4 Tips on How to Avoid A Boring Life

Why are some people so positive, full of energy and joyful in their life?

Do you remember the times when you were bored and thought that your life had lead nowhere?

And compare them with the times when you were in the “flow”(you’ve lost track of time), productive, you felt loved, appreciated, happy and fulfilled. Feelings when you said to yourself: Wow, I’ve got everything I need.

True boredom is rooted in the loneliness. The loneliness when you’re just lying down, watching TV and doing nothing meaningful.

There’s a big difference between being alone while working on your dream or vision and switching channels on TV with a hope that something will attract your attention and make you laugh.

Yes, we often say we are bored when we hang out with friends.

But true boredom is not around friends that matter to us. But when we are alone and feel like we can’t believe anyone, cry on someone’s shoulder and don’t have any energy to change it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to go out right now and start acting like a social machine that doesn’t close their mouth. 😀

Heck, I also wrote this article alone, out of people. But I’m not bored. I feel fulfilled even without saying a word. And just because I’m working on something meaningful.

What can you do to give life joy and meaning today?

1. Make a decision

Yes, it seems pretty easy, and yet people aren’t making that decision.

It’s only up to you if you want to be happier, more fulfilled, feel joy in life or just continue procrastinating and living comfortable life.

Every morning when you wake up, make a decision: Today I’m going to put smile on someone’s face. or Today I’m going to take on a big challenge and start eating healthier.

You must know specific words(unless you’re a funny guy) to put smile on someone’s face. You must know which junk food you must avoid and which healthy food you want to eat.

You must have a specific action plan that will move you toward your dream.

2. Try new things

Since our childhood, we were very curious and wanted to get to know the whole world. That’s also a reason why kids are the happiest human beings in the world.

However, the older we are, asking questions is becoming more “awkward”, almost rude in the eyes of some people.

And then we, adults, walk like zombies in our everyday life and put a cool mask on our face to not look childishly.

You don’t need any research from neuropsychology to know that your brain is focused and attentive when you learn new things with your senses.

Start exploring the world, learn new skills, get out of this digi-world once in a while, pay attention to your thoughts, go to the opera even if you hate it. Go out and drink some alcohol and have fun in the club if you often don’t do it.

Just expand your comfort zone, activate your brain, raise your heartbeat. But keep trying new things.

Go out and try new things.

3. Take on new challenges

What can activate your brain more than activities you fear?

Start overcoming your fear, approach the girl you can’t look away or even open to others. Try a change if you fear it.

Start a business, fulfill your dream, jump into the water or from a plane(of course with a parachute :D), deliver a public speech. There are so many things you might fear.

You’ll see how much happy, joyful and fulfilled you feel when you overcome your fear. And even if you fail, you can learn from it and do it better the next time.

Because I’m not one of those who makes fast changes, it takes me time to change myself. If you also have it this way, then it’s ok.

It takes time to get used to a change, a new environment.

No matter how big your fear, you must face it to move on and feel happier and more engaged.

4. Have a great conversation

We’re bored when we are alone and don’t work on anything meaningful.

The best treatment is to have a conversation with someone we don’t meet every day. No matter if you’ll talk about fun or serious and meaningful topics.

We’re opening to people when we have serious, deep conversation when we share and solve common problems.

But that doesn’t mean you must have just serious or sad face.

Recall the times when you went out with your mates, were having fun the whole time and then you came home.

How did you feel? Surely more satisfied, happier, your “experiencing self” flourished with happiness.

Sometimes a conversation with loved ones can help. But I do recommend you more to go out with people you don’t know very well.

You can get to know their life, their opinions. And the conversation takes on a completely different dimension compared to conversation with family or close friends.

Pick up your phone and call out someone you don’t know very well. You’ll please not only you but also them.


It’s not difficult to lead a life full of challenges, newness, and joy. It’s only up to you what you choose.

And when you make a decision to bring more joy into your life, when you keep trying new things, when you take on the biggest challenges or just call someone out to have a talk, then you’ll live what we call – The Inspired Life.

Question: How Do You Overcome Boredom in Your Life?

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