Healthy Relationships: Think Twice Before Getting Married

Getting married is among the most important decisions a person can make. Consequences don’t last much longer than the rest of your life. That’s why it’s astonishing when people rush into marriage without giving it much thought.

DumbLittleMan has compiled a list of important points to consider before getting married. For the guys out there, will she let you watch football?

When single, I’d watch football games at bars every Saturday and Sunday (and sometimes Thursday). Once married, I toned it down to one day. This is a manageable change that I was willing to make. However, had my wife insisted that I give up all sports entirely, I would have resisted and eventually resented her. That resentment would have spread and ultimately influenced my overall attitude towards her.

The article also comments on the importance of money, sharing household chores, and creating a long term plan.

Things to Consider Before Getting Married [DumbLittleMan]

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