STOP Saying These 7 Phrases: To Be More Successful

There’s a lot you want to do with your one and only life. But in wanting to be successful, it’s easy to get lost in the idea of doing more. More trips, more money, experiences, books, relationships and so on.

You focus so much on these externals, that perhaps you pay little attention to the habits that count the most. What you say and think is, in fact, more important than what you do. The words you utter on a daily basis have a huge impact on the decisions you end up taking.

Note: Today I’m going to show you the 7 phrases you need to STOP saying if you want to set yourself up for greater success. Also, I have a special FREE Bonus to help you even further. Make sure you read all the way to the end to get it.

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1) “I need to fix this problem”

Think about how saying that phrase makes you feel. First, you feel obligated because you’ve told yourself you NEED to do something – which makes it more likely you’ll rebel and won’t do anything.

Secondly, you’ve called your situation a problem, and so you’ve compartmentalized a part of your life into a box. Tucked it away. So that it’s something you need to fight.

A problem is never a “problem” – it’s a challenge. Think about just how much more empowering that word is. With a problem, your chest tightens, and you’re likelier to want to hide away.With a challenge, you instantly feel a surge of energy to take some action to move forward – to be successful.

Takeaway: Start seeing every “problem” as a “challenge”.

2) “I can’t wait”

This statement seems like the kind of thing that will make you feel EXCITED. But can’t you see that by looking forward to another point, you’re telling yourself this current moment isn’t as good as it could be? So you’re sacrificing your life, for an imaginary scenario that has no reality of its own.

You can let a vision of the future inspire you, so long as it doesn’t devalue the current moment. Tread carefully with “I can’t wait.”

Takeaway: Start seeing this moment as the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life. In a way, it is.

3) “I’m tired”

We often say this when we’re trying to do something that we don’t actually want to do. What does saying this statement to anyone achieve? Nothing really. In fact, it makes you more tired just through the act of saying it. A better way to think about the situation when you do feel tired is to accept it, and then proceed to do something that fits in better with your energy levels.

Takeaway: Don’t complain, just accept the feeling and move forward. 

4) “Why did I do that?”

After making a mistake, this question can be constructive. It can allow us to discern the intentions behind our actions. If we stay stuck on this question, however, we can fall into a loop of self-hatred and guilt. The better question worth asking is: “How can I make sure I don’t make the same mistake again?”

Takeaway: Avoid falling into a cycle of guilt – it doesn’t achieve anything. 

5) “I wish I didn’t feel the way I’m feeling”

In his book, The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck – Mark Manson suggests that: “The acceptance of a negative situation is a positive experience. The desire for a positive experience is in itself a negative experience.”

The moment you resist the way you feel is the moment you intensify those feelings.

Takeaway: Start embracing the way you feel, all the time. 

6) “It’s not my fault”

Whenever you blame someone or something for your present circumstances, you give your power away. You reject the present and throw yourself into victim-hood. While the cards you’ve been dealt are not your fault, the way you play those cards is entirely your full responsibility.

“What you resist persists, what you look at, disappears.” – Conversations with God.

Takeaway: Embed the idea that everything you experience, is your fault. 

7) “I wonder what they’ll think”

It’s not your job to worry about what others will think. The only thing you can ever do is be authentic, and leave the rest to them. You only have yourself to hold yourself to when you’re planning to share something with someone.

Takeaway: If it’s something you feel you want to share, you probably need to. 

Quick Summary: If you grow your awareness to the point where you catch yourself saying these 7 statements, I promise you, a change will happen. We’ve been so caught up with doing more, that we’ve forgotten that it’s the little patterns of speech, that in large part, have taken us where we are today.

In creating a happy, awesome life, change doesn’t just happen with outside measurements of success.

It starts with what we say and think.

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