Erin’s Things: November 6

This week I’ve discovered a cool new meditation app, a provocative new photo exhibit, a charity that helps provide clean water for the world and much more! Check out the below list and leave any discoveries you might have made this week in the comments below.

  1. NIGHTLIGHT – ( The ultimate meditation app is here and it does not involve pre-recorded meditations. If you’ve ever been to a focused group meditation class, you know that even though it is very much an internal process, the collective energy of those around you tuning in together can be that much more powerful. Nightlight is an app that allows people to find their mindfulness meditation community and meditate in real time together in a virtual room, with a live teacher. In our busy lives, being present in the moment can present a challenge, now with this app, it is easier for you to find your center by making self care a top priority.


  1. WAVES FOR WATER – It’s a foundation that works to provide access to clean water for those who need it around the world, those affected by terrible natural disasters and poverty stricken conditions. Waves For Water works by implementing water filtration systems and identifying the specific needs for each place in need of a solution, Empowering community leaders to empower their people but helping them teach the filtration system. One filter provides clean water to 100 people, they are easy to use and pack, Portable filters, it’s an ingenious solution to a worldwide issue.


  1. ‘WE ARE NASTY WOMEN LA’ – Photo exhibit at the Nous Tous art gallery – In the Chinatown district of Los Angeles. Back in 2016, in the wake of the election, a global art movement was born out of social media facebook post of ‘Nasty Woman’ by two New Yorkers (Roxanna Jackson & Jessamyne Fiore). An LA chapter was soon created by Anais Godard & Amanda Antunes, with a focus on women’s underrepresentation in mainstream arts and entertainment. ‘We are Nasty Women’ will feature a series of photos of ‘Nasty Women’, from DJ’s to tattoo artists . There will be a calendar of the shots available for sale with all proceeds benefitting Planned Parenthood. The idea behind the space is also to open up the conversation for all women from all walks of life to speak up and tell their stories and ultimately support the fight for women’s rights. Such nasty women, are definitely my kind of women!


  1. LORD JONES – Pure CBD lotion for pain and wellness. The ‘green rush’ is upon us, as cannabis becomes legal recreationally in California come January, and with that comes no shortage of related products. To highlight an awesome one that uses the full spectrum of whole plant medicine to help aid in pain relief for sore muscles, skin conditions and joint pain. Each bottle is 50 ml/1.7 oz and contains 100mg of CBD (non psychoactive as it contains no THC) and each pump gives you a measured dosage of 1ml lotion that contains 2mg of CBD. It’s a rich and luxurious lotion with the scent of citrus, mint and sage and it’s formulated with a natural agent called Frescolat, which creates a cooling sensation on the skin.


  1. ORIEL – Another gem in Los Angeles’ cool Chinatown district is a suave new wine bar that is nestled under train tracks. Dustin Lancaster (partnered with Michael Blackman) has done it again, from his locals favorite Bar Covell in Los Feliz and his other more eastside places such as Crawford’s and Hi-Hat’s comes this new addition complete with a tight wine menu chock full of French bottles and a spectacularly stylish interior by Sally Breer. A classic French bistro menu by chef Evan Algorri (Bouley;NYC) and the GM chops of Alain Jeu (Bar Marmont), has set this place up to win.

See you next week!

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