Why is Consciousness The Key to Happiness?

Consciousness… just a word for many but for some people familiar with its experience, it is a means to create a beautiful world.

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of consciousness is “the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself.”

I’m sure you want to unlock this experience…

In case you don’t know, both Thinking and Feeling are the basis of an individual’s existence.

There are situations, a majority in the materialistic world when thinking creates wonders.

Similarly, there are situations when the feeling component gives you the best of experiences, the best testimony being the holiday-breaks.

Here’s the problem…

You are thinking more and feeling less


You are feeling more and thinking less.

There is a deficiency or an overdose of one component over other. Sorry, but you are losing in both the scenarios.

How? Let’s find out…

An insight into both the scenarios…

More of thinking and less of feeling is because you are under the influence of a sub-conscious mind.

It is leading to over-thinking; your mind stresses more, attracts negativity from the outer world, the reason feeling component is down under.

The consequences are worse… 

“You cannot think of happiness; it is a feeling.”

And when you feel less, you defeat the ultimate purpose of life- To be Happy. In extreme cases of depression, the poor individual stops feeling at all.

There couldn’t be better reasons to revive your feel component.

Let us scrutinize the other scenario…

Feeling more and thinking less is because you don’t want to test the boundaries of your comfort zone. You become complacent and cage yourself in a shell.

And in the world full of cynical materialism, mind, which has the principal responsibility of thinking cannot afford to lose weight.

This scenario seriously hampers your professional growth.

Hence, the balance between ‘thinking and feeling’ is the demand for a happy and successful living.

But why are you not able to maintain that balance?

It is because situations are man-handling your thoughts and feelings.

To tell the bitter truth… You have become a slave to the situation. You bow down to an unfavorable situation easily by putting the blame game on destiny.

What you don’t realize that situations can be destiny, but the response to those destined situations is your choice.

You know why is consciousness the most amazing state?

You are never a slave to the situation. It is the state in which…

  1. thinking and feeling become a choice.
  2. both the components compliment each other.

And hence, the outer world doesn’t define your responses to situations. It becomes your choice.

Time to unleash ‘Consciousness’ 

Consciousness is the state where not only you ‘do whatever you feel’ but also ‘feel whatever you do.’

It is the state where living every moment is bliss; you loosen up and liberate yourself to enjoy the present moment. The state where you are aware of your inner world and outer world simultaneously.

It is possible when…

  1. not only you monitor the quality of your thoughts but also control its frequency.
  2. not only you feel positive emotions but also deny feelings to the negative emotions.

And when you consciously think and feel, you define your right-wrong beliefs, not people. You consciously create your karma.

When you do that, you define your journeys and destinations.

Yes, consciousness is the high of life where you are hungry and happy at the same time.

The big question… How to attain that state?

The tool to attain the state of consciousness which I have experienced is meditation.

If Meditation is your driver, you define your journeys and destinations with no holds barred.

This ultimate meditation guide is a deep insight into meditation!

Final words…

Only the state of consciousness can revive your natural state to happiness which unfortunately has become sadness.

Happiness is an inside job

– William Arthur Ward

I’m sure you want to feel like a child again!


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