25 ways to win over your depression thoughts for good

25 Ways to Win Over Your Depression Thoughts for Good

Sometimes the simplest things become the hardest things when dealing with depression.

Dressing up and going out for a simple coffee with friends becomes an obligation and being alone and in bed is the most comforting place to be.

Depression sucks and is a very mean devil that needs to be dealt with by you and only you!

Because if you don’t, it will drag you down into this seemingly endless black tunnel where hope is nowhere to be found and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is non-existing, sounds familiar?

Keep reading.

Some people confuse depression with being unhappy. Yep! That was me.

However, depression is a clinical condition while unhappiness is simply a result of an unhappy relationship or a unfulfilling job. With depression, the activities you once found enjoyable lose their luster and the pursuit of happiness will never end.

One thing that I have always told my friends who went through depression is to be aware and not confuse it with being unhappy. It can become a very dangerous game for some if the confusion continues. If you feel that you shy away from what you love or what usually gives you energy then it’s time to examine deeper as to why you are feeling that way.

Remember this – everything in life is fixable if you have the will to turn things around, and depression is one of them.

To be honest it took me about a couple of years to win over the battle by forcing myself to dive into activities that are energetic and surrounding myself with the great supportive people who are understanding and sensitive to my needs.

If you are willing to follow the steps that I took to gradually banish depressing thoughts one day at a time. It will be a challenge but loving yourself means to find ways to pursuit an endless happiness in your life and those around you.

Here is a cheat sheet with 25 activities that will help you crush your depression thoughts once and for all.

However, whatever you do, do not give up half-way because learning how to keep going will help you overcome any obstacles that life will throw at you.


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