I Started Waking Up at 4:30am and This Is What Happened

I can already hear the shock and resistance.

I know because I’ve already heard it from my friends and family.

“You’re crazy!”, “I love sleeping in too much!”, “I could never do something like that.”

But here’s the facts, I have been waking up at 4:30am every morning before work for the past 6 months and it has changed my life.

Why Did I Start Waking Up at 4:30?

Like so many others, I love sleeping in. The warm duvet, the comfort of my partner – I totally get it! I know it is such a hard place to leave. The truth is, I have always considered myself a “morning person” but not a “getting out of bed person”. Meaning, I enjoy the peacefulness of mornings but getting up is the kicker. Can you relate?

But, there were a few reasons I knew I had to change my ways.

First, when I slept in, all my mornings would turn into a chaotic rush to get out the door. It was the typical pattern of over-sleeping, throwing on what I could find, and running to catch the bus. Not exactly the most positive way to set the tone for your day.

Second, I started to have bigger goals. I began to find more direction in my life and knew I needed to make changes to realize those goals. After work I was generally too exhausted to get much done so I tried the next best thing, working before work.

This is what happened…

I Wasn’t Tired For the Rest of My Day

This came as a shock even for me. To me, logically getting over 2 hours less of sleep should equal more fatigue, right? Not the case for me.

This is because I started my days with intention doing the things I wanted to do. Instead of leaving the house in a flurry, I could take my time and work on the personal development work I wanted to.

I Got More Done

Once I got in the habit of waking up so early, everything became easier. I started waking up excited for the possibilities for that day.

I could now catch the bus earlier before lots of other riders and traffic set in. After everything was said and done, I got about an extra hour and a half to work on whatever I wanted to.

The extra amount of time also allowed me to fit more time in for the personal development work I wanted to accomplish. I began planning and journaling which provided more clarity and became a productive byproduct of the early rising.

I Felt Clarity and Focus

Setting my intentions for the day set me up for success ahead of time.

I stopped having to play catch up and knew what I was doing, when I was doing it, and why I was doing it. I learned the early morning rush I would previously experience clouded my mind for a good part of my day.

Since most others are still asleep, everything was quieter and there were a lot less distractions. My early mornings quickly became something to look forward to, a time all for me.

Why You Should Start Waking Up Earlier

I know 4:30 simply isn’t for everyone. But I still encourage you to try waking up at least 1 hour earlier each day before work.

If you do the math, thats an extra 5 hours each week, or 260 hours in a year. Imagine everything you could accomplish in that time. You could start a new hobby, work on your passion project, or even start working out.

Ultimately, I believe everyone should start waking up earlier to get more done with more clarity and focus.

Final Thoughts on Waking Up at 4:30

So what do you think? Do you think you could start waking up at 4:30 every morning?

I truly believe the life-changing benefits outweigh the short-lived comfort of sleeping in a little bit longer. When you shift your mindset from what your losing to what you’re actually gaining, thats where the magic happens.

Torey is a personal development and mindset blogger at Lovely and Green. She teaches women to create heart-centered routines that incorporate self-care and productivity. Sign up for her free productivity worksheet to teach you everything you need to have your most productive week ever.



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5 Responses to I Started Waking Up at 4:30am and This Is What Happened

  1. Michelle says:

    Intrigued to know what time you’re going to bed / sleep (not necessarily the same thing!). I had a long run of getting up at 5.00 and loved the additional freedom it gave me then work changed and I’d end up working till 11-11.30pm and I gave it up because I’d keep telling myself I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

    Truth is I don’t actually know if I do need more than 4-5 hours. Maybe I should give it a go!

  2. Janina D Barnes says:

    I’m glad it worked for you. Your statement that, “I believe everyone should start waking up earlier to get more done with more clarity and focus” feels like an over generalization. My own experience has been quite different. I am not naturally a morning person. My best work is done later in the day. I have tried getting up an hour earlier, and found that I ended up with brain fog all day long. I got less done in the morning; I even ended up getting to work later because of my inability to focus. Shifting bedtime didn’t work, either. Each person should do what works best for them. Clarity and focus may be the real key, rather than time of day.

  3. Akash Singh says:

    Hello Torey, thanq for the useful insights on how does it feel being a part of the Early Riser’s Club.

    I Myself have been a Night Owl all my Life, but recently decided to change this Habit of Slogging in Night hours and then getting up Late and Fatigued the Next day.

    Scouring through the Internet I came to know about the many benefits of getting up early and how it makes you more productive. Infact, even Veteran Youtuber Casey Neistat also recommends 4:30 am rising time.

    Getting up early is not the answer to our Productivity whinings, One should also have a Rigid Morning Routine

    Since the Past few days, I’ve been trying to Go For an early Morning Run and then plan out the Day.

    Do let me know how you spend your Early Morning and what are your Key Focus Areas while deciding a Morning Routine.

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