4 Ways To Instantly Swap The Boring Out Of Your Life

It’s Sunday night. For most, that’s unfortunate. It’s time to get serious, right? We’re about to dive head first into the excel sheets, group meetings, and shitty coffee as we all talk about our weekend bender or failed OkCupid date. A feeling of monotony begins to descend over your soul as you realize you’re as far from the next weekend as possible. You murmur to yourself, “How the heck am I going to make it until Friday?”

So what are the options? I mean, you have to get those TPS reports completed and listen to your boss repeat the same overused jokes that he’s been telling since you signed your name on your employment contract. You wonder, Is there anyway to bring back the weekend feeling?

 I’m not talking about bringing a kegger in the office or speed-dating with co-workers either. What if we were able to liberate ourselves from our unconsciousness soul-sucking thoughts that penetrate every waking moment of our Monday morning corn flakes?

 “One feels bored because one has been living in dead patterns given to you by others. Renounce those patterns, come out of those patterns! Start living your own” -Osho

 Yes, we’re bored because we’ve been living in dead patterns. We wake and do the same damn thing every single morning. Is it working for you? Probably not. No worries. Here are four ways that will guarantee to suck the boredom out of your life:

Stop Following The Crowd. Are you find yourself visiting the same cafes and drinking establishments that happen to be within the closest proximity to your bedroom? I’m sure you have your favorite spots where all of your friends like to visit, but what if you decided to venture out? Imagine if you decided you were going to meet your ok cupid dates at a place you’ve never been too before? It’s a first date anyways, so why not? Give it a try and the feeling of uncomfortable excitement will quickly replace your bored face.

Try Something That You Know You’ll Suck At. Think about a skill that would be cool to learn, but that you know with 100{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} certainty, you will do awfully when you begin. Now, do your best with your attempts as you suck your way through practice. When our brains take on difficult tasks, we feel challenged and engaged. Also, theres plenty of scientific research to prove that we actually become smarter through the process of skill acquisition.

 Give Fist Pumps Full Of Thanks. This seems like the ultimate hack of life. What are you so bored with in your life? The monotonous job? The apartment you’ve lived since graduating college? Think about how damn lucky you are to have a roof over your head and a job that pays you for showing up. You’re already ahead of 2/3 of the world. Close your eyes for a quick five minutes and think about all of the boring things in your life for which you’re absolutely grateful.

Change Up Your Routine. If your mornings are like most, you probably find yourself staring at a pot of dark roasted coffee at nearly the same time everyday as you wonder when your next surge of caffeinated energy will come. How about taking a different route to work? Try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Pass up the spin class, and go for a run outside. Head to the basketball courts instead of the weight room. When we get comfortable with our routines, we stop growing. Inevitably, we hit a wall, a plateau. Shaking things up is one of the most effective ways to approach challenge.

Take on some new skills that you know will take some work and willpower to master. Finally, be grateful that at least you’ll have an OKCupid date this Friday. You’re well on your way out of boredom, pal!


Josh Barad, founder and CUO (Chief Uncomfortablist Officer) at In The Middle Seat, helps the peeps of his generation get over rejection, move through objection, and lead powerfully meaningful lives. You ready to live uncomfortably? Join the movement, uncomfortablist. 


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