The Essential Benefits of Zen Meditation and How it will Change your Life

Being one of the ancient practices in the eastern world, Zen meditation is known for its ability to lead you towards the path of inner peace. Following a Buddhist tradition, zen meditation’s approach seeks to disconnect us from our worldly attachments, leading us to achieve a kind of contentment that comes from within.

            For instance, Buddhism teaches us about how the world is better when we give instead of receive. When we receive, our happiness depends on external factors around us. Like consumerism, we are never satisfied with what we have. To appease ourselves, we continue and keep on purchasing the latest yet insignificant things in life.            

            Inversely, being in the position of giving suggests that our happiness stems from the inside. As we are able to give, we don’t need to wait for others in order to be happy. This suggests a feeling of power that our internal feelings do not depend on external factors.

            Following this philosophy, Zen Meditation seeks to help us achieve such inner balance. With that, here are five essential benefits of Zen meditation and how it can change your life.

1. Better blood flow

Doing zen meditation is known to improve your blood flow. By performing this sitting meditation, you are giving yourself time to relax and focus on the contents of the mind. While most of its benefits are known to be on the spiritual side, this form of meditation can reduce tendencies of hypertension.

Just as people suffering from this disease are often triggered by unforeseen events or strong bursts of emotion, Zen meditation is one of the most effective ways for them to calm down. Such necessarily leads to a physically better condition in life.

2. Uncluttering the Mind

Our mind, like computer processors, undergoes a lot of processes within the day. Whether it be your day job or your nightly issues with your family/friends, all these things are being processed by your brain. In doing so, it unavoidably leaves some trash behind its tracks.

Similarly, having thoughts in our head means that they will lead to unavoidable clutters. By doing zen meditation, we will be able to sift through these thoughts and select those that need to go to the recycle bin. By doing so, we are practically helping ourselves to be in a better position in life, as we get to avoid being stuck in unnecessary thoughts. Such leads us to be calmer and worry less about things.

3. Better Sleep and Dreams

Connected to the previous point, better sleep is one of the benefits that we can get as we pursue zen meditation. By having less clutter in our minds, our unconscious states are not any more affected by the negative conscious ideas that we may have. 

Meaning, as we go to sleep, we won’t be dreaming about our failures and insecurities for we know that each moment that we wake up is an opportunity to improve ourselves and get better. 

With that, we will have little to no nightmares as our issues have been settled through zen meditation instead of unconsciously battling it out at night. This will allow us to have a good night’s rest, giving us the energy that we need to go through the day.

4. Positive Mindset

Doing zen meditation leads us to create a condition wherein our mind becomes a fertile soil. By weeding out the unnecessary and negative stuff, we are allowing flowers to bloom in our internal garden. With that, Zen meditation helps us by bringing out a positive mindset.

As we advocate a careful sifting of thoughts, our unconscious mind is not the only area that is affected by this. More importantly, our conscious mind and all its actions are greatly influenced, allowing us to create better decisions in life. With this, we hope to make a condition wherein we are motivated to improve and do better.

5. Inner Peace

Lastly, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, zen meditation’s ultimate goal is inner peace. Through constant practice of meditation (like on a daily basis), we are not only cultivating positivity. Rather, part of this is finding contentment within ourselves.

By doing zen meditation, we are not any more mere products of processes and forces around us. Because we can now see that real happiness lies from within, the moving powers of advertisements, consumerism, and social influencing no longer has a hold on us.

Like Poh (Kung Fu Panda) who mastered inner peace, he has shown how he is not dictated by both the positive and negative events around him. Zen meditation allows us to achieve this state, a condition wherein we are calmly in-control of ourselves.

As we make our choices in life, they will ultimately become our own. Doing zen meditation will allow us to achieve a state wherein we are the masters of ourselves, leading us to have great control over our lives. Thus, regardless of the results or the things that happen around us, we will never lose grip as we keep on marching forward.


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