The Mind/Body Connection and Self Confidence + GIVEAWAY!

Self confidence is one of the most elusive, yet important traits in the human condition.

And achieving it is kind of like the holy grail in the self improvement space.

It alone can define your success, your relationships, your health and your happiness. Perhaps that’s why it is such a complex issue. Perhaps that’s why so many people struggle with it.

When you start at the very core of this issue, for many people that who weren’t lucky enough to be born with incredible self confidence – and there are very, very few of these people – there is a big fear factor. It seems like such an insurmountable challenge to overcome.

Though in it’s totality this may seem overwhelming, self confidence is like any other problem – to solve it, you can’t tackle the whole thing at once. To solve it, you must do a thorough breakdown and analysis of yourself – your strengths and your weaknesses and then break down these barriers into bite-sized, manageable scenarios that you can tackle one by one. Once you start working with this strategy in mind, you will see steady, incremental progress.

One of the most important aspects of Self Confidence (or any self improvement endeavor for that matter) is SELF AWARENESS. So to kick off my new self confidence course, Simple Self Confidence, I (along with Barrie Davenport) decided to host a free webinar talking about just that, called: The Mind/Body Connection and Self Confidence.

During the free webinar I identify specific physical problems or triggers that are holding you back, how to organize and manage those problems and help provide solutions. I also answer questions provided by the amazing audience that attended. (Thanks so much if you were ther, I got so many warm and encouraging emails afterwards!)

And it is now available to watch here: (when you get there scroll down the bottom of the page to see my video!)




Because Barrie and I have spent such a great deal of time on this program and believe so incredibly in it, I’d like to do something special for my PTB family!

  • I would like to offer a special deal. For anybody that recommends 3 friends that sign up for the course, YOU will receive a free pass for the entire 4 weeks! Not only will you have access to the course for free, but you’ll be able to go through the experience with a built in support system!

Click HERE to get all the course info!

Please email me or leave me comments below, letting me know you’ve recommended people so i can follow progress!

Winners will be announced early Sunday morning (March 3rd)

Remember one thing if nothing else about the importance of self confidence:

Your life is up to you.



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