6 Ways To De-Stress After Work

A full day at work can be extremely taxing on your mind and body – no matter if you’re on your feet or sitting at a desk. Instead of coming home and mindlessly plopping onto the couch, I’m sharing 6 tips you should start incorporating to your post-work routine. Many people will automatically sigh, ‘but i have kids I have to take care of!’, ‘Dinner I have to make!’ – and this may be true. BUT, this is the exact point of this article. You have to FIND the time for yourself – otherwise you are just a cog in the wheel of life – going through the motions.

These tips can help you ‘productively’ unwind, re-energizing your mind to become inspired to save some time for yourself. After all, that’s what life is about isn’t it?


It seems impossible that you can’t find 20 minutes for yourself – at least if you’re making a conscious effort to. Filling that 20 minutes with meditation maybe be the best bet for your time well spent. Concentrating on your breath helps ease tension and fills you with oxygen. It calms the mind and by default then the body. It allows you to be centered and focused. So find a little quiet corner, cross your legs, close your eyes…and breathe.


Plants are more than just a pretty accessory for your home. They add oxygen to the air which has a calming effect. As well, working on plants (pruning, watering etc) or gardening has an enormous calming effect. More than that, it is said working with plants can help improve brain health, heart health, reduces stress as well as has a positive effect on those suffering from depression. So get working on that green thumb! Check out these floral tutorials you can try at home.


Herbal teas (like chamomile) have a soothing effect, plus they boost hydration (which provides added energy). Not only are herbal teas, themselves, calming, the whole process of making you tea, waiting for it to cool, sipping slowly is an exercise in tranquility. Try my favorite wellness tea.

Stretch It Out: 

All busy day long we are caught in stress cycles, running here & there, and sitting for long periods of time. Not only does this physically tighten you up – there are major psychological side effects like stress and anxiety. So what to do? Undo your day by doing a short yoga practice – stretch it out. You will alleviates tension – both mentally and physically in 20 minutes or less! This tutorial is particularly energizing.

Technology Off: 

With all of our smart phones and tablets, sometimes coming home doesn’t feel much different that being at the office – there is a constant stream of emails, sounds, updates, breaking news, etc…being shoved down your throat 24/7. Make a conscientious effort to turn off your devices (for at least a half hour) so you can get a little peace and quiet. Shutting down your devices helps the mind to rest so you can focus on yourself for a change!

Foot Soak:

A relaxing epson salt soak helps reduce stress from the bottom up! Immersing your feet in hot water (and bath salts) not only helps relieve stress, but promotes hydration and circulation. Plus if you combine this with a little meditation you’ll be relaxing at both ends. I love This recipe.

Click below to see me in ‘de-stressing after work’ action here!


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