How to Bring Back Laughter into Your Life

I find it hard to believe there is anybody who wouldn’t like to smile and laugh more. Joy and laughter are useful physically, emotionally and mentally for many reasons, and, fortunately, there are so many ways to laugh and smile more in everyday life. It doesn’t take much effort, I assure you.

Everything starts within your mind. In my life there was time when I lived in a complete negativeness. I experienced fear, thought of negative things, and no matter how strange it may seem, but all of them came true.

Then I tried to change my mindset. Positive thinking and optimism became the keys to happier life. Smile and laughter became extremely effective tools for making life better. It wasn’t as difficult as it seemed.

And in fact, it’s very easy to bring back laughter into your life. And the benefits of it are incredible. Laughter makes people happier, improves mood, and prolongs your life.

So, today you can learn a few tips on how to laugh more! These tips will definitely come in handy for those who are tired of their dull and gray days.

Tips to bring back laughter into your life

Start smiling

Almost any laughter begins with a smile. And it’s a great way to bring back the joy of life. People like more those who smile more. Smiling and laughing are perfect for those who want to improve their mood and positive energy for the whole day. Your smile and joy inspire confidence in people. And laughter prolongs life and makes it much better.

Positive people

One of the best ways to laugh more is to spend time with people who make you laugh and enjoy the pleasures of life.

You should spend more time with family and friends who know all the jokes in the world, who simply make you smile or even laugh. And then after someone is smiling at you or laughing, what should you do? Smile, for sure!

Let it go

The life of every adult is stressful. Depression and stress as any other negative factors could deprive you of all the joys of life. And it’s clear that you begin to forget about such things as smile and laughter.

So don’t let stress bother you for so long. You shouldn’t be angry and disappointed for what you can’t control. It is better to let go and try to forget all the pain and grief that other people bring you.

Time for laughing

What makes a person laugh? We all have different reasons for laughing. Some people want to watch a comedy, others – to read a book. Someone goes to the circus. And no matter what is the reason for laughing, it’s still useful.

So, you need to find time for laughter at least once a week. You can invite the supporters of fun or do whatever you want to bring more positiveness into your life. Do the things you like and have fun.


Jokes are great for laughing. Everyone likes some jokes. And perhaps, there’s no such person who wouldn’t laugh of this or that joke. And if you listen to the jokes you like, it’s a good way to smile and laugh more. This will help you to forget at least for a short time about your life problems, and become more positive.

Humor in any situation

Finally, the most important thing to know for those who decided to fill their life with laughter and joy, is your humor in any situation, even in the most difficult one.

If problems at work or a strict boss make you mad, then it’s better to laugh at the situation. If stress makes you feel bad, you can also make fun of the situation.

And in no case you should let yourself stay without smile or laughter. The person whom nothing can make laugh is the most miserable creature in the world.


No matter what kind of character you have, what country do you live in or what religion you believe in, there are always things that can make you smile or even laugh. You just need to look for them.

And if you consider yourself a serious person, it’s not a problem. Smiling or laughing won’t make you less serious. It’s just a sign that you’re a positive person and positiveness is the key to success and happiness in life.

About the author: Roman Soluk is the owner of Optimistic Life. He dedicated his personal life to positive thinking and positive action. You can get in touch with him on Google+.


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