9 Things Happy People Are Super Chill With

If you want to be happy, you’ve got to be CHILL.

You can’t sweat the small stuff. You can’t be pissed off all the time. You can’t let other people get to you. You also definitely can’t think everything is going to go wrong!

In other words, you’ve to chill!

Here are 10 things happy people are super chill with:

1) Sarcastic or offensive jokes

Supposedly, these jokes are out to offend, but happy people don’t let it get to them.

They know it’s joke. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.  What do they do with it then? They laugh. They appreciate the humor and maybe even joke back a little.

Unhappy people on the other hand, would analyze the joke just to see if they should be offended.

2) Uncontrollable circumstances

Like the weather or bad traffic conditions.

Happy people know that these things happen and that it can’t be helped. It’s nobody’s fault, so they don’t try to take it out on others, perhaps through blaring their horn in the car.

Instead, they try to look at the bright side of things or at the very least, start to find a solution.

3) Rejection

Happy people understand that rejection does not mean failure, be it being turned down for a job or if that gorgeous girl at the bar doesn’t want to give out her phone number.

They take it as a another lesson and step to success. They learn from it. They understand that being rejected doesn’t entirely mean it’s their fault. They’re chill with the situation and will simply try again.

4) Time

That means to say, they don’t rush for it all the damn time.

I personally find that in today’s society, people are always in a rush. We think that we “have” to make good time all the time. Hence, missing the bus or train would mean the end of the world.

Happy people don’t rush. They know missing on a few minutes here and there isn’t going to affect their life. In fact, by taking a slower pace, they find new things to do, like reading a book on the train even though they choose to take a later one during non-peak hours.

5) Love

Happy people are chill with love. They don’t find love. They simply do what they love and let people come to them.

It works that way honestly. So chill! The right one will come along when you stop trying so darn hard.

6) Emotions

Happy people are calm people.

Sure, they feel anger, sadness, frustration and other negative emotions from time to time, but that doesn’t mean they act at the heat of the moment.

They don’t lash out when they’re angry. They don’t start bawling when they’re sad.

They relax first. They chill out. They calm themselves down first and start thinking things through.

7) With the state of the world

The state of the world can be a pretty negative one, especially if you’re obsessed with reading the news. It can be hard to be happy, especially if you choose to be influence or worse, become paranoid.

Happy people recognize that the state of the world is what it is. They also know that it is not their fault.

They don’t let the news get to them. Instead, they try to help others.

8) Money

Money is important, but ultimately, it’s whether you want to chase it or not. And happy people don’t chase money.

More so, they know that money, or the number on your bank account doesn’t equate to happiness.

They spend to be happy. They save just enough to be happy too. And when they’re running low, they don’t panic. They just do what it takes to make it all back.

9) Getting the work done

Happy people know that results take time, so they’re patient. They’re chill.

They also know that getting stressed out isn’t going to be productive, so they work on it step by step.

And most of all, they don’t compare their accomplishments and success with others. They ignore them. They focus on their own journey instead. They’re chill, and even happy for others.

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