5 Things That Are Destroying Your Success

Many of us want to be successful but come across a lot of challenges along the way. Most times the challenges we face can be controlled by us. Sometimes we forget that it is the simple things that are stopping us from getting the success we want in our lives. Below I have listed five things that you must not do in order to make sure that you get the success that you deserve.

Constantly criticizing people

The more you criticize people, the less attractive you will come across to others that are around you. Criticism is a sign that you are insecure and lack self-confidence. If you are jealous of other people’s success, no one is going to help you and guide you towards having the successful life that you desire.

Blaming other people for your failures

If you start pointing fingers at other people for your failures in life, you will not get anywhere. Many of us have a habit of blaming our family and/or other people for the things that have occurred to us in the past. If you keep doing this you will see opportunities fly by you and see others get ahead in life while you sit there feeling frustrated.

Dreaming about other successful people

It is always great to hear stories of other people that have achieved great success. However many people make a habit of living and dreaming about someone else’s life rather than focusing on their own goals. When we do this our perception of reality gets distorted and we don’t pay attention to the things that are important to us in the present moment. There is nothing wrong with reading autobiographies and going to motivational seminars, but many people make the mistake of trying to follow the exact same path as someone else took. Each individual that you look up to achieved their success following their own path. Remember that you have your own unique story to tell.

Not taking the extra step to get closer to your goal

You may have talent, but if you are not willing to put in the extra hours to get what you want out of your life then you are going to have a hard time excelling. If you own a business and your client needs some extra servicing, sometimes you may need to go out of your way or stay at work after hours to help them. If you feel annoyed and frustrated working after hours, it is going to show a lack of enthusiasm and you will not get any referrals. If you need to work on improving your dating life, you may be required to put in the extra time to meet different members of the opposite sex. However if you don’t put in the extra time, you are not going to improve your dating life.

Letting other people make decisions for you

Lack of leadership can have a huge impact on your success in all areas of your life. Many people don’t take the step to make their own decisions and they have no control over their lives at all. When other people see that you lack leadership skills they will start pushing you in different direction and make choices for you. You need to spend time thinking about what is important to you and what your core values are so that you can start making your own decisions.

Nabil Gulamani is in sales and helps businesses nationwide with their Direct Marketing. During his free time he blogs about self-improvement and personal growth to help people improve their overall lifestyle. You can visit his Self-Improvement blog www.successatreach.com










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