Erin’s Things: August 13

Hi Friends!

From a cool water bottle to an amazing podcast on Compassion – this week’s list will have you inspired, humbled and maybe just dancing a bit!

1. qUE water bottle – Water is life, and as such we need it often, every single day. Most of us either carry around a plastic water bottle (which isn’t helping the environment one iota), or we buy a heavy environmentally conscious bottle which weighs us down and takes up so much room in our bags. A solution has arrived and I am stoked. This kickstarter funded product, qUE water bottle, twists up and down to expand and contract, making it easy to store once you’ve had your H2o. It also works for hot liquids! I’m getting thirsty.

2. Crystal Kayak – Kayaking is cool. Kayaking in a transparent, clear kayak is just next level cool. Florida’s Crystal Kayak company ships the kayaks all over the world, they come complete with buffing pads, cleaning solution, transport trolley and more but they are not cheap, running you 1,499.00 in cost.  Made from the same material used in airplane windshields, you’re in no danger of damage from colliding with a rock.

3. The Aces – cool, four girl indie rock-pop band form Utah. Their debut single ‘Stuck’ is catchy enough to seriously stick in your head, in a good way. Recently signed to Red Bull Records, their 70’s, summery sounds are headed into heavy rotation on my playlist.

4. Option B – New book by acclaimed author of “Lean In’, Sheryl Sandberg’s latest offering is called ‘Option B’, on how to discover resilience and help other’s in crisis after suffering through major loss.  At some point in all our lives, Option a is not available to us, this is when we make the most of what we have and persevere.

5. The Science of Compassion, Podcast – Spreading compassion into the world, one small gesture at a time. This podcast touches on the acts of kindness either toward someone we know or a complete stranger and how it can impact and change our lives for the better. It’s a must listen for a refresher on how to interact with those around you with grace and generosity.

What has inspired you this week? Got any great suggestions? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

Be well,


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