6 Ways To Live A More Positive Life

In a world where a great deal of people believe that negative thinking is a more realistic approach to life than positive thinking, it’s no wonder that our lives have become so negative.

Try to tell somebody that is facing a major challenge they should reassess their values and that no matter what happens, it’s going to benefit their life and see how they react. 

It’s very unlikely that they’ll just agree and comply.

Yet, adversity is not only good because it adds uncertainty and surprise to our lives, which is the ingredient that makes life interesting, but it is also the best way for us to grow as human beings – challenges make us stronger persons.

Unfortunately, most people are completely unfamiliar with the concept of positivity and belittle it. It simply isn’t realistic for them. They have been conditioned their whole lives to believe in ‘negativity’.

The fact of the matter is that reality is whatever you want it to be: it can be a beautiful, enriching dream.. or a dreadful, sinister nightmare.

Let’s talk about 6 ways that can make your life more positive:

1 – Feed Your Mind With Positivity

Depending on your past experiences and current environment, you might have been fed a lot of unwarranted negativity throughout your life: putdowns, threats, cursing, mocking.. which has significantly shaped your view of the world.

In order to change the way your now perceive the world, it’s now time to do the opposite: feed your mind with positivity, all day long! Anything will do, as long as it empowers you.

I’m particularly fond of these kind of quotes: read as many as you can!

2 – Cut Negative People Out Of Your Life

Needless to say, the biggest resistance you will ever meet in your journey of living a more positive life will be all the people around you that are going to try to drag you down.

It can be difficult to cut ties with some people who may hold a very important position in your life – such as friends or family members, but in order to make a big difference in your life, you need to make big changes! Be merciless and do not tolerate any type of toxic negativity in your life. 

3- Stop Watching The News

When I tell this to people, I always hear the same answer: ‘’But I got to stay informed!’’

Do you necessarily have to know everything that happens on this planet to ‘stay informed’? Of course, closing your ears and withdrawing from every negative situation isn’t the way to go either. There must be a balance.

For instance, you might view your finances as ‘negative’ and in that case, I would strongly recommend that you do pay attention to it. All negativity isn’t toxic. It can be a good indicator that something is going on that you need to work out, as demonstrated in the exemple above.

However, do you really need to know that this 23 year-old girl got beaten up, raped and killed in this third world country? Of course not. These are the kind of information that contaminate your mind and fill it with negativity.

4- Focus On The Right Things

No wonder so many people feel stressed out of their mind and negative when they spend so much time focusing on negative events that happened in their lives or in the world.

Once again, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore challenges and negative events in your life. Negativity is not necessarily bad depending on how you use it.

Sometimes, what appears to be a negative event might just be a blessing in disguise that has the potential to change your entire life.

If you can control your focus, your whole perception and beliefs about life will change.

5 -Find The Good In Everything

If some people lost the usage of their legs, sight and even body and yet still managed to find a way to create a positive meaning around these events, why couldn’t you?

The truth is that we all have the power to find the good in any situation, but few of us really make that choice.

When facing adversity, the number one question I always ask myself is: ‘’What’s great about this?’’ No matter what happens, there is always two ways to look at a situation: either in a positive way, or in a negative way.

6 – Change Your Beliefs

Our beliefs shape our reality. If you believe that life is a gift and that everything that happens to you has been strategically placed by your creator so that you can learn something valuable, can you see how you’ll react completely differently than someone who believes that life is a struggle?

The best way to change a belief is to question that belief over and over again. Is this belief really true? Are there people out there who are living proof that this belief is not true?

Add as many references as you can to reinforce your belief that this belief isn’t true.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to make your life more positive. However, knowledge alone is not power. True power is the ability to implement what you’ve learned. Are you ready to make a change in your life?

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9 Responses to 6 Ways To Live A More Positive Life

  1. Everyone of these suggestions are pure gold especially to those who struggle with depression and anxiety.

    We can’t count how many people we have seen experience a complete 180 from following #3 (Stop watching news) and even though it can be difficult #2 isn’t just important to avoid negativity but can even save your life.

    Excellent article with great points.

  2. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free.

  3. fabrizio says:

    Very interesting!
    After my career floundered and my savings dried up, I was stuck in a badplace.
    And as I tried to take action and do something about my situation, a voice inside me wanted to stop me every step of the way.
    But I realized that I couldn’t make those changes because a part of my brain refused to.
    I have done some research on this phenomenon, and science shows that the human mind protects a person from anything unfamiliar or uncomfortable.
    That includes any attempt to break out of your situation. To your brain, any kind of change is threatening.
    So if you’ve ever felt stuck in your life, or find yourself firing off a bunch of excuses to “protect” yourself from trying something new – you have your mind to thank for that.
    And it manifests in ways that you don’t realize. We’re so ingrained in our mental habits sometimes that we don’t notice how we’re silently undermining ourselves.
    So a little self-awareness is in order, don’t you think?
    I hope that once you can see these self-sabotaging habits for what they are, you’ll step up and do something about it. See how I changed myself: https://yourdreams.home.blog

  4. Nippon says:

    Great work !! Thank a lot Buddy!!

  5. Great work !! Thank a lot Buddy!!

  6. angalf says:

    Thanks for writing this!

    I like to do this little mental exercise of noticing how my butt feels against the chair and my feet against the floor whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed.

    It’s always been a good start in breaking free from negative self-talk for me–

  7. Sachin says:

    Thank you, brother, for posting such a blog, I m so frustratedly at the time, Now this very beneficial for me.

  8. Cutting negative people out of life is probably the most basic piece of all advice. I will share a little bit of my experience. Due to the peculiarities of my work, I often make new acquaintances. Because I am a person, who is very open to communication, I always share a piece of my soul and energy to my interlocutor. But once my friend asked me a very clever thing – “why do you communicate with everyone as if you owe them something?”, and I realized that it’s true. Indeed, there are a lot of people around me who quite often upset me, but I always try to be good. Why should I give all my energy to unnecessary people? And after this realization, my life really got better, I became less irritable and more positive. And in general – all the tips are useful, but it was one that I tested in practice!

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