The Top Online Education Resources

Since we were on the subject of online education just the other day, it’s convenient that Wired has put together a list of the top web-based online education resources.

Some of the highlights include:

  • – The number 1 online education resource that includes more than 4,000 reference articles from reliable sources such as education Ph.D.s and government agency studies.
  • – This site provides free field guides to more than 5,000 species, flashcards for reviewing what you just learned and an on-call nature expert to answer your questions.
  • Cosmeo – An online homework toolkit from the Discovery Channel for kids in grades K-12 that includes over 30,000 videos and math tutorials, close to 150,000 reference articles and entertaining, but always educational, interactive games.

Although most of these resources are aimed at school age children, teachers, and parents, most of the sites have something interesting for everyone and nearly all of them were new to me.

Know of any good online education resources that didn’t make the cut? Leave them in the comments.

The Top Web-Based Education Resources [Wired]

For people interested in more advanced material, this is a list of free online college courses from an impressive group of schools.