5 Reasons Why You Must Actualize Your Dream

‘’Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’’ –Ralph Waldo Emerson

You probably never gave it a thought before, you assumed it wasn’t worth all the effort, but the truth is that you need to actualize your dream.

Your dream is whom you are; outside your dream, you are leaving another person’s life and you can never make it.

You are living a makeshift life. You can only end up being a member of the pack at best. The alpha status is not for you. You will always be led and directed to places you never wanted to go and you will never have any option.

‘’Why?’’ You may want to ask, the reason is very obvious — You refused to actualize your dream.

All hope is not lost as these 5 tips, will get you raring and ready to go.

  1. You will have rest of mind

The fact is your mind can never relax if, you have not actualized your dream. You will find yourself drifting, you can’t be stable because you are into the wrong thing. You are in another person’s world.

You will always be fidgety, confused and lack composure. People will use you and then dump. You can’t aspire to get to the top, you are in a strange land.

Since all these will happen to you and more, why won’t you get into your own world, by actualizing your dream? Just then, you can call the shots and be responsible for your own fate.

When you actualize your dream, things will flow, you will live your own life and stop being an attachment, an appendage.

  1. Silence your detractors

There are a lot of people out there who are only waiting to see your downfall, who don’t wish you well, who only want to mock you. They constantly want to see you trip and stumble.

They will put obstacles in your way, they reason that, if you move up, you won’t hero-worship them again, after all, you had been at their beck and call all along.

You can put a stop to all their trash, once you decide to silence them by actualizing your dreams.

A dream actualized, is a sucker punch, a deafening grand slam to your detractor.

‘’Hold faithfully to your unique vision and your detractors will eventually tire and give up.’’ -Bryant McGill

  1. Set a pace

Have you ever visualized yourself as a pacesetter before?

Don’t you know there is much joy in being an inventor?

When you set a pace, the recipe belongs to you. All others can only copy from you.

Your dream may be an innovation, nobody has ever tried it before, or even advancing ideas of others just as theme platforms like Colorlib were created to provide themes that will make WordPress more user-friendly.

Probably, you have always wanted to fashion out something, but you don’t know why; it is because you need to, and must allow that hidden ingenuity of yours, to burst out and cascade.

  1. You will be contented

Who on earth, wants to live a life full of worries? Such a life is only fit for those, who have refused, to actualize their dreams; those who have decided to live under other people’s shadows.

It is a rather useless thing to seek contentment elsewhere, you can only get it by actualizing your dream.

When you are contented, you are rich.

The whole world can only belong to you when you realize there is nothing missing, and that can only be when your dream is actualized.

  1. You will become a conqueror

You have been afraid to venture. You didn’t want to explore the unknown! But that is where your crown is, waiting all this while for you to come and fetch it.

Always have this in mind, work is lazy, it’s a chawner, a slackjack.

When you actualize your dream, you will be able to say with Gaius Julius Caesar ‘’I came, I saw, I conquered.’’

Apart from having a rest of mind, bashing your detractors, other benefits that have been mentioned above, you will have all the other sought-after things in life; the summer sun-tanned body, private yacht, adventurous holidays, surfing and other goodies will come in a jiffy.

All you have to do now is, devise the best approaches and strategies, and apply them to actualize your dreams.

And you’ll no longer be an appendage but the master.


Joseph Chukwube is an experienced content writer, link builder and SEO specialist. He is the Founder and CEO of Dream Chase Achieve, a rapidly growing lifestyle and self-improvement blog.


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1 Response to 5 Reasons Why You Must Actualize Your Dream

  1. Simon Mwaura says:

    I’ve read this summarized article at the right time: I’ve always known a farmer & today, more than ever,I’ve zeroed in to my dream farming: dairy cow & goat farming by zero grazing & establishing a sales outlet in my local town & eventually having my own milk processing plant & a teaching/demonstration farm.
    This being my deeply cherished dream,I’m spending sleepless nights dreaming it. And I’m largely on course.

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