4 Surefire Steps to Create a Way When People Say “There Is No Way”

I don’t know what you’ve heard but I’ve heard it said quite often, “there is no way.”

This can be very frustrating, especially when you have actually depended on that source as the last resort.

For all intents and purposes, the word “no” connotes absolute negativity. It has a finality sound about it.

And taking no for an answer is like settling for the less. It’s worse than quitting because in this case, you didn’t even try to push your limits, you just decided to settle for people’s point of view.

And in most cases, the people you’re heeding advice from might actually be people who never pushed the limit either. The speak based on what they heard, not based on experience.

So, when all the odds are stacked up against you, you mustn’t settle for their negativity. You are definitely smarter and braver than the mediocrity.

Below therefore, are steps you must take at that junction to point the arrows upwards.

  1. Fire up your doggedness

What the bulldozer requires to start paving a road in the forest are diesel and oil. What you require in your own case is doggedness. It is the oil that will lubricate all the stiffened part of your body, that will prime you up.

Don’t overlook any tidbit, no matter how small. That may turn out to be the ignition key. Don’t take anybody and anything for granted. That may turn out to be a sucker punch.

Your doggedness coupled with resilience will do the magic. Your resilience will be the antidote you need to wrestle with the highs and inevitable lows you will encounter.

Computers came before Bill Gates, it is sheer doggedness on his part that made Microsoft a household name today.

  1. Be optimistic

It can never be over until it is over. Inasmuch as you still have a breath left in you, don’t give up.

The going could be tough and rough, but you must go at it ruggedly. Don’t be fazed out easily.

Tell yourself that you have something vital and important to contribute to the world and that you are coming out with a bang. There are millions of innovations nobody has thought up.

3D printing was initiated by somebody. Driverless cars was somebody’s idea. You can come up with your own mind blowing stuff. The world is waiting for you. Kickstart it now.

  1. Be initiative

Quite often some small ideas may crop into your head and you try to wish them off. Those ideas are your real gut feelings. Allow them to blossom and you will be doing yourself a lot of good.

Most innovations in the world today, think Microsoft, Facebook, WordPress, or even theme platforms that were built to further improve WordPress, came up as flickers and they were then nurtured and fanned into the mega holdings you see today.

That small idea you have been allowing to flutter and then go off may be your own great contribution that will radically change the world. That your good plan today is sure better than the perfect plan you have tomorrow.

  1. Articulate your thoughts

Don’t allow randomness in your thoughts. Make concerted efforts to gather your thoughts together. Create a sort of sieve within yourself that can quickly remove all those thought processes that can hinder your smooth sailing.

Don’t also give room to detractors, they can never do you any good. They will rather bring about a backwardness which will be detrimental to the goals you have set out to achieve.

Don’t ever leave what should be done today for another day. You will only end up dawdling and at the end, nothing will be achieved.

Hit the iron when it is red hot, that is the only way you can get the real shape you want.

Ignore Naysayers and never view NO as final, but as the starting point to getting a better, innovative result.

Joseph Chukwube is an experienced content writer, link builder and SEO specialist. He is the Founder and CEO of Dream Chase Achieve, a rapidly growing lifestyle and self-improvement blog.


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