Why Hitting Rock Bottom is A Blessing

Feel like you’ve hit a brick wall lately?

Have you been worried about the way you’ve been feeling?

Scared that you and the life you thought you had all planned-out is falling apart before your very eyes?

Don’t be scared.

There’s no doubt that hitting rock bottom is damn scary at first, because none of us like losing control. But I’m a firm believer that losing control is something we should do on a regular basis. In losing control, in hitting rock bottom, or whatever you want to call it, we learn something brand new, every single time, and we are then able to build a much more solid foundation each time we bounce back.

J.K. Rowling said “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I built my life”.

Whether it feels like it right now or not, believe me, your rock bottom is a blessing.

Rock bottom is a chance to start over.

It’s a chance to grow.

It’s a chance to learn something new.

It’s a chance to get to know yourself better.

And it’s a chance to come back fighting.

When we hit that brick wall, when we feel like giving up, because it’s in our very human nature to want to survive, we are forced to suddenly get real, be true to ourselves and learn some powerful lessons to move forward.

We are forced to climb (or be pushed) nowhere but up, because from rock bottom things CAN only get better.

We may be out of control, we may be out of our comfort zone, and we may even be out of our bodies, but let me tell you something.

No one ever learned anything valuable; no one ever had a story worth telling, and no one ever made any life-changing decisions from inside their comfort zone.

No one great, inspiring, successful or action-taking ever said they created something amazing from a place of safety or familiarity.

We have to lose control.

It’s good to let things get messy.

We HAVE to get out of our comfort zones if we are ever to get moving and get anything worth doing DONE!

Want to create a meaningful life?

Then lose control, experiment, experience, let your hair down, say yes, do something different, FEEL uncomfortable, fail, fail again, and hit rock bottom.

Because to experience the very edges of life and truly LIVE it and be grateful for the good stuff, you HAVE to experience the darkness, the downright horrible and the completely terrifying as well.

Then you’re really living, then you’re making something of yourself, then you’re feeling fully, and then you’re more equipped for the journey to the top.


Natalie Edwards is a transformational coach guiding women to heal their bodies, find their true voice in life and start living their purpose. Fascinated by the body-mind connection, through coaching, Forrest yoga and meditation, she helps women uncover hidden parts of themselves, and come back to a more inspired and truthful way of living. You can find out more about her at www.natedwards.co.uk


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One Response to Why Hitting Rock Bottom is A Blessing

  1. Luke Shulver says:

    Sorry Natalie but what utter nonsense. As someone who was actively forced “to hit rock bottom” through pervasive and utterly sadistic abuse – I was also encouraged by my abuser to “lose control”. Of course, what he was seeking was an ability to discredit me and cast doubt on the abuse he inflicted. So I find this article incredibly dangerous as I have seen how this type of propaganda can be used to destroy people’s lives.

    Take from it what you will – but my experience has shown me anyone encouraging rock bottom – multiple rock bottoms (wtf??) isn’t as benign as they present.

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