5 Core Reasons Why you Should Embrace your Flaws to Live a Happier Life

If you’ve got a banana close by, pick it up and look at it carefully. What do you see in life? Black pockmarks on a smooth yellow skin.

Now, there are two ways to think about this. Either you can consider the black spots as ugly scars, ruining the perfect yellow beauty of the banana. Or you can appreciate the artistic placement of those marks, making the banana look one-of-a-kind. These two perspectives are worlds apart. While the former view recklessly commands our attention and limits our vision, the latter one holds an unspeakable release in its nucleus and the true secret of happiness. What is that? Self-love.

Yes, that is precisely what I will preach in this article. Love yourself. You are composed of all kinds of blacks and yellows. Usually, you tend to hide and suppress your flaws, because you think they will make you look weak and defective in the eyes of society. But in truth, your flaws make you a unique and beautiful being. They make you who you are. By trying to remove them from the forefront, you try to obliterate a constitutive part of your “self.”

So embrace the flaws. And if you’re still not convinced, let the following reasons change your mind and your life.

Freedom from Unnecessary Burdens

Society works in a funny way. It enforces certain standards upon you under the guise of helping you out. Perhaps you’ve seen enough movies, TV shows, and advertisements over your Xfinity internet, and you can recognize some of these tropes. A girl must be tall, slim, with a flat belly, smooth skin, big eyes, and so on.

Because of this long list of perfections, most women around the world struggle to fit this criterion, leading them to cut off their physical flaws in order to mold their appearance. As a result of this, their natural and unique beauty is lost. Because they try to be someone they are not, they end up never being satisfied with what they get. By accepting your flaws as essential parts of your personality, you’ll feel a sense of freedom like never before from the unnecessary burdens put on you by society.

Watered Down Ego

What’s that one thing that eternally wants you to remain in the limelight? To make everything about yourself? Your ego; the ‘“I, me, mine” attitude which encloses you in a tight box of self and doesn’t let you open up or absorb different influences. Flaws are its enemy, and your ego tries to hide your flaws by putting on socially acceptable makeup.

Doesn’t it get tiring after a while? This fiery urge to fulfill every standard? To be the next Madonna? I think it does. So what’s the solution? Stop caring about trying to fall within fixed frames, accept your flaws, breathe a sigh of relief, water down your ego, and introduce a pleasant coolness into your heart. Out of the fray and flux, you’ll feel so lightheaded and calm.

Discovery of True Being

Once you take the blindfold off your eyes, you’ll finally see the difference between who you thought you were and who you really are. This is the sort of an enlightenment which the willful acceptance of flaws necessitates. It releases a pent-up pressure and allows you to gaze upon the real version of yourself. Not only the real one but the truest one as well, one that is uniquely you.

This is how you discover yourself and realize what deep treasures you’ve been hiding for so long, all because you embraced the good and the bad together, in all of its wholenesses.

Real Growth

Once you come face to face with your beautifully flawed real self, and not a distorted mirror image, you know exactly what it is you need to work upon. Previously, you struggled in the opposite direction, constantly comparing yourself to others and trying to beat them in the race of life, not getting much satisfaction out of it anyway.

Now, with your true authentic self-insight, new regions of growth spring up, calling you to undertake spiritual journeys, meditate, and explore the secret sides of your personality. All in all, by accepting your flaws, you have a chance of real growth that produces true happiness.

Extension of Acceptance to Others

Your ego doesn’t like competition. As such, it tries to put others down by pointing out their imperfections, even if in reality they’re smarter or prettier than you. It forces you to look at the world with an askew eye, a sort of eye which judges and hates. In this way, it deprecates your own flaws in the light of others and makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

But beneath all this façade, you remain very unhappy. You’re never able to retain friends or share the joy with others. What’s the way out of it? Accepting your flaws and those of others. This will allow you to have a healthy outlook, and you’ll be able to extend your compassion to others. Happiness is best experienced when it is shared with others.

So do you see why you absolutely need to embrace your flaws and accept your inner being? This is the only way to reach that level of true happiness.


Robert James is an MIS with a vast experience and research on personal and home security tech and gadgets. He also write on Comcast Internet Deals. He is an MMA Fighter and Technology enthusiast with a will to act. Tech Writer and Researcher with a flare to review the latest security tech and gadgets


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