4 Life-Changing Truths About the Universe

What fascinates you most about the universe? The sun, moon, or the fantastic milky way. Well, the quantum of the universe is beyond that. If I start telling you the magic of the universe, I might be unable to do it in the best possible way. But again, I have invested more than 30 years of my life in realizing countless truths happening in the universe every next minute. One thing I know for sure is that everything in the universe is either connected with science or spirituality. I love to learn about the interaction of science and spirituality, especially with quantum physics. And my passion for quantum physics helped me to realize the concept of consciousness for the universe. Out of my countless observations, here are the four life-changing truths about the universe that will fascinate you.

How do I visualize the universe?

Nothing in this universe can inspire us more than the universe itself. Everything is filled with wonders and phenomena that can leave anyone amazed. Each of these points is supported by science, more specifically, the science of quantum physics. Read how these four facts can help you better understand yourself.

  1. The universe is nothing but the dance of energy and vibrations.

As you might have read in your physics textbook, everything is made of matter. Though, I believe that matter is an illusion and that everything is composed of energy. In fact, I agree with Einstein and support that mass and energy are two different manifestations of the same element. And, if it is matter, it is transformative for sure. Take the example of water. Water, as a matter, keeps changing its state. And this is what defines energy too. Energy also can’t be created or destroyed but keep transforming its state. Like me, once you establish a sense of connection with the universe, you can see atoms dancing. Even you can tune into its vibrations and participate in its creative dance.

  1. The universe carries infinite possibilities.

The universe is a realm of potentialities and probabilities rather than rigid boundaries. I feel pity for the humans who think they are limited. Rather than becoming complacent after meeting the goal, why don’t you strive to maintain the excitement of life? You can always ponder new ways to evolve yourself. Earlier, like commons, I was also trapped in limited beliefs, but soon I experienced a transformative event that reactivated my awareness of cosmic truth. And now, I create new and bigger dreams every minute to fulfill my infinite potential.

  1. Your consciousness shapes the universe for you.

Since the beginning, I have believed and manifested the power of consciousness. For me, consciousness plays an active role in personifying the universe’s shape. We all have heard the story of Steve Jobs and the iPhone; this is the biggest example justifying the potential of mind, imagination, and consciousness. The infinite mind filled with possibilities can turn ideas into realities. You can go through my YouTube link to learn how to use your consciousness to rearrange atoms in the universe for your desired outcomes.

  1. Everything in the universe is interconnected.

Last but awestruck truth, everything is interconnected. The understanding that the universe is not just a collection of separate objects but a vast web of interconnected energetic processes resonates deeply with me. The twin photon experiment is solid proof supporting this interconnectedness. The fact that paired photons, sent in opposite directions, always make the same choices despite being physically separated defies classical explanations. 

And that’s how I connect and interlink everything in the universe with science and spirituality. Reflecting on these four life-changing truths empowers me to tune into their essence further. By embracing and embodying these truths, I can continue creating the life I truly desire, drawing upon the interconnectedness and universal consciousness that permeates everything.

Mike Murphy is a man on a mission. He’s dedicated his life to helping people achieve their dreams and manifest their deepest desires. Drawing from his own experience as an entrepreneur Mike knows what it takes to achieve success.

In addition to writing bestselling books such as The Creation Frequency, Love Unfiltered and Living in Color, Mike has created two courses – The Creation Frequency and ​The Power Of An Intention Will Change Your Life. He is also the founder of the Love from Margot Foundation, which he started in 2012 in honor of his late wife Margot Murphy who battled cancer.

Currently, Mike is building a centre in Medellin, Colombia called Mountains of Hope. This center will be dedicated to retreats that will help people from all over the world unleash their inner power, heal and create lives they love.


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