8 Things You Should Know About Enlightened People

Do you spend way too much time under trees hoping for a sudden enlightenment, but nothing comes. Is enlightenment your ultimate goal in life?

In this article I would like to share with you some common traits of enlightened people and give you the opportunity to check out how enlightened you are.

Here are 8 characteristics of people who know what’s up.

They live in the now

They understand that the past and the future are only a mental constructions created by their mind and have nothing to do with their true essence. In reality, we always live in the now. When we think of the past or the future it can only be in the present. Their intense focus on the present lead them to perceive a strong sense of aliveness in everything around them.

They make nothing a means to something else

They have no purpose because they are already complete. They enjoy every activity they do for the sake of it not for what it may bring them in the future. They don’t spend their time wishing they be somewhere else. They don’t wait for anything to come. Nothing they are doing is a means for an end. The spiritual teacher Ram Dass has a sticker on his car that say “I’d rather be here now”. What are you waiting for?

 They are egoless

Because they live in the now, they don’t care about their “personal story” that is, a story solely based on their interpretation of past experiences. Their ego disappears because it is nothing more than a mental construction based on thoughts. It is not our true being.

Failure, success, honor, disgrace, recognition or money means nothing for them. Those are mere social conventions. They don’t need to impress anybody. They don’t care about what people think of them. They live their life and have no worries.

They realize their body and their mind is not who they are

The entire cells in our body are renewed every 7 years and our thoughts just come and go so both our body and our mind cannot constitute the essence of who we really are. They experienced the awareness, the presence beyond their body and their mind. They become the witness of their own body and mind, and observe the world with detachment.

They don’t take life seriously

For them the world is a playground where they simply witness things happening while remaining completely detached from them. They understand that absolutely nothing that happens in the world have the power to affect their true essence.

 They don’t care how long they are going to live

Because they live in the present, the idea of time disappears. We can only live in the present, and the present is timeless. If we stop thinking, our idea of past and future disappears. Then, dying in 5 seconds or in 50 years doesn’t matter anymore. That’s what Marcus Aurelius was talking about when he said “the longest-lived and the earliest to die suffer an equal loss”, that is, the loss of the present moment which is the only thing we have. Everything else is a mental construction.

Since we always think of the past in the present, it doesn’t really matter whether we are 70 or 20. Our past is still an illusion; a trick our mind is playing on us. We are unlikely to be happier by remembering the accumulation of 70 years lived than by remembering only one great memory that happened yesterday. Anyway, shouldn’t we enjoy the present moment rather than remember the past?

They live their own life and let others do the same

They are free and let others be free. They have no expectations of others and demand nothing to them emotionally speaking. They don’t expect anyone to bring them fulfillment and are not responsible to fulfill other people either. They understand they have no right to force people to stay with them. By the way, is it real love if you cling to others and refuse to let them go? Is it real love if your happiness comes first and their happiness come second?

They are happy by themselves

They are back to they natural state, that is, the state of happiness experienced by little children. Their happiness comes from within. They don’t need anyone or anything to make them happy. They truly enjoy the company of others but they don’t cling to them. They are happy being with others but they are also perfectly happy being alone.

What about you? How much have you in common with enlightened people? Are you ready to let go of your current identity and find what is behind? The ball is in your court.

Thibaut Meurisse is the founder of whatispersonaldevelopment.org. Obsessed with improvement, he dedicates his life to finding the best possible ways to durably transform both his life and the lives of others.


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7 Responses to 8 Things You Should Know About Enlightened People

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how much exactly I share in common with people like me, but there are similarities. I believe I am love and I am always open to experiences.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I reached and reached toward enlightenment not knowing what I was truly reaching for or what it would feel like. I ventured into something I wasn’t entirely ready for. I was on the cusp for a long time until it all hit me right in the face. Now that I have this realization, it is sometimes a struggle living the western culture. I’m all of the things on the list, but some of them are more prevelent than others. Therefore, I go through different stages of it throughout the day. I’m always at peace, but I find it hard to balance within myself because I know I am expected to “play the game” of society that I feel completely detached from. I feel constantly in a dream state that I can’t wake from because essentially this is my true awakened nature. I feel love for every organism because I understand that life is one. Therefore, the previous love I had for my friends and family is not the same. It is almost like an equal playing field, because I love everyone. There is a lot more, but I seek comfort in this post and have read it many times this month to keep myself in check and realize that people do feel the same as me. So thank you!

  3. Johannes Lind says:

    This is me 100 percent. Nice to get a confirmation of what’s going on. There is still a slight sadness at moments when i feel that people don’t understand me or get uncomfortable around me. I want to find more enlightened people in a sense. To have a family. But still, I’m also completely at peace and in love with the present moment and the world. I have faith in the experience.

  4. Clayton Liddle says:

    I was seeing a lot of synchronicities and it lead me into learning about human consciousness. Which lead to me to analyzing every aspect of my character(all internal). I woke up one day and didn’t know if the switch happened overnight but I felt no negative emotion. Anger. Just calmness. The irony of it is that I thought I was different and alone of how I looked at the world. To now actually being different and alone but ina totally new light. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Fort sask AB

  5. PB says:

    True enlightened individuals don’t talk about it they experience it, therefore….

  6. Asha Kanta Sharma says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article.

  7. freedrico says:

    it is the prerogative of all life in the universe to become God. God is the best at survival. To be God is to know everything. Even if God does not exist now, It will one day. After all, time is just an artificial means of gauging the progression of an event and has no place in the absence of all things. To make the absence of all things as productive as it is is enlightenment. God has already happened.

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