Erin’s Things: December 5

This week I’m sharing everything from the stars to the best place to do sit-ups! Want to find out what made me smile last week – read on – and if you have anything cool you’d like to share please leave your finds in the comments below or DM me!

UNIVERSE – EXPLORING THE ASTRONOMICAL WORLD – Need a new coffee table book that leaves you full of wonder and inspiration? Move over quirky photo book, here comes the motherlode book on man’s journey through the universe. Everything from ancient cave paintings to animation, this book is thoroughly engrossing for everyone. 300 images depicting the stars, planets and more, an international panel of experts comment on facts as well as the beauty and mystery of our universe. Paintings, photographs, animation, sculptures, sketches and digital renderings display the work of renowned artists. You won’t be shoving this one into a random heap of books in a few years, this one is a keeper.

KAYLA ITSINES – Work out much? Need to do more? Global fitness expert Kayla Itsines has designed a ‘do anywhere’ type of workout that helps us fit it in, no matter how busy, or tired we may be. The key is to raise your heat rate and let your whole body feel the burn. Focusing on you legs, butt and core will give you the most efficient use of your short time to workout. Squats, planks and twists can be anywhere! So, let’s get moving into an excuse free fitness routine.

THE DESERT BOX – Subscription boxes are having a moment, yes, but some of them are not likely to fade into obscurity. Like this one, where you can purchase a box that comes filled with beautiful succulents and cactuses. Offering quarterly or monthly plants, you can now order them with a repurposed planter, soil, moss, plant care card, and white pebbles for decorative use. These plants are easy to care for and lend beauty to all types of home décor. And if you have too many already, gift it!

WINE N DINE – This is not just another app, this instagram style food discovery platform has added a feature that allows its users to swipe let or right on dishes and make mote of the ones they can try in their area. Bumble for foodies, I suppose. It is called the ‘swipe to discover’ feature and it allows viewers to see which are approved and which aren’t, saving time and money when choosing between the Ramen or the pizza. And the best part, you’re never left feeling rejected…

    Have a great week!


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