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Making Money vs. Creating Abundance

To make money or to create Abundance, what’s the difference? Seems like a minor distinction, doesn’t it?

On the surface it is. However, after exploring the subject of abundance in depth, I woke up this morning with an epiphany.

Trying to deliberately make money, doesn’t work.

Correction. It works enough to fool us into thinking we can deliberately make money, but as it turns out; we are only chasing it. It teases us into thinking that “making money” is an actual skill. On a certain level that’s true, but only if you have the printing press to print it!

Here’s the problem. Once we start chasing money, it runs away, doesn’t it? We get into a cycle of thinking we need money, we want money, money will make us rich, we deserve money, money rescues us from poverty, jail, and debt, money will scare the wolves and the vultures away.

And that’s all true. But that is not the mindset we need to “attract true wealth to us.” That is not using “The Law of Attraction, but instead is the very mindset that chases the money away! Yet I find myself so instantly there. Often. And then I remember.

If we truly desire to be wealthy, and that is a noble desire, and yet it still seems “out of range,” let’s recall the distinction between “making money,” and Creating Abundance.

I admire the writing of Wallace D Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich. He teaches the difference between the competitive mindset and the creative mindset.

The competitive mindset makes the assumption that there is not enough, ever.
The creative mindset makes the assumption there is an infinite amount of whatever is needed when it’s needed, forever. Wattles calls it “the thinking stuff.”

This explains the unhappy millionaire because he’s not yet a billionaire—he is in the competitive mindset. This explains all of us chasing the money that runs away from us.

Do we fail to spot our true wealth, for chasing the money that laughs and chides us? Do we race ourselves exhausted right past our riches? Definitely.

We need only click the remote from the “competitive station” where plots and programs are all about chasing money, fighting wolves and beating off pecking vultures stealing it from you; to the creative network of inspirational thinking stuff where true and lasting, infinite abundance abounds forever.

Stop competing and stop chasing. Change from the competitive station to the creative network—and leave it on the channel where lasting wealth and true abundance abound!

Deborah S Nelson is a guest blogger for PickTheBrain and the founder ofAuthor Your Dreams Publishing

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