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5 Tips To Become More Light-Hearted

Are you too serious? Maybe you get offended easily or judge others on autopilot? Or perhaps you just feel that you could benefit from ‘lightening up” and taking a more cheerful approach to your life?

We can get bogged down, solemn and stuck in our unhelpful ways, trudging through each day carrying on our habits from the day before.

But I’m here to challenge you to intervene and make some changes. It’s for your own good.

Here are 5 easy tips to become more light-hearted.

1) Come from love

Love is open, generous and most importantly, non-judgmental. This means that in order to come from love, you need to accept people as they are.

Notice how you label others or disapprove of their choices. Doing this only serves to make you feel tense, frustrated or critical and trust me, if you’ve been judging others for a while, you deserve to feel better… and you can!

Use this reminder: I can’t change you, I accept you as you are. I choose to feel good.

2) If it will be funny later, let it be funny now

Something goes unexpectedly wrong, your plans get interrupted, someone lets you down or, worst of all, one of your tech devices stops working! Tragedy!
Have you ever had a complete meltdown when something like this happened only to laugh about it when you shared the story later?

If it’s funny later, it can be funny now. I promise.

When you feel yourself getting sucked into meltdown mode, imagine yourself telling this story to a good friend in a year’s time. Are you laughing about it? If so then allow yourself to channel that hilarity into the present moment. Let it be funny now!

3) Ask questions

There is much to be gained from showing a genuine interest in another person. Not only do you open yourself up to learn something new, but you give the gift of your attention. Probably the greatest gift you can ever offer to anyone.

If you find yourself stuck in the story of your own life, feeling miserable about your situation then it’s unlikely that complaining about it is going to make you feel any better or deepen your relationship with your loved ones.

Instead, ask them about their life. You will relax and they will feel validated and appreciated. Engaging with others without the need to be heard in return is a noble skill, the mastery of which will leave you feeling surprisingly fulfilled.

4) Bring positivity with you

It can be so easy to fall into the pattern of expecting people, events and circumstances to bring us joy, we often forget that we can bring it too.

Make it your goal to fill your own life and the lives of those around you up with positivity. I’m not talking about approaching events with the attitude of “This better be good,” and then allowing yourself to be disappointed if it’s not as good as you’d liked it to be.

Instead it’s about getting your “happy” on and then not allowing anyone or anything to take it from you. That is your choice to make. Nobody forces you to give it away.

Consider something that we all deal with from time to time, waiting. If you show up with a positive spirit then waiting probably won’t bother you. But, if you let the situation sap your good vibes, then you make space for frustration and blame that will not only leave you in a bad mood but also make you fairly unpleasant to be around.

5) Smile

It seems obvious but most people don’t do it as often as they’d like to think they do.

Imagine that all day tomorrow you’re going to be filming a close up movie of your face that you can watch back. Check in with yourself throughout the day and consider how many times you smiled in the last 30 minutes.

Was it enough for you?

Smiling not only does wonders for your own body, it invites people to smile with you. It shares something special and magical. Think of someone you love, a funny story or something that you are grateful for and let it beam out of you through your smile!


Naomi Goodlet

Naomi Goodlet is a Mindfulness Crusader, Spiritual Rebel and Anxiety Hacker. She advocates for empowerment, wellbeing and freedom through connection with true values and with the present moment. To connect with Naomi visit her website.

28 Responses to 5 Tips To Become More Light-Hearted

  1. Jihan Didi says:

    Gr8 article, I especially believe in the power of smiling

  2. Sreedhar says:

    Each tip is a Golden Rule. Thanks.

  3. Carolynne Melnyk says:

    This is great advice for anyone. I especially like #3 Ask Questions. It is so amazing how fast our problems or judgements disappear when we shift from self focus to focus on the other person. The gift of listening with our whole self is a gift received by both the speaker and listener.

  4. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Thanks Jihan! Me too! x

  5. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Thanks Carolynne. I completely agree. I wrote an entire article recently about listening

  6. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Thanks Sreedhar!

  7. Darcy Hudjik says:

    Thanks, Naomi. I’ve had success with finding humor in bad situations. I try to go by the saying,”If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry”.

  8. Omar Mackie says:

    great acticle

  9. Carolynne Melnyk says:

    Thanks Naomi, I will check it out!

  10. Jesse Webb says:

    Love this, Naomi! What a timely reminder for me, as I’ve been finding myself in need of some lightening up the last few days! I especially love the one about if it will be funny later make it funny now. YES!

  11. I found your blog post full of great advice and awesome reminders. I really love this affirmation: ¨I can’t change you, I accept you as you are. I choose to feel good¨. I repeated it out loud 3 times and felt so light!!! Perfect timing. Thank you Naomi. Big hug! XO

  12. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Jessica! x

  13. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Thanks for reading Omar!

  14. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Thanks Jesse. This one was a huge game changer for me as I used to be waaay too attached to the disappointment and drama. Now I just laugh! x

  15. Angela May says:

    beautiful post Naomi! I especially love ‘it will be funny later so let it be funny now” wait a great approach!

  16. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Thanks Angela! That tips has allowed me to let go of my “drama”. x

  17. BlossomSquare says:

    This is great analyzing skills given by author.

  18. creativestatic says:

    Yes! I am a (sometimes annoyingly) chipper person…and these are ALL things that I practice on a daily basis. There are tough days, for sure, but I know I can breathe through it, lean into these techniques, and it always releases that tension.

  19. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Great stuff! x

  20. Erika Matos says:

    “Let it be funny NOW” Amen. It’s really never that serious! LOL

  21. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Thanks Erika! Such a valuable lesson! x

  22. Tammy phye says:

    A great post. I liked the one about being funny, I have been practicing that lately as I have been having issues with technology. I would rather laugh about it then be grumpy.

  23. Alix Sabatelli Rager says:

    I feel lighter and happier already!! xoxo Thanks Naomi!

  24. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Thanks for reading Alix! x

  25. Naomi Goodlet says:

    Great stuff Tammy! x

  26. Vishal says:

    Nice Post.

    Here is another look on being happy & positive…

  27. Paula Lawes says:

    You know the whole ‘I can’t change you’ thing so resonates with me and how I used to be. I finally learned that this was never ever ever going to happen! That I had to change myself first (sometimes difficult at certain times of the month! but you know what I mean!) It’s about changing yourself, how you view things and becoming a lot more conscious. In fact I’d say it’s about waking up and seeing, hearing and being for the first time. Sorry to go on but I love articles like this that promote love above all. It’s where it all starts and ends… Great stuff Naomi. I write daily on this kind of stuff on my own blog (The Daily Grow) all the time, so it’s great to see someone else doing it too. It’s all growth at the end of the day. Thank you really appreciate it :)

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