depressed, I’ve been this way for 8 to 10 years. There are periods where it gets better but right now, I’m feeling way down low and suicidal again. I haven’t been suicidal for 3 years now. I have a wonderful boyfriend but for some reason, I feel like even if I know he’ll be sad if I’m dead, I don’t feel sad for him. I feel like he can find another girlfriend if I was gone and move on. I don’t have any close friends. I don’t have any family I can talk to, and I don’t have any parents. So the only thing that had been keeping me alive was my boyfriend but even he isn’t enough any more. The thing is, I know what makes me sad. Thinking about the world’s problems. When I think about all the humans suffering and starving in third world countries, the poverty, the corrupt government officials, etc, it makes me depressed. And I don’t think the world is going to get any better which makes me even more depressed. My boyfriend has tried to convince me it’s not my problem but I can’t stop thinking like it is. I eat meat, I wear clothes made from sweatshops, etc. I feel like I’m a terrible human being.

  • Brendan

    Alex, I know exactly how you feel man. I’m 20 years old in University. I have the same problems. No motivation or confidence in the work, same self confidence issues. Anyways I know it feels good to have someone who is going through the same shit.

  • Its me

    Good to see i m not alone . I used to be one of those people who would stand back and judge others by saying to myself and others , people are the way they are because they don’t want to change.I can see from a new point of view now.A year ago i lost the best job that i have had (so far),my wife left me because i didn’t and still don’t know how to show emotion. Most of the time i feel like ice runs through my veins. She came back a few weeks later and we tried to work things out,it was good for awhile,but now she is gone again.Last year i was much lower than i am now,i found myself after going out to get a late night snack driving out to where where she was in the woods with a rope.I felt like i was having a bad dream,i walked around the woods for hours,i have never tried to kill myself before but had thought if i did of ways to make sure i didn’t fail.So i knew if i climbed the tree what my fait would be.I didn’t want to do it but found myself fighting not to for hours.I asked God to help me and he did !

  • Todd

    Today is my 43rd birthday. I’ve struggled with depression most of my life, as did my late sister who committed suicide a few years ago, and I’m pretty sure it has run in the family (my older brother has had a time of it too). For some reason, I don’t know why, yesterday it just hit me out of the blue – I became majorly depressed and have felt rotten since. Maybe because it’s my birthday today? I don’t know. I don’t really feel “worthless” at this point, though I have in the past; I just feel depressed – no drive, no caring, no desire to talk or move or do anything. It’s like living in a state of limbo. I realize that I’m not happy with my life. I lost my job, my kids, the only way of life I’ve ever known in my hometown, to move somewhere new. I have a girlfriend I live with but she doesn’t seem to get it; she acts like I have a choice to feel this way and claims to have suffered depression herself, but if that’s so, she should know it isn’t a choice and it’s not all about her. I feel like I’m on the edge of a nervous breakdown and I just don’t know what to do. But I know I have to stop it now before it gets any worse. The trick is figuring out what it is, that I must do.

    Anyway, just wanted to vent. Thanks for reading.

  • wendy


  • Anonymous Sarah

    I feel really depressed right now I am crying. :( 2 years ago My Boyfriend/Partner of 5 years passed away. He was my best friend and i loved him like i never loved anyone before. Having said that, He would emotionally abuse me and lie to me all the time. He called me names & say mean things to me like i don’t deserve this or that. he did this when we weren’t even arguing. His death and the way he treated me has left me with No self esteem, trust issues in people and I am now depressed 24/7. I have been battling extreme depression for the last 2 years since his death. Before i met him i was such a happy person and i felt like i had everything i wanted. Now i Have no Job, No money, The person i loved so much has passed away . I feel worthless because I believe all the negative things he called me. I can’t help it. I want to not believe them but when someone you loved deeply repeatedly say things to you like you are worthless over a long period of time. You can’t help but believe it. I have not been able to get over his death and the feelings of low self esteem. I have lost all enjoyment in socializing, relationships, sex and even going outdoors because everything Reminds me of him and everything reminds me of how worthless i am. I find when i stay at home and keep busy at home Like watching a Movie that i sometimes able to escape the depression. I can never take my Own life. I tried 2 years ago shortly after his death but i backed out in the last minute. I feel like I am on Autopilot just waiting for God to take my life away.

  • Anonymous Sarah

    @ Todd. I feel you. I think moving to a new location/city would be a good idea. If you have the money to do it. You should try it. I wish i could move to a new location and start my life fresh all over again without everything around me reminding me of all the bad and negative things that happened in my life and how worthless I am. i just don’t have the money to do it. :(

  • Frantz

    Great article.
    What I definitely find to be most useful is when you keep a positive attitude no matter what. Its also great to talk about it with someone sometimes. Go to a website like if you don’t want to talk about it with anyone in real life.

  • luca

    been suffereing with depressions on and off for years,i have 2 boys that i love and i’m married but i feel no love at all in my marriage,my marriage hasn’t been good in years,we have no respect for one another anymore[sad really]plus i’ve been living abroad almosst 17-maybe 18 years[i’ve never really been happy here]i miss my family,i feel angree towards my husband as well,cause ever since my mother passed about 4 yrs ago i just feel so sad but also i feel angree with my husband cause he wanted to come live in his country[not for work reason or that he’s military he just wanted to be here]so i feel i missed out on years w/ my family,i would go home at the summers to stay with my family and so my parents could see my kids[which was a good thing but we have always had money truobles and i feel he could have stayed in the US and our lives could have been easier,plus his family here has Never supported me,i hardly see them anymore,i find it hard to be around them,i got no support from my husband when my my passed and anyway he has never really supported me in any way when i think about it,i stay mainly for the kids although there were a couple times i really thought to leave but if i left with the kids he would have the right to get them back cause it would be like i kidnapped them i had both my boys over here,it was hard in ways cause i’m not good w/ the language[still not]and the mentality is very difficult,i live with regret everyday!wondering why was i so stupid in being with this man?why didn’t i listen to my parents when the y told me it not easy living in a foreign counrty, with the different culture,i was so stupid that i wasn’t thinking clearly back then ,i met my husband when i was 21 and i’ll be 44 in a few months,i just feel i have so my regerets and i feel sad my time has been passing so far away from my own family,the biggest mistake i made was marrying a foreigner,i can’t say for sure i guess that my life would have been better in the US,but i would have had my family,i must say on a good note that i have made some true close friends here and i feel blessed for that,but2 have left over these past 3-4 years and another friends [my closest will be leaving this summer]all of these girls have lived here just as long as me but altleast they went back to there home,i really wish i could,i feel happy for my friend who is leaving this summer]cause she too has bben thru alot and she suffered w/ cancer and is thankfully now in remission 3 years,so i know how much it means to her to move back to the US,I WILL MISS HER terribly just i i did my other 2 friends,but i’m kinda feeling doomed!!like OMG!!i’ll be still left here and i don’t ever want to die here,there are times i feel i want to end my life[many times then i try to think about my boys]but at the states that i get in depression,i feel they could have a better mom,it’s been such a long time to feel real happy,i have turned my life more to the Lord and i have prayed many times about my situation,i’ve tried to give my regrets and anxiety’s to him but i always end up feeling the same,mind u there are times and days that i do well but it seems io have alot more sad and unhappy days then joyful ones i could use some advice and it they’re are any of u out there who are faithful and believe in the lord pray for me,i feel these last 4 months my faith is dwindling and i need something to look forward too,thanks for taking the time to redd this,i usually don’t open up to people about this but i feel i need help

  • Aeyim

    UGH!!! I wish depression wasn’t such a taboo thing that nobody understands or really talks about. Look at all these other ppl who came to this page with the same problem as me.. so many. If I had people in my life I could just talk to face to face that could relate to MY problem, it would help me out so much more than reading basic information about depression. To me, everything in this article is common sense. It is HARD WORK to try and cheer yourself up when you feel like shit. I get exercise, I even played with animals like they suggest (lol), I took a few vacations, I even tell myself everyday that I shouldn’t feel this way it is just how my brain functions. THIS IS MY PROBLEM: I haven’t suffered from any traumatizing events in my life.. I have lived a pretty normal life.. I use to love being with my friends and I was outgoing. Someone tell me why I am having such a hard time trying to be happy?? It doesn’t make any sense. I have horrible self esteem but I am nowhere near ugly or unintelligent.. somehow it affects the way I communicate with people because in mid-conversation a thought pops up in my brain thinking ‘what if they are judging me too?’ which is dumb.. and I know that when the thought comes but I still get very shy for some odd reason. So now all of a sudden I am unintentionally pushing everyone in my life away and turning myself into a social outcast. This all started 8 years ago, I wasn’t always like this. I have to add this in and say that I hate pity it is annoying to me when ppl beg for it and so I avoid telling ppl about it! But it’s become such a problem that other ppl can see it and I don’t have to tell them. My family has confronted me about it. I am grateful to have them notice and care though. But I just want to be a tough, strong women and suck it up! without thinking about it or trying!but something is not letting me! At one point I got so gloomy I gave up on everything, I cried myself to sleep, lost weight, and cut off all contact with friends. But that was during a pregnancy and a bad relationship with the father which I know probably heightened my ALREADY EXISTING depression to its peak. (By the way I learned how to forgive and I am happy to say that we are doing great as friends :) ) I still deal with this depression though unfortunately it still lingers and I have started to call it my “mental problem” which it may not be too far from being litteral. THANK GOD it is not as bad as it was then. To this day I fight it for my son and try not to show it but I am afraid he will catch on like the rest of my family. I’m too proud to see a doctor and I don’t want to take medication that only relieves it temporarily and could be harmful. I just want a natural way to get myself back. Wow this ended up being really long :/ lol But I can only type my feelings… I could never talk about it.

  • i wish i wasnt 14 and depressed

  • angela

    To all my mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers who are experiencing the trials of their “mental complexity” Right Now: I send you great and healing love. All those negative thoughts in your head, they are not You, they are only ego. You as you are, are perfect. The core of the you who came into this world at your birth, you are still there and that being is Perfect. All those thoughts are stuff you don’t need, so pay them no mind. If you want to look at them, go ahead, if you can’t Help looking at them, that’s okay too. You can take away their power by just looking at them and maybe go “blah blah blah. That’s not Me, that’s ego”. It’s just junk other people tell you or you think other people think about you. They don’t. The reality is that most other people don’t think about you at all. They are too wrapped up in their own stuff and it isn’t about You. So don’t give them your energy. It’s wasted. Keep your energy to Love Yourself Right Now. In this Moment. Remember the beauty of your true nature. The present moment is all there is. Be with Your Perfect Self right now, and every moment is now. You are perfect as you are In This Moment. Someone, Many someones, love you right now. Like me. And I truly love you. How can I not? We are connected! Sent With so much love for you, I cry. Angela

  • mark k.

    I feel like ending my life if no Doctore can make me happy,for all my life I been hating myself,harming myself,,,,,,now the Hoilday’s are here,no money on a tight buget from retiring to early in my life.

  • Dennis

    Peace be With All of you. I hope and pray anyone reading this has energy of happiness and joy permeating through out your body, mind and soul . Be thankful daily to Divine Spirit or God with graciousness and gratitude. If you put your hands on your heart,forehead or abdomen you will feel the healing power flowing through you. Also make a mental or physical list of what you are thankful for,to God or Divine Spirit. Love, light, Joy & Happiness be with you always. Dennis

  • Nichole

    Recently i have started to feel very depressed i cant grab hold of my feelings as they are spiralling out of control.its driving me crazy giving me even more stress to add on to it.and to top it off i cant speak any emotions i cant get them out writing them is not an issue at all but to look into somones eyes and communicate ourts problems seems impossible.i dont know why it is so hard to do?i jus want to get rid of this problem soon without having to see doctors or take any turn me into an emotionless zombie.i want to be a normal fuctioning person who can express my feelings as is…


    i just want to die….and finish off wid this burden called life…..!!am working and try to keep myself busy but i cant let go of A thing that happened in the past …its been 2 years nw …but am just not the same again..!!i know am depressed coz there r many things which have changed in my nature but i really am not able to be the same person again in alot of thinks especially the way i take life nw…i was such a positive person bt now i always see -ves first…!!
    ohhh i dont wanna write anymore….!!
    just die and get over wid it!!

  • sillie

    thanks angela and dennis for your wonderful comments…
    u lighened up my “down” moments….

  • Mike

    i agree with sillie

  • Elina

    I feel very depressed when I’m alone. I’m 15. I still have my mother and father. My father works at his own company. He’s very busy but when he has free time, he always spend his free time with his friends or play golf. He rarely go out with us (family). I can say, sometimes I hate him. Cos his work and his friends are more important than his family. I hate myself for having that ‘hate’ feelings for my own Father. But I can’t control my feelings. It’s just I hate it. I’m always alone in my house. Eventho I live in a bungalow and People said ‘Your house is big, it must be fun. You got everything in your house’. They don’t know how lonely I am to live in this house everyday. My mom is a house wife. She stays at home almost everyday. My mom is not a good person to talk to. Everytime I tell her about what I felt about our family. She always change the topic. And sometimes when I try to tell her about my friends whether guys or girls she always get mad at me and keep telling me bad things/words that related to the story that I told her. Isn’t that depressing? MY PARENTS ARE USELESS WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR CHILDREN EMOTIONS. I’m grateful cos I live in a good house. I have money. I have good friends. I have things that I want. But I DON’T HAVE HAPPINESS. I don’t have my parents attention. Am I selfish or what?
    Ohyes, My dad always give me a high hope. Like wanted to do something for me. But when the day he wanted to do something for me comes, he takes back what he said. OMG he hurts my feelings so bad when I figure out it’s just a lie. He did it many times till I don’t trust him anymore.
    Can anyone help me to get rid of my hate feelings toward my parents when I feel depressed?

  • rima

    Ending life is not the solution i guess ..neather all those chants n mantras those healing touchs…ive been deprssed and m sill depressed cause of my parents…cause of my sister who have given me an auful childhood… i screwede my life big time …running away with a guy…getting married on my own …then having a baby …the again diching that guy and getting married again ….ive suffered a lot …and i hate my mom …my sister all my family for this…oh god i dont wanna call them names… i got married 2ce but not even once they got me married..thogh they accepted me… the only argument was we gave u good education…an icse backround school which costs 50 rs when we were in class kg nad after my class 10 it wsa 150.. i never got love form them …n how i hate them …but i dont wanna ened my life if i can ever do is to show them how much i hate them ….

  • rima

    dont regret

  • Adrienne Oakes

    Hello All I am so glad to have literally stumbled on to this site. I am a mom of 4 kids ages 15yrs-10yrs of age. I started suffering with depression about 10 years ago. It was and still remains to be something that has really been a hard source to bear in my life. I am on meds and was diagnosed as bi-polar after 3 years of depression, anxiety (panic attacks) and 2 major episodes the key is its hard sometimes I dare say impossible to get yourself out of that rut you need therapy and sometimes meds. I hope that everyone has SOMEONE in there life they can trust and love and can confide in if you dont them come here we care and most if not all of us have been there.
    Take care all!

  • chrysalis

    @Adrienne – and all of you. I too have just “stumbled” onto this site. We all know that there are so many people who suffer from depression but when you actually realise and see on a site like this that children as young as 14 are depressed it is a big wake up call. I have suffered from depression, in one form or the other, all my life. Am now in my 60s. I still want to cry most days. Can’t be on anti-depressants (have an incurable illness that prevents me from taking them) so I am trying the homeopathic route. But the reason I want to cry now is not because I am depressed but it is what I have just read about all you others on this site who are depressed and want to give up. Especially the ones who don’t think that their parents love them or the kid whose father makes promises that he doesn’t keep or the person who just wants to end it all right now. PLEASE, I beg of you get help!! All of you. You are all still young and can still have a full life. Don’t give up! I know what it is to feel hopeless, suicidal, friendless and yes, I do know what it feels like to want to die. But in the last 24 months a relative was murdered in his own home, my nephew was killed in an accident and his brother committed suicide three months ago. You have no idea the pain that it leaves behind when you take your own life or how it affects families when members of their family die suddenly. I think part of my depression, besides the illness, is trying to come to terms with all this grief. It is hard to find people to listen. Everybody is so busy with all their own problems but I did get counselling from my church and that helped a great deal. This site, now, is helping me too. To see how much suffering there is. Although I feel alone because I can’t talk about my pain I am not alone and we can help each other by writing on sites like this. But if anybody is considering suicide (my first husband also committed suicide) please consider this. DO YOU KNOW THIS WILL BE THE END OF YOUR PROBLEMS???? When my first husband killed himself this thought came to me. He left a note saying he couldn’t live with his problems and just wanted to end it all. And I thought: But what if his problems do not die with him dying? It may sound obscure but what if we do live in a parallel universe and you jump from one into another and then just continue in the same way until who knows when? It really is worth thinking about!!!!!! For anybody who kills themselves they might just be starting up with a whole new set of problems.
    Just writing this has helped me to feel a bit more uppy and I pray with all my heart that all you people who are suffering, as I do, will seek help. Doctors, counsellors, ministers or religion, priests? Please try. Don’t give up. Because of this illness I am very limited in what I can do physically. I am virtually housebound and with the perpetual pain the depression is hard to escape. But after reading all this I am determined to carry on no matter what it takes. I just hope that I can be of some use to somebody even though I feel so useless most of the time.
    May God’s perpetual light shine on all of you. Whatever you perceive God to be.

  • dboy83

    i read people’s blogs and what they’re going through and it seems like i have a couple of things in common. i feel like i’ve had a lot of missed opportunities in life that i dont know, it just seemed to all cumulate into one big mess. i never got my driver’s license which is a bad thing i should have done. i co-signed a car with a friend who within six months got into an accident and died leaving me with whatever to deal with it. a week after i was at the funeral, i got terminated from my job because of an investigation that that involved me and a couple of workers who got co-erced by a supervisor to “give stuffs” to her pass the cash register. i know it was wrong but the human side of me got the best of me and i felt bad for her despite it being morally wrong. big regret. can’t really get around to telling my folks the real reason because its too shameful. i have no savings, still at home with family (although its a normal thing here in this side of the world)…i feel like i have nothing going for me. here i am, just a 2008 college graduate that hasn’t accomplished a thing in the 27 years on earth. sure, i tell myself to just leave it and tackle it on tomorrow but i feel like i’ve been running away from growing up. i don’t know, as a person i feel so inadequate when compared to others my age and can’t summon enough courage to tell someone that i need help. well, thats not true, i got friends who somewhat motivate me to go for it but at this point, it isn’t enough. i need a really really big motivator. the guy i’m seeing, yup im gay, is quite the busy one so i dont bother with him (although i should just dump him but i don’t have the heart in me to do it)….oh, look at me, im full of excuses, secrets and regrets…..i just have an i-dont-care attitude and mostly, what gets me going is the little things that give me some solace whether its an episode of golden girls, sleeping, jogging, listening to ipod or just not caring at all….any suggestions? haha — boy, what a conundrum im in.

  • just a girl in the world

    grrr. i am a young person(less than 15) i shouldn’t hate myself! i always think about my mistakes not my sucesses. my friends dont talk to me even though im not a mean person.(im generally regarded as nice) my dad hates me. grrrrrrrr.. i pray and i feel only god loves me.

  • Casey

    Aeyim, there’s no shame in seeing or talking to a docter/therapist. It takes more pride to talk to someone and heal an teach others than to stay bottled up and lost. Keep moving along and take every oppurtunity you come accross. That’s my advice. Things seem to work out if you let them.

  • Hall’s No.1 Fan (hasso 3000)

    hi i m this 20yrs old teen need a lot of help since childhood i ve been a shy boy, eversince i was born my momma never let me go out and hang out with other guys cuz it made her feel like as if i will be spoiled or sumting like tht.
    But, really now, after 19yrs, at the beginning of this year (2010), i felt a little change in my attitude i became strong from the inside and coped with things with ease talking with family and friends and expressing my inner feelings to everybody easily but again and again those thoughts kept coming back again and again none stop lethal lockdown shitness!! I’ve been diagnosed with biopolar II but never went back to tht neuropsychiatrist becuz my family is convincing me tht i m alright but i aint. And Actually the reasons for these delusional abnormal feelings is tht i m living in a dumb place no room where i can live with my privacy (thts not a big issue) but when ur growing up and when u r desperate for something tht has to be done or tht needs to be done tht inner feeling of u doesnot stop u from thinking like tht, so wat i m saying is tht i think deeply in every aspect of circumtances or situation i face, like eg: like when i m talking with someone i feel like tht he;s looking at me and judging tht who is this guy by looking at my face and the people they really do feel odd when talking to me becuz my inner self keeps telling me and keeps disturbing me, i feel like everytime i talk to somebody tht inner self esteem stuff keeps coming back to me and keeps reminding me tht the way i m speaking in anytype of way will convince someone tht im a real idiot!! get my driftt!
    My personality is really confusing and my mother and father r in real life r really dum when i feel abt them and i tried my level best to convince them but they wouldnt listen they do their things their way. I want my things to be done MY WAY!! becuz inside me i always feel like helping others and making them feel wat is right and wrong not making them feel tht i m wrong and tht i m egoself centered maniac but i ain’t!! so thts the family problem i guess but the thoughts in my mind is not curing up they r stuck like vacuum cloud space in my head and now I M REALLY HYPER-SENSITIVE + HYPER-DEPRESSIVE

  • Daze

    Depression is a bitch. Im 25. my best friend shot himself 3 years ago and i just cant get over it. He was like a brother to me. Iv’e been drowning myself in drugs(weed,e,acid,shroom,salvia) just to kill the pain. Then my girlfreind (whos 22) of 6 years just left me for a 30 year old white supremisist(im a hippy by the way) That was a shocker. Life is shit right now. yeh i just want to end it, but thats the easy way out. You got to fight as hard as you can to stay alive. Everone was put here for a reason. The only thing keepn me alive is how i saw first hand how it affects everone around you, even people you wouldn’t think that cares. Im just taking the first steps to feel better. My 3 cats help me alot when there not being trouble makers, eating healthy helps,taking care of you self,stopping drugs for clarity in you life(if you feel to overwelmed start back up until your ready)Weed was keepn me alive for a while, but feeling meloncholi all the time is not the way to go though life. Let ur emotions out,cry ur heart out it needs to be done. Im a little better, but my bi-polar gets the best of me and i still flip out. Thats why im going to try a phycologist right now and to see if she has any tips to make me feel better. Family or a close friend def helps. You got to love yourself again. Im still fighting everyday to stay alive but its been a little easier. Hopefully im going in the right direction, it seems like it. If not then im screwed, and i’ll get to see my friend.

  • Daze

    oh one more thing music has a great influece on my mood, dosen’t work for everone. I’ve been listening to fallout boy and elton john and i feel a little better, even though i was REALLY depressed this morning. PUSH YOURSELF GUYS AND GALS, THERES HOPE. FIND SOMETHING THAT MAKES U HAPPY.

  • Dylan

    cold metal sliding across my skin and watching the red come out always make me feel a ton better…for some people it really does help…

  • Joey

    A long tym ago when i was young, i used to be happy, i remember laughing heartily, making friends and living. However when i was 10 years my uncle raped me while our nanny watched. Since then i have never been happy, i have tried to be positive but at the end of the day the depression comes back. I have had two failed relationships, in the last one which ended in september, i had an abortion bcz he didnt want it! I knw i shouldnt have done it bt i did. Am 26 n living at home and jobless. I dnt knw but i just want to die i cant live anymore. I hate the person i have become. No one knws in my family am alone and dying a slow painful death. I knw it sounds crazy but smhow i dnt regret the abortion bcz i dnt think i would have been a good mother(God forgive me!).

  • Jay

    I’ve been depressed for a while now im 19 i cry most days i have moments of normality but then the depression comes back i have nightmares alot too & i push people away that only want to help me i just want to be happy all the time & not depressed please help

  • Mr

    A few 100 sit ups dose the trick for me

  • im fifteen years old my thirteen year old bro is mental and he drives me insane, and he CAN help it. i have a doq 1 year now husky that he constantly beats and grinds on her and qod knows what else.. my mom has like 70 lizards and a ferrit and my bunny she is always taken care bro is so bad that he makes my mom stressed out and she takes it out on me .nothing is qood enough for her. she made me move away from my friends which is my only qet away from haven a temper, before i moved, i NEVER was this bad.. of course i had my days but never did i think about runnin away or killing myself..i miss my friends which i’m loosen day by day and evan worst were i have moved is filled with backstabbin rich girls and boys.. i feel like noone understands me.. i have nobody anymore. i don’t know what to do w’ my life,,, can someone please help me?

  • doll

    First Make a change!
    If you don’t have a job get one and control the things in your life you can control.

    If your hung up on an ex lover,you know what forget the prick you are beautiful and your worth is not determined by him or any other person.
    Work on your self, have a me day.

    GO take a class or make your room or apartment look nice, get your nails done or buy yourself something nice or go for a walk or run, then cook a wonderful dinner just for you and know you are worth it.
    You don’t need anyone else to make you feel good.

    Personally I feel better by
    Taking a shower (making myself feel fresh)
    Cleaning my apartment (I really feel way better when my apartment is clean and looking pretty)
    Getting some flowers to go in it. ( this one is my favorite as it really helps me feel better because every time i look at them they make me feel like you don’t need another person to get you flowers to make you feel better you can love yourself)
    Planning a list of things I need to do. (organize bathroom, project for work, dentist,…)
    Taking a dance class or going for a walk any activity.
    [exercise is proven to increase endorphin levels and help you feel balanced again]
    note:Even though at the time, you might feel you just want to curl into a ball just remember the push is worth it.
    I hope you guys feel better, being depressed really stinks and you might really feel like you can control anything and things area just spiraling to a bad place but just know so many people go through this and sometimes its harder to get out of it but you can get out of it. You really can do this.
    Love all of you

  • Daze

    thanks doll

  • icantdothisanymore

    i can’t cope with this sadness. it’s affecting my relationships with family, friends, and peers. I pull back from the people around me because i’ve been hurt so much. I can’t trust anyone – I hate that feeling. I try to myself I can trust this person, but, something happens that the person does that completley breaks that trust and these subconscious positive reinforcement thoughts.

    I can’t do it anymore. I feel like my mind has deteriorated into a abyssful void. I’m not man enough to suffocate myself or drink myself to death. I am however, looking into purchasing a handgun.

    I just can’t do it guys. I’m 18, I have no job, I’m in college – but I have no diligence to be there. I’m literally forcing myself to go to school in hopes that I’ll earn a degree and maybe be happy enough to pursue a career in the degree field that I have chosen.

    I can’t do this anymore. If I try, I’ll become an alcoholic… When I discovered alcohol just recently, I noticed how all of my problems went away – and, most importantly, I was able to socialize with others and not feel afraid. My thought processing is out of whack, I used to be the nerd with the articulate vocabulary – now I speak on a low educated level.

    All I want is to feel normal. To be able to talk to people with confidence. To have a self-esteem. To have endeavors. To have a LIFE.

    good bye and good luck. don’t give up like me.

    • hello

      Please dont give up

    • Adam Casillas

       i really feel this man i hope ur allright n make it through get through it if youre still at college u have a chance to live ur life to tthe best, ur mates are on ya side still i wish i could talk to people iv just made myself completly reclusive and people hate me for it something happened to me and my confidence just went out the window n i think noone has any interest in what i say so my social skills are that of someone who never went to school i just sort of say yea a quick sentance and thats the lot things happen and dent ur confidence mines been crushed and you feel depressed about it hope you got through on ur end ok dude x

  • Aim

    Hey Friends
    This is a poem which I would like to dedicate to all of you.

    When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
    When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
    When the funds are low and the debts are high,
    And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
    When care is pressing you down a bit,
    Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

    Life is queer with its twists and turns,
    As every one of us sometimes learns,
    And many a failure turns about,
    When he might have won had he stuck it out;
    Don’t give up though the pace seems slow–
    You may succeed with another blow.

    Often the goal is nearer than,
    It seems to a faint and faltering man,
    Often the struggler has given up,
    When he might have captured the victor’s cup,
    And he learned too late when the night slipped down,
    How close he was to the golden crown.

    Success is failure turned inside out–
    The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
    And you never can tell how close you are,
    It may be near when it seems so far,
    So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit–
    It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.

    Life is not always fair. You cannot control your circumstances but you can definitely control the way you perceive them. It’s in you. There is a very strong person inside you who can deal with these problems. Ask yourself for solutions. You are the one who can help get yourself out of this misery. Trust yourself.Believe in yourself and life will become worth living.

  • Sammie

    Wow, this really helped, I can’t wait to use all the tips 😀

  • Carmen

    my name is Carmen I’am 20 yrs old I am expecting my third baby I feel like I have no help with anything my dad left my mom when I was 2 so she say I havent seen him in 6ys it would be nice to sit down an have a decient convo wit him but I some what feel that will never happen. I am normally a strong person I am usually the one people look up too but lately I been feeling so down like I have nothing or no one an everytime I say that my mom or sisters tell me well you have your kids yea..duh I know that but I need something for me I dnt go out much since my first child and it hurts cause I have thrown my entire child hood away. I have had my moments of when I thought about taking my own life but then I realized My kids need me and they mean the world to me I love my babies I just wish I had more time for my self. I realized I need HELP not that Im crazy or anything just when im going thorugh or dnt feel good. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve bn out n the past two yrs.. because all of my time is dedicated to my children im not sayn they dnt deserve it but I think it would do me some good to have a little me time.

  • Ja

    Am depressed cos someone lied@me and started reporting me to everybody including my teachers since then am nt hapi

  • lonley

    i am a 40 year old person, life has delt me a bad hand. i live at home with my mother, stepfather, three brother(35 and up), my two children, two and 1/2 grandchildren(my daughter has one on the way), my old boyfriend, my soon to be son in law and lastly, my sick grandmother. we live in a four bed room house and needless to say it is not enough room. we fight all the time and that may be due to the fact we all need a job. it is much more that makes this situation terrible but it is to depressing to speak about. i am a very private person so i will stop writing and just say please pray for me and my family and i will pray for you all.

  • ashlee laura

    Im glad i have come to this webpage. my depression is very deep and has been for awhile. i had a happy childhood aside from my mother abandoning me for drugs and father as well being raised by gparents. im 20 btw. when i got pregnant at 15 my gparents tricked and manipulated me into getting an abortion which i didnt relize until after the fact:(. now a days all my old best friends are like strangers and only care about themselves and making me feel bad. its also so hard for me to talk to new people because my mind goes blank idk what to say or talk about. I also have hormone problems so have facial hair and its soo embarrasing id even want to go out ive been in the house for a yr except to go pay bills go to the store. pleeeze help!

  • kirsty

    iv just got home from my boyfriends and found out he been taken me for a fool since he came out from prison in november, i asked one promise in return for standing by him and he broke it, im devestated, i trusted him with my world. thats not all im about to lose my house anyday i feel so useless, i have debts coming out of my ears and have had to steel money out of my sons bank account to pay some bills, im so ashamed of myself. iv tried had to bring up my 3 sons, and im failing, i love them so so much but feel i am a burden to them and everyone else around me. i am worthless, and cannot see a way out of this life im trapped in. i used to have a faith, but iv lost that now, i tried to live my life right, but everything is going wrong and i dont know what to do. i feel so useless and that my back is up against a wall. i am 40 and just dont want to go on anymore.

  • court

    I feel depessed sometimes when i think about when i was dating a guy and i was depressed before i started dating him. I told him that i was on medication for depression and he really did not understand what i was going thru. He sed “u know what my friend was feeling depressed one day and i told him u have a good life rite u have so many things to be happy about so why r u soo depressed”. His friend came back with a response of “wow u know what ur absolutly rite thanks”.His friend was down, NOT depressed. Like omg im not down in the dumps im depressed cant he see there is a HUGE difference. anyways as the weeks and months progressed we got closer and he mad me happier where i didnt really feel as depressed and he told me that he told his family i was the girl he had been looking for all along and wow did that make me feel sooo good. we always had great times together and what i thought was a wonderful meaningful, going somewhere relationship turned out to be all fake he broke my heart telling me he didnt c me as being with him long term when a month before that i was the girl he had been looking for and he couldnt believe he found me. So what happened i may never know. But i do know that all my depression came hurling back to me like a ton of bricks and about 2 weeks later i went to a party where i saw him there and well some shit went down that was in no way my fault and he flipped out on me for no i went home crying. The next day i got a bad txt from a friend telling me when i left the party my x was telling lies about me to EVERYONE. That day began like any other day tho i got up brushed my teeth, showered and that one txt pushed me rite over the edge and that was the day i wanted to take my own life. Not thinking about the family im leaving behind but just about me. i finally calmed down on a long 7 hr car ride to think about where i was going to do it. I came back home only to find 5 cars parked in my drive way and 2 cop cruisers outside my house ready to escort me to the hospital. my point to this story is things like thing happen to eveyone and we all have to believe that something is going to come along in our life that u will say im glad i didnt kill myself. This is what i live for today. while im still depressed but wrking on it to this day, although it’s not as bad but i am still. I know that i have a great future ahead of me. I may not know what it is yet but i know it is a life worth living out. I have to believe that!!!! And jesse may not know it but i forgive him for what he put me thru but i will remain to have no contact with him. Its been a long hard battle and a long way to recovery but im making it!!

  • taloola

    thanks i found this very helpful! i like numbered lists. I’m a college student living in New York City (born and raised) and for such a big city with millions of people, I sure do feel alone.

    i especially liked number three. I just messed up big time at an internship–though i had no idea. I feel like i failed and lost the respect of alot of people. i’ve been struggling to maintain my position as an honors student and make sure i dont lose my scholarship to my very expensive, very pretentious school in lower manhattan which i wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise.

    and as i was being handed my ass over the phone by a career director at my school, telling me the evaluation comments of my boss, i felt like a huge failure. he had said horrible things about me, alot of them i dont agree with or weren’t true. but alot of these negative things i guess had to do with my depression.

    i always try so hard, and this time i guess i wasn’t paying attention…and i didn’t realize it. but for a while i wondered, i guess i’m really stupid and have no common sense whatsoever and i deserve this. but then i tried to remember all the good things ive accomplished, which outweigh the bad. i guess i’ll have to take this as a learning experience and prove everyone wrong.

  • Anna

    I am suffering in silence. I have suffered from depression for about 8 years now. I have good days and very bad days. Today is a bad day and I do not know why. I lost my son a little over three years ago and that really made my depression worse. i am not the same person i was 3 years ago and no one can seem to understand that. i take care of my mohter also and she has dementia. My husband is disabled and very ill. I try to be strong for my other two children but sometimes I would just like to crawl in a hole and pull it closed over me. How strong am I supposed to be? I support my family and take care of everyone. I feel as though my life is caving in with no hope. The only joy I have are my grandchildren. they are the light in my life. I am on antidepressants but somehow they are not working now. I am afraid that my life is spinning out of conrol and I do not know how to stop it. i guess I will see my doctor again. I want to feel like I did 10 years ago…hopeful and happy.

  • Eric R

    Depression is always very complicated, and reading all of the previous posts has shown me that. After reading every single post from the posters above, I would like to share aswell… although when compared to some it almost seems unworthy. I am 19 years old, I go to college, and I am best friends with and boyfriend of the most amazing and intelligent woman. But, I don’t know what to do with my life. I am so young, I have so many opportunities – why can’t I see them, seize them? I feel like I have to provide for and take care of anybody and everybody in my life. i have to fulfill that role of being male that is so intertwined in my psychology. I have so much to fulfill, so many expectations, and I literally am paralyzed in finding a way to do it… because I don’t know how. Think I’m prepared for this, for life? Not at all… but i guess nobody is.

  • Chris

    Friends, if you are depressed and down on yourself, you need to see a doctor — a psychologist, psychiatrist or both. A psychologist can help you to break down your thought patterns that push you into depression. A psychiatrist can give you medicine that will address the chemical imbalances in your brain. Lots of people suffer from depression — there’s nothing wrong with seeking help.. and if you don’t feel it’s working out with your psychiatrist or psychologist, get a new one. It’s important to find someone that’s a good fit for you.

    Also, there are lots of good nationwide organizations out there. The DBSA (Depression, Bipolar Support Alliance) is a support group for people suffering with these. NAMI is The National Alliance on Mental Illness and their website ( has information on all different kinds of illness. They also work to address thestigma against talking about these issues. Most NAMIs have support groups for family members of people with mental illnesses, some have groups for people with the illnesses themselves and all can provide resources to find other support groups for you in your community.

    Please don’t hesitate to find help. Seeing your posts breaks my heart but I can’t help you beyond this. Don’t be afraid of doctors — they’re people just like us and many got into their professions because of their own experiences with these things in themselves or a loved one.

  • A.T.B (another typical boy)

    As i’ve been reading comments, from left to right, it seems everyone mostly either doesn’t know what this depression is coming from or how to cure it.

    I’m in sort of a depression myself at the moment. No, I’m not going to tell a life story. Yet. Lol. I just want to say that most of depression is misinterpreted. Most of it is Actually Boredom. Or it could be that most of us have not found our niche. You need some things to occupy you until the thoughts or whatever evil you are keeping inside is fading away; slowly. Time Heals things. As long as you make the problem it’s own solution, then only can you feel better. This isnt the depression im in but a person i know:
    For instance my friend has dated a girl who he was madly in love with and yeah all that normal teenage love stuff, he ends up being heartbroken because the girl has no reason, and just wants to be friends. Day by day He was at first, Crappy. He was always a person who smiled, But jeez, i never seen him like this. But anyways long story short as time went on he went to do other things to help him be stable. Yeah he.. kinda stalked her at first. but he was only doing it because he felt that he did something wrong and to make amends, he has let go. but only wants to be friends. Recently he’s afriad to confront her so he avoids her because he thinks that every time she sees him her day is ruined. to be honest, he should care less. the girl turned into something and even i dont know why. But the thing he realized too, was that it really wasnt his fault.. And he didn’t bother. Today he’s going to talk to her because he wants to clear things up. point is, he got over it, and now he wants to be friendly. understand what i’m trying to say?
    anyways i hope you all feel better.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been depressed for about 3 years now, and I’m a teenager. It seems like the whole world is intent on causing me pain. It’s like nothing I try ever works. I feel hopeless and no-one cares. My family around me are experiencing problems and I feel like I’m just caught up in the middle of it. I’m having problems too, but I can’t ever talk about it to anyone in my family because I feel guilty, because they are going through enough problems as it is. Sometimes I feel so useless and invisible, to the point where I resort to self harm. I lost 5kg because I couldn’t eat and I find it very difficult to overcome daily tasks. Most nights, I cry myself to sleep, then wake up again like 3 hours after. My grades at school having being getting a lot worse and I have exams coming up. I can’t revise because I can never concentrate, I keep thinking about all the wrongs in my life. My family has no clue why I’ve been doing so bad, so they can’t do anything else but blame my lack of intelligence. I just don’t know what to do anymore, everything seems meaningless.

  • K

    I’m 21 years old and I’m sad all the time. I have low self esteem and I think I’m fat. My boyfriend likes my size, but I don’t. I cry and cry. I been having low esteem since I was a child. I always thought I was ugly because the boys made faces and pick on me. Now I’m grown and still stuck in my ways. I don’t know how to break this depression. Sometimes it goes away, but my negative thoughts come back and I’m depress all over again. I don’t like that I’m negative about myself but I can’t help it. Sometimes I wish I look more beautiful like these female celebrities. Instead I’m a ugly girl. :'(

  • Tich Saund

    OKAY. I want you all to read this carefully and act on it. It won’t cost you anything other than a bit of time and small amount of effort. You all have very unique problems. Some with regards to relationships, family, friends, the loss of someone close to you, your appearance, your age, your wealth, even your lack of freedom, a whole list of problems that are so easily rectified.

    The first thing to know is, you’re not alone and don’t think for one second you’re the first person to go through what your feeling because I can assure you’re not! in fact there have been many many people before you that have suffered even worse than you have and felt even more depressed than you have and surprisingly have made a full recovery. The only way to begin this process is to share your feelings and writing out your thoughts here as you’ve already done is your first step towards your recovery, so congratulations you’ve got the ball rolling.

    The second is to talk to someone, someone completely unbiased and someone who will listen to you and help you start moving forward into what I call the SUNLIGHT. In other words help you move out from under those dark clouds. Depression is as severe or as harmless as you let it become and it will fester and grow and overtake you if you allow it too and the only way you can stop it in its tracks is to simply start to talk to someone. I know you’ve all heard of “the samaritans” so if you’re at deaths door then for f??k sake call them now! if you’re not and suffering from something less suicidal then their are people like me who can lift you out of that state of mind and drive you forward into a new way of thinking.

    In order for this to work you have to get angry!!!! and I mean f??king angry, angry with DEPRESSION and what this mutherf??ker has done to you! Depression is like a gremlin that’s trying to mess you up and its only way for survival is to bury itself deep within you, it’s like a virus and clings onto you and seems to never let go. But let me tell you NOW! you can get rid of this and the way to do it is to flick that switch. You know the switch I’m talking about!, the one you have deep inside of you that you’ve managed to smother and hide away for so many years. Years of self-hate, loneliness, insecurity, blame, all of which have covered over and made that switch unapproachable. Well that switch I’m talking about is your MOTIVATION switch, it’s not a switch that makes everything instantly better, instead it’s a switch that does one thing and one thing only, it MOTIVATES you. It turns you from negative to positive and ONLY YOU my friend can flick it!. No one else, just YOU. And how do you flick it? well it’s easy you just sit down, close you eyes and decide too. Then all that grey matter, all that is hiding your switch away will start to melt away and suddenly your motivation switch shows itself and then you imagine yourself grabbing it and then POW!!! you flick it on!!

    And then as if by magic, all your senses and inner lights start to power up, and you suddenly for some unexplainable reason start come alive again!!!. Your heart-rate becomes faster, your breathing more deeper and quicker and then you open your eyes!! jump up!! throw on your coat, grab what little money you have and charge out of the door!!!! And I mean f??king run out of that f??king room, that f??king house that’s kept you prisoner for so long. And make your way out into the daylight, rain or shine it doesn’t matter. Feel the rain on your face, feel the warmth of the sun, feel the wind through your hair. You’ve made it, you’ve flicked that switch. Now the rest is up to you……….. a world full of endless possibilities, people that you once hated you now make friends with. Jobs that you thought you could never achieve, well now just try knowing you’ll probably get rejected, laugh your f??king head off and move to the next job it doesn’t matter!!!!!!! No one cares. Learn to not give a f??k about rejection or what people might think of you!! it’s their loss not yours!!! Move on!! Move on!! Move on!!. Friends that you once knew and liked, go and knock on their doors and show your face!! Make a date with them. I’m telling you now this is your time!! your year!! You’ve had your fair share of upsets!! enough is enough!! YOU and you alone knows how to get yourself back to happiness. It’s your precious life, you are the one responsible for it, you are the one that will make it better. SO WAKE UP!!! HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH!!! AND FLICK THAT F??KING SWITCH AND MAKE A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adam Casillas

       thank you your description has shedded some light on my thundercloud thank you

  • A

    Reading these comments has made me feel a little less alone. But isn’t that horrible – that we’re all here united in sadness?

    I am 20 and have struggled with dealing with my mum’s death for 4 years. It was sudden and horrific. I feel like I’ve lost support of the one person who would unconditionally care for and love me for the rest of my life. Now I have to go on by myself and I hate it.

    I don’t know if I can give advice – sometimes I get very, very low in despair. I don’t know if I have depression or not but I know that I am trying to fight this.

    This is my advice:
    – Absolutely no-one chooses to be born. No-one chooses their initial surroundings – it’s all about moving on yourself and building the kind of life and relationships that you want to have.
    – Have you ever had a conversation with someone who is kind and happy and you leave after speaking to them in awe of their personality? Try it. Try for one day to be that person. Make the people you talk to happy – the people you care about. They will subconsciously reciprocate.
    – You have to make the change yourself. You cannot wallow in despair, no matter how hard you think it is to get out of.
    – Find someone that inspires you – a character, someone you know, a celebrity. How have they coped with life?

    These things may help you, they may not. But every single person in these comments is expressing the same emotions and we can all empathise with each other because no matter what has caused our depression we’re all feeling it.

    To ‘K’ before me:
    You have a boyfriend who clearly loves you :) You are lucky to have him. If you want to change your body work very slowly, one aspect at a time (maybe your hair, your fitness) and gradually work to achieving something better. Focus what you will become – not what you are. It’s incredibly difficult but you can change.

    Chin up, everyone.

  • Brian

    Dear aeyim, I am a teenage boy and have almost the exact feelings as you do. The problems you described seemed so similar to mine. I would love if you would respond back, it would be nice to talk to someone feeling the same way I am.

  • Charley

    I have always been a really happy go lucky girl, life has been hard but never let it get to me. This year however I lost my 18 year old brother in a tragic accident, 4 months later I miscarried after trying 18 months for a baby. In September my other brother had a horrendous accident resulting in complete brain damage and me having to turn off the life support. This has left me with so much guilt and loneliness. My brothers were only 18 and 19. 8 weeks after that I then thought I had another miscarriage but was an ectopic pregnancy so spent 2 weeks at hospital and in severe pain. I know I need to sort myself out but feel so low. I keep smiling every day and try so hard but inside I feel as if I am falling to pieces. My husband is great but I think he forgets, I have to be brave for my children but it all seems to much at the moment.

  • angela

    Hello again fellow travelers, going along the hard road that life can be. I’ve had a personal epiphany – I’ve had many over the years of working on my ‘stuff’ – and want to share this one, if anyone cares to follow my thought to it’s vague conclusion. The title of this website is “how to stop being depressed”. Well, here are some thoughts on that. First of all, the word “depressed”. It’s so objective, so impersonal and such a debilitating kind of a word. So maybe we who have a lot of this ” ” word should maybe use a different one, one that will automatically shift our thinking, maybe even some of the feelings that go with it. Like, how about situationally challenged, or on the down slide of an emotional rollercoaster. Then, I thought about what it is about the action we’re involved it when it’s happening. Well, we are always questioning why, why, why? Maybe the answer to that is simply because we Are questioning. But that’s not a bad thing. Everyone wants to know the cause of their suffering. I think (part of my own epiphany) that we have to just Accept that we are there, that we can’t always know the answers, and yet it’s okay to ask. So we’re there feeling down, and asking why I’m down, and maybe we can just sit there and feel and ask and watch ourselves doing it, Without Judgement! Maybe it’ll shift. The feelings are so horrible sometimes, it’s hard not to get sucked into the vortex. It’s hard to be conscious of ourselves outside of our feelings. But I think that if we just sit quietly and let ourselves be where we are, feeling and asking and watching ourselves, it might pass a bit faster. What does anyone think about this? Am I just a babbling idiot, or does any of this resonate with you?
    Love to you all, as ever. You and I are together in this. Angela

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  • A.Ross

    Wow, firstly hello to all and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    After reading all above comments I realize how big this “depression” thingy is.

    I am 31, currently living with my Mum (who is gr8) & would be lost without her.

    I am at the stage in my life where I am contanstly fighting those negatives, contantly questioning myself and almost everything I do, am & say.

    I have always tried to be the nice guy, a snag if you will, always offering help or assistance, offering a shoulder to lean on or just an ear to listen.

    However as most of you are or will become aware, unfortunately “nice guys finish last” I still don’t understand or maybe refuse too. I have spend most of my life caring for others, that I have lost myself in the Journey of Life.

    As much as I hate it, I believe I have become a less caring, less generous, less giving as I get older and experience all the pebbles in this path of life.
    I must reconnet with that person (who used to be me)!

    We all soon realise who are true friends are in times of need unfortunately I have experienced this all to often. I get down in the dumps, even depressed and just want to crawl in a cave.

    On that note I have a lot of faith in ourselves as Genuine human beings and the power of the Brain – “It can make us or break us”. I am currently reading Self Matters by Dr Phil – I could’t recommend this and others like it enough, to stimulate your senses.

    I have never been happy with myself all my life. Been overweight since primary school, and kids can be so evil! Still to this day I dont like my body and would give anything to change that, however on the other I see gr8 looking people (whom I think I would like to be) and see that things are not really much different. It’s so true my perception is whats holding me back, how i see myself or more so how i think others see me.

    Although my problems seem sooo trivial in comparison, we all need to find our inner-self, re-connect with who we really are not who we are expected to be by family, friends or society. I am by no means the answer but i feel great knowing that all is possible and anything can be changed! We just need to find our own motivators.

    I am glad I found this site, i read all comments and could relate. But also feel sorrow for those stuck in that ruck and hope with sincerity they do at least try to connect with themselves, it has nothing to do with being selfish, self centred or anything like that. It’s all about regaining your confindence and reconnecting self to find what really makes you happy?

    I have always been good at giving advice, but not accepting it myself….:(

    There are soo many people in the same boat and it’s great people are finally starting to talk about these things and please do seek assistance, there are people out there that study this stuff for a living and speak from personal experiences. Also plenty of reading materials available.

    To Aim above I love your poem, i will laminate it for reference.

    Thanks to all for sharing.
    I feel much better now :)

    I hope you all find yourselves and happiness

    Love always on this journey we call Life. A.Ross

  • t

    I came across this site by accident. I am very depressed due to things at workplace. I am over worked and under valued. The pay is good, job is stable and I have good work to do. Still don’t feel happy! There is no repayment for the things I do. No career path. Just work, just pay. I know there are lots of people out there who would be happy to trade places with me. BUT I can’t help it. I feel left out, ignored and undervalued at work. Work means a lot to me. I wish there is a simple, self-help and buddy system out here on the internet somewhere. Good luck to all on this site who like me are down in the dumps!

  • Jewel

    I feel like the world would be better off without me sometimes. I try to talk to people but they get bored of my constant moaning. I don’t have friends, I’m so lonely, I’ve never had a man in my life really love me, I have so much hatred for my ex that I feel it pulsing thru me. Sometimes I worry that I really am crazy. I see people in the news who have been murdered or tragically died & I wish it had been me. I just want to disappear. & I want to punch myself in the face that I even wrote something so pathetic

  • Mark

    @ Jewel. The reason you feel so alone and useless is because you’ve let something out of your control (your ex) consume you in a viscious hate. While you’re feeling this way you can’t communicate well with others, you complain about life, and are unapproachable. I would suggest letting the past remain in the past, learn from it, make yourself better, find out who you are now. You dont need a man, past or present, to define who you are. I am also experiencing a tough break up, but I cant let it get me down. I know who I was, and am doing my best to find out who I am now. Get back to my own goals. Once that happens I’ll have moved on properly and be whole again.

    I was once a very happy person, and I want to be that person again. Feeling is not pathetic, feeling is what makes us human, it is resiliance and never giving up which will counteract these feelings we have. Dont disappear into a black hole, or you will never come out of it. Go out and get on with life. Then you’ll find you attract others with your positive attitude, and you wont be so lonely.

    Also one piece of advice my mum gave me a long time ago: dont go looking for love. Love happens on its own, it will come for you when you least expect it.

  • Jeffrey

    @jewel honestly it’s not pathetic for writing what you wrote, u need to vent sometimes. Most of us know how to break out of depression, i’m positive you know to as well. I’m not feeling the best myself and I as much as I know how to break out of depression, I really can’t. Sometimes it just HAS to fester inside of you, until you are ready to say I can move on.
    No there is no such thing as, u can’t move on, u will ALWAYS move on. There was a time in your life where ur bf ment jack shit so yes it is possible for that to happen again. Sometimes it takes a new love, sometimes it takes some friends to show you the way. Sometimes u just gotta fill the void with something else. My last relationship I filled up the void with heavy weight workout. It really isn’t a choice for a girl but it helped me release my anger and let me focus and research alot on my spare time until I couldn’t remember why I let such a person consume my life.
    Right now I just had a bad response in a girl I was chasing for the pass year, basicly she was dating a guy for the pass 6 months without telling me and just used me to string along for free dinners and dates and fun. don’t get me wrong the fun was great but thats not what I expected. Right now i’m very depressed but I know for a fact I just have to wait until I am ready to put something in the void and use it to power my way through it.
    If you really want ot make up with ur friends, be different, don’t talk about ur bf, dont’ talk about that stuff. if ur out of things to talk about wiki something for fun, research some interests ur friends have, watch more tv shows. Talk about those things, when u do all that, u can use ur spare time reseraching instead of thinking about him. Which in return can hlep u with ur friends and also to meet new people, killing 3 birds with 1 stone =)

    I wish u the best of luck jewel, u will do fine and power ur way through this.

  • Lucas

    i feel so lonely sometimes. i cant find anyone to try and go for or who would go for me. how can i help this?
    every single time i dont have feelings for anyone i turn into a workaholic & get somewhat depressed, projects that are due in weeks i finish in a day or two. when i have feelings for someone i feel like they will never like me back or if they found out they would laugh at me.

  • mandy

    I have a tumor in my spine and it gets me down. No one understands the pain i am in. Im so young and i can’t do anything, i wander what good am i now for the future. Its not cancer i should be happy but im not i wish it was so i could die. no doctors will remove it because i might lose my ability to walk. i sit and watch tv and think this is so boring how could my life continue like this. my husband loves me but it seems he always wants sex and i cant give it. my kids feel bad for me and wish i would get better, that just hurts me even more to hear them say that. i going to try to do what the arcticle said be more postive, be around more postive, try to get outside, break from rountine. We will see if it does work? I just can’t go living the way im going right now.

  • amber

    so I have friends but all they want to do is party and i live in a place where if you wanna have fun you need money and it sucks i just dont know what to do i go to school come home and thats about it i dont go out much and its really starting to effect me

  • doggie

    Hi All,

    Your world is not the worst! If you are talking about lousy ex. Great! The are Ex, Past! History, You should thank God it has ended. Sometime, it is better to live without a man. Esp a lousy one.
    If you have a tumour, but your husband loves you. That is also great! Someone still treasure you.
    Mine, I have 3 kids, a lousy verbally and physically abusive husband. I found out he ate his lunch with his 18 yrs old assistant so frequently. The worse part is have korean food but he hate it so much and never eat with me for a long time. He dun even bother to send me to hospital when I was pregnant with high fever and another time almost miscarriage,and another time have Hand foot mouth disease. Now one of the kids , a 14 months old baby has a unknown tumour. Before this, I commit suicide and my husband dun bother to be around to save me. I feel I am as good as a living dead. I dun feel like living at all. Every day I wake up, I wish I will just die. But I need to stay alive to ensure my baby stay alive as I need to constantly pray for him. He is too young to die or lose his arm. Without this, I rather die now. I dun have a supportive family, and I will be stuck alone with 3 kids if divorce. I really feel stuck with great saddness.

  • freak

    alone.surrounded in a sea of even the safest of places.hurt.never be able to breathe.lost.will this pain ever leave?….I’m in such such such a bad pl;ace and I’m only 13.suicide

  • wants to help

    Hi Sad child . U feel sad that at 13 you can feel so bad, sad. Hummm what is going on ? I would listen if you need to talk . You know Im wandering where your parents are ? Can you talk to them ?
    I tell you what whatever is bothering you can be fixed and that lost feeling your feeling needs to be talked about.
    I would love to be that friend in the universe that you will never meet that made you realize that you are not alone and you are so special .
    God put you here to do something and if you do something to end the life he gave you well that would be a loss to everyone who knows you and everyone that your supposed to meet .
    I’m not sure of your real name r if your female or male .
    But I’m sending you a hug and a invitation if you need to talk I will listen , All you have to do is write a message on this site and I will respond . Please please don’t harm yourself!
    Remember in this world it is easy to feel alone,But your not . Big Hugs

  • wants to help

    Lucas . we all security issues when we are trying to meet someone. In the big fish tank of dating its scary not knowing what the opposite sex is gonna think when we approach but you know ..think about it like this not everyone you meet will want you like you want them , but with everyone you meet you that person may not turn out to be a mate but they could turn out to be a friend , you can never have enough friends and when you come across the special one you will know. right now you need to say to yourself lets just have fun , then when you let all the pressure go to finding the right person it will happen.
    have a great evening and have some fun .

  • wants to help

    Doggie, All I can say is You are so strong, Look what has happend in your life , you have so much to offer , you definitly deserve better . I hope ur youngest pulls through and i want to say you sound like a great mother.
    Those kids would miss you so much if you left them here, they need you and you are so wonderful . don’t let your husband break you down . Its his loss if he cant see what a beautiful wife he has and how much you try and make a house a home and how good a mother you are it sounds to me that maybe you should take the effort in relocating you and those baby’s and make you and them happy . You deserve that , there is help out there to help you do that ..hugs

  • wants to help

    Well Amber , first i want to say , congrads on being in school . I bet your very smart. Yeah I know not having the money does suck .But Sometimes we need to look outside the box when we don’t have funds to go out . Maybe you can make some more friends that maybe will do other things than party . there are other things in life that are free and they are fun.
    Think about it ! I hope I was helpful . Stay in school. hugs

  • wants to help

    Mandy I want to tell you I cant even imagine the pain your in . Wow ..This is a situation that can drain you I’m sure. But the one thing you have is your family and they love you so much . I hope that you get some relief of your pain . I will pray for you . I wish you the best.

  • wants to help

    Jewel You have great things coming, when one door shuts another door opens .
    you have to choose to open the door to new things that are waiting .
    A ending is just a beginning . hugs







  • brian

    I’m 46. Lost a very good six figure income after 9 years. Now…can’t get work. Very depressing. I have four kids…two in college, one in high school, and a younger one. No one will hire me now. I search, I network, I volunteer, I do everything I can. I can’t even get lower paying jobs now. My girlfriend doesn’t really listen. She’s too focused on her. She even quit her job even though I lost mine and we’re struggling to pay the bills. Says she hated her job. I don’t blame her but timing is everything. I lost all my professional connections…most of them anyway. I’ve seen others who lost their jobs about the same time as me get new ones at the same or even better positions. To think of that and to think I may never make the money I once did is sad. I’m running out of my money. I have to start all over I guess…but I’d rather just leave…I’m tired, I’m depressed, I’m angry, I’m scared, and I’m rarely happy. My girlfriend and I fight all of the time now. I’ve been a great divorced dad, spent a lot of time with them…paid my support on time everytime…and girlfriend constantly is upset with me and points out my negatives. Says she loves me but actions speak loudly. I do everything I can…I think…to stay positive…and I’m growing more depressed by the day…heck…by the hour. My future looks and feels so bleak. It’s like a dark cloudy winter day in the Midwest…except I live in the sunny Phoenix, AZ area…I workout, eat okay, get up and look for work…but it’s been 7 months and absolutely nothing. I get recruiters who call and then never call back…well…some do and say I’m great but I never get the next gig…I have thought about just disappearing…one way or another. I have no one to talk to…no one to listen…and perhaps my pride keeps me from seeking anyone out…I am a walking, talking, zombie…and it sucks. I can’t seem to pull myself out of this…feels like quicksand I guess. Well, at least I got some of this off my chest…too bad I feel like a barrel is on my chest all of the time. Can’t sleep because all I do is think…where’s the button to turn off your brain:) Has anyone seen it?

  • rebekah bui

    hey brian. i dont normally comment on anything since internet is very impersonal but i couldnt help but to empathize for you. i guess feeling a brief rush of depression wasnt so bad bc it led me here. sure, i may not be of much help bc its just virtual communication but just know there IS, in fact, someone willing to listen. your diligence in branching out your career is very commendable despite a lacktherof positive results. its truly unfair how the industry world functions. im no mind reader but i sense a lot of potential in your personality. genuine and honest. and god-willing, someone will definitely discover that above all else. so best wishes and dont give up.
    p.s. soaking your feet in warm water’ll help you sleep (according to my landlord’s accupuncturist ? lol)

  • vann

    i’m living something similar to jewel.
    i don’t know why I let such a person consume my life,
    i don’t care about if he’s still here or not i mean it hurts but that not the big deal
    even though i feel like my life is no sense
    no job, no friends, no money, no will power…
    i try different tasks so that i can forget about depression but when i get home again i start to think about… what would be if…? what would it be like when…? what else should i do to stop feeling like this?
    the most of the days i feel like suicide or have suicide thoughts
    now i can’t understand how people is so happy?
    many things bring me to tears
    not even my baby dog cheer me up
    i feel like i have nothing to talk about but problems so i don’t feel like hanging around whit family or people (people or friends that i haven’t seen for a long time) so i feel i bored people with my stuff
    i’m really desperate, anxious, sad and i don’t care about my appearence..
    the morning is the worst moment of the day
    i don’t care if i take a shower one day, two days…or whatever
    help please please

  • Derpressed

    Wow. Such advice. How trite. Not helping much.

  • vann

    “DERPRESSED” this is what i mean it’s bored, yes it is and even my “speech”. but this is the way i feel and you know what? the response you gave me is the same response i always get and that’s why i feel myself TRITE. i’m not that lucky to have the right support and that’s why i keep on feeling like this.
    but please if you can not help that much just don’t laugh at me the way you’re doing. if you don’t have problems like this well then don’t bother living a worthless message. i really need HELP and i really need someone who give me real advice. by the way sorry if my english is kind of plain but english is not my native language
    thank you

  • RT

    Please realize that ending your life will NOT end your problems! If you leave this life without completing your fated journey, you will have to return to finish it – which may be in a worse form or circumstance. So, please DO NOT make a Bad situation Worse !

    A few suggestions:
    1) Anti-depressants work for many in at least reducing the intensity of depression – please see a Doctor ASAP.

    2) Try to get a few minutes of physical activity outside – a walk around the block is good enough to begin with. Walking for just 15-20 minutes everyday makes a world of difference.

    3) Take it one day at a time – just try to make it through the day doing what you can do.

    The Universe will guide you through this tough time !

  • christina

    I am depress at the moment, i smile with my husband and kids but when i am alone i am always and feeling killing myself all the time, i have no friend and family here, i feel alone, i am from Guyana/Antigua where all my friends and family are, just want to have people around me so i can talk too, really need help.

  • Gina

    To all those that feel like committing suicide. Just stop for a minute and reach out for help. You are not alone, there is alwasy someone to give you some help. That feeling that is inside of you that noone cares because no one asks is a trick in your mind. People just aren’t mind readers or very good at asking. You will hurt the world around you so much more by leaving it than if you stay. This is a challenge in your life, it is not fair and it sucks, but you ARE strong, you just don’t know how much. When you get through you will feel stronger than others around you and you will be surprised at how good you can feel. It is worth it to hang on, but the best thing you can do is pick up the phone or go see someone you trust and say “i’m not ok” and if that person doesn’t listen then say it to someone else and someone else and someoneelse, until someone listens. If you take your own life, you won’t make everything better, if you have children you will ruin their life, if you are married you will ruin your loved one’s life, you will ruin the life of everyone that loves you, they will be shattered. Think of that before you take that step. Your loved ones would rather hear about your problems than pick up the pieces when you are gone.
    To “freak”, you are not alone. You are not alone. You do want help because you came to this site. Is there is someone you trust that you can talk to? If you can’t talk to mum and dad then find someone but becareful who you are talking to, don’t talk to someone online. Ok… there are people that will prey on your vulnerablitity, make sure it is someone you trust.
    To Brian and the other people that are waiting for their spouse/girlfriend to make them happy. I’m sorry but they never will make you happy, you can’t get something from someone that you don’t have within yourself. I have been with my husband for 19 years (I am only 35 too) and he wonderful and we have a very happy marriage and 3 children, but I have learnt (I too have had depression) that there is nothing that he can do to make me happy inside of me, I have to do that for myself. Does that make sense?
    I have had many medications but the only thing that truely works is to speak to a counsellor, they know things that you have no idea about. They are someone to chat with and to work things out with. You will brainstorm with them and they will be objective. Trust me, that is the best medicine. And when you are better there will still be times when you fall flat on your face, like I am now, but I will get back up, dust myself off and start again. I have found that talking to someone, just haveing them listen to me is the best thing. My poor husband has had to learn “how to listen” but he is getting better at it and I am getting better at not flying off the handle when he doesn’t do it properly.
    Most importantly “medications” numbs your feelings, you can’t work on your feelings if you aren’t having any. Unless it is absolutely necessary try counselling first, they will tell you if you need more, a dr will always sugggest meds first. You have to face your feelings not hide from them, and this will help you through it.

  • Gina

    Also, take the advice on here. I am.
    There is no such thing as a good day or a bad day. Just good moments and bad ones. You can experience the most wonderful moment of your life in one day and then have the a really horrible one happen too. Which one determines the day??? Just moments count..

  • vann

    thank you RT and thank you Gina :) I will take action on what you’re both saying :)
    have a nice day

  • ummm

    wow you peeps need to see the light. Not all is bad. Please see the positives in life. You are alive the sun comes up and goes down. You can read and write. Open your mind and life will come to you. Tomorrow is a new day only you can change your life. You are in charge. Take control.

  • Tom c

    Ok, I know this is supposed to be to helping those who see no way out, so genuinely thank you. But frankly in some scenarios this is bullshit. It’s all very well saying look at how nature is so positive and how the world is actually beautiful. But the whole point is that people like me can’t see that. Yeah, we know animals live in the moment, we know we should do something different to change our lives – but the whole point is we think that doing that will have no effect. If we thought it would, we would do it. Thank you very much for telling us how we should view the world. But it doesn’t explain why we don’t see it that way.

    • depression itself

      I LIVE IN MAINE!!!

      • depression itself

        ******* that was supposed to make people laugh, helping for that split second of happiness that gets them through the day.

  • niamh

    hi to you all out there,i know times are hard,it is hard to talk to someone and that some one might be a loved one,but just sit back and look around your room or where you are and look and look and look now what do you see…it is some one that love’s you,they will be there for you but if you don’t talk to them they will be gone over night,or a small thing like going for a walk and talk but at some time you will have to…becouse it is your family that will have to face what you could not…yes your loved ones your kids your gar your father and mother.there is help you can get it put your head up one step at a time….

  • friend

    you have not a job??? no money,you sit looking at tv,thats not going to help you get a hobby i did.3 years on and it was the best thing for my family and i. just for someone to hold…..

  • hi i need a bit of advise, i just lost a baby because of notts qmc hospital. when i was 13 weeks preg started bleedin badley but for over 5 weeks kept sending me home. 6 dec 2010 was rushed in again scanned again was gonna send me home, i was in agony so asked for second opinion. they realised my placenta had split, they said you are gonna have to give birth as we cannot save baby. i had lost that much blood over the weeks i was dyin too. they gave me 8 pints of boold and 4 plasma. by the time that was done they told me to sign papers to allow them to kill my baby, they gave me a tablet. that didnt work. the baby was still alive they gave me a c section and then put my baby boy on this trolly and left him there to die as he was 2 weeks away from legal age of a baby i was 19 weeks pregg.. i do have three girls to live for but i cannot stop cryin n my kiddies dad is 8 yrs younger n more immature n i blame him for baby dyin as i have to decorate bring up the kids cut hedges cook clean… he goes work from 6-6 5 days a week so he thinks he doesnt have to do nothin…. my lifes a mess i hate my kids dad…if i tell him 2 go he will smash up my house as it is mine.. i should go with my kids but my kids are happy they dont realise all this stuff.

  • Pete

    My life sucks so much. I wake up every morning wondering why God decided to put such a piece of shit like me on this earth. My life is just terrible. I go to school everymorning and have nobody to talk to. After 5 shitty days of loneliness at school I go home for the weekend and just waste away playing xbox. I don’t want to live like this but I’m to big of a pussy to just kill myself. I’d say the worst part is that I’m a Christian and I don’t even think I’m going to heaven because all my life I’ve been addicted to porn, been a complete fucking screw up, and the girl I’ve been in love with for the past few years hates my guts. Yeah you people say that God has a plan for me but what if his plan is for me to live a shitty life. The worst thing is my best friend is dating the girl im in love with. When I was a freshman in highschool last year me and my bestfriend liked the same girl. He told her that I liked her and she was disgusted and now every morning I go to school broken and near my locker is my friend with the girl I love. I wish someone would just duct tape my arms and legs and throw me into the ocean. Why did God decide to give me such a shitty life. This Is the sad thing, I’m up at midnight telling the worl about all my shit even though they don’t give a fuck. I’m not dead physically but inside of me is just ashes and a heart that’s beating for the love of my life who hates my guts. Fuck me I hate my life, why the hell was I born I have no purpose or love in my life. Nobody will remember my name and nobody will cry at my funeral. I’m just a fucked up 16 year old kid with the shittiest life story ever….

    • Terry

      I have been there, and I know people probably tell you this all the time but things do get better. If you want to talk to someone that was in that same situation, email me at

    • bob

      this is the story of my life. :(

  • m

    Hey Pete,
    I’ve been there. I was there with my ex and ex friend, and that was me in my 20’s, going into 30’s. I’m Christian. Please don’t let it get you down. You know, right now alot of things are going wrong with some things in my life, but if you don’t have moments of sorrow, you’ll never taste the amazing sweetness in life when it does arrive. In the mean time, maybe you just need to wallow in it, and it probably means she’s not the love of your life. There’s a saying, “when one door closes, another opens”. I heard it from a wise person. Think of that when you’re down, and I hope it gives you some comfort. I know people who have killed themselves, and honestly, it seems like the most selfish thing to do, because of the survivors. Please consider calling a suicide prevention hotline if you feel that low!

  • bluekid

    I’m soooooo depressed! The girl I’ve known and been with for 3 years wants to leave me. I mean I wasn’t perfect in the relationship but neither was she. She was not only my girlfriend but my best friend. I barely eat if I do I feel sick. I barely sleep, maybe 2 hours at a time max! I feel like I’m dying, like I can’t go on like I’m losing my other half. I just want this feeling to go away fast because I am not myself when I’m like this. I honestly feel like doing nothing but crawling under a rock and staying there. I think how summer will be here soon and I want to spend it with my girlfriend but don’t have one of those any more. I don’t think its anyone out there for me. I want to die! I hate this feeling and I don’t know how much more of this I can deal with. I just really want this feeling to pass!

  • Viktoria

    Anyone out there? it seams like nobody really truely cares. I have so many ” friends” yet I feel so alone. I am always wondering where I am going in my future… I see my friends have finished school and moving fwd and I am sitting here lost and confused, not in school bc I am trying to save money until I know what I want, but wanting to make enough money to be independent and comfortable. I have a loving supportive bf and thats about all. He works in the evening, I work in the daytime, and I always end up alone.. like right now, I am searching the internet reading about other ppl who are feeling depressed so that I don’t feel so alone. I have to believe that someday I wont feel so empty and that my life will have meaning… but right now I just want to die. Being christian, I believe suicide will only send me to hell and I dont think that would solve any problems I am having. I guess I will just go through the motions in life, keeping my faith, and waiting to die and be with god in heaven. Then I will be truely happy.

    • ajay

      hey Viktoria..Don’t feel urself so lonley.Listen life is full of struggling. Always think positive. Just think that I can do it and thats all u will see that half of ur problems would be solved.Just smile friend.

    • Boadu Albert

      Anyone who feels very depressed and don’t what to do pls contact.There are so many people in this world,you’ve just met a few and u complain that nobody likes just contact.If no one in this world like u,I love u likewise Jesus Christ.

  • WeAllTheSame

    dont be so depressed, if you’r real life friends are bad you can always find friends on the net ,cause there have to be somone nice, dont be so depressed we all with you, do not ever feel depressed like that , tell yourself there are peoples who cares about you, just like i do,even that i dont know you,you might think that there are better peoples than you but thats all shyt , that can never be true, all the human kind are the same,they just passed thrugh diffrent things in theyre life belive me we are all the same there is no better than you, there is no better than anybody there is no less better, we all creations of god were all the same we just passed thrugh diffrent things in our life and we just look diffrent from each other,
    i might not think im so perfect , but i dont hate my life either, im a lazy person,14 year old, looking fine and normal good on video games and in painting,jewish,israelian, and love almost all kinds of music, thats my personality and no matter whats yours we’re
    equals to each other just like all humans in the world.

  • Issey

    Dude, I feel depressed. But honestly reading what you guys have said does help because I realize that other humans feel the same way I do, and I’m not the only one who feels like this. Why do humans get so down and depressed? It sucks. Sometimes I feel happy, but when I feel depressed like this I don’t remember what it feels like to not feel depressed and I can’t snap out of it. Anyone know what I mean? Ugh. The only thing I would say to all of you out there that feel depressed is look, so many other people are dealing with similar feelings and thoughts about life. Somtimes I feel like everyone else is happy and I am not, but I am definitely not the only one who feels sad. Our situations and environments may be different, but we are all humans just trying to live. Is there some special point to life? Is there a time when I will feel like I have things figured out? I don’t think so, I think we are just here trying to survive.

  • idontreallycare

    For those of you speaking about ex’s, before u go off blaming them remember they are human too. I’m currently in a relationship where my gf is depressed everyday n she says “its jus part of who she is”. At first naturally I thought it was me so I figured I would remove myself from the situation to help us bothl. She begged me to stay so I have but only a small change occured, then back to depression. So after 2 years of trying to be supportive, my tolerance has reached its limit. No matter how strong you are, you can’t force a depressed person out of depression. So my point is after everything I’ve done to help, not all exs are the reason for depression… My tolerance jus ran out

  • idontreallycare

    I should say is running out…

  • Dan

    I feel like my life is shit, although I know that compared to many other millions of 17 yrs old out there, I’m damn well off. I just flunked my intermediate level physics final paper yesterday. Normally that’s not a reason for a guy as matured as me to be depressed about, but my situation is indeed so twisted that I can’t help but mope about it. My dad is a well reputed doctor in our state, wherever he goes his fame precedes him. All the people associate him with hard work and goodness. As his only son and heir, my life is examined extremely crucially by every single soul in the town. I have always been taken for a good and intelligent boy. For my 10th board exams, I scored 85%, and two years later I am flunking my physics exam (passing % is 33) ! Even I can’t believe how bad i’ve degraded in these past two years. There is still 3 months until the results come out, but I don’t know what to do. I’ve not been able to eat anything out of guilt and sadness since my exam. I had alienated myself from my friends a few weeks prior to my exams so as of right now, I don’t have anyone to turn to. My dad has always been looked up by everyone and I, his own son, has let him down. Normally I wouldn’t have hesitated in rushing down the path of trailer, but I know my dad’s still gotta face the shame, and I’m not a coward to take the easy and tempting way out. He is certainly not the best dad out there but he tries his best. He never had the love of a father while growing up, so he never knew how to be a father himself. My mom and dad fight all the time and have been doing it for the past 20yrs.
    I try hard to live up to my dad’s expectation, but trying for the best had made me forget how to be an average guy and now I can’t be either. I’m helpless now. Its not just my exam which has brought this upon me, it just amplified my normal feeling. I’ve been somewhat of a sad person all my life. I never have opened up my soul to anyone, this comment is by far the most that I’ve ever confessed in my life. I’ve made some very good friends at different stage of life but I’ve never been able to share my thoughts with them despite their strong insistence. Right now they are all at different parts of the country and I’ve no contact with them. I’ve never had any girlfriend or even a girl that was my friend as I was in a boys only boarding school till 10th. I don’t have any experience in the relationship department, neither have I ever had any strong inclination or opportunity to get any. I stay depressed and alone all the time. I don’t think my life is worth living but I still live for others. Sometimes i don’t know who I am.

    • harpa

      I feel the exact same way about my father.. but I guess we have to realize that we are independent persons and we can’t be doing it all for someone else, we have to make our decisions for ourselves and stick to them and be proud of them. No matter what I do or say to my father, he’ll never be happy about it, so thats it for me, I can’t be living up his expectations
      I agree with so many things you say especially that sometimes i don’t know who I am..
      Anyways, I just felt like I had to leave a comment on this since we are definitely not the only ones who feel this way
      Good luck with your future and bless you

    • Anonymous

      I’m the same age you are, and have a similar situation with my Dad. You’d be surprised how many people do.
      You’re seventeen, and I can tell by everything you’ve said you are a smart and sensitive person. Of course you’re going to feel down right now, and of course you’re going to have questions about who you really are. It’s easy to feel really isolated at this stage of life.
      You will, if only through time, meet and connect with people like yourself. You will find people you can care about, and who can care about you. There are a lot of people in the world. A lot of them aren’t good people, but many of them are.
      Right now you’re not even really old enough to completely understand your relationship with your father. I know because I’m in the same boat. But you recognize that he tries and that he does care, which is good.
      If you feel bad enough that it’s effecting other aspects of your life, like school, you might want to think about seeing a therapist. You don’t need to be suffering from a severe mental disorder to see a psychologist – anyone going through a stage of depression can benefit from some therapy. It doesn’t have to mean taking medication or anything like that, it just means having someone to talk to. It definitely helps if you feel like you don’t have anyone to open up to. If your dad is a medical professional, your parents will probably understand that. Of course, I don’t know so I can’t really say. But if you want to open up to a person, that could help get you to a place where you feel better about yourself.
      Remember, you’re not alone, even if it feels like it.

  • why?

    Right I know that my life isn’t exactly the worst at all but tbh I really can’t see what I’m doing wrong :/ I literally don’t have any friends. The one friend I had I was living with and he blew me off and kicked me out just because he wanted his girlfriend to move in after only being together nearly 3weeks! I just feel so unhappy all the time and I don’t know why :/ I have a girlfriend but for some reason in my head I am always thinking that whatever she says to me about being with me forever isn’t true and soon I’m gunna lose her :/ I have been looking for a job for literally 2and a half years now and haven’t had any offers. I live with my girlfriend and I earn no money…. I feel like s**t constantly and I just can’t get out of this rut. All I want is my own place my gf to be with me forever a job and a few friends :/ is that much to ask for? Oh yeah just thought I’d say I’m male and I’m 18.

  • why?

    But the thing is I know all of you don’t want to know this but when I’ve had sex I just don’t feel down anymore :/ can someone please just explain why I feel like this?

  • katy

    sometimes I feel like if I want to die &let myself rot n worst I want to commit suicide

  • joy


  • joy

    ” I had blues that i had no shoes until i met a man who had no feet ”
    to all the people ..
    God loves you and he’s not created us to live a sad life and to commit suicide …… think about it and you can trying praying ( atleast try ) and ask Jesus to help u out ….. try praying once .. u ll see the difference ……. He s always there to help us

    • james

      Do you really believe in God ?, I wished I still could. I used to love living and was filled with awe and wonder and excitement about life. I did’nt really live a christian lifestyle but I believed in God and never questioned his existence. Now i’m unsure if there really is a god and if there is I question whether or not he is a good god. Either way, god or no god; good god or not I just can’t find the will to live. I decided to go to college when I was 27. Shortly thereafter I had a doctor suggest that I have ADHD and offer me a trial sample of an anti-depressant that’s also used for ADHD. I took the stuff for three months until I ran out of the trial and without knowing any better I did’nt ween off of it. My life spiraled out of control until I tried to kill myself and my life has never been the same since. This fundamentaly altered me. I ended up going to prison on a past crime (something I took responsibility for) and spent five and a half years in prison where I got jerked around on all sorts of medications that further messed me up along with the damaging effects that prison has in and of itself. I thought that hell would end when I got out but now that i’m out i’m to messed up to ever function normally again. And even if I could function and wanted to live, society dosent want me and I have no chance at a life out here. I could go on about all this. But to put it short I’m damned if I do, and damned if I dont and it’s hopeless.

  • John

    There is no way with depression. I am 64 and read heaps books, did courses and the “alone feling” is almost always present. It requires a change of life style to help deprwssed people.
    1. Move to a tropical foriegn climate.
    2. The lack of the same language assists because the brain is not triggered by familiar words.
    3. Find a anchor and hang onto it.
    4 Christianity lead me constantly into guilt and shame and darkness.
    5. Buddism; I spent years studying and still know nothing. However if I say the name of one teacher it eases my aloneness. Actually if I said the name micky mouse and it worked I would call out micky mouse.
    6. The reality is Buddism works but you have to reduce your life and forget about moral laws.
    7. Have a look at Utube Ajhan jayasaro. I can’t do anything he suggest but he still connects me to a much better place than any other faith.
    P.S. Crying and talking about it as suggested in the West is very destructive. I have been there. Don’t cry and don’t talk about it. There is a lot to be said in favour of denial.

    Good luck

    • hello

      but if you dont accept it, how can you ever truly move on?

    • Hi John,

      When Jesus dies He shouted’ It’s finished”. All your debts, your obligations to fulfill the law, rules, morality been satisfied by Lord Jesus. So irrespetive of how the christians around say, believe in this that Jesus paid everything for you and so be a free man and enjoy yourself. Raise a toast to Jesus ! but with love and respect. Give Him your love and let the ones around you envy!!!!

  • kimberly

    will never progress, i merely survive. with each breath i imagine it will finally be my last. i simply do not have the motivation to continue trials and treatment and tribulations.

  • noname

    I failed my math test and I’m feeling depressed

  • Jon

    Obviously, I found this page because I searched for it, so here I am. I am definintely in a cross roads in my life, and both paths seem to lead me to sadness and depression. I sit here and I’m overwhelmed with feelings of despair and despondency. I’ve been depressed in the past, but usually those bout go away, as I’m usually happy. I have friends, a great job, and yet still feel empty. I broke up with my beautiful girlfriend because we weren’t right for each other, and I feel like crap for doing so even though I knew it was right. I met a new woman, who is beautiful as well, and I just can seem to let my walls down to really be with her.

    Things aren’t that bad for me in the scheme of things, but there is something that’s just alluring about having the ability to just fade into nothingness and let all the pain, hurt and sorrow go away. It’s calming to think that we can make it all just go away, by leaving this world.

    This is the first time I’ve ever really put my feelings of depression to words, and found that it’s strangely therapeutic, and frighteningly inviting. I don’t believe that people should commit suicide, but at the same time when you’re filled with feeling of regret and anguish, any escape, albeit it drastic, seems like a dream come true compared to a continued existence that I’m in.

    I’m usually the one that my friends and family turn to to make things better, to help them solve their problems, and look on the bright side, and yet here I am with no one to turn to. You can be surrounded by people you love, have the things you want, even not have to worry about money, and still feel like the loneliest person on the face of the world.

    I read what I’ve just written, and if I was an unbiased outsider, I would heckle me, ridicule me and let me know that based on what I’ve written I’m a moron for feeling this way and that other people have it much more difficult. And yet it does not change the fact of what I’m feeling. I feel broken, that I won’t let myself open up to be hurt again, and therefore will never allow myself to be happy, and I hate it. I just wish it could all go away…

  • Dee

    What age is it when women hit the change in their life such as menopause? Can you tell me more about the emotional issues through this kind of change?

    this is a site dedicated to pain. if you feel depressed or suicidal, you can come here for advice. i have gone through hell myself, and i want to help all of you, not judge you or patronize you. you are all welcome

  • hi tracey 31 get divorce i not be happy im feeling down and stress i trying to sort my slef out i find it hard to be happy stress go away im deaf is hard to new people i like to be love care

  • hi at school my friends have kinda deserted me and I don’t really have much of a good social life what should I do?

    • hello

      you should find people you like and make new friends

  • Mrs

    I’m having lots of problems lately with family n stuff
    And the pressures of work ..I feel very down
    I feel that I’m very insignificant

  • Mrs

    I read all the previous comments from the previous page and I was
    Thinking about a solution that ll solve all these problems
    I thought about something that is common between all these problems and I realized that I didn’t see the word God in any of these comments matter the religion God is matter the belief theirs one truth and that’s there is a God that created verything that’s around us including us…

  • Mrs

    …y r we complaining to human beings for help I mean they re weak just like us …y don’t we complain to the Greatest the Best the Almighty The Wisest…it is said that reading the story of prophet Joseph makes any sad or depressed person feel better because of how many hardship s Joseph went through ..I think that the presence of religion in life will fill any voids ..for those who think about committing suicide …do u think it’s the right thing to do ..when u enter any test or exam if u get stuck on the first question would u just hand in the paper and leave NOoO u d stay and go to the next question …make the best of the test…hence make the best of ur life …for those who have been hurt by others …do u honestly think that God will forget u ..human beings ignore and forget and are selfish and only think about their wellbeing…but none of these characteristics are of God …He is the one who created u and he s the one who ll show u a day when a person who hurt will pay for it ..there is no such thing as doing something bad and getting away with it

  • Wingless

    Suggestion 9 is a real bad idea. If you start thinking your actions have no effect it can lead to all sorts of ideas with consequences you should be mindful of.

    God isn’t for everyone. Find peace within yourself and your world as you see it. We turn to people for help because they are weak like us. They understand us and can give worldly advice. Religion is a long wait for a train dont come, consolation in lies some find comforting or as compensation for their guilt. All the best to you for having found a way, just know that some people need something real.

    Each good thing you do, art you create, charity you give, moral you treasure and friend you make, becomes a stone in your own castle. Retreat there when you fall and rest among them to gather your strength. Find comfort in your deeds or the kind of person you are and plan an objective, then begin with a single step. Nothing starts until you take action, so be brave, defiant, and prove your fears wrong.

  • Mrs

    I’m surprised at the comment that God isn’t for everyone …I think that’s it’s a personal opinion
    God is for everyone …not everything in life has to be seen …the visual absence of God only increases His grandiosity…I’ll conclude with some verses of God “and if my people ask you about, I’m near
    Replying to those that are praying to me” …think about a scenario when ur all alone in the middle of the ocean with no means of communication …who would you call for now …I’m one hundred percent sure that it will be to God …because it’s the nature of any human being with a religion or without…so y r we asking help from humans who haven’t done watt God has done for us and that is … He created us and given us life

  • Mrs

    God should never ever be the second or last choice …but instead the first and foremost…don’t think that ur stronger or smarter than God …think that in a second God can wipe down an entire city for their sins
    …He is more merciful on u than a mother is on her child…

  • Mrs

    With respect to the comment from wingless..reading ur comments gives me the notion that u don’t need God …that’s fine …but don’t speak of God or religion as a long wait or whatever…give me the percentage of agnostics in the world and the percentage of those with religion …majority rules…if there’s no religion then we re like animals we eat and sleep and eventually die …but no there are consequences for ur actions …ur not free to kill or cheat or lie etc…if this were the case the world would be a chaos

  • amy

    im 19 years old .. 1 year ago me and my girlfriend broke up after 6 years i feel like shitt i wish i was with her, on top of that my mom is sick she doesnt want help ….i havent had a job in about a year i feel so hopeless some qive me advice plz :(

  • Joey

    Don’t gv up people! A few months ago i was also is the same situation, i wanted to close my eyes and die but nw i wnt to live mo thn anythng i must confess tht it wasn’t easy but waking every morning n smiling did it 4 me. I knw it sounds stupid bt tht is wht i did. I wake up everymorning i pray n thank God 4 being alive, then i close my eyes and tell myself am happy, anythng tht feels good. This has changed my life, i dnt have tht big job or the money i want but am positive tht i will get tht n much more. Have i said how people like me now, people i did not know are being friendly! Hey get in touch if u lyk on, mayakalekye[at]rocketmail[.]com

  • Stevey

    Hey people ,the best way out is to express gratitude to your self what you have , it can be sight, food , shelter , friends or simple tings in life. Hardship are only temporary. At start of day say to yourself you want to feel good and also want to greet some one with a smile. negative emotions can linger , but keep your self with hope and love, slowly the anxiety goes away.

  • jack

    “Mrs” im begging you to stop talking. Religion is not logical and people need a way to escape depression without fantasy. If they find religion then that is good but dont preach it in their faces. I understand that it works for some people and in those cases i am in full support of religion. But i believe that people should get through depression on their own terms, listening to the rules and having to follow order from a god of their imagination (cos obviously they cant see him) isn’t on their terms. Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you’re told. Religion is doing what you’re told regardless of what is right.

  • Goober


    You asked for it, so here it comes…

    You’re 19 years old and you’ve been with the same person for 6 years. I know you don’t believe me when I say this, but that might be the best thing that ever happened to you. I’m not saying that you didn’t love this person – maybe you did – but that doesn’t preclude you finding another and loving her as much as you did your previous. I suspect that you are going to be surprised at what real love feels like when you finally find it. You are young, and were even younger the last time you were in search of a companion. I suspect that a lot of your problem is that you became accustomed to your previous partner, to the point to where you don’t even know where to start trying to be with someone else. While it might feel like it right now, that isn’t love. She left a gaping hole in your life when she left, as people who we’ve grown accustomed to being around often do. That hole can be filled. All is not hopeless. You just need training. You haven’t had to live as an adult without this person at your side, so you are currently in training on how that works. It may take another year, but you are very young and you have time. Don’t rush it. You’ll meet someone someday and wonder why you ever felt the way you’re feeling now. Like all things in life, this, too, shall pass.

    As for your mother, she is giving you the answer that you are looking for. She doesn’t want your help. I do not know what is wrong with her, but it does not matter. You cannot force someone to accept your help, so until she hits rock bottom with whatever she is dealing with, she will neither want, nor accept, your help. My advice to you is to make sure that your mother knows that you love her, that you are concerned about her, and that if she ever needs it, you will be there in an instant, and then reminder her of that every time you talk. But until she is ready, there is nothing else you can do.

    The best advice I can give you is to remember that all things in life eventually pass. Nothing is permanent. You’re happiest day is yet to come, and so is your saddest. In the grand scheme of things, you will look back on what you are going through now in another 19 years and laugh about it.

  • Goober

    Oh, and MRS, you are being monumentally insensitive to all of the people reading this who don’t have the gift of faith that you have. Reading your barely-intelligible prosyletizing on this comment board has made me, at least, less likely to want to have anything to do with your God if His followers are all as tone-deaf and insensitive as you are.

    God is the answer for some, who are lucky enough to have the gift of faith. You need to be open-minded enough to understand, however, that not all people have that faith, and spending time on a message board rubbing that in their faces isn’t doing you, them, or your God any good whatsoever.

    Go and think about that for a while, and consider if what you are doing here is really what your God would want you to be doing. Me being me, I’ve been both people, the one with and the one without the gift of faith. Before i had my awakening, prosyletizing like yours did nothing other than make me LESS likely to find God, because I would be even less likely to look for Him.

  • Goober

    Oh, and AFTER finding the gift of faith, prosyletizing like yours is just annoying and displays for all to see that you have a mental block to the basic fact that every person experiences all things differently, and that all are not lucky enough to be as sure as you seem to be about God.

    I am sure that you will take what i just wrote as an insult, as folks of your ilk typically do. Believe me when i say that it is intended to be no such thing. Sometimes we don’t like to face the truth when the truth says that we are being a jerk, but it does us immeasurable good, nonetheless.

  • emil

    I always feel like I’m the only person in the world that feels really depressed but when I read other peoples comments it reminds me I’m not the only one that feels like this. But I’m sure allot of people feel depressed because this is a very negative world we live. What helps me get through this depressing state of mind is my spirituality, and my artwork. But it’s important to have allot of loving friends around witch is hard for me because I’m not good at making friends I also take medication for depression, it helps a bit but not 100%.

  • Me

    im 14 1/2 years old and i used to always be happy but this year i’ve been feeling really depressed. that noone cares about me because of who i am, not just because im their family, or just because they like me or just because they want “stuff”. I made a bad decision that could potentially affect me and the ones i care about for the rest of our lives. At the begining of this year i was so optimistic and tried to only focus on the good and how i want to live in the future so i dont think about the bad things. But everytime i try discussing with things that are important to me with a “good friend” they end up saying stuff like why are you telling me … noone cares about me except for maybe my parents but that’s just not enough anymore. well half of you probally wont read this but writing this made me feel a lot better thanx :)

  • hello

    but if you dont accept it,, how can u ever truly move on?

  • corrupted soul

    i sometimes feel like i hurt people or let them down, but i know i dont.

    its just that… well a year ago (8th grade) i was seperated from all of my ffriends the entire year. i felt the most lonely i had ever been. i tried making friends but nobody cared. so being ignored i had some fun and played jokes on people. i eventually made one friend, the social outcast, but all he’d do was talk about how much better he was than everyone else. so i decided to never talk to him again. that made him and i enemies for some reason. so i played more jokes on people to get attention and ended up ticking this kid off to the point where he told the principal i took pictures of him in the bathroom with my ipod. (i never did for the record) so he took up my ipod and found doodles on a standardized test that i had drew earlier that year and got in big trouble. i never told my parents to this day. i broke down and had a period of my life that i never wanted to relive. i began to talk to myself, pretend like i had friends, make up imaginary people and cut off from society. i ended up gettiing my ipod back but only after crying to the principal and deleting it all on spot.

    its like i cant stop feeling like i did something wrong. even this year. its the most nerve racking experience i heve ever had.

  • Truth

    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think about all the things wrong with me..I have tried to commit suiced two times but couldent bring myself to it…at school you could say everyone is my friend and you could also say i’m a class clown.. But I can’t bring myself to act depressed it’s like I’m hiding what I really feel, could someone tell me how i could express these feelings .. Because I’m tired of hiding behind the fake class clown act.. I acually sometimes think the world would be better without me ….because when I die what’s going to happen? Some shitty little funeral my familys going to attend..? I have done nothing on earth…I feel like a fucking waste of space for the. Last 17 years. I’m done with god.. He is a cock sucking bastard that puts people on this earth to suffer. Fuck him he let’s kids in africa die of starvation ..and everything bad you see like murders, rapes assualts .. All that is god..he could stop it if he wanted to but he doesn’t he let’s those motherfuckers do it. I still pray every day for myself and everyone on earth but I don’t ever give thanks to him…but that’s your choice.

  • Anonymous

    Some of this advice really isn’t good for serious depression. When I’m down, surrounding myself with positive people makes me feel worse. I don’t want a bunch of peppy idiots telling me everything is wonderful when I’m sad. I know that I’m sad, and I know that it’s stupid to ignore sadness and live in blissful ignorance. For certain personality types that might work, but for me and a lot of people like me it doesn’t. I may surround myself with friends or people I like, if it’s possible, but sometimes I just want to ride it out alone. Everyone works out their sadness in a different way. Confiding in others and such will help just about everyone, but there is no one place to be that will make everyone feel better, because everyone sees things in a different way.

  • Kamal

    Hi der.. I need desperate help..
    My bf has sort hurt me lately.. Though he apologised bt i cant get dis thing out of my mind.. I feel too bad thinkin abt it..
    What shud i do ?
    Plz help..

  • Great article. Exactly what I needed to read today. I’ve been feeling a little low and I find when I break my routine up I feel better – yet I didn’t make the connection until I read #6 about breaking your routine. I’ve made a decision to try changing up the scenery for a week to see how much that helps. Thanks for the useful tips :)

  • Berhoze

    Thanks ALOT!!!

  • Irrelevant

    That’s some great advice! I felt down about half an hour ago, but not anymore. Thanks again.

  • husin

    Thank you sooo much, this definitely helps. May God bless you!

  • Michael

    I still feel terrible I’m sorry but the johnny cash quote was pretty much what I was depressed about in the first place that I’m so insignificant and anything I do no one will take recognition of in the future generations

    • jelly

      that quote wasnt by johnny cash. the quote by johnny cash was “find a rhythm when you have the blues”.

  • rashmi

    Seems to be a good article. But it isn’t helping me by any chance…………

  • Jan miller

    Hi. This hasnt helped at all. I was dx with a rare syndrome that has now taken 2 yrs to dx., I need something to bring up my spirits. My in laws caused more anxiety last week for me as I was at the cleveland clinic. So I believe in natural ways, herbs meditation to help bring my senses to equality again. Yet, I just cant get to that place. Any annswers?? Thanks..

  • jan

    well I just stumbled across this site and talk about sychroncity :) just what I needed ..a reminder ..thank you I shall enjoy looking through the site

  • Not sure if it is “natural” but here is a clinical research study on depression in Seattle (of all cities).

    I hope this helps someone.

  • karensmith

    I still feel depressed!!

    Can’t help it….I don’t want to move at all. I don’t want to think. I don’t want to eat. I don’t want to go to the bathroom….ok…so I actually want to go to the bathroom because I don’t want to clean up the mess. I don’t want to talk to people. I don’t want to pet my cat. I feel nauseous. I want the world to just stop for a while and stop spinning. I want certain bad people to be vaporized…pffft!! I want good people to hug me and love me and kiss me and hold me till the end of my days. I want to live my life but I can’t find the energy or the inspiration to move ahead. I just feel like everything is going to shit in a shit bag. I don’t want. I want to just give up…mind you not kill myself or anything…just give up!! Just stop. Just end. Just be but without any reactions to the world. Why do I have to do anything? I will be only as happy as I am use to being happy…what I was taught by my f’d up parents…that’s about as happy as I will ever be…so why do I try to be happier or make a difference or even care. I don’t want to care. Because no one cares for me either. Effort seems so wasteful. There are no rewards that satisfy. You can’t win.

    • Kim

      Sorry to be weird, but I care about you.

    • Chris

      I know how you feel Karen, I’ve been feeling the same exact way for over 5 years. I’ve tried everything from EMDR to Psychologist and Psychiatrist to hardcore medications. I know what my problem is “which is feeling all alone” even when I around people. I’ve found the only thing that makes me feel good is being in a relationship with someone and feeling loved. There doesn’t seem to be anything else worth living for. Nothing else makes me happy. I know I’m relying on someone else to give me happiness and I tried countless times to do it myself but it’s in my nature, so I stopped trying to fight it. You and me were not alone, that I know for sure. I just wish there was a place to goto to meet others like us. I tried to find places, but still no luck. I feel like I’m going crazy. I’ve even taken up going to the gym, reading, playing the banjo and I’m even going to take Kayak lessens this weekend and anything else I can find to do. I know it’s all pretend to hide how I really feel, but I figured if I’m going to end it as I really feel the need to do so as I know things won’t get better anymore that I might as well close my book with at least knowing I tried even if I fail. Never thought I would feel this way in life. If you ever would like to talk, I’m hear to listen as I don’t know what else to do anymore.

    • JordynRiva

      Happiness is like a butterfly my friend,If you chase it,Farther it becomes,But if you just wait and see it will come to you. Never say you wanna give up,Because Even Though you probably hear this a bunch,I love you and i care about you Deep down i truly do cuz i know what its like to be in that dark abyss of hopelessness or Regret,But eh Shit Happens,So Sit back and relax and smoke a joint and think.Damn that mofo was right 😀 see you around Karen.

      • Michelle

        Telling someone to go smoke a joint is not exactly what I would suggest anyone to do! If its drugs you need to help you along go see the doctor so he/she can prescribe something!! I have enough stress without gettin’ hooked on dope and becoming a dope head!! Theres better way in dealing with stress!!!!!!!

        • Joseph

          Actually, its a fantastic way to relieve stress. Also, one cannot get “hooked” on pot. Please don’t post BS lies, because people actually believe that. I came here because I was depressed, and it didn’t really help, but I can see how it could. I have been struggling with extreme bouts of depression frequently throughout the last few years and today was just extra shitty. Honestly everything really, really fucking sucks and all I can think is that there are millions more people out there with far worse circumstances than I and I shouldn’t be complaining about a goddamn thing. People who aren’t depressed(and are at least moderately intelligent) say that they will admit that life is generally pointless but that one should also just enjoy the ride. When the negative experiences start to significantly outweigh the positive, is where the problem lies. Sometimes I feel like quitting but then I think of all the great things that I haven’t tried and the great things that could happen. But there are times when one just needs to act without reason and be sad, or be angry, and go with it and… I’m rambling, never mind.

  • Jason

    Coming from a person who has struggled with depression for many years, I have to say this article was almost entirely useless. I don’t say that to be rude, but honest. I am largley unaffected by environmental factors, I don’t have enough positive people in my life (and I have a really hard time making friends), etc. No doubt it was helpful to a lot of people who just feel down. But for someone who is deeply and genuinely depressed, I don’t think these suggestions will go very far.

    • Lisa Kerley

      You are just like me !!!!! I’m really depressed !!!!

  • Kayls

    I have to agree with Jason. It’s all good and well outlining bullet points about “thinking positive” and the rest but for me, that’s almost impossible as I have been suffering from depression for many years now and just feel like giving up. You can’t think positive when your life is a complete fucked up shit hole and you have the feeling of utter uselessness about you. X

  • Martin

    I feel alot better, ive been depressed for a long time now and hopefully these steps will make me feel better in the long run

  • Andreas

    you guys have never been depressed, have you?

  • peter

    Was hopeing this article cud help but nothin seems 2 work! Been depresed nw 4 around 5 yrs now getting worse as the days go by! 1 thing that slightly worked is look at the bigger picture but that’s all just a dream in my eyes! Sucide thoughts creep up on me regular but after a failed attempt 2 yrs ago I just cudnt put my family through that again, they try there best to help n understand but I believe I’m past the stage of help, I hope 1 day things change but only I can do that which I’m nt optimistic about, maybe its time i seek sum professional help but tlkin to some1 about my
    problems is what I most find difficult. Mr unknown.

  • nick

    i saw my gp about depression he suggested Moodgym; an interactive based website focusing on thought patterns and emotion understandng.

    Google Moodgym, hope it helps someone :)

  • Ben

    Felt good after reading this. Thank you. !!

  • m feelng gud aftr readng this….its true dat we r d one who mak ourselves think negetively…hmmmm!!!

  • cooooolll.

  • Kelly

    Lately, all I’ve been doing is sleeping. Sleeping and not socializing or moving. I don’t want to touch people, or be around people, or even think about people. I have 4 pets, and all they do is annoy me now, and I want them gone. I can’t risk going outside, the place I LOVE, because I don’t want people seeing me, or talking to me, or just because I don’t want to move and do anything. People who I talk to all of the time, still can’t make me happy. I have no “Past Success” to look on. I don’t believe I’ve done anything important. I guess that is my problem, not feeling important. And like step 9, I do understand people won’t remember me a million years from now. I just want to feel important NOW, and frankly, I’m not. This has been going on for three days. I don’t know what to do. I thought this article would help, but it just really pissed me off. I’m so glad it helped so many others, though.

    • Wren

      I feel EXACTLY the same way. I could have writtend this post myself. The only difference is that although my pets have been annoying me lately, I still don’t want them gone. I have had depression and anxiety since a child, but was only diagnosed about 8 years ago. No treatment helps for very long, in fact it has been a couple of years since any treatment made a change at all, and I wish people would realize that just being postive doesn’t help. In fact I don’t even feel like I want to be postive, I just want to be left alone. I don’t want to deal with people, or the world, or anything, and when I have to deal with people I find it harder and harder to even just be civil. There are people that talk to me at work, that I like well enough, but I don’t want to talk to them, I just want to do my work and be left alone, or even better not even have to come in, I just want to stay in a dark corner somewhere. I just wish I knew what to do. I wish I could help us and others like us. I dont’ think I will ever get better, especially not and have it last. I just don’t care about anything anymore and anytime I am not alone, I feel like striking out (verbally) at everyone who talks to me, at best I just want to tell them to shut up or go away. At worse I want to scream at them. So far, I don’t usually, but that even makes everything harder because I have to fight that instinct. I love being outside too, and I don’t know if that would help me right now, because I had to move a couple of years ago and have been cut off from the woods that I grew up in, and I hate going to public parks, you can’t be alone and the people just irritate me and it doesn’t feel like a natrual area anyway. I wish you luck though.

      • I agree with you guys. But the sad thing is im only a teenager. i dont like being around people because i feel that i will be judged and i dont like dealing with my family and i hate drama which probably the #1 thing on my depression list. i make other people feel depressed because i am so depressed and nothing can help me. i have been the third wheel, the one with the big nose, the one who is a follower, ect. for 3 years now i dont like people because they annoy me so much and i hate that. everyday i go to my room and cry my eyes out because of my depression. i hope no one goes through anything i am going through. and sometimes i need someone to talk to that really understands me which i never find. :(

  • Jakem

    I just broke up with the loe of my life… I don’t see the point anymore… Why am I bothering? Nothing better is coming my way, I wish I could just vanish…

  • A rough day

    I’ve been feeling really down lately. My ex has taken me back to court because I am engaged, and he wants to make sure that I cannot move on with my life. And the worst part is that the legal system is very unpredictable, and he might get exactly what he wants. I have spent five months of rent in legal fees already. And my fiance lives in another state, so it is hard to lean on him for emotional support. I am trapped in a dead end job that I hate. Whenever I see my daughter, I am reprimanding or too tired to engage with her. I feel like no matter what I am doing I have other things on my mind. Every second of my day is spent devoted to doing something I don’t want to do. Have you ever felt like you needed to laugh sooo badly it was painful. I am no use to anyone like this. But I don’t have the money or the time to break this horrible cycle. Worst of all, my ex will be keeping me in this limbo stage for at least another 3 months. And if he wins at that point, it would be at east another two years before my fiance can leave his current job and come back to me. At least in three months I’ll have an answer though. That’s good. And my daughter is beautiful, smart and healthy. I have a man that loves me. I have a job that keeps food on the table. Ok. I am feeling a little better…a lot better. Wow, I can’t believe that worked. I guess I just needed to feel a little sorry for myself to realize that things are actually pretty good. That was weird. Wonderful, and unexpected. But weird.

  • aaronhicklin


    • aaronhicklin

      hmmmmmmmmmm i dont know wot i am aneymore i just cant take life 1st attempt :i took 29 panondon it faild …….just made me sick for the night
      the failing part hert me more than puking gess if i do it agen i need 100 of em
      dont think ile do this method agen only if ime sure it will work .

      2nd attempt :i set up my belt on the cuirtin rail hung my self and suprisingly their isent much pain
      in this method from wot i rember after 10 seconds u black out and compaird to method 1 it is alot less uncofterbul
      ………..but this method 2 faild me aswell the reason it faild me is becouse the cheap!!! rail bent when i regaind
      conicues i maneged to losen the belt after a while i got it off when i troug up some blood the worst part of this was
      cleaning it up espeicly the blood that dryed into the curiten .
      ha my mom caught me with my wrist cut and said to me stop doing it .lol i simpley dident reply cus that isent somthing
      i can promis so u just cut futher up on my arm i was suprised how far i could go b4 sumone noticed i mean i had attemped
      to kill my self 2 times and the time i get cought is when i cut my wrist and ive been doing that constily from the start
      of the year i rember when the other students at the school noticed it i honstly dident care yes then the jokes came
      after that dont cut ur wrists cut ur hair lol i have to give them creidet for that one the only thing that the joke
      made me relise is that i real dont care wot others think

      ime 18 and my life not gowing anwhare
      people rember the bad events of their life .why is this? maby becouse it affectus us so much that it starts to consume
      our lives .depending wot it is it may start to make us feel less than others it starts to affect our veiw on life
      it starts to make us feel that life is pointless. (people rember the killers not the victums )
      the only good thing about life is death.

      life = pain pain = life death = happyness happyness = death

      to say that i hate people is a under statement i despise everyones existance including mine wher all creatures
      not evan creatures can be as eveil as humans weir tormented to roam the eirth untill we die and if we wont an
      easy way out we are deamed un well i think that if we truly wont to end it we shold have the right to end our
      life and their should be a option given to do it i think ther shold be a place wher u can get a drug or somthing to kill ur self humanily
      people dont understand this feeling inside its undescrible .and sliting ur wrist is almost like a drug
      its like a random craving to do it and feels gr8 when u do it .people think that when ur sucidel ur wroung
      that its ur falt that its somthing u can fix .i think that ther wroung to try and make u live a life of torment
      and pain that cant be changed .

      darkness serounds me . i live in darkness . i am the darkness .

      if u bleed on the inside u must bleed on the outside .
      i must is over rated and death is under rated .
      everyone is greedy evean so greedy that we need to belive in some after life weither it is reancarination or if its
      some place that we go to when wher dead ….ha wot fools to me this is as belivebull as the easter bunny santa and
      other miths why are we so greedy that we feel we have to belive in some forme of after life its like the life we are
      given isent anouf for us .as part of the human race i can truley say i am ashemed to be part of it all i see in it
      is greed evil and hate

      i h8 it all

      i fail every thing and everyone
      my end will come soon

      if doctors or psycoligests found out about this they would look for reason ime looking for result an end to it all

      some people are blineded by there stupidity lol evean tho i dident spell it right i red on a site about people saying if dislexica and dprpression are linked well it dont take a genius to relise that they are i mean its an atomatic disadvantage at life somthing to make u feel difrent somthing that makes u feel less

      create pain to take away from pain

      i am a shadow that is being consumed by darkness

      all thats left is a empty shell

      if only i had an angle of death insted of having to be one

      i dont have problems i am a problem

      i dont know if i care about myself aney more why are people so complex

      maby its just me maby ime the problem i need to elemanate me therfore elemanating the problme

      i am emotionally disconeceted from every thing .

      death is my final destination

      i am imprisend by my owen pain.

      dislexia isent a disabilty its a dizies

      i am hated

      let me bleed out let the blood flow down the streets

      ime not depresed the world is depressing

      no one or no thing will change my opinion

      i am a outcast a missfit

      why is it i cry at night? i can feel it inside tourching me

      wher all animals we all dirsve to be slaughterd

      ime siting in my room with a blade in my hand woundering how deep i can withstand.
      i have no frends no expitations of people people have no expitations of me

      i dont know wot to do i have already pland my 3rd atempt wich will probley take place in the middle of summer. i dont have anyone i can talk to about it thers only one way i see out . sorry about all the miss spelings as ime dislexic

      • jnsfkldfn

        i just read your whole paragraph… please don’t do anything stupid.. we’r all in the same boat.. i took panadol before too.. ended up in hospital for 3 days. it was horrible. i also suffer from depression but trying to get help.. i know how you feel when u say “create pain to relieve pain”.. i used to cut my wrist too or burn it… for some reason it feels better when your hurting inside so doing something physical doesnt hurt .. but i believe we can get better.. its jst very hard to..

        • aaronhicklin

          thanks for comenting back .ime just wondering if its beter to hold back and try not cut myself or just cus myself if i do cut my self i seem not to try commit sucide but if i dont its like sumthing bilding up inside .

          • jnsfkldfn

            see someone about it, pleaseee i care for you! don’t you wish u didnt have to feel this way? it doesnt have to build up if you don’t let it. its worth a try isnt it? after my exams are over im goin to try and get help too.. hopefully when im better i can help others.. becoming a dr is my dream. its ironic aye someone with a mental illness wants to become a dr but i believe that gives me better insight and understanding. im sure you have dreams too…. you can get there =)

        • Anon

          I went through a period of deppression & lonliness but I swear that it is only through the TRUE remembrance of Allah does my heart find peace. There is a Creator who created you and took care of you for the 18 years that you have lived this life and is still caring for you Go to Him and repeat this whole story and cry if you wish But at the begging of every sentence, “O My Creator, The one who brought me into existence but ask sincerely” Ask hi to guide you to the straight path. But do remember that your Creator cares for you, the ONLY one who loves 70 times more than you OWN mother. If you wanna hear what EACH AND EVERYONE’s Creator has to say to us

          _THER’s NO DOUBT in this BOOK — NO DOUBT that it is from your Creator

          PLEASE LISTEN –

          Please READ –

  • Hey people!

    This article is good if you have no clue what depression is, if you feel down then you will feel ‘up’shortly after.

    I’ve read every single comment on here, and these kind of websites are great if you abit down and need some advice. To introduce myself my name is Dan and from the uk, I’m a sport and fitness graduate and I’m currently 22 (nearly 23).

    I’ve had anxietive depression since 19 now that’s not nearly as long as some people who have commented on here but I’ve learnt a lot from my family who suffer with it. Now I know what I have to say might annoy people but here goes, I was bullied in school and have always had the same set of friends, I’m the kinda guy that plays computer games, football (soccer??) and drinks. I used to go to church and have a decent faith and what not and I met a nice girl, to cut a long story short we went out and the church decided it was not gonna happen as she was 16 and I was 20. For a whole year we snuk around msn, facebook and myspace and met up a few times. Now to cut the story down more we went to a christian holiday which was good until I got home… Randomly broke into tears, feeling of guilt, feeling down, not wanting to see anyone ECT. Anyway a few months later she finished with me via text message, this pushed me over the edge, i had to see a pshyc got put on meds (which made it worse??). Its taken me 3-4 years to get feeling okay most days, it always hangs around, now to people who have split up with their girlfriend and think it’s the end don’t panic, it sucks now but it really will get better. I’ve now been with my girlfriend for 17 months and it’s going great. And I’m not saying I’m all “Cured” because lets face it their is no real cure. I broke down last week for the first time in years, 3-4 years wasted? Hell no. Depression and Anxiety take you on a ride of highs and lows. And people you never feel like you achived anything or good at anything? You have depression and you live life thats a lot harder than most peoples day to day tasks.

    Don’t give up hope!

    Thanks for reading, if you don’t understand any part of what I’ve wrote or spelt 😛 then comment, if what I’ve said has helped then comment and you can e-mail me!


    Now you may read this and think “Great he wrote a story” but if someone reads this

  • Vanessa

    None of this works for me, animals ive got loads, changed the scenery, nothing seens to work.

  • s.bhaskar

    god bless you all thank you for good advice really m very happy after read dis thanks a lot….

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  • Tany

    Thank you for the tips but I have to admit I have tried this stuff before and it doesn’t help, and the people that say ‘I’m happy after reading this’ well you must not know what depression is. I hope it helps someone of course but just had to vent because I am tired of reading pointless web tips and magazines that tell you how you can be happy and its all just fluff that happy people make up thinking their being helpful.

  • Vaibhav

    Thanks a lot

  • twiggytjt

    Have tried moodgym. Its a really good idea – won’t change verything for you but can stop the sad feelings even temporarily. I found it actually energised me after reading it

  • Nay


    • lele

      i feel bad today but i hope my children keep me from going over the edge as i have b4 many times iv just turned thirty n have put on alot of weight i hope something changes in my life to make our world a better place to b i spoze im the only one who can change it to here goes wish me luck

  • Anon

    Signs –

    All the signs that were sent, they finally make sense
    You feel the torment, so you need to repent
    When your heart is cement, it’s hard as a brick
    Cause your soul is worth more than the dollars and cents,
    All the money in the world couldn’t buy you happiness
    Cause “verily, it is in the remembrance of Allah, that hearts do find rest”

  • Jill

    what? this doesnt even make any sense! everyone says these will make you feel better! everyone! i have done them, 5 MILLION times!!! and i am still sad? why? i just wanna be happy again!!

    • Damiana00

      Hi Jill, I hear you.  What do you want?  I mean really want?  What does your heart want?  I think that’s a good place to start from a different direction if you haven’t and these tools don’t help.  Listen to your heart.  I’m not being glib…so please don’t get mad;  It’s the only thing getting me through my severe clinical fallout craporama decade…..I hope! Just thought I’d share in case it helps you.  

  • ruck

    wow this really helped. I could really relate.

  • Jade

    This article helped a little bit but I know in a few days these things won’t matter to me and that makes me think that it’s just me that there’s a problem with. I’ve done things like this in the past to help and they did but there’s a point where you stop believing that it’s not you. Like in general life makes me feel like I’m a messed up person.
    I come from a broken family. My mom had a stroke and then my dad died when I was 12. I had a hard time talking to people about my feelings because I didn’t know how to. I was used to fending for myself when my siblings would harrass and pick on me. It was always hard to telling my mom how I felt… having a stroke messes up a persons brain so they’re hard to talk to.
    Honestly I feel like my friends have all left me behind them because they don’t want to be around me when I’m depressed or care about what I talk about with them. Something changed for all their lives so they are happy now and don’t want to hear from me. It brought us closer because we had things to talk about with each other and relate to on different levels to connect with each other. Now it’s like they see me as a loser that can never be happy because THEIR life changed not mine. They got lucky or someone on the outside helped them out… and unfortunately nobody is here to help me. I’m stuck in a place noone can help me out and idk what to do really. Money problems. I’ve been working with my mom and helping my grandma for money. My mom’s business is losing money too because since her stroke she hasn’t been able to manage her money. I feel like I’m the reason her business is making ANY money yet she doesn’t want me doing anything. Around here it’s really hard to get a job as they are taken by old people or you NEED grad school to get a job. Very strict when hiring people. Moving to a smaller town didn’t help me either in any way… I had to drop out of school and now have to travel 30min more to do anything enjoyable. Droping out of school put a huge blow on my confidence and the only schools that would take me now are online ones(that are expensive). Last school I was in, I did very well but couldn’t keep attending because of money issues :( Was it also wrong for me to drop out of my first school because I was getting majorly harrassed? The whole school blamed keyings on me so everyone hated me or bullied me. They don’t have any footage of me doing it just hunches because the queen bitch blamed it on me. Everytime I talk to my friends, my gut tells me that they’d rather run for the hills. Idk I wish someone would just point something out to me! I wouldn’t get upset if they told me what was wrong… I’d spend my time trying to improve it so I could move on with my life!! I’m in a relationship- suprisingly! which is the only thing I feel like makes me feel better. I sense that he’s growing increasingly annoyed with my “needyness”. I told him I didn’t want to bother him much because I feel like I’m nagging. I’m lonely, poor and probably in danger soon. My brother is back from the war and probably going to try and hurt me. He threatened me last time he was sent home, trying to hit me when I was trying to leave and was breaking my room mad at me. My mom was watching the whole time and did nothing and said nothing. Instead she laughed. My only way out was the front door since he block the patio I was trying to leave out of. I got away and ran to my grandmas house. I fight with my mom all the time. I try and try to talk to her about school but she just ignores me and thinks I’m trying to nag at her for enjoyment :(
    I hate my life too fucking much to find enjoyment out of those things for too long. I find myself listening to music and playing games to get reality of life behind me but after awhile those things too, my favorite things aren’t fun anymore. I pray to God or some special miracle something lucky happens for me that takes away all of this bullshit! As with all the people stuck in their bad life, without good friends to vent with without them thinking you’re a fuck up. I wish there were more people around here that didn’t go by social trends/traditions to feel appart of something. Like here it’s drinking and everyone has to have a massive/fake ego or else you are displaced as a sick bird is from the flock. That quiet guy across the street with uncut looking hair(who’s probably an awesome person) is assumed a criminal/trouble maker because he appears different. Elders look down on you too if you don’t want to follow tradition and just cross you out for help as a whiney, lazy trouble maker. Makes me wish I grew up in the city with a different family. Somewhere more diverse in beliefs where not everyone weren’t so short minded. Everyone is different so why put a huge brand on everyone saying they have to act like this or they’re messed up. Perhaps this is what other places are like too? Maybe the small town is just getting to me. God bless all you broken hearts and souls. I hope big miracles change your life so you are too happy you can’t stop smiling! Take any opportunity that comes in your direction! If nothing good comes from it at least you can feel good knowing you tried.

  • angela

    It’s been a while since I wrote. I’m the 68 1/2 year old who’s been on a lifelong up and down roller coaster with depression. For the last while I’ve been doing really well. After trying pretty well every self-help and therapeutic and counseling style of healing I’ve stumbled on a new modality if you Really want to change: look up T.I.R. on the internet. It stands for Trauma Incident Reduction. It enables you to look at What has caused the cycle of up and down and up and down ad nauseum. The purpose is to Quickly and Simply look at what you don’t want in your life, without a lot of mumbo jumbo, and the changes are fast and real. Please try it.
    Love You All. Angela.

  • Andy

    I do feel a bit better after reading that. Thanks.

  • Rosie

    wow. 5 and 6 are the only ones i can read and NOT wanna barf/punch someone in the face. get a new source. i’ve been on anti-depressants scince i was 7. nothing and no-one can MAKE you be different. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE LEAVE ME ALONE?!?!?!?! if i say no, i MEAN no! if i say get away i MEAN get away! if i say to shut up, IT DOES NOT MEAN KEEP YELLING AT ME LIKE A SCHOPATHINC MANIAC!!!!!!!! WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET EVERYONE TO LEAVE ME ALONE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1

  • Blueninetynine

    “Once you decide to stop moping and start moving forward you won’t have time to feel depressed.”  It’s insensitive statements like this that people with mental illness are forced to deal with each day.  Don’t you think that if they could, they would?  This is like saying to someone in a wheel chair, get up and walk up those stairs, and you won’t have time to need the chair.  You must be in the medical establishment, you have the arrogant attitude and ignorance for it.

    • Blah

      This blog irritates the hell out of me……..clearly the writer has not an idea what it is actually like to be depressed – don’t you think we have already thought about and tried all of the above……! “stop moping and you wont have time to be depressed” this statement is the height of ignorance !!!

      If one could just stop feelling seriously depressed – dont you think one would do that ?

      I believe you should change your heading to “how to stop feeling blue or sad”  depression is serious illness and the above article is irresponsible to say the least…

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  • None

    All I feel is like by next week or so – I will be dead

    • Quiet Doom

      i feel numb every day that passes. i fill myself up with drugs if i can. i have no money no car massive debt. all i have is guitar and i dont even want to play that most times. i honestly feel like im already dead. like nothing matters anymore not even the beauty in life. i live with my dad who is either drunk or on something. yeah and my past was also shit but i try and look forward but everything ahead looks just as bad as it does behind me.. -.- yeah i have serious sadness. what else. nothing. fuck it. who cares. honestly. No sympathy please. i wish i had a girl that was just as sad as me. but i dont. and im not a very social person. used to be untill i found that pretty much everyone is worth shit. -.- what a waste of my time to even come here.. i either need death or meds. id rather choose death. but im gonna stick it out. i dont know why but i always do. i think killing myself would be selfish and ignorant and i care to much about my younger brothers and i wouldnt want them to follow in my footsteps…. and i really could care less if anyone reads this. i just feel somewhat less pain in my headache of a life when i can type my  feelings out

      • Amy

        dont feel sad… the perfect girl will come along when you least expect it! Think of it as biding your time for that perfect moment! xx

      • Damiana00

        Well you touched on something key there…you feel better writing.  So write. 
        I applaud you for sticking around for your brothers…really, that’s a good fucking reason!  I did the same for my parents, mostly my mom…stuck around.  Rebuilding now…hard as hell, I won’t lie but I am determined to find what I WANT in this world to make ME happy.  So I would ask you, what do you want?  I mean really want?  What does your heart want?  Then make that your burning goal! Kindly, selfishly…your objective.  
        I’m not being glib, so please don’t get mad at me for any reason :) You said you didn’t want sympathy so I’m being straight with you…I just came through the most harrowing bottomed out 6+ years of what’s the point despair in my life after already having a tough life, still coming through it really but there are specks of hope now..or maybe I just want to be healthily selfish for once….but what got me through was asking my heart what it really wanted and listening to it.  So I thought I could offer at least that and encourage you to write.  Hell it often saves my ass!

  • Mariam Palmer

    tthx…I’m try this….cuz i luv me so much thnk’s again lol…..

  • Amy

    Please help me, im so upset – not long split from my ex boyfriend as I found out he had been cheating! I left him over 2 months ago, and since then, nothing seems to have got easier. I feel sad every day and some days I dont want to speak or hear from anyone! I was even debating on seeing the doctor as I have never felt this sad! :(

  • Jorgeelizon2

    Awsome I’m 32 and I’m reading this with my 12 yr old, and is helping us a lot!!

  • Jorgeelizon2

    Awsome I’m 32 and I’m reading this with my 12 yr old, and is helping us a lot!!

  • Tipp Mann X7

    someone said #9 will make you put a gun to your mouth.. you sir are an idiot. the point they were trying to say is no matter how bad u fuck up, it will not be remember in the future, unless your adolf hitler or george w. bush.. you should focus on making your life a fun and happy one, not one that is depressing, im feeling down now but i dont know why i am, i just am.. does this mean im just guna go ahead and give up on life? no, i realize that im depressed for some reason (may it be sicknees or not) and im guna find out why im so sad right now and go at it head on.

  • Taylor

    im a depressed child im 13 but i

    • Taylor

      dont like life i hate life i think its useless after reading this i feel more confedent about life i read it over and over it helps me cope i dont know why im depresed but i just am i used to try and commet suicide and cut myself i thought why be here and i now feel better

      • Damiana00

        Hang in there Taylor!  It makes me sad you are so young and feel this way but I did too(and still struggle with it) so I do understand.  Sometimes that can be circumstantial and sometimes hormonal shifts in our body can wreak  havoc on our moods.  Sucks!
        Sometimes it’s hard to think of a life outside of our immediate circumstances but if we can, gain some perspective even for a moment and realize your own RIGHT TO BE and that you are probably ok and a good person, you have a right to things that bring joy and love to you…..thereby entitling you to pursue what you need in a healthy way, maybe that can help, like this article.   I truly hope you feel better….keep on!

  • Lcoas32

    But im just always alone in my room and my family is always together like they done care about me

  • Jrpete98

    This was helpful, but what if I’m only in middle school and I feel this way?

    • ;[

      i’m in elementry [fith grade]and i also feel this way life sucks

  • Tneveca

    I never understood how focussing on gratitude is supposed to aleviate depression. When my emotional state is almost unbearable and someone tells me how much worse my objective conditions could be, it pushes me over the brink into state of harrowing panic.

    • Damiana00

      Because for some, not all, taking a moment to really look at our lives and appreciate what one has might actually have in our lives, can bring some much needed perspective to appreciate what they have and to stop pining for something else which can be a cause for existentially driven depression, sometimes.  Again, not for all.  There are millions of reasons for depression so it can depend upon the person’s situation/circumstances.  But I don’t think the writer meant this as some glib response but simply a tool for gaining some clarity in a moment. 

    • HangingOn

      Hey there… Try to read this book: “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. She also has a website that’s most wonderful:
      It even has great piano music playing:))  Be well! Find JOY! I’m in there with you!

  • Tneveca

    When I am already burning in a crucible of anxiety, how do you expect me to feel when you remind me of cancer, and abject poverty, and street children being skinned alive? This glib focus on “gratitude” is actually brutally cold and sadistic. It is like telling a person screaming in agony from blown-off leg that he should just be grateful that it wasn’t his torso. It is like telling a rape victim that she ought to be grateful that she wasn’t clubbed in the head by Ted Bundy and mutilated the those other poor women.

    NEVER try to help a depressed person by reminding him of how good things really are. Anyone who does this has no clue about the psychological horrors of depression.

  • Tneveca

    Telling someone to focus on gratitude actually communicates a very hurtful message at the performative level. It’s semantic content is clearly “focus on gratitude,” but is performative or illocutionary effect is “tough shit, how would you like something worse.”

  • Damiana00

    This is great.  Simple and yet that’s what’s appealing about it.  Sometimes all those lofty existential spiritual idioms that seem to resonate but are often hard to attain don’t help in the day to day.  I also liked what LW said about doing something for someone else.  Yes!  Giving in any way, from the heart not only helps another feel good but helps the giver stop obsessing about their own woes and feels good too.
    Like John Wesley touched on though…animals don’t go around moping.  Humans have this option to consider an enormous life outside of pure primal survival and instinctual behavior which can sometimes leave us questioning our very existence, being aware of our present level of contentment…what else? What am I without? etc…Therein lies the rub of what makes us who we are as humans and what can also kick our emotional asses!  

    • Damiana00

      And yes I know there is a biological/chemical/neurological element to depression so no need for some to get angry.  But behavior/life begets mood, mood begets behavior/life and so on…so there must be a connection and a way around this.  I gotta believe!!

  • Sarah

    Hey, My name is Sarah, Im a 16 year old teenager, and I am very depressed, I can not sleep at night, I think about how stupid and ugly i am. I have been being harrassed for 10 years by the same kids. And I started to believe in their lies, which made me depressed. I am afraid to go to some places were I might see them, such as Bristol, the movie thearter etc. My mom is trying to get me to be more possitive and happy. I need some ideas of what I can do. Most of my friends already backstabbed me, so i dont talk to them any longer. I really apreciate people who can give me some ideas. Thanks!

    • R95

      i know how you feel but for me its more of a self confidence issue. It just frustrates me when those w/ -ve attitudes talk to me, i just have to literally shut myself down. This is because i fear i’ll do something stupid. 

    • HangingOn

      Sarah, SO sorry that you’re hurting this much. Your mom is so good to be encouraging you. NEVER ever say that you’re “stupid and ugly”! I have tears in my heart just by reading that. Those kids that have been trying to hurt you for 10 years are so very wrong! THEY are the ones that really do need help! Just know you ARE lovely! Smart! Cute! Witty! Fun! and have a future that NO  one can even know ! You’re just amazing… the way you ARE!  I really wish you WELL and wish you JOY! You can email me if you wish:)) Hugs~

      Here’s a site that may help your precious Mom-  (  Also, I’d like you to get the book (that has helped me think about HEALING in this lifetime!) by Jodee Blanco: Please Stop Laughing at Me: One Woman’s Inspirational True Story

  • Lira

    I am so inspired. I needed something Like this

  • Mcmillon Julia

    Hi everyone!1 I am   12 years old and i am still said a depressed what should i do i have loving parents but i feel i just need a friends or amily member shoulder to cry on PLEASE HELP ME!

    • Mcmillon Julia

      I really want to cry but i just cant!!

  • R95

    honestly before reading this i felt like such utter rubbish, but i feel surprisingly a lot better now 

  • Dvt889

    i feel lost.  i dont know who to turn to.  i have a girlfriend and a family and still feel lost.  everything i do just seems to get worse.  someone help

    • Anonymous

      Trade place with me then…

  • Jemmapattison12

    thank you so much you have helped me so much! my boyfriend is depressed more many reasons he says and everything i do didn’t seem to work i hope this does it seems so helpful to me i am very grateful to you.

  • Jemmapattison12

    thank you so much you have helped me so much! my boyfriend is depressed more many reasons he says and everything i do didn’t seem to work i hope this does it seems so helpful to me i am very grateful to you.

  • Dead8s

    on your comment about animals my dog is depressed and nopes around all day he dose not want to leave house and his all ways sad his been on pills but they did not help and i know just how he feels

  • Beenthere

    Don’t let reflection turn into vanity. And a reference to number 7 on this list – Kierkegaard on the lilies and the birds.

  • Anonymous

    None of these idiotic suggestions are of any use to me.  I’d rather throw myself off of the tallest building I can find before doing any of theses things.  “Think about the big picture”…really? How about -this- for the “big picture”: life sucks and then you die.  The end.

    • Anonymous

      Lol lifes a bitch and then you die…

  • ;[

    did not help…sorry

  • Peanutcricket08

    how can this help me? i was abused by my ex for three years, physical and emontional, was raped when i was 5 and 15 and then again when i was 17… the partt where reflect on past accomplishments dont reflect to me cause when i think of the past i get more depressed… can someone please help me???!!

    • HangingOn

      Ouch! Soooo sorry about your pain! It’s just NOT right at all. Don’t know what to say other than the #2 above IS really true.  Seems like there has to be a better way! We’re not here for this alone! There’s gotta be something so much more! Hang in there!

  • Peanutcricket08

    how can this help me? i was abused by my ex for three years, physical and emontional, was raped when i was 5 and 15 and then again when i was 17… the partt where reflect on past accomplishments dont reflect to me cause when i think of the past i get more depressed… can someone please help me???!!

  • <

    No matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world. 


  • These are all excellent tips.   #8:  Get Moving truly does work.  When someone is emotionally stuck or frustrated, there is a saying, which is “Keep rowing the boat”.  One can easily add humor to that visual.  It’s a super tool to snap one out of their funk and keep them moving!

  • tatiana

    all of these suggestions are stupid and don’t work!!!

  • Goldenvicks

    I think surrounding yourself with positive people is extremely important. And realize we all some time or another have felt lost and helpless. It’s alright we are human not robots. If you didn’t have a bad day how would you know when you have a great day. Take one small step at the time and look at what you have not what you don’t have.

  • Goldenvicks

    I think surrounding yourself with positive people is extremely important. And realize we all some time or another have felt lost and helpless. It’s alright we are human not robots. If you didn’t have a bad day how would you know when you have a great day. Take one small step at the time and look at what you have not what you don’t have.

  • sandra

    I like your article…I myself  have need of  medication and counseling ..without medication I cant make use of these tips.. having said that.. I would suggest seeking help if you have serious depression..when I’m properly treated with the medicine I need  these kind of  tips, if I follow them… helps me supplement and  maintain a functioning  life.

  • Roorooreahna

    these always work

  • Theblksoccrplaya

    I am depressed due to the fact, I can not stay away from the casinos. When I go for instance such as last night, I win 1500 bucks.. So, I pay some bills with it.. Feeling great… I go back with the remaining 150 bucks I Have for the week and now i am broke as a joke. Now, I am depressed. 24 hour mood swings are a bitch.

  • Shaunmitchell95

    I am probably as depressed as it gets. I walk around every day in what I call a black hole. I’m currently worse than I’ve ever been. I take meds but don’t know how to cope beyond medication. I found this page relatively helpfull. 

  • Shaunmitchell95

    I am probably as depressed as it gets. I walk around every day in what I call a black hole. I’m currently worse than I’ve ever been. I take meds but don’t know how to cope beyond medication. I found this page relatively helpfull. 

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  • Gage

    i have been feeling really depressed lately, with school, being in the army, doing my everyday things, and i dont like going to therapists or talking to anyone about my problems, i need to change, can someone please help me? i hvae tried all of the above steps, and none seem to work, if someone would email me that would be nice and tell me some better things to do, my email is gagejoy17@ yahoo .com. thank you.

  • Ginamaealv

    everything is    very usefull….thank u i dont take any meds havent been seen by a doctor for my condition but i ised to have suicidal thoughts as a child and now i cant get up from bed i dont feel like its important to get up not for myself or my child or animals i have no self motivation i cry randomly for no real

  • Cathy Burns, MSW

    I love all natural ways of dealing with all kinds of this, so dealing with depression naturally is a very good things. I love #10 – taking action is so important. We can think ourselves in a big circle, so choose one thing you can do to make a positive interest and then DO IT!

  • I love to 
    spend time with positive people because them always make me feel happiness even walk on the thorn!.Thank you for nice post.

  • Versi Virgontoro

    Your article is very informative, I think we need to consider is how we face adversity in our lives and learn to be grateful for the “little luck” in real life and at every moment of any kind.

  • Clumsy Annie

    It aint good staying moody all the time, but I just cant help it! Reading these aint help either! What can I do now?
    My life’s getting so hectic and Idk what to do with it.

  • Clumsy Annie

    It aint good staying moody all the time, but I just cant help it! Reading these aint help either! What can I do now?
    My life’s getting so hectic and Idk what to do with it.

  • Singergirl2477

    Those things just make me more depressed. Makes me just feel even more worthless.

    • HoldingOn

      Just found this site and it’s cuz I feel just horrible, sad, depressed, hopeLESS. . .and so much more. I almost do agree with you , but yet I’m sad that you didn’t find anything positive here. We should email and see how to find that illusive/slippery/ever~so~faint JOY!

  • Seoamnishpathak

     This is the first web site and i like this web site. i have read this
    website very closely and i got lot of tips from this sites. You guys are
    too smart!

  • Roneet Nagale

    Thank you. This made me feel a lot better.

  • AssHat

    Just remember when you are depressed that you are an insignificant dot in the vast universe. 

  • Common Sense

    I think the pedophile down the street isn’t even gayer than this page.

  • ferret

    I”m 16 and i have been depressed for months because of these dicks at school who pretty much just try finding things about me to try to make fun of me for and 1 time there was this girl that I had a crush on for months and then she was being all flirty and then i got an erection and then she went telling the whole entire school that i had a hard on and started calling me popup and then i still get shit like that all the time and then this friend of mine wanted to help me lose my virginity and then her friend saw the text message and then she told the whole school and now i get a bunch of shit for both of those times and its been 3 months since then and have been thinking about suicide ever since then and i had already attempted suicide 3 times already

    • I hope you can learn to understand that adolescence is probably the most difficult time in life and that young adulthood and adulthood are way, way better. I was forced to grow up much too quickly as a result of sexual abuse and wish i’d been some geeky girl who no boys like instead of a girl guys took advantage of because once you go to college and grow up, nobody cares about who was a virgin in high school and all that nonsense. If you REALLY hate your school, talk to your parents and see if you can switch schools. Sometimes a change is all that’s needed. If money’s an issue, there must be more than one public school in your town. If not, see if you can find a way to make fun of your self and stick up for yourself at the same time. If i were a boy and my dick got hard cause i liked some girl and she made fun of me, I’d totally claim it. I’d be like “hell yeah my dick got hard, did you see how this chick was flirting with me, I’m a man…that’s what happens”. I realized that people often pick on people who they think they can pick on. Stand up for yourself and don’t disrespect girls but find a way to make a joke out of things others try to clown you about. If you own it, they won’t have much to say. Remember that adolescence sucks for most ppl and those who tease you are probably jealous, even though they’d never admit it. You sound like a great guy and none of this high school pettiness will matter when you’re  a little older. Think of trying to go to shoot for a college that’s not in your home town. There are many times in your life when you can start new. When i was abused, everyone found out except that it was framed as if i were some slut instead of the fact that an older boy took terrible advantage of me. That stuck with me for years, but now I’m more accomplished than most of those idiots will EVER be. Also, know that depression will pass. Work on bettering yourself and you’ll end up much better than most of those jerks. Also, unless the girl you mentioned is a complete JERK, why not level with her. Ask her why she’s so immature and childish? Would she appreciate it if you spread sexual rumors about her all over school? She might be the type to listen but maybe she would be. 

      Keep in mind, it definitely DOES get better and you don’t want to waste all your talents over some kids who probably have little going for them underneath it all.

      Good luck and remember there is ALWAYS hope.  

  • Studiogemini

    This simply DOESN’T work with clinical depression, which can go on unremmittilngly for months and years! Being mostly depressed for 28 years doesn’t give you hope or motivation, and…..LIFE IS A DRAG; THINGS SIMPLY DON’T GET BETTER, company is the last thing you want;no-one understands unless you have been thereAND PLEASE, TELL ME THE POINT OF IT?????There is NO permanent cure for major severe depression. What you are talking about IS THE BLUES-NOT CLINICAL DEPRESSION.

    • Darkhokey55

      Two cures, dengus: medication, suicide.

  • Tdcknsn1

    Very good advice. Unfortunately, I have tried all these suggestions and I still feel depressed.
    I will seek professional help.
    Thank you.

  • Rahul

    im at a point in my life where ive started to compare myself to NOW and what i was few years back….drugs were the only things that i did in the last 2 – 2half yrs
    i want to talk to some of my old ‘GOOD’ friends and ask them what kind of changes they see in me now but im scared that everyone will come to know about my ‘drug habits’ (which i have let go off now)
    but the problem is i dont have any good friend i can fully rely upon and talk to them about all this openly

  • Raisah Hakim

    I’ve been feeling down lately and I stumbled on this page which I might add has actually given me some hope :) thank you

  • Jokhu

     sadness/low morale  occurs because humans have lost contact with nature gradually . Humans are metaphysical beings whose every problem and its solution is directly related to nature. Plant a tree, watch it grow and gradually you will get a sense of time . rest your spine against a tree trunk , trees can take out pain from our nervous system and  u feel somewhat relaxed. Lastly fear of failure/disappointment, shyness, sadness all disappears as death occurs leaving what that is really important. death is the real inspiration behind the success of  great people.That time is limited.
      Albert Einstein once said ” Human Beings limited in time and space actually experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest , a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and affection only for a few persons nearest us”
      I guess we shud break this barrier.

  • Jokhu

     sadness/low morale  occurs because humans have lost contact with nature gradually . Humans are metaphysical beings whose every problem and its solution is directly related to nature. Plant a tree, watch it grow and gradually you will get a sense of time . rest your spine against a tree trunk , trees can take out pain from our nervous system and  u feel somewhat relaxed. Lastly fear of failure/disappointment, shyness, sadness all disappears as death occurs leaving what that is really important. death is the real inspiration behind the success of  great people.That time is limited.
      Albert Einstein once said ” Human Beings limited in time and space actually experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest , a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and affection only for a few persons nearest us”
      I guess we shud break this barrier.

  • guest

    I am a very positive person. I don’t have any burden or regret in life and enjoy life as it comes. but time to time I meet the kind of people who are always so cynical… for example at work, I am very open and helpful but I guess people find it intimidating.. I try not to behave that way but I cannot help, it is me. I try to stay low for a while and then they start taking advantage of my kindness…. another example, if I go to the seniors with my problem at work and with suggestion, they will say ‘I will look into it later’ or ‘what can we do? there is nothing we can do about it, (just get on with it)’ but later they will be praising someone else with the same problem and boast that the person has suggested brilliant idea. then I got to think, what happened here? I went to her with the same problem and without thinking she pushed me aside and here she is praising this other person. that means she dealt with her problem there and then whereas she pushed me aside. what should I say about that? is that discrimination? or was she feeling insecure with me? or she just didn’t like that fact that I am an easy going person and don’t feel comfortable taking up my suggestion incase I will have to praised? I don’t want to look like a pathetic person by making a big fuss about it so I keep quite. but when I am on my own and think about it, it really makes me feel so mad and restless.

    I try all these methods here and get back to normal. but it is difficult sometimes to feel soo positive all the time with these things happening time to time.

  • Thank you so much ! All of these things are great way to refrain from being depressed :) 

  • Justin Pannell

    I love your article, it made me laugh, not at anything you write but just at myself, you forget all these small details that made life so fantastic and it was so incredibly fulfilling to remember a time that was probably not too long ago where I thought the same things as you’ve put before us, particularly number 7, it’s true we live in a world where humans are pushed and pushed to be better and better and it’s shit! Fuck that coz it’s not human nature to do most things that we do in our world we now live in so I’m gonna take my time, find my place with this alternative reality that our species has forced us into and do what I want to do to be the best person I know I can be, because your so right, fuck being remembered, coz the only person that truly matters in MY life is ME!

    • meh

      shut up.

  • Senila

    Hi I am feeling so depressed in life I dont know what to do. I dont seem to be able to get hold of my life and end up feeling down every day. I start the day positively thinking at least today will be a good day but as the day passes by my levels of positiveness keeps going down and down. I hope I will make it because I feel this time I wont. All I feel sorry is for my mother.

  • Senila

    Hi I am feeling so depressed in life I dont know what to do. I dont seem to be able to get hold of my life and end up feeling down every day. I start the day positively thinking at least today will be a good day but as the day passes by my levels of positiveness keeps going down and down. I hope I will make it because I feel this time I wont. All I feel sorry is for my mother.

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  • Hi John
    These are all such valid ways to help oneself to feel better, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wonder if people realise just how much you expose yourself when you write. I like for positive blogs and how-tos as well. cheers Narelle 

  • See beyond the limited and possibly misinterpreted ONLY 10 suggestions I know that you can See or imagine another entirely different set for you and more. Add 10 of your own that you have used like mine Athletics visualiztion, Water floatation self projection, t’aichi and balance drills, do what others say is IMPOSSIBLE but you alone COULD , did, or could do then try it. Remember a moment in TIME where you’ve DONE this and amazed yourself. Enhance that feeling with ALL your senses and u r there again. Practice this so that in future when it happens again LIFE LOCKALL SENSES on that moment. It could do the impossible and save your life. …KL

  • I am coping with my depression and find that it is extremely hard to keep my mood steady for a long time. I tried   self-help, I tried using some psychological therapies, and I tried to change to thought patterns, but it is still hard.

  • Ah, by the way, I think changing my routine does help a lot. 

  • Mgaze

    i dont think clinical depression is “moping about”…

  • Robin

    I’ve been in a work camp for the last month or so I’ve not been able to see my wife or kids nor have I been able to leave working nights so I don’t see any sun and I won’t leave for another month the only thing I can do to feel a little bit at home is too look at pictures of my wife and kids and talk with them on the phone

    I have been getting so depressed that I am feeling sick it basically feels like I’m nervous the whole time but so bad that I throw up once a night I can barely sleep and I get one night off a week

    Im stuck in a rut help me

  • rose

    does it help if someone is trying to get you to do things even though you feel completely bad and dont even want to move?

  • rusty

    That is somethink to read about

  • guest

    Do you got anything for a kid.

  • tyson reed

    I’m so depressed I hate waking up feeling like shit everyday! I need someone to talk to ok I I have 2 beautiful daughters me and my kids mom broke up 2 years ago I have moved on physically but not mentally I still love her and I had another girl friend that found out she had cancer and thought I couldn’t handle it so she broke up with me that hurt as well. But that’s not the point the point is why after 2 years am I still in love with my kids mom she has moved on she is recently seeing someone.I told her how I felt and I still talk to he4r about stuff but she won’t give us another chance she just does not get it.

  • Michael

    SO, like you
    said “doing something for someone elts” gives us happiness. Sorry if I’m
    sounding weird but is that like what we are talt to do like in the bible Jesus
    Christ ask us to do. I think helping someone elts or lifting a burden for
    someone elts no mater how much stress we are going threw is something Christlike
    and at the end it brings us joy. If you put your heart to it to ovcource

  • Anwarrawahi

     What matters is the present moment and enjoying every second of life that we’re blessed with. I dont agree
    I think the most effective way to be positive, is to understand why are we here?
    most people cannot understand, or maybe don’t want to know why are they here…
    I am writing this because I am dieing soon, and I began to understand life more than ever,
    i began to see life with different eyes,
    i will give you an example, if you are 30 years old and you are going to die soon, do you think that’s it, that’s life, why others live more than me, is it fair, there must be something that we don’t understand, or we didn’t discover, life is more than enjoying the moment,
    one day we are all going to die…
    to cure ourselves from sadness, any kind of negative feelings, is to discover our purpose of life….

  • Blah

    This is a great guide for people with mild depression. Maybe add some information in there for the people who have more than just “a case of the blues”. Most of this information is useless for those of us who cannot even shower or leave the house. And maybe add something in there for those of us who have complete apathy and no motivation whatsoever.

  • Singh

    I really feel down lately.After coming back from sailing i feel like i have no one left to talk to. All my friends r working in other cities. I dont go out couse i dont have anyone to hang out with. Sometimes i just want to take my bike n ride to the mountains but there r so many responsibilities back at home. It is difficult to leave the town for more than one night. Same monotonous routine adds to my condition. I feel like losing my cool most of the times. I tried joining gym but doing it among strangers didnt help. Seems like i need a break or talk to someone before i go nuts.

    I liked the article though. Thanks

    • meh


  • meh

    These suggestions are not helpful and miss the mark in understanding depression. I’ll now explain why depressed people should not use this article for advice.

    1) Understand the emotional cycle – Depression isn’t a roller coaster ride. It’s a flat, slow ride that goes nowhere. Ups are apathy and lack of emotion, and downs are deep-seated self-hatred. Knowing this doesn’t not make any of this easier to deal with.

    2) Spend time with positive people – Depression is a form of self-absorption. One only thinks of oneself. It doesn’t make any sense to hang around other people because depression serves to reflect external forces on the self. Seeing positive people only creates envy and deepens depression.

    3) Reflect on past success – This statement assumes the person has had success. It is possible that some people have lived much of their lives without success and reflecting on their past only serves to deepen their depression.

    I’m too tired and bored with this article to continue. The point is, depression necessitates medication or suicide. At the end of the day, our choices have little or no consequence on the lives of others, so it doesn’t really matter if you choose to medicate yourself or end your life. What isn’t an option is writing these self-indulgent articles explaining that depression is treatable through positive actions. If you’re truly concerned with improving yourself, stop reading these articles, looking for help, and go out into the world. Or off yourself. 

  • Vanessa

    Thanks, this made me feel better!!

  • Jo

    Breaking routine…..I can really relate to this.  I have gone to the same place 10 miles from where I live from being age 18 to now 39 and its getting me down going to the same place all of the time and is depressing.  I might just take a day trip tomorrow and go somewhere completley different…..and if I like it could even think of moving their maybe because am so down and depressed and just going around and around in the same vicious circle gets you no-where. Jo

  • Cam

    thank you

  • Shantrelldennis

    I really like this I’m just have to follower everything you said and do it

  • Britt_lock17

    In response to number 10. I understand the general idea of this, however, I do want to say that what you do in the long run DOES matter. What you do affects others. Its a big long chain, and it can either change lives for the better or worse. Nothing you do doesnt affect someone else.

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Mdaberdeen

    i did something very wrong and very regretful about it. I had an affair with a co-worker. It ended badly and have been feeling very bad mood swings about it. Sometime, so bad that I feel like dying and start my life all over again. Really dont know how to get over it.

    Tried many ways to get my mind off it by trying to keep myself busy. but nothing seems to interest me any more. Worst of all , we have to face each other everyday. Leaving the work place seems the best thing to do but I dont have the courage. 

  • Skye Richey

    Have you ever heard of a Comany called Melaleuca?  They are an all natural company that has a line of over 350 products that are all natural.  Including an item called Luminex.  Its the Natural way of getting through the ups and downs of life!  I personally had to be on Prozac for a while and I switched to this bc I didnt like the side effects of putting all those chemicals in my body and I HAVE BEEN SO PLEASED!  The entire line of products is amazing.  They dont advertise on TV or the internet, it is just a word of mouth passing them along.  They have been around for over 25 years and all of their items are backed by the BBB and many of them are patented!  They are 100% guarantee, so if you ever try anything that is not up to your standards, then you can return it and get your money back or exchange it for something else!  Let me know if you are interested!  My cell phone number is 605-393-7334 and the website to check it out is:


  • Cold-69

    I’ve recently had a total hysterectomy, and on top of the lack of hormones, the depression makes things 10x harder to deal with. I just want to crawl into a hole and stay there. I can’t stand myself and don’ know how my partner can stand me. Grrrrr.

  •   Keyshawn Brown was indeed an original ample unit to change the quantity Twenty located on his / her football hat by carrying out a fixture championship. NFL JERSEYS a new Polk Salty Buccaneers, Dallas, texas Cowboys or even the Carolina Panthers. Volume 20 had become symbolic of Keyshawn Brown. At the same time, Texas Cowboys’ performer Troy Aikman played out employing a Quanity Actions with their shopsellbags.Really good NFL jacket could also be paramount with the entire performance.The street calls for cheap Gucci handbags, the perfect appointed portion technique are pertinent to qualify for the wholesale nfl jerseys wholesale portions which experts claim be relating to independent successful football manufacturers. 


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  • Azawan

    This really helped after two day i felt less suicidal thanks 

  • how about create a big dream

  • ABC

    I have heard that “when nothing goes right, go left”. I want to implement this but the left side is so risky. But I can’t remain in the same side. It’s frustating me. I am feeling like in dipression. Please suggest me should I go left (The risky side) or should I remain in the same side (the dipressing side). 

    • ABC

      Nobody wants to answer my question? Then why this page has been created? For questioning only? There is nobody to fro answering. This was a total waste of time for me.

      • Anonymous

        Remember the Seinfeld episode where George does the opposite of all of his instincts? It ends up working out for him. You already know what the “right” has in store for you, so life will be exciting to go left. Don’t make a huge change, start with a small tilt to the left and see how it goes…then go further… good luck. Also, eating healthy and getting exercise almost
        always helps with depression : )

  • Yogesh Pan3135

    hey man great tips i totally agree

  • Altodife

    Im depressed cause hate my job

  • blue beans

    I fall into depression quite often.Im on the search for a job.I cant force myself into studying for bank tests;having a cluttered mind.I feel I wont be able to make it up..

  • Polencrystal

    As I was readinq this I was like yup that miqht help, so I’m qoin to try some of these I wil qive anythinq a try I just want to b happy aqain.. thankx

  • Alawia

    I am also depress because of love, see I am in love with a man that he can’t do anything to marry me because his family, and when I leave him or I go far away still he don’t leave me alone and he is my weak point I don’t know to do, I try many time to be far but it’s not working, need help, what to do

    • Mdaberdeen

      Hi Alawia,

      I was in the same situation as you a few months back. I tried so hard to end the relationship as we wouldnt have good  ending. But he keeps coming back. My heart softens and we always back to square one again. till 3 months back, he had big problem and he jus left me struggling on my own.

      Now I had big problem sorting out the hangover and the emotion stresses.
      I had serious mood swings and feel so depressed ….even now…I regret.. because I end up very hurt from the whole thing, just cos I wasnt determined enough to make the first move to end it.

      I sincerely hope you wont suffer this type of emotion torture.. Pls end it if he really cannot give you happiness… dont wait for him to end it. such men are really selfish. all the best to you……. hope we both overcome it very soon….

  • Casa

    feeling really really sad

  • wert

    I’m so sad, depressed, unmotivated and all. I’m not happy with my job anymore. And my boyfriend is leaving soon. He doesn’t know if he will gonna comeback or what.

  • Hgillatt

    I have sufferd depression for a few years now until i went to my docs n they put me on tablets n some counselin n im on my way back up i find writing your thoughts down on paper help n reading feel good quotes help just got to remember their is always someone off worse then yourself i mean not very fortunate, it does feel like is this it at the mo but trust me it gets better admit to yourself u have a prob n then go to your doctor its worth it. Ur not alone with the illness xx


    hi i am sad and i don’t really know why its like some days i’m happy and some days i’m really sad, i’m really confuse and i don’t really know to do 

  • k a l i c e l e s t e *

    none of these helped me. ive tried all of them. :( DISLIKEE!

  • Nick

    I hate to say it but I do most the thing listed regularly and some have no possibility of becoming reality I’m 15 and I’ve had a seemingly never ending series of awful things happen to me and my family….. Thank you very much for the info though and I hope that others don’t go through what I have and find this more useful

  • Cookielown2000

    There are so many tips, advices and even medicines about treating depression but honestly there are no shortcuts, magical medicines and even medicine. In the end it’s your problem to deal with not theirs.

  • thereIsNoSpoon

    3rd, 8th and 9th – mostly 3rd and 9th will help me.
    i’ m not much of a walker. I am very lazy so i don’t go for morning walks. Evening walks – facebook or some other stuff always eats it up.

    thanks. Loved your 9th point. thanks a lot

    “In a million years no one will remember what you did or didn’t do. What matters is the present moment and enjoying every second of life that we’re blessed with.”

    Even though i had thought this before on my own, but i guess i had lost and forgotten the significance and weightage of this sentence. The article reinstated its importance in my overall thinking and mental attitude towards work and life

  • Z72ans

    Hi I am very depressed too. I am unsure what the first step is the I should take. There is a lot of underlining factors causeing my depression that is too much to get into. Should I go seek therapy or what? I am completely confused in like and don’t know what I want to do for the rest of it. I am a 21yr old loser with no ambition or plans for the future. I am a desgrace to myself and the family I should just end it all. This is what I think every day and I just wish it would go away.

  • Applepit

    My name is cockdweeb. Well that is my nickname because I am bullied bloody abd an not respected enough to be addressed by my first name. I endure countless sucker punches to my ody throughout a normal day, that when I shower my skin looks like it has a tint of purple. But hose brides aren’t just from my classmates, the more prominent ones are from my father. He thinks that a man should take a lot of pain growing up so that when he is old he can handle any situation and anything that comes his way. I think he’s nuts but I could never say it. His ways are so cruel, demeaning and embarrassing that I won’t dare trash peoples minds with the toxic visuals. I need help I don’t think I can take this much longer. I feel like dying at this point. Help.

  • 2032

    that does not help i am still as depressed as hell

  • Moysez

    Fuck the world and fuck everyone in itu f$@kin ass hole this won’t help

  • Moysez

    Fuck the world and fuck everyone in itu f$@kin ass hole this won’t help

  • Moysez

    Fuck the world and fuck everyone in itu f$@kin ass hole this won’t help

  • Please stop this already…

    All of this and the comments just made me feel worse… I was looking for actual help and medical info etc, but in stead keep finding sites where people think “deciding to stop moping around” is the cure for clinical depression. Way to mislead people just to get those few extra hits via google… Please get the terms straight before more people who need psychiatric help read this. You’re pushing them in the wrong direction and it’s harmful to many of them.

  • Guest

    Suggestion #9 is what made me depressed in the first place. If all our problems are illusory, then it follows that so are our joys, successes and relationships.

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  • Skyshineon2013

    Sounds like a bunch of poop why cant a person be free to do what ever they want and be positive while and doing it? Why cant we all just live to love and respect? Sometimes I feel like I can take on the whole world, and everyone is a bunch of crap heads. Even worst I bottle it all up and let people shake me like I am a small nothing, then explode on the complete wrong people instead of just brushing crap off. I just want to be able to forgive me and forget and always just smile and be happy no matter what. I am only 21 and I have been through so much. I have been trying so hard to be a civilized human being. Sometimes I talk to much, think to hard and judge who I am at times.  I am so real at life and try to love and enjoy everything, and some people just want to knock you down like your bowling pin in there game. Some people can be rude even if your just trying to help them, it makes me so upset it raises my blood pressure. P.S. there is only 1 good show that you can learn from on T.V. and the rest sex nasty filled bull. There has got to be more in life .

  • Nicevines

    Very interesting and good guide.

  •  nice post about Way To Treat Depression

  • 13 girl

    I’m 13 almost 14 and my dad passed away awhile ago and since then I haven’t been right but recently it’s got worse I feel the whole world is against me even my family! my school life sucks aswell and in the evenings I end up crying myself to sleep this advice is good but doesn’t really relate to my problems can anyone help??? I’m really depressed!

  • Lil strong man

    I am gonna fucking blast my self if i am so fucking depressed everyday as i am now….
    There are so many mean people out there.

  • i know

    how can you not be depressed when you know that your whole  life is practically nothing and that life is based on what people want you to believe, whether it be through sublimal messages, commercialised lies, or the government banning what they thinks wrong. I have friends and family that are positive but none of the tips work when you see modern life trying to be sculpted into some big happy community and even though it’s not it still gets advertised as if it was though. The harsh reality is swept under the rug and those who don’t go with it are shunned and looked down upon and I could give so many examples but its all pointless.

  • Another awesome post. I’ve been paying a lot of attention lately to the emotional cycle of motivation. It truly is important to know it’ll pass, when you start feeling hopeless. I’ve found, that you can get really good at re-establishing your motivation in those times, IF you know how to channel the negative energy. 

  • Priya

    no 4 depresses me even further because I feel useless not being able to help the less fortunate. I am sorry you’ve some very good advice but 4 is something I’d skip

  • Priya

    anhedonia makes the rest useless on me

  • Hairstonantwanette

    I’m so depressed right nw idk wat to do

  • Blue

    i am depressed… i don’t trust most people… i dont want to get to close to people… becouse i know that one day, they will leave me…
    it’s said that it might work breaking my routines and take a day of, but i can’t skip school… becouse i have to much time of already.
    i should probarly fix my problems… i need to start trusting the people who deserves my trust. and most inportaint of all is that i must find some one i can Love, that will Love me back the same way, understand me
    and help me get throuh dificult times…

  • Deepamadhu

    its good but if i dnt find a positive people wt should i do.
     and i m nt undrstanding why am i sad n in depression
    i liked the 10comment

  • Austin

    Hey guys im 12 yrs old and turning 13 in a few months and im really depressed.Any thing i should do for my age?

    • Austin

      And im a boy

    • Martina

      Talk to your parents. Hopefully they will feel motivated enought to get you some help.

    • Martina

      Talk to your parents. Hopefully they will feel motivated enought to get you some help.

  • Martina

    I have been batteling depression and anxiety(severe panic attacks) since I was 16. I saw the professionals(Psychiatrist) for my problem and was put on Lexapro. I am now almost 24 years old an still suffer from panic attacks and depression. It had gotten better for a little bit but it is starting to get bad again. I cry at night a couple times a week as I am tonight. I feel helpless, I want to feel free from this problem. I want to feel normal! I am also a type1 diabetic and have been for 3 years now and it has also taken a toll on me mentally.

  • Denise B Osgood

    Also, get out of your own way and help others, be it in a soup kitchen, taking an elderly neighbor to the grocery store (or doing shopping for them), paying a little extra attention to a small child that looks like he could use some cheering up!
    People and situations like this are EVERYWHERE, we just have to look for them!!

    It always helps me when i do a good deed for someone else, no matter how big or small!

  • KJ

    Still, what’s the point of living this life and being happy and try so hard since you’re going to die anyways and be forgotten forever.. 

  • Cams0825

    life is short i am depressed ryt now …tried everything but nothing helps,the only thing that can help is helping and motivating urself…i was looking at things as if all doors are closed for me …how stupid is it!!!! believe in urself and ur god and dont think that by cribing things will get better ….NO!!!

    i know exactly how it feels whn hurt which i am ryt now…but i have decided to come over it …i mean y should i be depressed just for a person who dont respond to any feeling …I have decided to let it go …. and i am fine now….and please donot think negative …U deserve better and u are worth it!!!!

    keep smiling  a well wisher :)))

  • Cams0825

    life is short i am depressed ryt now …tried everything but nothing helps,the only thing that can help is helping and motivating urself…i was looking at things as if all doors are closed for me …how stupid is it!!!! believe in urself and ur god and dont think that by cribing things will get better ….NO!!!

    i know exactly how it feels whn hurt which i am ryt now…but i have decided to come over it …i mean y should i be depressed just for a person who dont respond to any feeling …I have decided to let it go …. and i am fine now….and please donot think negative …U deserve better and u are worth it!!!!

    keep smiling  a well wisher :)))

  • 20066169

    I really need someone to talk to ….I have a gf that’s pregnant she’s do in 2 weeks, and don’t get me wrong I I’m happy I going to be a father, but I feel deeply depressed because I feel like she has no kind of motivation for her self to come up in life…she’s 20 yrs old has no car no house no license no money saved up what so ever, and shows no kind of intrest in coming up she already has a Lil girl of her own …..she resently moved in with me and I have had several talks with her about it and she tells me she will change and I see no improvement what so ever …..I have two jobs motivate my self every day to go and do better for my Lil girl that’s about to be born and she dose nothing I feel like I’m on a bike pedaling up hill and she’s in the back pegs just holding on along for the ride ……can someone help me get thru this or give me a Lil bit of advise thank you

  • Sharakhamis

    Well, I wish my daughter could take these actions herself, she is in a critical state for over ten years now, I was in UK myself and started to develop that terrible depression, she does sleep alot, angry for a minor things, does not want to talk anymore even I think she has now forgotten words. She is 20yrs we are in Africa, I have openned a small home office at my place as I am being a carer now for her can not do much myself.

  • John

    I’m a guy, 27. When I was 19 I had it all, great paying job, my own place, the girl, my own vehicles. For some reason I was NOT happy. I decided to drive my jeep thru a parked truck at a high speed with no seatbelt (I normally wear it). I somehow got through it all, thinking yay I’m better now. Back on track.. Great job, my own place, another jeep, and a cool girl. But I found myself unhappy once again. So I gave up, lost everything. I don’t understand how/why I feel like this. I meet with a therapist Monday but I feel like I will always have this black hole inside of me.

  • Jools

    I dont know that I am depressed, just unhappy. I have a stressful but secure job, a supportive husband and two great kids.  I have the opportunity to study at a fantastic university and train with an international coach yet I still dont feel happy. Feel so ungrateful and would give  anything just to enjoy life. Dont know what to do

  • John

    I’m John from an earlier post(27 yr. old). I met with a therapist today for the first time ever. Looks like I have a lot of unresolved issues. I’m not sure if this will help, for sure but it did feel nice letting some things out. I have a long ways to go, and I’m not sure if I will ever be “fixed” but it feels like a descent start. Also, where’s the help/advice for this site??

  • The_riddler33

    Nothing helps my mood. I’m constantly feeling as though everything is stressful. Work, home, my relationship. I’m constantly stressed out, and the more that I can’t deal with, the more depressed I get. I cry everyday. When I leave home, I scream the whole way to work. When I leave work, I scream the whole way back. Like, deep-belly growling screams that terrify me. Sometimes I fee better, but once I walk into work or into the apartment, I get that overwhelming sense of dread, sadness, and stress all over again.
    What can I Do?!

  • —–

    i feel like shit since long time and i can not wait till i pull my self together and put myself back to normal. it like people r keep on throwing shoe in my breakfast every fuckin day

  • chelzzzz

    Hey can someone give me advice? I’m a high school student and can’t leave the house unless I’m going somewhere with my parents, going to school, volunteering, or the veeery occasional going out with friends. Can someone tell me how I can do anything to help ease my sadness from home? Also, I can’t have any pets.

  • Awww, what a wonderful post! Thank you! I lost my center this week in a very socially packed calendar while also being ill. This totally made me feel better and more myself again. Thank you! XX


    Glad I took the time to read, it was very good information.

  • apathy :(

    i can relate to almost all of them. i totally get what your going at. living with depression is hard and you just have to keep holding on. i’m actually depressed right now and this really gave me some things to think about with my life. thanks 😉

  • Michaelbeveridge9898

    Hey am not really sure what to say, but ill give it a go. I am seventeen, have been depressed and alone allot, I have never really had any friends. No real self confidence, I really don’t know what am doing with my life. I am a student at a college doing digital media computing. please help  

    lately My mum has been going off to her bf I just feel so shut in my room with the walls closing in on me.Michael B 

    • apathy :(

      whatever you do don’t sit in your room all day. find some fun activity to do at college that you’d enjoy in your freetime or even something outside of school. i feel sorry for you but i am in the same situation as you and im only 14 and it really sucks because im hiding it from everyone around me. find a friend that you can tell about this and when you build confidence tell the guidance counselor at college or your parents. good luck:)

  • tokenwhiteguy

    i love petting my dogs when im feeling blue they seem like they understand your sad and they are always there for you and will always be your best friend with unconditional love

  • Kushkrazed420

    Good answered a lot of my questions

  • Ginger

    I have a job but its shit, I have a home.. its being foreclosed on because of my shit job.cashed in all our retirement 3 years ago when we both got laid off went from making 100,000 a year to 22,000. my husband can’t keep enough work going to support us, hes in construction, shit load of student loans, a adult child at home, hes out of work too a college degree and no place to use it and all I want to do is hide in my room and cry seems my prozac is not working like it should anymore., This is not where I planned on being at 43. homeless and destitute, yeah obama its getting better ok. 

  • John

    Therapy is BS! I feel like I leave feeling worse sometimes, and with a “screw you” type of attitude. And this site sucks no help! Got my knife out…

  • ImDepressed


  • Drake Cennedig

     My question is not really how to deal with depression, but what exactly is depression? Yeah, obviously I get that it’s when you feel inordinately sad about life, but when exactly does that stop being a subdued personality and start being a genuine disorder? Are there any definite symptoms or personality landmarks to at least partially define that border between a calm introvert and an actual depressive?

    • aguafiesta

      There are  depressions in world economy, in the globe`s topograhy, in meteorology. And in the feelings of men and women. The latter is no different than the others. To experience depression you have to  go there.  A person s depression is unique, not quite like that of another, and can be known only by beeing depressed. however one may easily get stuck, as in mud, swamp or quicksand – the more one strugles to get out, the deeper one sinks.  Indeed, a dangerous venture.

      Google will show you an avalance of  further reading on the subject.

  • Raha Coool

    Hi guys. My name is raha from iran.a bout 5 month ago when my grand mother passed away and i didnt go to my ideal university i became depress and i dont know what to do?! Plz help me….

  • Steve

    In the last 7 years or so, i have felt very depressed even though there are positive things going on around me.  I really do think that point 4 and 9 (for me personally) are the key…  My depression really has revolved around me focusing completely on things that arehave gone wrong, forgetting about everything else which really is more important (i.e health, family and friends).  We are are only 5 months into this year and it has been probably one of the worst…  One of my best friends passed away (this is hard to get over, but depression was really sadness),  financially things have been difficult (everytime you think you are OK, something goes wrong e.g. car breaks down..).  Although a tough year… Ive been alot better… I sat down one day and I looked at how everyone else was getting on with their lives.. Most of them care free and they had the same problems as me!  I realised quickly things are not as bad as they seem and there is alot to look forward to in life.  Take care guys and when you feel down, just think about what you have that is or could be good around.  I have come to the conclusion why care and get stressed out, when no one else does.

  • Nickhair54

    This is very helpful I strongly agree with all of them! I cant stop reading it. The best has got to be No. 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8… Hats off to John this has helped me loads :)

  • Zackmoreland

    how can i be happy when im waiting for my gf to show up and then she doesnt. im really depressed and i dont know what to do.

  • Emma

    Interesting post. I think that depression can develop gradually over time is the root of their stress or anxiety  is not dealt with intially. It is important to develop positive stress relief techniques that you can use on a daily basis. A great course that discusses this in more depth is Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course. Hope this helps !

  • Mailvlv-nospam


  • Maddy Praga

    Hey if anyone can help me 

    I am really very much depressed a lot more correspondence would help i belive can we plz get in tuch on my mail id
     a brilliant Article but really i got the message which u wanted to convey but really need a lot of mental focus to do all those things and overcome all the current issues which am having………

  • yam

    I have more depress than ever lately, my husband blame everything on me and there are time I feel like I don’t belong in this world!!

  • hit the pub.  drink staight from the bottle.  use some pot.

  • LG

    Thank you for this article. I agree with number 10, that it is important to take steps toward helping yourself. Depression is a psychiatric condition, it is not a process of moping, though. There are several types of aids out there that you can pursue.

    If you are in Southern California (LA area) please check this out:


  • Erika

    I feel so sad.  People keep reminding what I did.  I can’t move on with my life.  I need a lot of help.

  • Bernardo Mes

    Ok going to da gym now; enough of being self-pitty!

  • maggie

    don’t u understand that when depressed u don’t care about anything and that includes ways to be better. when u want to feel better that is a start but wot if like me u just don’t care? then wot? help!

    • C. H. Luke

      You have to take action, otherwise the depression takes you over.  Fake it til you make it, and if you need some Zoloft to keep your head up so be it.

  • Asia

    i really need someone to talk to as anyone out there?

    • Emilymcgrath40

      whats up. i know that you dont know me but i know that you want help and to talk to anyone. trust me ive been there. email me my email is emily i think that i can help you

  • Asia

    i thought i was to young to be depressed but obviously not

  • Rani_uum

    I face alot problem because my husband family. In 1 week sure got any problem occur and it make me  and husband end with fight. sometimes we dont talk for 1months. Things getting worst now. i Face alot pressure although in house or work place. i getting mad thinking of it. I already have 2 kids. I dont know what to do. How to release my problem, i cry everyday. I cant go out because no one to take care my child 

    • C. H. Luke

      I’m sorry!  Do you have friends to talk with?  Or you could find a low cost counselor?

  • Erika

    I liked my friend.  She denied.  I have other friends.  She wants me back.  What do I do?

  • Hui12

    it sucks fucking stuff aldo i like how u care

  • Victor12

    i like thnx

  • calimom

    I strongly agree with No. 2.  homever, I know someone who has similar symptoms as me and constantly around that person since they are family, and kids go to same school.  That person calls me daily on 95% negative comments. What do i do? I dont wanna hurt her feelings. and i cant avoid her all the time?

  • Tronjheim79

    Number 7 got me.

  • Thank you for the Good advise !!

  • Imoro

    wonderful tips.i hope i’m now safe from my depressions!

  • Imoro

    wonderful tips.i hope i’m now safe from my depressions!

  • Amanda-x-x

    im always depressed and im scared to admit it to anyone. im 17 and always wish things where better for me! im also scared to ask for help i would really want some i bet it would help me a lot x

    • C. H. Luke

      What’s to fear?  If you’re sick you do things to feel better.  If you’re depressed you need to do the same.  Screw what other people say or think, everybody’s got something going on, believe me!

  • talhabaloch

    really nice like it thanks

  • Kara B.

    I am really loving all of these articles on here. I have been trying to get in touch with my spiritual side, and the best way to do that it to live everyday in a positive stte of mind. I have struggled with depression all my life and just reading these articles on here and seeing the camaraderie on here has been very inspirational!!

  • Inspire

    I’m 14 and I have depression.  I am too embarassed about it….  I WANT TO LIVE LIKE A KID!!!!!  I cry every night for no reason…….  I come from a loving family so IDK why :'(  

    • C. H. Luke

      You might have a chemical imbalance, does that run in your family?  If so then antidepressants can really make a difference.  Sometimes the neurons in our brains just don’t connect like they should without a little boost. 

  • Alisha Walsh

    I think my little sister is depressed. I keep asking her to go to her doctor but she is so unwilling to help herself just a little. She went last year, got a prescription, but just stopped taking it as soon as the packet ran out. Im so worried about her.

  • Brandonmorris15

    hello people i think wat u all feel is get a life and get over yourselves

  • Bob

    U have no idea what depressed means do u?

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  • guest

    someone’s probably said this in the comments already, but try eating something.  Seriously.

    • C. H. Luke

      hahahahahahaha  How right you are!  Every diet I’ve ever been on has resulted in feet-dragging, mind-numbing depression.

  • Arifsyed

    it felt really good … thanx ,,,,,

  • Whatever

    Spend time with positive people? When you are depressed you want to blow head off everyone who is happy. People in general irritate you and positive people with their stupid advices especially.

  • M1rock69

    This list just pissed me the fuck off.

    • James Wann

       I sort of know what you mean, but was there anything specific?

    • James Wann

       In that case I’d suggest looking at other things. This is quite soothing, as well as helpful in understanding your feelings

  • M1rock69

    This list just pissed me off and made me more depressed. :(

  • ChynnaDoll6

    Hello I am a college student suffering with a bad case of depression. Do you mind emailing me to talk?

    Kind regards,

  • Rubber Ducky



  • Afaf

    Thanks :) made me feel a little better… ganna go shake up my mood by longboarding.. i think!

  • Marquezbrandon79

    Hi i’m Brandon
    Just recently broke up with “the love of my life”….
    It’s really hard to keep that person out of my mine and makes it a lot harder to move on or feeling not depressed, I try everything, but knowing I ones had that person and that another guy/girl would give that person everything i could, kills me inside. I don’t know what to do at this point? :,( 

  • Mekoperdue

    I am 24 . I had a hard time growing up that left me not ever going to school, i moved from the city i lived in all my life thinking thats why i was so sad all the time Just to feel even more sad and alone because now i don’t have friends and family near by . I feel like imma lose my huasband because of him getten up set with me because he really try to make me happy and i think he see’s it as im not happy with what he does. I feel like all i do is let people down i feel like i am never gonna get out of this feeling and i am afraid i am gonna lose the best guy in the world because theres something wrong with me =(

  • Mekoperdue

    I am 24 . I had a hard time growing up that left me not ever going to school, i moved from the city i lived in all my life thinking thats why i was so sad all the time Just to feel even more sad and alone because now i don’t have friends and family near by . I feel like imma lose my huasband because of him getten up set with me because he really try to make me happy and i think he see’s it as im not happy with what he does. I feel like all i do is let people down i feel like i am never gonna get out of this feeling and i am afraid i am gonna lose the best guy in the world because theres something wrong with me =(

  • Allenchance99

    Thanks :) stopped me from the worse

  • Jellie Beans

    Or you can cut yourself,when depressed.I do it almost all the time when I’m bored or depressed.It works for me and helps me fell mucch beter!Cutting for me is the best way to keep from depression.Just saying!

  • Jellie Beans

    Or you can cut yourself,when depressed.I do it almost all the time when I’m bored or depressed.It works for me and helps me fell mucch beter!Cutting for me is the best way to keep from depression.Just saying!

  • Diseases are some
    of the main problems of human related to health. It is very important to stay
    healthy and strong to avoid diseases. Our body is a vulnerable thing for
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  • Diseases are some
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    healthy and strong to avoid diseases. Our body is a vulnerable thing for
    bacteria and viruses and these tiny organisms can paralyze and kill our body.
    That is why medicine has been introduced as a powerful discovery to cure
    various diseases and preserve the mankind. However, we always have our self
    responsibilities to prevent these diseases from attacking our body. We have
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  • Mike

    Here’s my issue: I’ve done all of those things and not much has helped. I started a new job, but it’s at a gas station and has no gratification of any sort. I have been running 4 miles every day for the last 3 weeks, which has provided some physical results, but it doesn’t seem to matter much. I have tanned to try and become more appealing to myself and others, but I have no friends to speak of. Not that I haven’t tried to get friends, but the ones I had abandoned me and the ones I wanted pretty much ignored my friendship and don’t talk to me.
                      I’m stuck in my routine as a student in college and there are no past successes in my life. Everything that I worked hard at has been stripped away from me or I have failed at it. I realize that in a million years I’ll have been forgotten; noone knows me now. I have taken anti-depressants that have had no effect and have spent time with a counsilor that cannot relate to my problems because most people have never had to deal with them.
                       I have found it very difficult to wake up in the morning because I know that today will be just like yesterday and the day before that. I am poor and going anywhere aside from work is impossible because I can’t put gas in may car or enjoy anything that costs any money. The list goes on and on, but there is not even enough time to cover everything.
                        I have always been a good person and would be willing to go beyond my means to help other people. Which I have in many cases, but I just get trampled on by others and used. I’m just tired and sad and I don’t feel that there is anything else to do.

    • C. H. Luke

      First of all, you’re smart, I can see it from your writing.  Get a job where you can use your brain, or at least where there’s some real human contact.  I worked with developmentally disabled adults throughout college and it was much more rewarding than slinging food, even if I didn’t always like what I had to do during the shifts… you’re a good person so do something good with that. 

      What DO you have passion for?  (And don’t judge yourself.  If you’re passionate about pink balloons surround yourself with them.  Whatever it is, as long as it doesn’t hurt you or other people, keep it close.)  For me it’s nature and wildlife – I’ve given up on humanity (and how I interact with other people because I do know I’m awkward and a big part of why I’m so isolated is ME) but just being near animals gives me more of a reason to live. 

      Don’t try to fit into a mold of what you think other people want in a friend.  They’re not going to “get” you, but someone will if you’re just yourself and patient. 

      I’ve contemplated suicide many times, tried it once.  Don’t let it be an option for you.  You get one life, so go with it.  You can do amazing things if you give yourself permission to.

  • chris

    i feel the need to drink and smoke weed because i always feel depressed. i always feel that somebody is saying something bad about me. im use to being rejected from society because im different from every kid in my school. i dont have the ability to keep concentrated in school therefore i fail my classes. ive tried my best to relate to some people but the only ones i can relate to are the ones doing drugs. my family is all messed up my dad is the only one i actually look up to and he just looks down on me every time i fuck something up. its like hes waiting for me to mess up again. i always feel sad even for no reason i try to tell myself im happy because nothing is going on, i also act like every things fine and im happy but i dont want anyone to think im a phys-co to show my real colors. every girl ive tried to have a relationship has taken advantage of the fact that im nieve and gullible.

  • Sad

    I have been depressed/negative all my life and I don’t know why, but i’ve never seen a future for myself. I’ve isolated myself to the point that, I do not have anyone around for me or with me. Even my mum feeds into my negative self-image by telling me emotionally and mentally-damaging things like “you are such a mean! thing.” , “do you know everyone has given up on you?”, “no wonder you have no friends”. And intentionally doing things that irritate me constantly, and not even giving  a hoot when I tell her not to do those things, and  she says I treat her like dirt (ie being rude) when I get upset she doesn’t stop doing to me what I do not like.

  • JelIy

    I’m depressed because I was sexually assaulted by someone close to me… every time I go outside or hear the rev of his engine I get depressed. I can’t avoid it because he lives right next to me… on top of that I was once friends with the girl there. I can no longer talk to her and he has a big family so I feel trapped if I see one. I can’t seem to find a solution… Sometimes when I’m doing something I’m good at to cheer me up (like play guitar or a competitive game) I am not so good at from time to time… This only happened after my sexual assault…. that kind of bums me out too. Things stated in this article are things I already thought before but do not make me unhappy (we will be forgotten and life is meaningless) I know nothing matters but I make the best with what I have…

  • MommyCry

    I’m always sad i can be up one minute and down the next. People say “Oh girl, your just bipolar”. But I dont think it’s that at all. I’ve gone through a lot in the past few months and when things seem to be going good for me something or someone seems to come along and ruin it. I cant catch a break for nothing. I dont know what to do anymore I feel I have no one to confide in. But I have to stay strong for my little girls, I cant show that I’m down..I wouldnt know how that would make them feel.

    Ahhhh! felt good to vent a little.
    Thanks for “listening” :o/

  • Randumzzz

    none of these 10 work, they really suck, I’m still depressed like hell and i don’t know what to do. i even called loads of suicide prevention numbers and i tell my family i feel suicidal everyday but they just shout at me and call me an attention seeker. i don’t know what to do there’s no one who can help me. I’ve tried everything in the world, my mum tells me she hates me all the time. i feel so depressed and keep telling myself that it will pass away but it doesn’t. my parents always shout at each other and i hate the noise i just want to leave my house forever and never come back. i need help.

  • :(

    im a high school student , i always feel depressed because i’ve always been dicriminated this day things have gone bad my crush shouted at me , my classmates discriminate me, and i ha feeling that. my parents doesnt want me because im fat and ugly , now im in middle of over dozing myself or save myself i cant do it anylonger life is shit

    • PioneerWorldwide

       after every dark night, comes a bright day after that…… keep your head up bro (or sis, lol)…..:)

  • Lollie Jean

    My husband gives me no respect. Especially in front of people
    He tends to put me down in front of people.what do I do?

  • Lollie Jean

    My husband gives me no respect. Especially in front of people
    He tends to put me down in front of people.what do I do?

  • it’sonlyme

    I hate depression because it separates me from the world. I feel spaced out, I feel I look spaced out, normal stuff like shopping and socialising needs conscious effort sometimes, not all the time, but most times. When amI happy? When I’m in the moment. When I’m me. When I let myself be me, when other people let me be me. Then I feel free and real and I love it!

  • Alan

    I am depressed a lot and none of these things sound even remotely helpful to me. I am sure some or even all of these things help for other people but most of them just sound stupid to me… I wish they did not sound that way to me but they do. ugg… :/

  • Alan

    I am depressed a lot and none of these things sound even remotely helpful to me. I am sure some or even all of these things help for other people but most of them just sound stupid to me… I wish they did not sound that way to me but they do. ugg… :/

  • Alan

    I am depressed a lot and none of these things sound even remotely helpful to me. I am sure some or even all of these things help for other people but most of them just sound stupid to me… I wish they did not sound that way to me but they do. ugg… :/

  • Alan

    I am depressed a lot and none of these things sound even remotely helpful to me. I am sure some or even all of these things help for other people but most of them just sound stupid to me… I wish they did not sound that way to me but they do. ugg… :/

  • Alan

    I am depressed a lot and none of these things sound even remotely helpful to me. I am sure some or even all of these things help for other people but most of them just sound stupid to me… I wish they did not sound that way to me but they do. ugg… :/

  • Alan

    I am depressed a lot and none of these things sound even remotely helpful to me. I am sure some or even all of these things help for other people but most of them just sound stupid to me… I wish they did not sound that way to me but they do. ugg… :/

  • Kamila 4161

    it’s really very useful 

  • Sibghatullahbutt

    Not being able to go to the Gym is the reason why Iam depressed.

  • Dlparker6

    It’s hard not to struggle with the daily barage on life’s circumstances.
    Here’s an interivew where I talk about my challenges with low moments.

  • NJB

    thanks so much,i’ll definatley use this advice, the BEST so far!!

  • Anselmo-daniela

    Extremely depressed. I feel jealous of my sibling because my mother treats her so much differently Than me. She praises her. She abandoned me emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, she cooks for me and takes care of me always, but there is no affection in our relationship. She never talks to me ever. She doesn’t know anything about me. She brags about my sister all the time for her talents, and she never recognizes mine. I feel like no one cares about me, all I do is cry I am so depressed. Please help.

  • Anselmo-daniela

    Extremely depressed. I feel jealous of my sibling because my mother treats her so much differently Than me. She praises her. She abandoned me emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, she cooks for me and takes care of me always, but there is no affection in our relationship. She never talks to me ever. She doesn’t know anything about me. She brags about my sister all the time for her talents, and she never recognizes mine. I feel like no one cares about me, all I do is cry I am so depressed. Please help.

  • Krnjkks

    Thanks after reading this article ,now I am relieved

  • Anyssamcbride

    i feel stuck… im 19 and all alone. i hate my job and i want to go to school, but the schedules just dont work out and i cant afford to quit. im stuck riding the bus for 4 hours a day if im lucky, and am constantly harrassed by perverts on the buses and streets. i dont make enough to save up for a car, and the only extra time i have goes towards working at home because im also a part time live in care giver for reduced rent… which is all i can afford. my mom abandoned me with my dad when i was 10 and my dad was very abusive so i have no parents to lean on.. and no family at all. my boyfriend doesnt care about me.. and i just feel so alone and helpless. i really am not happy at all where im at in life. im trying so hard and just keep failing. all i can do is cry. ive been stuck in this rut for so long i just feel like i want to end it

  • Guest

    QUOTE: “life is a drag”

    was shikamaru here?

  • Guest

    QUOTE: “life is a drag”

    was shikamaru here?

  • Guest

    QUOTE: “life is a drag”

    was shikamaru here?

  • EpicandGuitar

    i hate people who tell stories in the comments… ” oh lately i’ve been feeling depressed because my father died ” NOBODY CARES….

  • EpicandGuitar

    i hate people who tell stories in the comments… ” oh lately i’ve been feeling depressed because my father died ” NOBODY CARES….

    • Mark Seydel

      That’s simply not true.  People do care.

  • EpicandGuitar

    i hate people who tell stories in the comments… ” oh lately i’ve been feeling depressed because my father died ” NOBODY CARES….

  • I’m very much depressed, actually i got married & i left the job, now m in oman with hubby but i’m jobless n alone hear as well as m not satisfied with his salary n his behaviour. so what can i do? i want to go back, should i? or pls help me to live happy life

  • Taylor1998evans

    sometimes i fell so depresseed its like the world is just cumn down on me like every thing i do is wrong orisnt good enough i wish people would just accecpt me as taylor or that beautiful girl im only 14 and its like im suffcating the evry body arms i wish people would just accecpt me as taylor and  they get mad at the things i dosometimes i do it for attion (ight sound as a lae exquse )but every tyme i do sum bad my dad is involved but other than than he talk unless my mom cuss him out but thats it i wish i cold lve freeley and not have anyone judge ever day i think about killing jy self i jus wanna be free from every thingi hate being depressed and bi-polar………………….uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Crystal277

    I feel really depressed lately and cry a lot. More then usual. I always feel like my life is on a roller coaster. One minute I am happy and the next minute I am sad. I have changed my Major to what I have always wanted to do and will be transferring to CSU which I am excited about but I can’t seem to get out of this slump. I live in Denver and will be traveling from Denver to Fort Collins 3x a week and I work for family which is a driving job as well. When I am busy constantly I am usually a lot happier. The friends I have all have boyfriends or husbands and I feel like they are never there for me to talk. If I call them they will just text me back and they all say things that they don’t end up doing. For example one of my friends says she wants to go for a run with me and then always cancels. My familys accountability is just as bad and its to the point where I just don’t believe anything anyone says. My family is difficult too. They use me to borrow money and drive them everywhere. My brother is 30 and lives in my grandmas basement and doesn’t have a job. My mom lives at my grandma’s house as well and doesn’t work. I don’t want to ever be like them. I want to finish my degree, get a good job and find the right person to share my life with but I know it may never happen and it feels like my life will never get started. Im also broke all the time which Im sure doesn’t help. Thanks for listening to me and I hope that maybe there are some people on here that can relate and we can help each other. I don’t want to spend so much time feeling sad and worthless and want to change the way I am but don’t know how.

  • Cherokeemagic

    Those things worked for me in the past, now not much helps. My husband shot himself in our home, it feels like he opened a portal of some kind. I have had the same thoughts he must have had because i found myself with a gun to my head the gun jammed or i wouldnt be here. Im on zoloft it really isnt doing much for me. People say its time to move on it’s been 3 years…i dont even want a man that way. Thats maybe the worst part i dont feel like dating and there are men asking me out. I feel nothing about it.

  • deeply depressed!

    i failed in my semester exam and i tried my best for that exam! i did not go for any parties! i dont do wrong stuff! :( still i failed! ifelt so sad! my dad pays $6000 as my fees!:( he was shattered! now i’m in the hostel getting ready for the next semester!  today being the first day i was supposed to be happy and gled but instead, iwas sad and dull! please help!

  • Sailaja Sailu26

    m very much depresssed

  • Lana

    I am 30 years old , studied for interior decorator, worked for mostly in sales in retail. Couldnt find job in interior decorating moved for money ended up being unsatisfied in jobs and got retrenched. Decided to start selling home baked goods but did not succeed for nobody bought my products. Now i want to start with a catering and party planning business. I am holding my life back for when will i start a family and get married. Its all in my hands to move forward but i just dont know how to be get started. My life doesnt move forward att all. I dont feel good about my life as it is right  now. I am a hard working , and creative person but just dont know how to grow my career. any advice

  • Carlisa Turner

    y hav i been so sad emotional an deopressed for the last 4 weeks all i do is cry n wanna be alone must oof time y is tht an this been goin on since meh n mii bf broke up ova wat mii family n friend had tew say yes i was stressd out abt it bt i still choose him n the end n thn he broke up with meh n he said the only reason he did is cuzz he felt lik he did  didnt hav tew go thru all the drama n shyt with mii ppl n he was jhuss tried of every day ppl sayn stuff n we only tawkd 1 tim since we been broke up n we was basely telln 1aonther how we feel n wass the reason we nt together

  • Carlisa Turner

    every since meh n mii bf broke up for the last 4 weeks im been sad depressed emotional n all i do is cry n i wanna be alone everyday i was so happy with hm n i feel lik ill neva be happy again unless im with him n he reason for are break up is cuzz everybody had sumthg tew say abt hm friends n family an nw i wake up everyday thing abt go tew sleep thkn abt hm an the only thg tht realy makes meh cry is tht i be worrien lik is thkn of meh is missn meh do he still luv n care abt meh n i jhuss really feel lik ill neva live a happy perfect life again if im with hm

  • Carlisa Turner

    n rite nw as i writen ths comment im n skool n i cnt even focuse becuzz hes on mii mind n even wen i try tew gt out n hav lik ill stp thkn abt hm for the tim im enjoyn miislef thn soon azz the fun end i gt rite bakk emotional n start thkn abt hm again lik wtf am i n luv n dnt no it or wat?

  • eric

    This list is so vapid and ironically, depressing in all of it’s meek attempts at instilling positivity.  Hang out with ‘positive’ people? Perhaps the most obnoxious of them all. 

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  • John kenny

    It’s late at night and I’m sitting here feeling terrible not wanting to sleep because I know I’ll have to wake up to another day in a life I hate….hopefully this will help a bit I’m just so sad…

  • thetruthsucks

    honest to god this is a complete load of grade a s*** most of these things just remind me of my problems and in some cases make me feel worse about them 

  • Emmalou Bradley

    What a lot of sanctamonious twaddle. Nope depression is a serious health condition and it needs treatment the same as any other. This article is confusing depression with just feeling down or blue. True a bit of excercise or a chat with a friend might help if you’re a bit down. If you have depression it won’t or if it does the effects will be very temporary. I f you have depression you need to see your GP, counsoler, midwife or health visitor. Untreated depression can ruin people’s lives. DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE IT.

  • guest

    In the past few weeks i have been waking up feeling extremely down. I’ve had thoughts of death but i know i would never ever want to do something dumb like that. one of my buddies committed suicide about two years ago in septemeber, and although i could never do that to my friends or family, i just cant stop thinking about what if this situation comes to the point where i feel as if i cant get out.. this whole situation scares me, and i dont know what to do.

  • justme

    I have been depressed almost all my life.

  • Sandrasherwood1

    I lost my job in May 2012 , and put me in a depressed state of mind. I had a few job interviews and cant find myself wanting to go. its been a few job losts in the last 10 years. I have lost my take action mono.. cant get out of the house for days.. im taking meds now and trying to cop.. stopped crying but my action mode is gone.. lost everything inside me.

    what can i do..


  • brittie

    how am i suppose to stop being depressed if the people who make me depressed are always around me?

  • Mike

    Oh my god. This list is horse shit. In fact I might actually feel better if I watched the author get mauled by a group of chimps.

  • Noah!!;D

    Hello I’m Noah and I’m 13 and I know its a young age to be depressed but sometime when I have noone to talk to I listen to sad music and it really gets me down so I went to my mom asking for help and she took me to consoling and after a few months I found a was to put my depression behind me. I just want you to know it’s ok to ask for help because you can’t do everything on your own!;)

  • NexFioVos

    Ive known depression for so many years it’s second nature, doesn’t bother me as much as it used too. In fact I’ve begun to relish in the abysmal density. Keeps me preoccupied while the rest of the world speeds ahead at top speed towards destruction.

  • Saak

    i’ve been feeling depressed for yearssssss…some weeks i’ve been kwl..but then it goes back to normal….confused 

    • Saak

      Plus, my personality has just gone..i don’t like socialising anymore…i don’t think there’s anything i can do…tbh i don’t think my life is working out..failed my as levels..starting again…don’t like my friends, i know that’s harsh..don’t have any friends really,im pushing them away…can’t approach people…think too much, deeply aswell…have no positive thoughts whatsoever…everything that i think of is negative..haven’t felt happy for days..i just hate myself…i can’t change..i’v tried…don’t know what to do…seems petty..probably is..but feel very terrible and i’m only 17..i don’t even want to get out of the house..wanna stay in my room all day…even when i have been out..i’ve come  back feeling miserable

  • Giftedrain

    I think interact with family is better than interact with animals .Praying  is one of the best way to feel relax & stop feeling depressed. thanks for your suggestion..

  • I appreciate a lot of what you say, but don’t buy into the late Carl Sagan’s nihilism.

    What we do does matter. Oh, not that every little slip up is going to blow a whole lifetime, but our actions have eternal consequences.

  • neats23

    hi my name is anita and i once was a very polite,positive person,but after alot  of unfortunate events i find myself very very hurt,and angry and depressed!i used to be a “cutter” and even tried to commit suicide a few times!but im not suicidal anymore!just very very sad!a few of my events started with the death of my mom, my fiance(now husband) cheating on me(me finding out red_handed),living with in laws and his parents cussing me out all the time,in front of my kid,having to leave work because im a type 1 diabetic with hypertension,and i kept getting sick!(but i am working on going back out),just a few!help?

  • Hemlata @

    These are excellent tips. Depression can happen to anyone. Its so important to reach out when you are depressed.

  • Runner2349

    Amen to No. 9

  • Angrygirl2013

    Thank you for your advice.

    For the time being,I feel depress but your
    advice relief me.

    I accep your suggestion.I like no.1

    thank you

  • Smartjasleen16

    we cannt stay happy for long!
    specially after the heart breaks!! :'(

  • Murrayjade66

    what about when you just can’t do anything because either way you break down utterly. I have a love for busking but when i do it it makes me feel upset because of how i think people see me. And if I don’t do it I feel like a fool for not doing anything that day. 

  • Ana

    I’m going through is right now myself.  I had a lot of bad things happen to me over the last few years (lost 2 relatives, one I had to take care of through a long, debilitating illness) but had to deal with it and keep moving because I had no other choice.  Now that my life is finally starting to slow down everything seems to be hitting me now.  I’m also having these terrible feelings of worthlessness which is rediculous because not many people could have done what I managed to do these last few years – all without any support, I might add.  I don’t understand it and the last thing I want to do is go to a doctor and get some pharmacological relief.  I know too many people who are doing that now and find they are almost addicted to anti-depressives. 

    The funny thing is I do almost all of the suggestions listed above and I still feel this way.  Not sure what else I can do. 

  • Feeling depressed I try to change my usual environment.  If I have free of work time I trip to another city  – at least for one day after what I feel absolutely renewed! 

  • It should be noted that some people actually have chemical imbalances in there brains and it makes this sort of work to eliminate depression less likely to succeed. Sometimes, some people need to take medication to help the process along.

  • Great tips, thank you very much! I was feeling depressed about my life (unemployed, no money, debt) but after reading this and taking action, I now feel a whole lot better. Maybe I shouldn’t take life so seriously.

  • Happiness in Depression

    I find animals are just the absolute best when I’m feeling down.
    On another note, I have depression and I write a blog called which is dedicated to being optimistic when you have depression, and ways to cope and heal when you are suffering from it.  I want to make sure it reaches the right people so if it feels like something you need then please check it out

  • Paul Smith

    I was really shattered before reading this article.
    Now I am picking myself up.

  • Joey

    Feeling like there is a empty feeling inside..not sure how to break it down to fix what’s inside. The feeling of never being good enough. Never good many things to try to keep up toneverenouph time.

  • Weng

    Thanks for this article, it really helps me to get out from my emotional hoardings…..:)

  • Torii Borii

    This was so inspiring.

  • Guest

    What an useless tips…If they worked I wouldn’t feel the way I do right now.

  • Joshfonnerisgay

    fuck a goat

  • we all feel demotivated at one or another stage but we have to move in life without thinking of negatives.We have to constanly check ourselves what we are doing to achieve success.For this we should know whats the real meaning of success.Know to achieve and feel good 

  • Depression is a legitimate disease ! So please do not give me the nonsense about attitude.Depression is not about attitude.

  • Stranger_oz1011

    I’m optimistic by nature , Always think positive . Im in the relationship with the man for 5 years who is had very bad deppression . When we first me He was in medication of deppression and not allow to drive. He always in bad tempe , easy to get angry but I feel sorry for him so I chose stay by his side to help him without listen to my family and friends . 2 years he got better and better but doctor said he is the type of person very easy to get deppression so I alwys care for him. He had a job , lucky that he love his job . Beside working he don’t like going out . Not drink, no smoke and don’t like noisy place . No movies or hate to have time with our family.he only like work and surfing. He can spend hour and hour surfing . I’m a family person , love hangout with family & friends.but I don’t want go by myself all the time .everyone keep asking where is he . If i push him to go he will go but show a not happy face and want leave early. I’m so care and worry for him get a deppression so I always please him so I stayed home with by day after 4 years live a life like that I become a difference person . Lost tempe easy , angry without reason .annoying with people around me . I feel like I start like him 4 years ago. I live like that for 1 more year than I think I have to get out this relationship even I love him so much . He’s a good man but I can’t cope with his tempe .im out now but I still can not change myself back to normal.. I hate myself , can’t see any future . My family were great to support me but I feel embarrass for not listen to them in a first place. I hate myself but I try to act normal so no one can notice it. When I’m alone feel so bad . Do I have a deppression ? What cani do now?

  • francisco

    It’s undistracting to know how fun i can be.

  • 颜楚朝


  • Katy_swallow5

    I’m 20 and have been struggling with anxiety and panic for over a year, but I have dealt with it.
    It’s been for reasons such as taking the train alone etc . The last few weeks I have had it constantly and I can’t cope with any day ! All I want to be able to do is sleep.
    My head feels so heavy and I can’t concentrate or
    Think about anything else apart from feeling depressed. I can’t sleep eat or anything :(

  • Amber

    I am also depressed everyday I feel like I want to die, i have no motivation to do anything and if I do think of something positive like going to the gym or getting a pedicure the thought of doing it makes me wanna die I do have a full time job and I’m 28. Also I’m on celexa and I was seeing a therapist and it doesn’t help what should I do?

  • Ninahasan

    Nice  article John

     ive been trying to come out all of thiss mess since so long but could’nt help it,sometimes i feel like nbody needs me, i feel like killing my self, i think m mad and need a shock treatment or a psychiatrist.   
    but may be hopefully this article bring a change in my life :) 

  • Zoya

    I have been feeling depressed for quite some time now…i don’t think it’s just temporary :( I’m a 1st year college student. I feel alone and hopeless and invisible every single day! I’m not sure what to do or who to talk it is I don’t really have many options..

  • Flanigan

    Nope, still depressed.

  • Rdbrown89

    None of that helps in any way

  • I have been blown away by how much of a positive impact “changing up the scenery” can have on my life. I think the opposite of “staying with the same scenery” can have an extremely negative impact. Even within the timeframe of one day. 

    I will notice that if I don’t get outside and explore nature each and everyday that no matter what I feel a little sluggish and down. It just blows my mind how much this can impact my pysche. 

    It also is quite funny, yet so true how much hanging out with some animals can uplift my mood. I love to be around dogs. I’m not sure what it is but they always make me smile :). A really good practical post. 

  • Tasia Esha

    what if any of these does not work for me?

  • Ava

    I have neighbours from hell ,noise terroism ,I am thinking I NEED to let go of this worthless existence, each day I wake up I am terrified of what the day holds for me ,I have no where to go to free myself from this living hell,I am sleep deprived ,MY NERVES ARE SHOT .

    • Cacalips

      I know what that is like

    • Cacalips

      I had noisy neighbors. There were these two military sluts that had marines come over eveyr night to party and get drunk. They were worse than gangs. They talk shit, noisy, break things, yell and scream and if you try to stop it they threaten to kill you. I had cops called but the pull the “yes sir no sir’ routine, then they get mad and go slash tires. I lived 2 units up and heard them through all the walls. I complained and recorded but management supported it because it was two perverted guys that liked the girls.
         One day the girls invited their crack head friends over and coke and alcohol was all it was about from 11PM – 8am. No sleep. No ear plugs; nothing could stop it. I was getting blood shot eyes, and literally going crazy. I have no idea how to stop it. The sad part is an indian family moved in, and they had a baby and the stupid red neck marines wanted to kill them because they thought they were muslim LOL! So they partied super load and the baby never slept so the family moved out in 3 weeks. 

  • Guest

    What should you do if you are really depressed but don’t want your parents to know? I want to help myself through the internet and not have to bother them. 

  • Mitra

    A very good article…now a days my younger brother is going though this hell..and i recommended him to read this article and also networking with such people so that you learn from them and not to be afraid about your situation..rather take action to make yourself out from this black cave.

  • Jake

    Im jake and i kinda feel down because lately ive been having a hard time in high school because i failed like 4 classes my junior year i moved here when i was a freshman and being shy i havent gotten to know the school very well and make a name for myself so i ve also had a hard time finding a girlfriend with my last relationship ending at the begining of my sohpmore year and im just super depressed because i have no GF, my jobs sucks, my dad is moving on and i hate my mom sadly, and im failing constantly because work works me to late to finish homework and i just cant keep up with life pretty much and to top it off everyone is always mad at me sometimes i think i should just walk up to my dads room and pull out his pistol you know? I wish i could be a rich kid and just enjoy life because no girl at my school wants to date a poor kid :(

    • Guest

      I know how it feels. I just moved to a new country. Its hard and im shy, so making friends is tricky. Im depressed and i have so many bad things going on. Its hard to do work at school, i cant concentrate so i end up failing. I suffer from paranoa,so when i walk by people i automatically assume theyre judging me.. sometimes i wish to just end my life, to be a person people will actually like. its hard i get it!

  • thankyou this helped me so much :)

  • Keelanpywell

    Going for walk just makes me think about all the things that are making me depressed

  • Sheol

    Some people can’t figure out what their problem is. I can’t, I am constantly depressed and I don’t know why.

  • Jones

    i wish these tips actually worked.

  • Quest

    Im depressed, i dont feel like  doing anything anymore.. I cant talk to anyone about it because noone will understand what im going through. Im a high school student, i put a face on a school and act all happy, but in reality i cant cope!

  • Bleh

    All I could read from these lines is that suicide is the only solution.

    1 – There is no emotional cycle… It’s just depression all the time! :)
    2 – Thoughts are indeed contagious… When I spend time with positive people they get depressed. Interesting, isn’t it?
    3 – Well, reflecting on past success doesn’t really help, not for me at least. There isn’t any success which I valued enough to feel better when I look back on it.
    4  – My life is great in all regards. It’s just isn’t enough. No money, success, possession or relationship is powerful and meaningful enough to lift the darkness.
    5 – Change of Scenery… I liked this one. This world is my scenery. This dull grey world we live in. Changing it is… oh yes, suicide!
    6 – I broke my routine, I stopped all I did. I tried some new things, got back to what I did, stopped it all again and here I am. Everything is the same no matter what I do.
    7 – This is the single thing that helps me, I guess. Though again, it’s not meaningful enough to make a real difference.
    8 – I’ve went to the gym for six months, between five to six times a week for about 3 hours each time. It’s boring, dull and worse of all – it doesn’t require any kind of involvement. By involvement I mean, I can think on whatever I want while running – leaving more time for thoughts such as “How painful would slicing my wrists be?”
    9 – That is a very comforting advice… Nothing matters! This is great, if… You know… you enjoy “every second of life that we’re blessed with”. When you despise this world and this life, this is more of a curse than a blessing.
    10 – “Do something to help yourself” – “Take action”… Ahmmm…. “What is your biggest problem?” – I’m alive in this world. “How can you alleviate it?” – Well I’m not sure, but the only thing that has a small chance of success to change something would be to kill myself.

    Basically… I don’t find your article very helpful. I’m sorry. I wish that anything could help, but sadly… Nothing can change this reality so drastically to make it worth living.

  • Mpbriana

    ssome times its hard to move, don’t feel like wakeing up. My head hurts all the time I no im depressed but I don’t no how to stop it. And I feel like I can’t tell anyone. What should I do?

  • Tracydine

    i feel totally bad. i use to be a beauthiful, likable girl.true i never had a nice butt, and i’ve always been a small girl. but my face and my beauthiful eyes and skin color made me truely attractive. i have gone through lots of journey in my life. but feeling unpretty been ereased from my worries since a long while. i have been in a school since a month and some days. when i first came, everybody use to stare at me, and tell me how beauthiful i am. when i walked on the street, many guys been flirting with me. a few weeks after , a guy at school started picking on me. i took it for joke. everytime i opened my mouth, he would say something. than, i starded to feel unconfident. more days passing, all the guys that used to flirt with me didn’t even pay attention to me anymore. i made a friend at school that is really pretty. they use to call us twins cause we were both pretty. now it is opposit. at school, no guy tries to flirt with me. instead, most of them pick on me. telling me i am not beauthiful, i’m skinny and i don’t have a butt. because i walk in the sun after school, i got so dark. the sun tanned me. when i walk on the street, few guys look at me. sometimes none. and they don’t really flirt with me no more. at the same time this is happenning to me, i’m having issues at home. my mom isn’t being the same with me.  that’s not the worst. my boyfriend that use to tell me how beauthiful i am, don’t talk to me. i saw him, i think a week and a half ago. he told a friend of mine that i’m starting to be weird. i’m too tanned, i’m dark and its random. it’s like he don’t find me beauthiful no more. and didn’t call or text me like he use to do everyday. i’m unsecure. i don’t really believe in my self anymore. i don’t go out anymore awaiting guys to flirt with me because i know i’m no longer attractive. i’m suffering. not only my boyfriend is almost dumping me, not many boys flirt with me. only one boy at school is asking me out. and nobody likes him. and i’m still in love ith my boyfriend. or ex.  i want to get out of this depression. i don’t even feel like going to school no more. it’s like i’m being bullied. i don’t wanna go to my boyfriend’s school because i feel ugly. i have no appetite and i got way skinnier. i’m really skinny right now. i don’t know if i am the only one feeling this way butn i really hate it. help me pray to get my fun life back, i believe and adore the LORD. thak you

  • Corn Hole

    When I am depressed I play Cornhole.

  • Corn Hole

      When I am depressed I play Cornhole.

  • Amandawestenberg

    i do all of that and i still cry every single night when im trying to sleep



  • Fireballkitty43343

    This didn’t help me….. I’m in a funk and nothing will help its a deep funk that suddenly appeared and is showing no signs of leaving

  • Kirsty-rules

    I live with my 3 year old daughter i hav no family or friends down in wales i moved her to be with my daughters dad but tje relationship fell apart i tryed moving bk to manc were my family live but i had to go court this lasted 7 months im not aloud to move as i hav shard parenting with the dad he has her every fortnight on weekends i try getting a job but none r down here atm i went college but im gettimg no were the only time im happy is visiting my family and my fiancee now im stuck in a place that im not happy with no one t help me im alone money is a problem so i cnt visit my family much anymore and there all working so they dont get much tome of i need help tge anti depresants dont work help me plz

  • Steveg

    i’d love to break my depressing life but my problem is that the only thing i feel really down about is something i cannot change because i can’t change how someone’s feeling about me

  • Abdulrehman

    Valueable post … thanks

  • Depressed man

    I am 17 and massively depressed there is nothing I can either because i go to school cheer up a bit then i come home to my dad who just puts me down doesnt let me go to the gym anymore insults whatever i do i play sports at school which made me happy but i tore my ACL now i cant play sports and now i am so depressed. Like i put on my happy smile for school but then when i get home i am so stressed out and depressed.

    • Fat Tim

      Don’t worry, maybe you should talk to a clergy member

  • George Hlias7

    If you have access to MDMA take it, it is the best possible anti-depressant on the planet if you do your research. You will only take it once and when do you you will realise everything in mind and will clear all negative thought and appriciate life for what it really is. Dont get me wrong I dont do drugs, my GF had been depressed and she simply did not know why and as time went on it got more serious, medical professionals would prescribe her anti-depressants which would make her simply feel less emotions in her life and make her more uncapable of things. I did some research search and came to the conclusion of MDMA. We sat down took a pill each, opened our hearts to each other, over the duration of 4 hours she had found everything that is wrong with her thought and emotions. It has been two years since then and we are the happiest couple i have come across we are planning to get married, she is a very positive and enlightend person we go well out of our way to help others. It really shows you the meaning of life for a night and how life really is when your childhood bad experiernces/everyday stress/emotional down spirals/insecurity/ego is simply shredded from you. I do not want anyone to tell me I am recomending drugs as this is a simple one off day that will change your life. My girlfriend says it was the best $20 ever spent in her life, and no it is not addicting.

  • Remo Blu

    Mi sento depresso perche non parlo inglese e
    nessuno mi guarda in facia…
    Grazie, Remo

  • Ant2012horses

    i feel like this all the time and i know why but i cant help me self thinking about it. so i thought why not try talking to other people about it. eg talk about why and how i feel and hear what other people go though. any one want to talk

  • Anthony

    Sorry but planning ahead can be beneficial living in the present and not planning for the future is stupidity at it’s best i have seen what not planning for the future can bring. to be honest life is a bitch your born to live hell and die to go to a worse place of nothingness.


     mr wesley i have to say something, do you have a good income i’m sure you do i will tell you the secret to ending depression…..give a depressed person a million dollars to spend on anything and BAM!!! depression gone, but when the money runs out hmmmmmm notice how depression seeps back through the crack…. we make ourselfs sick we made us the way we are and people like you who think your words can change the world are pathetic. i can’t believe i seeked help and found an answer to my problem myself the only other problem ontop of this problem is how to gain wealth. hope i tought you something………….MONEY=HAPPY have a good day sir… the way i’m 24 and my name is Anthony Mavros

  • its time to wake up,its time to be strong, its time to work harder, stop being always dependent on is simple if you stopped being  materialistic be more concerned by your soul..your god..they will move u up and be less depressed 

  • its time to wake up,its time to be strong, its time to work harder, stop being always dependent on is simple if you stopped being  materialistic be more concerned by your soul..your god..they will move u up and be less depressed

  • Jessica Tarimo

    hi am jessica m i feel so depressed today, all my friends have  turn their back from me and they just left me hanging, they hate me for things i have said, it really pains.. saying something in a good way but some1 got to change it over into a bad opinion, and am in a foregn country 4 studies, i feel so alonem empty one with bad luck.. i hate my self .. i wish i go up on the mountains and cry loudly and bit myself up.. help me guys

  • Dorin

    This morning I was feeling very upset. For  me the blues are not over yet but thanks for reminding me that I have so many things in my life that I should be grateful of. 

  • Shanti

    Very Useful suggestions…Thanks alot….I am also one among the people.(depressed,hopeless) but i understand the things well…and going on in my life…
    and this Article really useful …. iam quiet speechless how it has enforced my mind to overcome all my negatives thoughts……Thanks alot.thanks for thinking for all of us.

  • You can’t see part of the text because of the annoying social networking bar! 

  • Snehal Bangera


  • Anonymous

    I’m socially anxious. I think i will have trouble with some of the items :/

  • Jojogh_87

    Every day we
    get depressed, since really we are only getting concerned with materials (how
    to get money, how we look good, how people see us, how we can make others
    happy, how much we work a day..!!!

    This isn’t life

    Good life is
    full of joy and laugh, but we people aren’t focusing on our soul

    We aren’t
    looking deep inside

    We aren’t
    thinking what our body, our mind, or soul, or god need from us, for our own benefit

    Life need from
    us to be ourselves… to be natural

    Our body
    need…protect… Health

    Our mind need
    education and knowledge..

    Our soul need….
    adherence with nature..with calmness

    god need
    nothing (kill our self, cry for him,vist religious place…) for himself, gods’
    rules  are important to protect us from dangerous situation life is draging us to

  • Guest

    Look at the condition of your heart. Identify the places where you have been hurt and seek healing. To ignore your emotions and speak yourself “happy” will not bring long term results. We all have moments of feeling blue, but depression is serious and need to be addressed and identified. I have lived without depression for 5.5 years now. :)

  • Lash_kasey

    my depression is is very bad i tryed all of these and they dont work for me 

  • Jo

    I’ve been struggling with depression the past year, and I have been so sad and so fed up with being sad. Can anyone tell me that these work for sure? What have you guys done to get out of depression? 

  • Mcqueennm21

    Hi my name Megan mother of 3 ..I been going Thur depressed stage since I was 23 25 now idk I just b not sure of what I want complains a lot I feel like no body cares I have. No friends an all want to do is b happy

  • miajj

    im a struggling broke med student, arggg

  • Steven21watkins

    iv been reading ths stuff for a while now and im only 17 and now im starting to feel better bout myself i knw how to live my life n the light nd not n the dark

  • Babyblues

    Im so glad everyone on here is so supportive of each other in the comments section, i wish the rest in the internet was like that, but alas…

    This was a very good article, and while most of these points can be told to you by any counselor, reading it and understanding the positive reasoning behind it is much, much better in my opinion, because its so easy to brush off advice while depressed. So thank you for this, i will try and implement 7, 8 and 10

  • Johngomez991


  • Gez

    I’m a woman going through perimenopause.  I cry at the drop of a hat and my mood is generally low.  I hate this feeling and can’t seem to shrug it off. The mood makes me feel anxious and I’m trying very hard not to panic when I cry.  I call it a kind of meltdown because there are so many tears – I have no idea where they’re all coming from!

    I don’t want to take ADs -I’m waiting to have some counselling, but how can you prevent a depression that’s mostly biological which I think this is? 


  • QuestGuy

    Hi I am a 21 year old guy. 
    I feel depressed thinking that what is the point of living, having relationships, doing a job, etc. As a result, my relationship with my girlfriend is also starting to tarnish as I often lie to her that I am happy. I don’t know if i want to be alone or with someone.  I don’t know what to think and what to do. I don’t want to keep myself busy to avoid these thoughts and repent sometime later. Looking forward to any advice.

  • Aghahassan

    hello guys, i hae been suffering from my wife since i married her,for the last 12 years. I have 4 kids. I can’t divorce her now, because I think , another woman will not take care of my children. My wife is a greedy woman, disobedient and highly ill disrespectful to me. May be, I have become a heart patient. I am writing this in a state of big depression. Please give ur suggestions. Should I divorce her or should I keep suffering?

    • Kez

      your wife is disobedient? what is this the Victorian age?
      How about get some real advice and go see a marriage counsellor, don’t come to seek verification of your feelings on a site full of strangers. 

  • hasni


  • Doesntmatter

    Makes a lot of sense, I was feeling like shit but yeah. live life now and stop being mopey and start helping yourself. If you read this Thanks! :)

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  • Sheena

    I was feeling really lonely and depressed but the more comments I read the better I feel just wanted to say thanks

  • Ana Caroline

    Number 10 .

  • Mangesh5588

    nice tips

  • Arpitham89

    Working in a Bad Company..I start my day with depression and negative thoughts..Unable to decide what to do..

  • Javier

    MM MMMM MMM MMMM MM MMMMMMMMMMM. i FEEL lower every second for 2 years straight. MMMMM something.
    What were you thinking? Ever heard of people like me? Mind confusion? Sense? What were you? Why did you stop?

  • Depressedperson

    stop fuckimg cribbing

  • Kez

    I have been battling depression for 10 years now, and yes, advice like this works sometimes. 
    But sometimes depression is the result of a trauma, and so the problem won’t go away, and it doesn’t pass, isn’t helped by exercise etc
    For instance – I wouldn’t give a rape victim advice number ten.

  • Patel_nirav91

    Thanks for your kind Help

  • Khan

    In the past i was very bright in all fields , still iam good business man but iam feeling very down and sad and no self confidence and i scare of almost all the things in my life ….. Plz help me out of this fear plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz iam fade up of my life

  • P.f

    I’m stuck in a rut. I feel like a big failure, to my parents, daughters , SO and myself. I dropped out of highschool when I got pregnant … And I haven’t had a job since I had my oldest which was four years ago because their dad wanted me to stay home with them I keep wanting to finish school but I can’t seem to get it done. Yesterday my boyfriend(fatherofmygirls) told me he wished I put more effort in my appearance and do a better job cleaning basically told me Im doing everything wrong. Lately I’ve been thinking of how time is just passing me by and everyone is growing up and getting their careers started and I feel like a dumb teenager even though I’m 22 going on 23. What kind of future could my girls have if I stay like this? What kind of role model would I be to them.. How would I help with homework. I can’t even do simple math problems…I don’t know what do

    • T_afaneh

      For P.F, you can still finish high school. Get your GED and you will be a great ro-model for your girls. You are never too old to finish. Dont feel like a failure. You’re still so young. Take time for yourself. Do something that makes you feel good. Take a bath, get your hair done. Dont let anyone make you feel bad. Get inspired!

  • Fghg

    #9 is depressing, jerk.

  • Jen

    Great article OMG, you have helped me 1 million times over by posting this. Thanks 😀

  • meh

    #2, #3, #6, #8, and #9 isn’t really helpful…at all…

  • James Arsehole


  • Zachman876

    What about when nothing makes you happy anymore, and that you have never achieved anything noticeable in your life, and that even getting up in the morning can destroy your mood for the entire day.  What do you do then?

    • Adayinthelife54

      Instead of keeping a list of negatives, start making a mental list of positives, don’t allow negative thoughts to penetrate your mind. It works. Try it!

  • Zak

    Im glad to not be the only one with depression :)

  • For me, the pain had to get bad enough for me to become willing to try anything. It was the things that I thought were the cheesiest that actually ended up working for me. I tried things that did not work, but I did not give up. I fought hard for my emotional health and it was worth it!

  • Mado Askar

    That was really helpfull but.. There’s some dıfıcults..

  • Covarrubias Lorena

    No Idea what to do still.

    I’m being bullied and now I’m lost.

    I give my friends great advice but I can’t help myself

  • guest

    thx so much! this really helped!



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  • cardnam

    1. Understand the emotional cyclethat don’t help me much…

    2. Spend time with positive people
    what people i don’t even have friends…

    3. Reflect on past success
    past success…
    … i can’t even find one 
    my life is a giant fail!

    4. Focus on gratitude
    i’m poor and i don’t have a job

    5. Change of scenery
    it’s midnight…. well enough i feel even worst now…..

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  • No. 8 & no.2 were best. Thanks.  

  • Liam_122

    #9 shouldn’t be depressing. Yeah right. The thought of us as meaningless creatures makes me angry and think lower of myself for having all the issues in the first place, not to mention that thinking about the scale of the universe gives me anxiety.

  • A92omar2011

    This was very helpful for me. Thank you!

  • Chantelsparenti

    i have 4 kids i deal with a full on drunk and he gets mean not to where he hits or anything just mean yelling all the time my son cant handle it or my other three what do i do im getting to where i do not want to get out of bed

    • Jess

      What do you want to do? Do you want to stay with your partner and live a miserable existence, or do you want to make a new start with your children? It is up to you.

  • Kristen Pearce

    Idk why my depression manifests more in the morning. I feel defective. I feel like I’m blubbering and dont wanna dump anymore bc no one understands. They try- they jst don’t wanna c me sad. I hav had many traumatic experiences and I feel like I relive it overrrrrr and overrrrrr alone in my head. I self medicate now bc I stopped Paxil and Wellbutrin. I feel I’m getting worse and idk what to do. I don’t WANT to b on antis anymore. I don’t wanna leave, everythng is a chore, wmotionally jst spent and idk WHYYY

  • Antisocial

    Hi bloggers. I’m also struggling very deeply with a form of depression. I can’t talk to anybody I know lately. So I found this place. I have been playing a lot of video games, an smoking meth, a habit I broke a few years back but recently allowed it back in my life. I live with addicts, we never really speak cuz I’m always in my room. I just feel ruined an worn down. To weak to reconnect with the ones I feel I lost. No one calles, no one visits. It’s been 3 months since I did anything that involved putting myself out there. My physical appearance has depleted, so I’m even more afraid to show myself around anybody. I’m slowly fading away in front of a tv. Feeding this sickness an I don’t know what to do….. Someone must be feeling the same way.

    • Jess

      You need to make the first step to disassociate with the addicts you share your home with. That is the most important and vital step if you have any chance of recovery. Then you need to stop taking the meth with help from drug counselors. It will be very difficult, but crawl on your hands and knees if you have to, but make the first step.

  • Daniel Healy

    Really helped me :’) Even though it all seems common sense, when you feel down its hard to think correctly. Thanks a lot 😀

  • No name

    Thanks a lot you didn’t help at all. Maybe it’s because I’m only 12, but you don’t seem to get the picture. If someone’s depressed they don’t want to get on with their life, they stick with the little things. When I’m feeling down I don’t want to get out and about I want to end my life. It’s not worth suffering if every little detail that’s wrong gets you disappointment. I live to see my parents proud of me but this, this is just insane. I hate myself and I don’t think friends can cure it.

    • Jess

      You articulate well for someone just 12 years old. I’m sorry that someone has upset you on here, but try to ignore it and read the positive posts instead. I’m a bit worried that someone so young is feeling the way you do. Have you told your parents? Is there something specific that is setting these bad feelings off? You need to go to the doctor and discuss this with him and your parents. There could be a physical cause for your symptoms that need to be ruled out first. Whatever you do, do not suffer alone. We are here to help you. Remember that. x


    im sad almost evryday!! :(

  • Tim

    If this works for you, you’re sad, NOT depressed. This post just makes me mad. Anyone who would write this non-sense has NEVER been depressed. “Stop moping”? Really? Right. I’ll try that…

  • Luci Michel

    i want to say a very big thanks and appreciation to chief priest Great OGUNA for bringing back my husband who left i and the kids for almost three months within the space of five days after following all instruction given to me. i am very much grateful for restoring peace in my marital home’ i pray God almighty give you the strength and wisdom to help more people having similar problem like mine,for help you can CONTACT HIM on this e-mail:ogunaspiritualtemple@gmail. com

  • Nala

    I’ve been depressed for a long time now and i just wanna die. I can’t ever seem to be happy. I always feel like I’m all by myself. I need help.

  • Alex

    Reading about depression is sooooo depressing :(

  • Dealing with Breakup Depressi

    After the breakup depression begin in brain which can effects and mind works not normally,depressions become serious problems.

    Dealing with Breakup Depression

  • IwannaFly

    I’m not depressed.. But I’m not sure about this, I’m sure I wont do suicide, bt I often feel like wishing if I could ( religious fear won’t lead me that way :D) But I do feel low regularly…. Mostly if I’m at my home.. without any reason.. it’s boring, then sad, than Low, than physically feeling weak, then I wanna die … Nothing makes me feel good

    I used to avoid gathering, hanging out with mates.. But now I know these activities cheer me up.. But as I avoided enough in life, people occasionally call me out :/ Sad !

    Am I depressed? Mayb not.. Still I wanna be better with myself !

  • cissy

    The challenges facing today’s families are plentiful. With both parents usually working demanding jobs, there is scarcely any time to even enjoy a meal together. Kids are given what they want, not what they need. Parents being busy and overwhelmed often do not have the energy to provide structure and boundaries essential for proper functioning. The absence of structure leads to an excessive use of media, which can lead to addiction, isolation, depression and anxiety. This is very useful information. another useful site is

  • tory

    I think that is actually a good bit of helpful information it did help me alot and now I realise what to help me feel undepressed thanks:)

  • Chris

    I’m totally going to kill myself nobody like or loves me.

    • How do YOU know that nobody likes or loves you? And don’t base your own happiness on other people liking or loving you. Just love yourself. Read a Hero’s Journey. x

    • Grace

      God loves you, as difficult as it may sound, He is closer than you think. Unfortunately, it’s hard for your body and mind to comprehend it… but He does!

  • Saurabh

    Believe me its very easy to say all but hard to follow the way outs…Becoz lets understand that a person having such problem must have done something in past to overcome this, so how can it be easy to just accepting and follow the recommendations after seeing your advices.

  • obtusian

    Not a single thing mentioned would help me. Maybe I have terrible problems, but I see huge issues, please help.

  • obtusian

    By the way I don’t think I have depression as my mood is normally middling.

  • obtusian

    Just reading the posts suggesting a change of environment made me feel scared. I have tried to move to a different city but fear stopped me.

  • Kaboom

    Thank you so much for writing this. It’s great, and it helps out a lot.

  • roxydash

    I don’t know how to be happy anymore. I try to hang out with my best friends, but I don’t feel the same around them. I constanly think I’m not good enough and I cut my wrist and thighs. I ran track and I’ve been doing a lot of things to get me mind off this depression but nothing seems to help, any suggestions?

  • starlove317

    thanks you kinda helped me

  • sava

    Be the change you want to see around yourselves jeez. everything starts from the personality, and from the egoistic inclination that you can keep the good feeling to yourself.

  • anon

    Well, I feel depressed ’cause my sister is realising her dream right in front of me, but it is also my dream.. It really hurts me inside, but I keep it secret, and put a fake smile on my face everyday. But it’s getting harder and harder, to pretend like I don’t care when my sister talk about what she’s up to realise the dream. I’m pretty sure she will success, when I’ll be just forgotten, since nobody cares about me. I know it, because no one seems to notice my pain.. People tell me that I should talk to her, but they don’t know that we hate each other.. I usually tell my problems to my mother, but I can’t tell her about my sister, because she’s always by her side, like when we argue.. Please, help me if you can?

  • Imthedevil

    I wish opium was legal…. Then All my worrys would be gone. Id probably be the happiest man on earth.

  • Imthedevil


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  • Christianmay

    It is really awesome!

  • Gi

    None of this crap helps me with my problem

  • XyZ

    my name is..lets say xyz

    i am really going off track..
    i was forced to break up with my girlfriend of 4 yrs..her family threatened my parents of filing a police complain..
    it has been a year now and i cant stop thinking about her..
    the situation is hopeless and i dont know what to do..
    but i still hope that something will happen and every damn thing will go back to normal

    the other thing that is killing me is my dad wanted me to go into some other field and i hav my own interest..long story short i dint go where my dad wanted to go and wasted a b joining my field of interest in a month or two..but m feeling soo bad that i let my dad down..i butchered his dreams he saw for me and selfishly chose what i wanted to do..

    i feel restless all the time..i don’t have tinge of idea what i should do..i am frustrated and is HARD..and i don’t wana continue anymore :/

    where the hell is he even there?
    y wont he listen to a single prayer!

    i am really very depressed and i dont feel like talking to people..i constantly have this urge to talk to my girlfriend..and i am not able to let go of the hope i have that she will come back and everything will go back to normal..

    help me..i thought about medical attention but i cant talk to my mom dad about all this or else they would take the world on their head and they will go berserk about me not being fine..i dont want to give them any more trouble or tension..

    thank you for reading..hope i dint waste your time..

  • hannah fontaine

    I am feeling really depressed lately. I cant sleep. Cant eat. Dont want to leave the house. I feel like crying all of the time and i cant help it.:_ (

  • hannah fontaine

    Im in like this kinda funk. and its making me think thoughts that are unhealthy and dangerous.
    im worried.

  • blugh

    Oh my god, if I had any past successes I wouldn’t be depressed, this is the same crap advice everyone has.

  • Selena Ferry

    I’m really depressed and lately suicide has been going through my head. I recently moved into my dads with his family, his girlfriend, and step kids, a boy and girl. Their names are Daniel and Isabelle, Isabelle is 6 and Daniel is 9. Isabelle is the biggest spoilt brat you could imagine. Yet treated like an angel.
    I’m 12.. I have started my period and would like some privacy.. I don’t get that much but I suppose I have to accept it. Just a week ago my BEST friend that I don’t see much anymore, stayed over. I had my bratty little step sister in my room the whole time, she wrecked my room, and smashed the perfume my bestie bought me. I asked my dad if I could have at least half an hour alone with my bestie. He said no because I’m hurting Isabelle’s feelings and I need to respect her for allowing me to live in the same house with her.. It turned to a huge row.. Because I asked for half an hour with my bestie. Yet Isabelle stomped her feet and screamed in my dads face because she wasn’t allowed a biscuit, she got “don’t do that please angel cakes” I mean what?! I’m his daughter yet treated like the slave and the brat is treated like the queen! My dad told my real. Sister in private that he’s going to be having words with me about being mean to Isabelle. So now I’m a b*tch for asking for half an hour. I’m really depressed and feel like my dad hates me. What do I do? I’m 12 and don’t want to feel like this please someone help me

  • Anielle P. Cherte

    What’s with all this positive stuff? I wanted to find something to help me feel terrible!

  • Geeisthe truth

    I like article… made me feel alot better……thank u

  • mina

    thank you I need it to read something like this…

  • I am really happy to be surrounded by people who are not only positive but are crazily amazing! Being with such individuals makes you be yourself, experience new things without being fearful that you would commit mistakes because flaws are readily accepted. A great and positive support system is, I guess, the best weapon against depression.

  • Wev

    Moping or Blues isnt Depression… When people act like its not the end of the world or a bit of possitive thinking will help for me it just proves your on your own and irritates me more. Its easy to judge from outside the bubble But no one knows what Im going through or of what Ive been through how my life has been or how I feel about it. Im usually a confident happy go lucky guy and I have 2 beautiful daughters and yet I can feel suicidle cry at no notice over things I know arnt that bad and then feel on top of the world the next and I dont know why Its like Im loosing Me. Thats not the blues dont be so quick to judge.

  • Oriady

    I’ve had depression for almost 2 decades. I’m having a rough time right now. These suggestions SUCK!! They are so general and the usual blah blah blah. They might be good hencsomeone is feeling a little down, but not when they are fighting the”storm” this should say how to stave off a “blue” day or feeling bored. Boooooooooooooooooo

  • Oriady

    OMG, I’m reading some of the replies ” I’m having a down day too” you just need a hobby or, excericize, lose weight, just go out…. Do you people realize that those of us like Adam casillas are actaully talking about more than a down / blue day. It’s a struggle for some of us to just get out of bed, even taking a shower or getting dressed is a huge accomplishment. And you want us to get a hobby, go to the gym. I’m reading, and many of you really do not know a lot about clinical depression. You want natural ways that are easy and not as daunting as going outside or being social? Because yes people….that is super crazy hard to do. 1) if you are not on meds get on some, or go natural herbs. Look on the Internet, DR. Oz featured one for depression that is really good. 2) buy a Phillips light box, it helps me though he dull months Sept- Feb. cost $100 CND, 2) alternately go buy, daylight bulbs at your hardware store and change out all the bulb in ur house and turn on ALL the lights everyday. 3) make your daily goal to have a shower and get out of your pjs. If you can do that, you’ve done a lot.
    4) goal 2 sit on your porch in the sun for 10-15 mins each day. If you can do goal 1 and goal 2, your a super hero…really. 5) if you have $600 buy a Frazier Welles ( I think that’s the name) brain stimulator or go for rTMS therapy. Big big results to help depression.
    5) lastly you are not alone. Though I can tell you, ppl don’t seem to get it especially friends and family. So talk to people who do get it. A crisis counsellor, a pshychiatrist,

  • Marc Shakter

    Whoever wrote this thinking it will help someone with real, clinical depression, should have the shit beaten out of them.

  • John

    what can you do when you just always get the short end of the stick.
    like when your the laughing stock of your friends
    when you cant even have a postive day your teachers attack you with nothing but negative comments
    which you love your dad and he loves you and he can be really cool
    but your mom you never see and she loves you but causes crap for your dad so he sufers when you should be.
    What can i do when im 16 and i havent felt like i can be without someone for more than 2 weeks
    what can you do overall when you feel like you wanna quit but cant because so many people care that it wouldnt be fair to them…
    I dont know anymore sad thing is only 10 things keep me sane
    1.walking dead
    2. my other tv shows
    3.pokemon family which doesnt give me trouble
    5. a girlfriend when i have one
    6. Video games and youtube videos
    7. my overall look
    8. my niceness overall
    9.soda i love that stuff
    and 10. people who care overall
    I know techianlly you care when you give someone crap but too much of it is stressful and overwheliming please help me

    • Grace

      God wants me to let you know He loves you and no matter what your mind rationalizes as a reason to feel otherwise, don’t believe it… Seek Him, tell Him you want a relationship with Him and He will draw closer to you. He cares about you and made Jesus His son feel the type of rejection that you would go through so He identifies with you. He just wants a relationship with you!

  • luca

    why why why why

  • Javed Shaikh

    Article is very useful, another article which can help get rid of negative emotions

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  • kIsS tHe PaNdA

    Love that animal advice, a bird doesn’t worry about not being an eagle or not getting a tasty seed lol

  • Jenny Lyn Linton

    ive been feeling depressed/bored the last 3 days! I wake up feeling pretty good, then, bam! out of nowhere, im highly unmotivated and bored.

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  • ben

    Don’t know what to say

  • this person

    i feel like s*** because of school and family problems. i would like to talk to people but instead i get ignored..i have this one friend that is awesome..i of people meet alot of people bc of her..but it feel like they don’t want me around..they all ignore me..some time my sister makes me cry…she is rude..but my older sister make me feel better..but im still a high school sometimes my grades makes me sad as well. what should i do?

    • WhoIAm

      Wow i didnt know there was a person with the exact problems that i had 10 years ago
      Dont worry it will turn around its mainly bcoz of high school NEWS Flash! Life is nothing like highschool, when u become adults no one will make fun of u it will be considered rude..yeah weird right?!
      Then theres your parents & sisters issue hey u will move out eventually & start a new life independently making your own decisions now doesn’t that feel good?!
      And finally grades dont matter in fact education is a load of crap instead focus on what u do best & train yourself professionally by taking courses that focus on your specialty it could be as simple as cooking or music

  • April

    I have been fighting the battle of depression now for quite sometime. What do you do when you have no one to talk to that wants to listen to your issues. That’s why I am writing now on these comments. I just need to get this out! I feel like I am screaming for help inside and putting on a fake smile on the outside. I feel overwhelmed with my family and husband, tired of working so many hours and having no time to myself. I feel like a single mother most days and do the same routine everyday and weekend. I do not care to be social because I am tired of being fake. I am currently taking meds and it’s helped some but seems they are tapering off now. The Holidays seems to make things worse and my confidence in myself has hit a bottom low. Things got really bad after I had back surgery in June. I am still experiencing cronic pain as well as not being able to do a lot of things that I use to like work out ect. The only thing that gets me through the day most days is my children. I just wish I had someone to chat with and listen. My husband is tired of listening to me and thinks I am just a complainer. I don’t know what to do.

  • Taizé

    11th way – Smoke a Joint

  • Kai


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  • damn depresed

    done of these things actually help with a persons depression. i should know after all i have MDD and ive tried these things a lot of time.none of it work.

    none of the medication and thyrpist
    none of the hospitalizations or even talking about it actually works

    after a awhile you just have to deal with the fact that my life is nothing but an empty ball of sadness and finding ways to try not to show that you want to slit you wrist every other minute
    every single day!!! all of this stuff is a bunch of crap
    and i have been clinictly diaognosed with MDD and in the hospital 3 times none of that crap works!!!!

  • diamond


  • Diamond Hunter

    well it is normal to feel this way

  • Diamond Hunter

    yolo swag

  • Bear

    We are all up and down, so next time you start thinking about crap, just start laughing! Look around at miserable folks and laugh–life is a joke!
    Just ride it~

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  • Jace

    I am depressed because I am gay, and I know I will never live a “normal” life like everyone else? I want a family, I want kids, I want a normal life, but I know I never will. I just don’t know how much longer I can take it. I see all my co-workers so happy, always socializing. I feel like I don’t even know how to interact. I know there is nothing I can do about being gay, but I wish there was some way to be happy and not worry about critics or my family banishing me.

    • Jace

      Disregard the ? at the end of the first sentence. typo

  • Dimples

    The thing is, I DO this stuff. And I’m STILL depressed. I’m sure this stuff will help SOME people but idk… This seems to be an article for people who are just feeling down. Not depressed. The “fake it till you make it isn’t effective. If I told everyone who I associate with that I was depressed, they’d be shocked. I’m shy & quiet but I try to have fun. I laugh, make silly jokes, I’m friendly to people but I STILL feel depressed. I still feel like I’m want to leave this horrible world no matter how many “beautiful” or “positive” things i surround myself with. I ALWAYS remind myself of people who have it WAY WORSE than me but it doesn’t make me feel any better. I’m very empathetic towards those people. It just doesn’t make me feel any better. They only time it helps is if I’m whining about something small like the store didn’t have the size shoe I wanted.

  • Minu

    Dont know but feeling very low today, dont know what happen but feeling as if i am trying to pretend in front of him…. i am hurt because of his behavior but i have no right to get hurt we are not even in relation i just see him just as my good friend hes my office mate… i want to clear things with him but want him to first talk i think if I will talk first he will take me otherwise we share quality time together but now i don’t want to talk with him and even i want to clear with him. what should i do…?

  • Tamera



    wtf is this shit , it just saying how to get fun dats kinda stpid , who wrote this can suckmydick


    who will delete my comment i deadass gonnna find you i have fbi connection and kill you

  • Hopeful Hope

    I am depressed. What is your advice? I fell empty in side. I want it to end but I don’t know how.

  • Jacob Berman

    The fact that we’re insignificant creatures and everything we do will eventually be forgotten contributes significantly to depression. I tried thinking like that before, but I ended up not caring about anything and hurting myself and the people around me (both figuratively and literally.) When you think about it, there are starving children in Africa, but the fact that they will be forgotten doesn’t help them any in the present moment. They’re still starving children, whether or not anybody will remember nine-billion years from now, and that applies to everything. It’s simply one of many, many gloomy overheads in life.
    I’ve been depressed on and off for years, usually going a couple months up and a couple months down. I’m better now than I was, and saying that always makes me feel better. I can usually find the root causes of my depressions, stress from work, power going out (or a series of many other things, like my kerosene heater catching on fire yesterday. Yeah that was fun.) Sometimes I feel I can only be happy when I buy things, but then I worry about money. I feel better sometimes when I eat, but now i’m gaining weight. I’m starting to go anorexic, I force myself to throw up every couple of days. I’m so worried and so afraid of everything. I never learned math properly, so i’m starting at kindergarten level in College and am still having a hard time. it’s worrying. I was homeschooled my whole life and now have serious social problems, intimacy issues, and an authority complex. (I understand all this because of my Psychology I took, I know a lot about psychology, but I still can’t conquer them.) I was molested as a child and can’t get those thoughts out of my head, I think about it on a daily basis. I’m an androgynous pansexual, which brings a whole new set of problems, and I can’t seem to find an escape from anything anywhere. I should just drop the labels and when I come home with a boyfriend “Oh you’re gay?” “Well i’m pansexual, and I told you like 5 years ago.” and when I come home with a full penectomy, yeah… Then I wonder if the penectomy will even make me happy. Maybe I should just keep my junk, and explain everything from the ground up to everybody (like i’ve been doing) without looking like a freak. I can’t help who I am!
    Then my spirit animal is an owl and the owl fits so perfectly to me, but it worries me so much. I’m not a Christian (I have no religion) but my father brothers and sister are Christians (my Mom is atheist, i’m anti-theist.) and it’s difficult to explain to my brothers when they ask me to pray why it is exactly that I don’t want to pray. I don’t want to pray, religion is destroying this planet!! I have to constantly coach my mind to believe in the right things, which I know are only natural. I love psychology. So I constantly block out racist thoughts in my mind (i’m not racist) and it’s frustrating because these stereotypes keep creeping their way in. Not to mention my scars which will not go away even though i’ve been clean for two years. (Yeah, explaining scars is great especially when my co-workers have like severe retard disease and ask about them EVERY SINGLE TIME I SHOW UP FOR WORK. God, leave me alone.) I go to the backyard in my free time where I have dug a huge hole, because it is the only place I can think. I’m burdened by taking too many classes, and my college is literally an hour long drive every day. It’s just a big time-waster with time-sucking homework. I have guilt following me everyday from things i’ve done i the past that I regret, that no matter what I can do will not leave me. Saw a pastor, religious BS. “God is with you, he loves you so it will be alright.” “yeah that’s great and all mm hmm yeah tried that whole religion thing doesn’t actually do anything, and now that I know the entire psychology of why people have religions just yeah mm hmm kthxbai.” It seems like since I know a lot about psychology I would able to resolve these things but I don’t. It’s just, so frustrating to know everyday that no matter what I do I can’t change anything. I do everything right: I conform, I keep a job, i’m a nice guy, I get (mostly) good grades, I even identify as male at the workplace and take off my jewelry and wash out my hair dye and everything. Anyway, i’m commenting on a six year old (or however old) thing. Sorry. Whatever. At least I got to get something out, I needed to. Thanks.

  • Dann yo

    I am depressed and this didn’t help maybe because I am to young to understand as I am only 13

  • dianegordon

    I agree with you Craig – clinical depression and feeling blue are not the same thing. At the same time, this is all great advice. A change of scene, if a person is depressed, can do wonders.

  • ryan

    thank you so much
    im just a child age of 11 but you saved me now i dont have suicidal feelings thank you!

  • amir

    wow it really worked for me and really improved my mood and helped me to understand certain types of things thank you ;D

  • Megan Danuser

    My whole life ive been judged. Never been accepted. Its gone over and over in my head. Trying to figure out what i did wrong. If i couldve done something differently and maybe things wouldve been better. Ever since i was like 5 ive been bullied. Along the way ive lost people close to me threw either suicide or cancer. It brought grief and depression. A few months ago, it came back but this time its not going away. I cry myself to sleep. I have to leave class because of this that wouldnt normally bug me. Bug me. Like they cause me to have anxiety attacks and all of that. I dont know who i am anymore…

  • Mg

    I’m depressed not dumb! If I have to be like Johnny cash I might as well kill myself! U experts r dumb and no help!

  • Mg

    He was a drug addict who cheated on his wife and fell in love with another woman! Your gonna use his wisdom as your example! Dumb!

  • G

    I’m sad. My minds going faster and I can’t control them. I’m afraid to tell the others because I know they would either misinterpret me or not understand me at all. You don’t know what it feels like.

  • Depressed_Girl

    I am almost always depressed. Singing helps when you are sad or depressed. Sing a song the way your feeling, then move up slowley to faster happier music. This usually works

  • Indeed depression may be a serious problem that should not be taken with
    a pinch of salt irrespective of age or gender. You must so be aware of
    the early warning signs of depression so as to hunt assistance

  • Marcelle

    I made a simple google search “feeling low” and this was as option. As I read I was uplifted (somewhat) to know I was not truly all alone. Each and every one of you have brought a new perspective of my illness. I wont lie and say I am happy now that others are depressed like me – NO! But I can breathe a little easier with the options and suggestions provided below.

    To the article above, the suggestions are blanket to me. I do not think one should look to the internet for counseling. It is a start to accepting your condition if you are looking for help.

  • Camden

    I’m depressed right now. I don’t know what to do. I am very confused and I don’t know why I feel this way..

  • Short Hair

    Good post about 10 All Natural Ways to Stop Feeling Depressed

    Short Hair Salons

  • just a high school student

    I’m 16 and i’m just a normal high school student, who lives in a nation with the hardest curriculum, in the hardest school in here, where most of the student are workaholic since most of our parents wants us to do the best (yeah i’m Asian). our school start from 6.30 am so i wake up at 5 am and ends 3.30. and with a very little time we have, we need to study really hard (i mean REALLY) so most of my friend takes exstra lesson outside school (well study or not study we still cant pass the minimum score, so whats the point?) and LOTS OF homework.
    don’t mind me i’m just need someone to talk into :(
    well i’m sure i’m not just “depressed” i’m feeling tired right now, i just want to quit school, and i know that my grammar suck because my english score is really low
    anyway thanks for taking your time reading my story

  • ps@hell

    I am a college student, 20 year old. I am depressed. I always feel low. and the most important thing is that I don’t know the reason. I feel that I can’t do anything in my life. I don’t study at all. Sometimes,I try to make some effort regarding my studies, my career but everything is in vain. Noone understands my problem. I also give trouble to others, especially to the people who are close to me. I really don’t know what should I do but I really need help. It’s as if something is stopping me to breathe.

  • Zoë

    What do you do when you have a depression disorder? And another one that stops you from doing the thing that you love? What do you do if everybody acts like they care, but nobody gives a shit except one person? When you have already started into self-harm? When you are 11, so of course most peeps think it is hormones? tell me that.

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  • Lydia laures

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  • Lydia laures

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  • Kay Cee

    My biggest problem, i couldn’t even begin to decide where to start. I know this sounds typical, but you really have no idea. Each day is a nightmare that I don’t even wake up from.

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  • Toon Time Capsule

    .life is stupid then you die