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7 Tips to Boost Your Day

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”-Michelangelo


Each day is hard work. We have to get up, run here and then run there all while keeping a smile on our faces letting everyone know that we’re okay. Caring for ourselves? Ha! Who has time for that?

While, I have to say that caring for myself is an uphill battle most days, the rewards I reap from loving me are exceptional! Looking for love outside of yourself is sooo last week. Three’s company and me, myself and I are extremely useful when you put them to work! Here are a few tips to give yourself a boost on any given Monday.

1. Start with positive thoughts.
Wake up. Snooze. Groan. Snooze. Wake up 20 minutes later and curse yourself on the way out the door. Does this sound familiar? How does cursing yourself serve you? Forgiveness is not just for outsiders, but for you too. Make room for forgiveness when you make little mistakes. No one will die if you’re a little late, and your day will be a lot better.

2. Treat yourself like you want to be treated.
Do you notice that we save our nicest demeanor and grace for strangers and elders but sometimes treat our friends and families with carelessness? That’s bad enough but it doesn’t stop there. We save our worst criticism, our meanest self for our very own. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend or elder, then don’t say it to yourself. It isn’t constructive, and it isn’t helping so stop being mean to you.

3. Acknowledge greatness.
Whenever someone is rude to us or pisses us off, we often wish that we can let them know how rude they are. We have this incredible urge to tell negative people where to go and how to get there. Or at least I do! Instead of judging ourselves, let’s draw some inspiration from this! Try this: when someone rubs you the right way, and leaves a positive feeling with you, don’t let it go unsaid! It truly takes little effort to tell someone they’re awesome and that act will reflect positive vibes onto you as well.

4. Be grateful.
Think about something you’re truly grateful for. Sit with it. Relish in it….now try and be negative about something. You can’t. It’s kinda like sneezing with your eyes open, you can’t do it. This is nothing new, gratitude journals and the like are all the rage. Jump on the band wagon, they’re going somewhere nice!

5. Talk to your inner child.
Just think of the playground that your 5 year old self would make the office into. Think of the questions your seven year old self would ask your professors. Approach life like a kid sometimes because these guys are the true fun experts. We would all be better at life if we retapped in to the expertise that we all have had before. Life really isn’t as serious as a lot of us try to make it.

6. Dance.
Or sing. Or run out into the rain. Get out of your comfort zone in a silly way and watch your days soar.

7. Accept your gift!
The present is a gift and truly the only moment you have. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never coming, sorry. You owe it to yourself to create your own happiness in each day. Happiness is not this fleeting thing, but a manifestation of your thoughts.

You have nothing to be sad about, you are an extremely capable and amazing person. You can and will make it through absolutely everything that gets thrown at you. Make this day count for you!

With so much love,
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