9 Productivity Lessons From Kids

Little kids are adorable! With their big curious eyes they can melt anyone’s heart. Besides being very cute, they can also teach you many things that will make you more productive. Here are some very helpful lessons inspired by kids.   

  1. Sleep is a priority

Kids, especially infants, sleep as if they get paid for it. They sleep for 10-18 hours per day. Sleep helps them to grow and develop their immune system. It also helps to be energetic and have a good mood. If they don’t get enough sleep, they become very capricious, irritable and difficult to calm down.

Doesn’t it sound familiar to you? It is quite the same with us, grown-ups. If we don’t get enough sleep, we start grumble and become angry with everything. Besides, our memory works worse and we are less focused and attentive. Surely, we shouldn’t sleep for 18 hours per day, but to be more productive we need to make sleeping a priority.

  1. Practice is everything

Try to lie down and turn over. Was it easy? Well, once you needed several long months of practice to do that. You tried to do it every day and that brought you to the positive results.

The same things happen when you are an adult. Often you cannot do some things from the first try. You need to practice and eventually you get there.

  1. Routine is good

Waking up, eating, playing, eating, sleeping, playing, eating, sleeping… And that happens every day. Does it sound great? Yes, but for kids it’s the same routine as “home-work-home” for us. However, they don’t get tired from this routine, they enjoy it. They grow and develop thanks to this routine.

It is practically the same with us. Without normal diet for our body and soul we won’t be productive. It is like in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: the physical needs are in the first place. You need to remember that regular positive actions in our life help us function and grow in all the ways.

  1. Know when to stop

All parents know this situation when their kids are tired from playing, walking or any other activities. They will let you know immediately! If your babies are full, they throw away the spoon.

The lesson here is that everyone has their limits. Productive people realize that and they know when to stop. A small break, a walk, listening to music for some time or an interesting conversation can clear your head and get your creativity back. If you are exhausted, acknowledge that and take a break.

  1. Concentrate on one thing

Kids have this period of seeing something they like and grabbing it. Who could tell they are so strong? When they grab your hair, they don’t just hold it, they pull it out. Notice how concentrated they are on this process. Nothing can distract them; they are fully attentive.

If adults could do the same that easily! We really need to learn it from kids. Thousands of things happen around us but we can only concentrate on one. We would be much more productive if we could be as focused.

  1. Laugh!

If you’ve seen a kid’s smile or hear a baby’s laugh at least once, you know how magical it is. You can tell that this kid is happy with no doubt and you want to hear it over and over again.

Smiling and laughing is great for people of any age.

If helps us fight stress, improves our mood and makes us nicer. All in all, don’t ever suppress your laugh.

  1. Talk about your desires

Is their diaper full? They cry. Is their stomach empty? They cry. Upset stomach? Feeling tired? Belching? Well, you’ll know about all that. When kids want something, they immediately inform you about that. Whey won’t wait for the appropriate moment. They don’t care whether you want to know it or not. They just let you know.

No, don’t become an ill-mannered and cruel person who thinks of no one around. However, this may teach you a good lesson. You do need to let other people know what you want. Productive people are initiative. Even if they are scared, they act, because they know that you have to use every chance and move forward to achieve great results.

  1. All in good time

When it is time to turn over, they turn over. When it is time to sit, they sit. When it is time to crawl, they do so. Babies don’t skip the development stages, they do everything in time.

Productive people have the same characteristics. They don’t waste time trying to finish a big work in short time. They also do everything in order. To achieve positive results, they divide a task into small steps and take them one by one.

  1. Enjoy the little things

Feed me, change my clothes, hug me, play with me, love me, protect me and I’ll be happy. I don’t need fancy diapers, I’m a baby. I don’t need many different-colored cute blankets to cover me. I don’t need tons of similar toys in my room, I’d play with whatever and be happy.

We, adults, are not the same. We need more gadgets, more things, more entertainments. I need to check my e-mail, see what people post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, make a phone call and then I’m ready for work. But when you finish all that, you don’t have enough energy and time to do your best with the task. Learn to be satisfied with what you have and get only what you need.


The post is written by Adam Mann, an aspiring writer, blogger and motivational speaker. He works as a freelance writer for AssignmentJedii Company and travels around the world to collect memories and experiences.


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