6 Simple Ways to be a Positive Human

In 1994, Prof. Masaru Emoto ran some experiment on water. He found that after his team were giving good words, playing fine music, or praying to water, beautiful crystals showed up in the water. They also observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation. How impressive!

What does that signify? Since 70% of human body is water, you must know how important to stay think, talk and act positively. When you familiarize yourself with the positive, at the same time, you are making beautiful crystal water inside you.

But, forget a while about the water experiment. Even further, forget about sin and reward a la religion sphere. Definitely, be a positive thinker is important for your career, social life, and survival. Do you agree? If you do and want to learn how to be a positive human, please continue on reading!

The big question is, how can we stay positive in the world that full of craps like this? Here, I give you six ideas to start with.

1. Be Thankful, No Matter How Pain is Your Life

Every time you wake up, feel that as a gift. Oh no, suddenly you remember having a bunch of assignments today! Make it easy, keep grateful. Just think about unemployed who have long been searching for a job and do everything to be in your position.Then, you remembered last night you were angry with your wife? Stop being foolish to her. Go give her a hug this morning and thank her for being there with you. When you have difficulty doing that, think of a man who everyday desperately prays to God only to find his mate.

2. Vis Comica

It is a Latin expression; I just know it through Asterix comic. It means, “The power of make laugh.” Yes, having some sense of humor is important too, for humor is relaxing, a life-giving. We all should have this ability. By such, you can make the breast milk of a mother flow profusely. You can make a cancer patient live longer. You can make yourself looks adorable and younger. I am not suggesting you to be a clown. Just be you, but keep on learning to have vis comica. You will always see the world in a fun, positive way.

3. Choosing the Right Friends
Believe me, negative thoughts can be contagious. And it spread faster than positive one. So, do not put yourself in the middle of hotheads, losers, whiners, and so on. You must have heard the old saying, “The whiners, they keep on whining even in heaven.” Avoid them. Instead, find friends who always give you support, vibrant, positive thoughts and attitudes. Sooner or later, you feel their positive energy streaming within your blood.

4. Take Action, Don’t be a Talker

You know what Theodore Roosevelt said? “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.” It’s an allusion to stop talking, because talking of something or someone will make you only be a critic. When you are becoming a critic, you tend to find negative sides of people or things, rather than their positive.

5. Enjoy the Process, Whatever the Result

Remember what Mark Twin said, “Twenty years from now, you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.” Hence, do your best, enjoy the process, and don’t worry about the outcome. If you are not satisfied with the result, use that moment to learn and avoid same mistakes in the future. People fail, so what? Certainly, failure is not a negative thing. It’s just the beginning of greater you. Do the best and enjoy the rest.

6. Help People to be Better
We are social creature. Likewise, we are human. We cannot born and die without anyone’s help. The brightest side of this, we also need to help the others. So when your employee really needs some loan, give her. When your neighbor calls for some hands to renovate house, help them. When you see a friend who always fail and feel disappointment in his life, go help him by giving good solution or advise to make him feeling better in life. Brief, be an energy giver. A psychological research concluded that, when you do something good to others, it would bring a positive impact to you: happiness, satisfaction, feeling of being needed, etc. All those feeling would make your heart smiles and emit some positive mood.

The most important thing is your intention. Say this in every moment you look fall to negativity, “I am in charge of what I feel and what I think. And now, I decide to have a positive mind only.” Have a try!


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