Moving Meditation: How to Achieve Mindfulness Through Swimming

“Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul”-Marcus Aurelius

Since life can sometimes be so intense, you need to create time to relax and let go of the worry, anxiety, and stresses of everyday life. This way, you will experience a deep level of tranquil that is always overshadowed by your emotions.

By taking the time to remain calm and freeing your mind of the noises in the background, you will achieve an almost supernatural state of mindfulness. As you master the principle of ‘letting go and letting be,’ a new sense of self-awareness will come to life within you. And as confirmed by a recent study by Carnegie Mellon University, mindfulness will also help you alleviate certain mental and physical health issues.

The goal of mindfulness is to master the art of remaining calm in the storm. And there’s no better place to gain this mastery than in the depths of the water.

Can You Meditate While Swimming?

Many professional swimming teams have today incorporated meditation into their swimming routines. This has resulted in better individual and team performances.

As swimmers focus more on being completely present in the water and less on winning, they begin to master the art of maintaining balance, a key technique for exceptional performance.

Meditating while swimming has to be intentional. Once you enter the water, try to heighten your senses to the here and now. Submerge yourself into the blues and feel the powerful effect of buoyancy against your body.

While it is easy to let your mind wander off once you have become a swimming pro, to be fully aware of your breath, senses, and physical sensations is to attain a complete state of mindfulness and peace to your soul.

How Does Swimming Improve Mindfulness?

Many people enjoy swimming because of its rejuvenating nature. But only a few go beyond the thrill to improve their mindfulness.

Considered one of the most holistic games, swimming is beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing. A study carried out in the United Kingdom revealed an overwhelmingly positive impact of swimming to people with mental health problems. Most of them confirmed that swimming made them feel better and more manageable.

The therapeutic qualities of water can greatly impact your mental health. The water’s hydrostatic effect, the increased cardiac activity that comes with swimming, and the flow of blood throughout your entire body will send your body into a temporary state of relaxation.

What’s more? Unlike other sports, you get to choose what works for you. You only have to go at your own pace and can stay in water for as long or as little as you would like. This alleviates the pressure of performance and enables you to go with the flow and enjoy every moment.

How to Meditate While Swimming?

Mediation isn’t magic in itself, but in its mastery lies the magic.

It also doesn’t occur inside a vacuum. You have to be intentional to make it happen.

Once you get in the water, you can begin to maintain a steady breathing rhythm- immerse yourself into the magical moment by fully exhaling while underwater and inhaling once your mouth exits the water. Notice any tightness in your abdomen and try to relax all your muscles as much as possible. You can do this by straightening your neck a little more and pushing out your chest to allow air to flow freely into your lungs.

Intentionally focus on the rhythm of your strokes as you glide through the water. Feel the comfort of the water holding your weight, the cold rush from your head to your toes, and the sense of liberty that comes with being in the water.

The secret to meditating while swimming is to let be. Close your mind to the stresses of the world and listen and feel the present moment with all your senses. Forget about the grocery you haven’t picked from the store or the important phone call you didn’t return.

As you navigate through the waters, think of every floating moment as a golden one. For best results, you can consider accompanying the meditation process with gratitude, feeling, and being thankful for the present situation.

Even when surrounded by other people, calming your mind will help you connect to yourself like never before. It will challenge your body and mind in ways you have never experienced.

Meditating in water is the first step towards learning how to focus and channel your energy where it needs to be and when it needs to be there.

When you achieve a state of mindfulness, your mind will no longer be filled with the worries, stresses, and anxieties that usually take so much space. Instead, it will be refreshed, and your mental health renewed.

Naturally, you will feel more inspired to become the best version of yourself and more committed to improving the lives of the people around you. By including mindfulness into your swimming exercises, you train your mind to remain calm in every situation. This is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can ever make in yourself.


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