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How to Use Meditation to Dominate Negativity

I’m sure there have been at least a few times in your life when a negative response has made matters worse.

Let’s say you’re working on a complicated project for months. You’ve done all types of research and details of the project have even spilled over into your personal life. This project has basically consumed you.

Then in the middle of it all, your boss, in passing, mentions a detail you were previously oblivious to. He talks about further and you realize this is something you should have known about from the start. This detail that your boss just informed you of changes everything.

You now have to start from scratch. It would be much harder to try and incorporate this new information into what you’ve already completed. Everything you’ve done up to this point is a complete wash.

After hearing such news your natural reaction would be to go ballistic. To yell, scream, throw things around and maybe even curse out your boss but you can’t. If you did anything like that you’d have much more to worry about than recreating an almost complete project. You’d be worried about getting a new job.

There might have been times when your negative reaction to something could easily be fixed with an apology but that isn’t always going to be the case. There will be times when just want to let loose, release your aggression in that moment. And you just might.

While it may feel like a weight off of your shoulders immediately after your spectacle is finished, all you have done is made matters worse.

And the results could be irreversible. Imagine asking your boss for your job back after you’ve angrily told him what you think of his level of intelligence. That would be a long shot at best.

You can avoid turning bad situations into worse ones by dominating negativity and practicing non-reaction. A better way to cope with stress can be achieved with meditation.

The practice of non-reaction helps you gain control of negative emotions and puts you back in the driver’s seat. Instead of negative feelings running your like, leaving you to clean up the mess of what is left behind. You can react from a positive place and work on solutions.

With practice this can become natural to you. You’ll be able to exercise it with every day challenges and come out on top.


This is the ability to delay reactions until you have calmed down and gained a better understanding of what is going on.

When you immediately respond to something that upsets you, your actions demonstrated your immediate feelings. Often, it’s not truly what you meant or wanted to do.

As you become wiser and can easily identify right from wrong, in these circumstances you’ll find yourself afterward realizing that you shouldn’t have done that. You’ll spend a lot of time apologizing and righting wrongs.

Non-reaction is the complete opposite. It’s using your wisdom in the moment, not later when you see things clearly. With non-reaction you avoid the need to correct negative actions because you respond when you’re cool, calm and collected. This is the best time to make decisions.

It’s a pretty simple theory but when you’ve become accustom to going off on a tangent it can become difficult to practice. Meditation will help bring you to the calm state naturally to implement it.


Meditation is simple enough and can be quiet helpful in challenging situations. It’s an effective way to manage your emotions.

To meditate, sit or lie alone and clear your mind. It’s normal to fall asleep while meditating because the relaxed state you’ve entered. So you may prefer to sit.

When your mind is clear, things begin to make sense. You see them in a completely different way, the way they really are.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of meditating you can use it in everyday life. When stress arises you can meditate on the spot to calm yourself down.

You don’t have to close your eyes and cross your legs, just use the deep breathing exercises. Within minutes you’ll be able to think clearly and respond to stress without overreacting.

Soon controlling your emotions will become as easy as breathing. Immediate negative reactions will become foreign to you. Finding efficient solutions will come natural.


The benefits of meditation will become more apparent the more you meditate. If a few minutes are all you have, than that’s all you need. Make sure you meditate daily.

As you master meditation you’ll dominate your feelings and know exactly what to do to bring peace to your state of being.

This really works for me. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed out I just meditate briefly to regain control in the moment. Then I make sure to meditate at night or in the morning before taking on the day just to put everything into perspective.

Make sure you squeeze in a meditation session into your busy day. The more you do it, the more it benefits you and you’ll want to do it more.

Stress free is the way to be

Imagine spending thousands of dollars just to feel in control and manage anger. That alone could cause a person to go crazy.

But you don’t have to because meditation is a cost effective way to get exactly what you’re looking for. No more throwing disruptive fits of rage. Nope, you’ll be the level headed one with the solutions to move forward.

There’s no point in further complicating the situation. It just results in a bigger mess to clean up. Take a few minutes, get it together and get it done.

By being able to control your reactions and emotions you’ll be able to steer situations into the outcomes that work best for you. You will no longer be a victim of circumstance. You’ll be able to get what you want.

You have the ability to make things better and more seamless. And meditation can help you get there. Start your daily meditation session today!


Do you often fly off the handle, what happens? Do you meditate what benefits have you noticed?


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