8 Things Happy People Don’t Ever Do

1) They don’t dwell on it

They move on from whatever problem, small or big that falls upon them.

They don’t dwell. They don’t harp on it. They don’t keep talking about it.

They chug it and move on immediately.

That’s the thing: Out of sight, out of mind. But the latter takes some effort.

So make that choice and stop thinking about it.

2) They don’t hang out with negative, toxic people

That means anybody that remotely comes close to making them feel less than pleasant.

And happy people do what it takes.

If their workplace is filled with negative people, they quit. If their partner is abusive, they break it off. If they learnt that a place is filled with undesirables, they don’t go back.

Who you’re with counts a lot for your happiness. You’ve legs to move, so move if you have to.

3) They don’t lie to themselves

They ask themselves the honest, but scary questions.

They don’t ever put on a front just so they can impress others on a superficial level.

They dig deep, evaluate themselves and most of all, start working on their flaws.

Then they put in the work.

Working on yourself and growing will be a never-ending task, but at least with honesty, you know you’re in charge. That’s happiness.

Anything less is only going to create a void.

4) They don’t stop taking care of their bodies

Because a healthy body is a healthy mind, and therefore a happy one.

If you aren’t healthy, it means you’re fat, tired, lethargic, unfit, ill or probably hungover way too much for your own good.

Small wonder you can’t feel happy there.

Eat well. Drink lots of water. Sleep enough and cut down on the alcohol.

Life is too short to feel drained all the time.

5) They don’t stop recharging their motivation

Because, guess what? Motivation and inspiration die down all the time.

You’ve to recharge it or else you’re going to feel aimless.

The happiest people I know always have their eyes on the prize. They do what it takes to recharge themselves and have something to look forward to.

So get pumped. Get hyped. Keep on learning. Watch inspirational YouTube videos lately. Go to a concert. Read interviews. Whatever!

Just make sure you’re always on YOUR path.

6) They don’t overwhelm themselves with high expectations

Because that’s the surest way to set yourself up for disappointment.

Happy people lower their expectations. They go with it and take things as they come along. They even accept it when things don’t go their way.

Happiness comes when you live in the present. You just enjoy whatever comes and make the best of it.

So if you want to be happy, start by lowering your expectations. There’re plenty of things you can learn to be happy with as they are.

7) They don’t cloud their minds with negative thoughts

Because at the end of the day, your thoughts are your reality.

Life is bad if you think it is. The universe is out to get you if you think it is. People around you are all hateful jerks if you choose it to be so in your head.

It all starts in your head!

If you want to start being happy, then start by thinking of something positive for once.

Remember, you’re 100% responsible for your emotions. The choice is always yours when it comes to your thoughts.

8) They don’t stop forgetting to have fun

Because if you can’t even do that, then why the hell are you alive?

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