11 Ways To Unleash Your Awesomeness

What is awesomeness?

Well it goes beyond a general remark by someone, “You’re so awesome!” just because they like you.

Real awesomeness is about living the life you’re meant to live! It’s about confidence, charisma and happiness all rolled into one.

This is how you unleash it.

1) Find passion 

It is what lights your fire and makes you happy. It helps you make sense out of this world. Because when you’re happy, does anything really matter?

Life is unfair. Things are bound to go wrong. You might as well keep attaining that innate feeling of happiness as much as you can.

How do you find passion? Easy. List down everything that interests you. Try all of them out until your heart and mind clicks. You’ll know you have passion when you feel it.

2) Let passion seep into your everyday life

Now, passion isn’t simply some pastime or hobby you dabble in from time to time. Passion is something that should identify you. You need to live your life, everyday through every little thing you do according to passion.

For example, I love Bboying. It’s not just a dance to me, it’s a culture. I allow that culture to be present in everything I do, such as how I try not to care about what others think, which is likened to how I try to stop being so self-conscious when I dance in front of others.

So let it spread. Passion is 24/7.

3) Eat healthy

You can’t be awesome if you’re feeling disgusted with yourself due to the crap you put into your tummy.

From time to time, try to eat well. It will greatly improve your mood too.

4) Exercise

You have to exercise to be awesome. You can’t be awesome if your energy level is low. By exercising, you’ll also improve your physique and that alone covers the area of looking good, something no amount of makeup or nice outfits can ever do.

5) Get enough sleep

You can’t be awesome if you’re constantly tired and falling sick.

No matter what, always sleep enough. You have to. You’ll want to start everyday in an awesome way and the only way to do that is through sleep.

You can’t expect to be awesome if you’re dreading the entire day ahead as if the world is out to get you.

6) Eliminate toxic people in your life

Your mood, happiness, inspiration and awesomeness is largely derived from the people you hang out with.

If you hang out with people who only want to put you down, you can’t expect to be awesome.

If you surround yourself with people who want the best for you all the time, you’ll be lifted up, become inspired and become awesome.

7) Carry out positive thinking

As cheesy and cliche as this sounds, you’ve to think positive thoughts if you want to be awesome.

Your thoughts are your reality, period. What you think is then how you perceive everything around you.

You want to be happy? Start looking on the bright side and see the goodness in everything. That is how you shape your own reality and realize you get to be grateful and happy all the time.

Think negative things all the time and you’ll hate life, period. People will see and feel that darkness in you and would just want to avoid you altogether.

8) Be spontaneous and have some fun

Why? Because life is too short for anything else but.

We can’t overthink everything all the time! You never know what’s going to happen!

Plus… things usually don’t turn out as bad as you think it would. It usually pans out!

So stop worrying and have some fun. That’s an awesome life. You’ll inspire others too since most people like to worry for whatever reasons.

9) Do the work already

This point comes out two folds:

If you do the work (and stop procrastinating), you’ll emerge with a sense of accomplishment. You’ll be happy that way and feel awesome.

If you discipline yourself and diligently do the work, you’ll ALWAYS progress towards your goals. And when you achieve something, you become awesome because you’ve left a mark in your life.

So no excuses. Want to be awesome? Do the work.

10) Help others

Be kind. Show compassion. Help those who are less fortunate.

For some reason the world does not really lean towards a movement of constant compassion.

So if you help others, you’ll stand out. That’s awesome.

And you’re making the world a better place. That’s always awesome.

11) Choose it

Make the decision to be awesome.

Being awesome is little “mode” you can go into anytime you want. Nobody else can do it for you.

The choice is yours.

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