6 Things Bold People Do To Live A Courageous Life

If you want to live a more courageous life, the one thing you can begin doing immediately is to stop running mental horror movies of your future through your mind.

If you’re safe in this moment, then all of your fear is future oriented. You’re obsessing about bad things that haven’t happened yet.

At any moment, you can create a new movie or story about your future; one of happiness, prosperity and joy.

It takes courage to believe that the best is yet to come.

It takes courage to know and feel that everything is going to be okay in spite of all of the craziness and violence in the world.

It takes courage to notice and focus on the beauty everywhere.

It takes courage to believe that, in spite of everything, you’re going to be better than okay. You can get started right away.

Identify Your Fear to Get Beyond It

What do you hide from? Where do you hold back? There’s a hidden fear beneath your reasons. Many people have powerful messages to share, but are afraid to write or speak about them. They’re afraid they’ll be rejected, experience failure or be thought of as arrogant.

The only way to get beyond these fears is to write and speak anyway. Pretend that you’re addressing your best friend. Know that you have a message that only you can deliver and the world is waiting for it.

Be Yourself: Do Your Own Thing

Get comfortable in your own skin. Accept who you are and live it. Don’t worry about fitting in. Don’t imitate others. Don’t try to please anyone. You’re incomparable and unrepeatable.

If you want to be something, be authentic, uncommon, extraordinary, honest and trustworthy. Push the envelope.

Unleash your inner bold. Never mind the economy or naysayers. Smile and dance through it all. Enjoy who you are and live with conviction. Daily!

See the Big Picture

Think of your past successes. Write them down in your journal. Pinpoint your strengths that have helped you get where you are today.

Write down the names of the people you have helped in your lifetime. Acknowledge it all! Chances are that you’ll succeed again and again. Focus on what goes right and what you get right.

Get into the feeling of success and believe it in every cell of your body. Set your soul on fire.

Do What You Can. Surrender the Rest

Commit to always doing your best. Take a writing course. Join Toastmaster’s or The National Speaker’s Association. Continually practice your craft.

Tell the world who you are. Write a Kindle book and give it away. Begin by speaking for free. Decide that you’ll be so good that someone in the audience will love you and pay you to speak somewhere else.

That’s what I did. I know it works!

Ask For Support

Some people never leave their comfort zone in order to really live an amazing life for the simple reason that they won’t ask for help. They feel unworthy, won’t admit they need it, have a desire for control or are stuck in perfectionism. Therefore, they struggle alone.

It’s a sad way to live.

I think the brilliant Robert Fulghum, author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, had it right, “When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together.”

Don’t fear asking for help, and be generous in giving it, as well. Let’s stick together.

Practice Action Belief and Courage (ABCs)

Action is everything. You must move through your fear by taking action. It’s the only way to build your courage muscles. It’s the only way you move forward and get where you want to go.

Go beyond dreaming, wishing and hoping. Take small steps and eventually you’ll be able to leap forward.

Believe in yourself. You were born with the innate power to make your dreams come true and share your gifts and talents with others. Nobody else can do your job.
If you haven’t healed your past, do it now. Believe that everything is possible and anything can happen. Get your faith on!

Celebrate your courage. Each day you take action, you’ll make progress. Celebrate your mistakes, failures, small wins and big victories. It all counts. It’s all part of your journey. Throw yourself a little party and celebrate your courage.

This year I want you to go within, dig deep and work hard on building your courage muscles. I want for you what you want for yourself.

I currently have a clear vision – a mental success story. I carry my desired outcome close to my heart. My vision includes you, growing your wings and taking a leap into living life to the fullest!

You can begin where you are, with what you have, to move forward…no matter how scary things get.

I invite you to choose to step into your personal power, and live boldly and courageously in 2015.

Tess Marshall M.A. is founder of The Bold Life and a personal development-industry entrepreneur. If you want to be inspired, supported and experience wild success, you’re going to want to join Tess in her Unstoppable Courage Club.


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