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7 Things You Must Let Go Of To Be Truly Happy

Everybody wants happiness. It’s too bad that in this life, happiness can be a tricky thing.

I think that sometimes, instead of trying to chase happiness, we ought to look within and start shedding the unnecessary in life in order to be happy. With so many distractions and people telling you what to do, it can be easy to forget this simple idea.

Here are 7 things to let go of to be truly happy

1) The past

Guess what? The past does not exist.

I know you’ve been hurt or angered deeply in the past, particularly by people or events uncontrolled by you. But you need to let it go. It can be tough, but you need to loosen that grip on a reality that has already lived its time.

2) The future

Letting go of the future is as essential as letting go of the past.

More often than not, people are unhappy because of the high expectations they have in life. Whatever it is they want to do, they keep anticipating and thinking of what’s going to happen that they forget about the present.

Let go of the future by lowering your expectations. That’s how you gear yourself for less disappointment.

3) Toxic friends

This may come as a “shocker”, but your lack of happiness could be because of your environment and the people around you. Yup. Some people are just too toxic for your well-being.

Don’t give any excuses for yourself, and your friends. If certain people in your life are dragging you down or simply annoying you, let them go. Life is too short to be around people who can’t lift you up.

4) Self-destructive friends

I find that a lot of unhappiness can come from caring too much about your friends, especially those who are walking the wrong path.

It’s hurtful to see your own friends become self-destructive as they don’t do anything good for themselves. But remember, their problems are not your problems.

Sometimes it’s essential to let them go and allow them to make their own mistakes. You can’t single-handedly change somebody.

5) Expecting things in return

If you want to be happy, do things for the sake of being happy yourself. Create positivity for the sake of positivity. If you keep expecting something to happen just because you did something good, you’re in for a lot of disappointment.

It’s kind of like the misunderstanding that success brings happiness. It’s not always true. Happiness brings success.

6) Perfection

A fellow blogger taught me this a while back. “Don’t aim for perfection. Aim to be prolific.”

Trying to be perfect all the time is just asking for a lot of stress as you get into the little, technical details that ultimately don’t matter.

Let go of perfection. Just try your best and keep producing results. That’s how you grow consistently and be happy as you can look back at the progress you’ve made.

7) Being right

Just ask for yourself this, “Do you want to be right? Or be at peace”

The former doesn’t always bring happiness. At most, it may be a bitter sweet feeling as you “win” over somebody just to show that you’re right. Think about it, how do you feel after a heated argument in which you “won”?

There’s nothing wrong with being wrong or simply admitting that you’re at fault. Never deny how you really feel. That’s pretty much an essential step to being happy, and that’s being honest with yourself. That’s how you find peace and happiness.

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