10 All Natural Ways to Stop Feeling Depressed

  • Life is a drag.
  • What’s the point of anything?
  • I’ll never be happy.

Do any of these gloomy thoughts sound familiar? It’s likely they do. The occasional case of the blues is perfectly normal, but that doesn’t make dealing with it any easier. If you allow them to, negative thoughts can fester and lead to serious depression. That’s why it’s important to take action early to bust yourself out of a slump.

While these suggestions won’t eliminate your problems, they can help you break a negative thought pattern and stop feeling depressed. If you think you might have a serious mental health problem, don’t hesitate to see a medical professional.

1. Understand the emotional cycle – Life is an emotional roller coaster. Some days you feel like nothing can stop you. Other days you feel utterly hopeless. Most of the time you’re somewhere in between. Understanding the pattern of positive and negative emotions will help you put your feelings in perspective. Next time you feel down, just remember that it’s a natural emotion that will inevitably pass. Knowing that a feeling of depression is only temporary makes it less dreadful.

2. Spend time with positive people – Nothing affects the way you think and feel more than the people you interact with. Thoughts (both positive and negative) are contagious. If you are surrounded by negative people, it’s only natural that you’ll start to think and feel the same way. To improve your outlook on life, spend time with positive people. Search them out and try to understand the way they see the world. Chances are their happiness will rub off.

3. Reflect on past success – In the wake of a colossal failure, it’s easy to forget everything you’ve ever done right. Take a few minutes to remember your past accomplishments and build yourself up. What made you successful before? What are your strengths? Frequently, this exercise will build self confidence, help you figure out what went wrong, and generate ideas for success in the future.

4. Focus on gratitude – It’s human nature to measure ourselves against those ahead of us on the social ladder. Studies have shown that people care more about being richer than their friends than actually making more money. When you consider everything good in your life and compare it to the problems of less fortunate people, the issue that’s making you depressed won’t seem as serious.

5. Change of scenery – One of the best ways to change the way you feel is to change your environment. When you get in a slump, you start to associate your problems with everything around you. It can get to the point where your environment is a constant reminder of your problems. This can be a dangerous cycle. The solution is to change things. Change doesn’t have to be radical. Cleaning up, adding more lights, or including pleasant decorations can completely change the mood of a room.

6. Break your routine – Going through the same routine, day after day, can be monotonous and depressing. It often leads to getting caught in a rut. To get out of it you need to temporarily change your routine. If you can, take a day off from work. Do something you don’t normally have time for or something you’ve never tried. In the long run, taking a day off every now and then to get out of slump will make you happier and more productive.

7. Interact with animals and nature – It’s funny when you consider how humans put so much importance on their own tiny problems. Animals don’t think this way. A little bird doesn’t mope around because it isn’t an eagle or because another bird beat it to a tasty seed. Animals live in the present moment and they show love unconditionally. Observing and interacting with them will help you get over your problems.

8. Get moving – As Johnny Cash famously suggested, “Get a rhythm, when you get the blues.” Moving to a beat makes everyone feel better. The same is true for movement in general. Hitting the gym or going for a walk will help you shed the lethargy that comes with feeling depressed. The more enthusiastic your moments, the better you will start to feel.

9. Think about the big picture – As Carl Sagan made evident with the Pale Blue Dot, we’re insignificant creatures living in a vast universe on a tiny planet. In the long run, everything we do will probably be forgotten. Some might find this depressing, but it shouldn’t be. It means that all our problems are illusory. In a million years no one will remember what you did or didn’t do. What matters is the present moment and enjoying every second of life that we’re blessed with.

10. Do something to help yourself – Above all, the best way to stop feeling depressed is to take action. What is your biggest problem? How can you alleviate it? Once you decide to stop moping and start moving forward you won’t have time to feel depressed. Action will occupy your mind and give you something to look forward to. Once you get some results, you’ll build momentum and positive thinking will keep getting easier.

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  1. Abba says:

    Thank for the motivation

  2. Hadia says:

    It’s not easy to get out of the depression phase. I tried walk and does work for me.thanks for great info

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  12. Kandy says:

    I needed the reminder. Thanks!

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  14. Nice article. This is motivational blog. Thankyou for inspiring.Good stuff.

  15. . says:

    Eh.. but nobody is positive around me.

  16. I prefer games over anything. Movie and Games are my first priority 🙂

  17. Having read this I believed it was extremely informative. I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this content together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

  18. Chavonne H says:

    This is Awesome! I really need this now thanks!

  19. Malinda Kidd says:

    Chris Evans Is My Best Friend Forever He Is Captain America And He Always Cheers Me up And Helps Me With My Depression And All of My Struggles

  20. donna says:

    as I read all of this , I started to sit here and think to myself “have I done this? Is this all legit? I’ve tried a couple of these things and still nothing.” As if this just made me more sad at the fact I’ve tried and so far nothing has worked. Should I take meds ? should I go to sleep and hope tomorrow I feel better ? I wonder if my kids even know their mommy isn’t really happy? Does that make me a horrible mother if I feel this way ?

  21. Ebijanded says:

    Totally helpful.

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  28. in my opinion, the best way to get rid of depression is to watch a movie…

  29. ugh lifes pointless says:

    sigh I have depression cause of heartbreak and other things too I have sever depression but its gotten worse here recently but I needed this reminder so, thanks ig… </3

  30. robert pappert says:

    a nice walk in the great outdoors-derail the negative thought train-perform something requiring eye hand co-ordination-look up what others are doing to feel better

  31. ponselpintar says:

    everyone will feel depressed, more vacation and photo tags on Instagram, nice post

  32. a nice walk in the great outdoors-derail the negative thought train-perform something requiring eye hand co-ordination-look up what others are doing to feel better

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