What To Do When You Can’t Meditate?

Meditation is of utmost importance in self-discovery and spiritual growth. But what if you find it really difficult to meditate? Despite trying multiple times, I have never been successful to meditate. Whenever I sit cross-legged and close my eyes to focus on breathing, I begin sweating and feel a strong urge to move my legs. In spite of my determination to meditate, my body starts trembling and I feel as if I am drowning.

At first, I thought that this must be because of the release of tensions and anxiety, but whenever I open my eyes, I feel more agitated and the result of this whole adventure is that I can’t meditate. I am in a deadlock now. I can’t afford to miss the life-changing benefits of meditation but I can’t meditate. So I discovered some of the non-conventional meditation techniques which I would like to share:

A walk with a twist– We all walk to go from one place to another but do we ever walk for the sake of walking itself? No, I am not talking about the conventional morning walk to maintain good health. Usually, after the sun sets and darkness pervades, I choose a quiet street and start walking. After ten to twelve minutes, I enter a trance-like state where my conscious mind gives way to subconscious intelligence. The key here is to choose a tune for humming, not a song with lyrics. Also be careful that it must not be your current favorite song. When we choose a song with lyrics or our favorite song, our conscious mind begins associating the tune with emotions and memories but when we choose a random tune, we focus on the tune coming out of the larynx only which is similar as focusing on our breathing. When we walk, our body does not feel physically restricted so we don’t feel any struggle to break free. This technique works well for people who are hyperactive and find it difficult to confine to a single posture.

Sky-gazing– We are the universe. Irrespective of our age and the size of our bodies, our souls are as ancient and vast as the infinite universe. So whenever I want to do some soul-searching, I turn to the universe which never fails to surprise me by reflecting the depths and insights of my own soul.

Make bathing a ritual– Bathing is not only a process to cleanse the body but it is a ritual to reenergize our soul. Three-fourths of our body is water. Life originated from water. So whenever we come in contact with water, our body and soul acknowledge the life source and the water molecules pass infinite wisdom to our cells.

Doodling– Whenever we doodle, we are governed by our intuition rather than logic. Therefore we can get answers about our life in this process. Whenever our doodles contain pointed edges, it signifies that our mind needs challenges to thrive. It is the perfect time to set a goal and work hard to achieve it. Whenever our doodles contain waves, it is a sign to go with the flow and introspect. Doodling helps to release the tension of our mind and it helps to find the solution of our problems.

Though no technique can replace meditation, these are the techniques which I found effective to achieve similar benefits as meditation. Please let me know what are your alternative meditation techniques?


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