3 Ways To Get Super Inspired

If you often find yourself feeling dissatisfied with your life and thinking negative thoughts – this could lead to a very unhealthy vicious cycle, which will very heavily undermine your potential for growth and learning as a person. The world is HUGE – there are so many things to see and learn and experience. Every second spent on a negative thought is one more second robbed from you to do something better – doing something that will create real value and impact in the world, on your society, for your community, in your family, or even for yourself!

So you might be thinking… Okay, so the world is huge and there are a ton of things I can do. But where do I start? Well here’s where I hope you will read on and find out how these 3 simple ways can get you inspired and educated.

1. Be informed about what’s going on in the world

The first step to getting inspired is to keep up with what’s going on around you. I find that whenever I start feeling uninspired and slinking into the humdrum of life, it’s because I am not keeping up with what’s happening around me. I get so self-absorbed and my vision becomes so narrowed and tunneled that all I think about and see is my own life. When there are so many other things going on in the world at the very same moment!

I find it really helps when I just spend some time every day to read about what’s going on in the world – the newest innovation, the newest books or movies released and the stories behind them, anything! As you slowly discover new things, you will come to realise what interests you and what doesn’t. That’s when you can start focusing on what matters to you the most and start taking action in those aspects of your life.

Another one of my favorite ways to be informed and get inspired is through watching documentaries. Perhaps because I am a much more visual person, I find documentaries and programmes much more engaging and less tedious than books. (I’m also a strong believer in the old adage that pictures speak a thousand words, what more moving pictures!) It has also been through documentaries that I have discovered my love for animals and made me think about how I can play a part for this cause by just making small alterations to my lifestyle. By the way, if you haven’t already watched Blackfish, you definitely should.

2. Talk to the people around you

The best source of inspiration is right before your eyes! A regular person probably meets at least 10 new people every day – on the subway, at work, at school, or even at the cafeteria during lunch. Each of these ten people will have a unique story, a special passion, something that inspires them and keeps them going every day. (If they don’t, maybe you could share this article with them!) In our increasingly digitalized societies today, it’s getting harder and harder to make real connections with others. But these human connections are so important! They are the foundations of society and innovation and progress – we learn and innovate best in social communities! So the next time you are on the subway or at lunch, make an attempt to chat someone up and go beyond the How are you and I’m fine thank you. Ask them about their day – ask them what made them feel most accomplished that day, and what made them feel most disappointed. It might seem really strange and difficult at first, but you never know when something really great might result from one of your conversations.

3. Recharge and explore in nature

If you have been stuck in the city for most of your life like I have, I would really recommend that you take some time off – a day in a week or just a short weekend – to immerse yourself in nature. There has been a lot of research done on how being in nature affects the brain and I am personally sold on this. Every time I find myself stuck on a tough problem or in a lousy mood, a short walk in the park would instantly make me feel better. It might sound ridiculous but I’m not kidding. If you have ever heard of alpha brain waves boosting creativity and reducing depression, you will realize that being in nature is one very powerful (and completely free) way of achieving alpha brain waves.


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