Breathe Deeper While You Workout with These 3 Techniques

How often do you take deep breaths during exercise? If you do not, you might be missing out on some benefits. This article will show you three techniques to help you breathe deeper while working out.

Deep breathing has been shown to increase oxygen levels in the blood, improve cardiovascular health, and even boost mood. The problem is that most people are not aware of breathing correctly during exercise.

You should inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This helps prevent air from entering your lungs and causing them to collapse. You also open your chest and expand your ribcage when you breathe deeply. It is a great way to stretch the muscles of your upper back.

When you breathe more deeply, you get more oxygen into your body. That means you are getting more energy during your workout. Moreover, it could do with low oxygen levels when you feel tired or sluggish after working out.

Inhaling through your nose will also make you more alert because it stimulates the olfactory nerves. So if you want to work up an appetite for dinner, try doing so by taking a few deep breaths before eating.

1. Take a Deep Breath before Exercise

If you have ever tried to run without first taking a deep breath, you know how difficult it can be. However, research shows that deep breathing can enhance performance. That may sound counterintuitive, but it makes sense.

During exercise, your heart rate rises. However, your heart rate stays lower throughout your workout when you use proper breathing techniques.

So instead of waiting until you start exercising to take a deep breath, take one now. Sit down and close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Ensure to take a slow, deep breath through your nose. Hold it for about 10 seconds. Then slowly release it. Repeat the process several times.

2. Use Your Nose to Control Your Exhalation Rate

The next time you go running, stop at the top of a hill and look around. How many runners are panting like dogs?

They seem to be gasping for air because their mouths are wide open. That is bad for two reasons: First, it leads to poor lung function. Second, it makes it harder for them to control their inhalations and exhalations.

Instead, focus on using only your nose to control your breathing. Keep your mouth closed as much as possible. As you inhale through your nose, keep your lips pursed together. As you exhale, let your lips relax. Do this for a couple of minutes and see what happens.

3. Slow Down Your Heartbeat after Exercise

Another benefit of deep breathing is that it slows your heartbeat. That is why it is important to practice deep breathing before exercise. Research shows that this will reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, leading to stroke or heart attack. So if you are feeling anxious or stressed before a big event, take some time to meditate and calm yourself down. Then, once you are ready to begin your pre-exercise routine, take a few moments to focus on your breathing.Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Let your mind wander. Feel free to think about anything, including your worries about tomorrow’s presentation.

Then, as you sit still, focus on your breath and do the following.

  • Inhale through your nose for about five seconds.
  • Hold it for another five seconds, and slowly release it.
  • Repeat these steps three to four times.
  • Do this breathing technique every day for at least 30 minutes.

Remember, if you struggle to find time to meditate, do not worry. It does not need to be a long ritual. Just give yourself 15 minutes to clear your head and center yourself each day. If you would like help finding time in your busy schedule, follow breathing tips from the Vedic Meditation teacher. They will teach you the basics of meditation and how to apply those skills to everyday life, even while you are sitting behind the wheel of your car.

Exercise is excellent for your health, but sometimes it can become a chore. This is especially true if you exercise at home without a trainer or coach. The good news is that there are ways to make exercise more manageable and less painful. You do not have to suffer through pain during every workout. Several techniques can help you breathe deeper and get more oxygen into your muscles.

Breathing deeper than you usually do during exercise helps you work better, feel better after exercise, and live longer.

Hannah Boothe is a freelance writer native to Northern California who spends her free time developing herself. Hannah enjoys the outdoors, she goes hiking whenever the weather permits and enjoys practicing yoga. She carves out time to journal and read whenever she can. She loves adventure and connecting with those around her. 


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