Raw Foods For A Strong Brain

Eating healthy has always been an incredibly important aspect of keeping the body, and mind clean and healthy. Processed foods are the opposite of what foods are intended to do. While processed foods have little to no beneficial qualities due to being treated with a variety of harmful or at best, questionable chemicals. One of the major reasons processed foods are so prevalent despite being dreadfully unhealthy when compared to raw food alternatives is because the Food and Drug Administration treats all food as if it is dead material, with no potential benefits from foods consumption. This is reason enough for the FDA to mandate foods to be ‘purified’ in order to avoid the threat of potential illnesses.

Where Did All the Raw Milk Go?

Most are not even aware that raw milk has been used throughout the past centuries as a means of combating various illnesses. In fact, very few are even aware that a great many types of raw, natural foods are capable of restorative properties. Food is treated as a potential contaminant, and nothing more in the modern era. Raw milk provides so many different vital nutrients that if one absolutely needed, they could subsist off of raw milk their entire life. Our bodies require eight amino acids to create the other twelve to fourteen amino acids. These eight amino acids are known as the essential proteins, because our body needs to consume these proteins through foods. Raw milk provides us with every one of the eight amino acids, as well as a large variety of beneficial proteins such as lactoferin, which improves the body’s ability to absorb iron.

Many of raw milks most beneficial properties are heat sensitive, meaning that their destruction can occur when the milk is subjected to high temperatures. One of the FDA’s proposed measure of preventing the transmission of disease and bacteria in milk is to heat the milk. Processed milk has a history of causing illnesses that have never been reported in raw milk’s history. An LA times article dated September 18th, 2000 stated that Crohns Disease had been reported in processed milk. In a study involving cats which were fed raw milk, and cats fed processed milk, the results were unsurprising. The cats fed raw milk were incredibly healthy, with thick and luscious coats of fur. The cats fed processed milk constantly battled diseases and infections, including intestinal diseases. Their entire bone structure was different, and over the course of several generations the ill effects were much more noticeable.

A Career in Health Awareness

There are many potential careers involved in maintaining one’s own health and the health of others around them. One may become a nutritionist, which is not a title which requires any official degree or such. Nutritionists do their best to inform others, and help advise possible diets and foods that are beneficial.

Health Information Schools are useful methods of gaining a degree as a Dietician. Unlike nutritionists, dieticians must be certified, so a degree is required. There are many different forms of nutritionists, with many different venues often looking to hire them. The dietician field is becoming a very wise career choice, as the amount of people in society looking to become health conscious has dramatically increased in recent years. Often times schools, retirement homes, and other care facilities will hire a dietician to oversee the planning of meals. Some dieticians begin their own practice, giving professional health and nutrition advice.

Keeping the mind and body strong and healthy is an important aspect of life, as it affects the way one works, thinks, and even sleeping. It is important to avoid the dead, useless foods that provide nothing but harmful chemicals such as corn syrup. You’ll find life is a cruise when eating healthy foods.

Rebecca Broyce is a lover of writing and all things health. She works as a writer for onlineschools.org and in her free time enjoys reading and playing with her dog, charlie.

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