10 Ways To Get More Energy Throughout The Day

Up until about two years ago, I used to have a big problem with energy. I had intense mood swings caused by intense fatigue and the sluggishness KILLED me. Then came the day where I just lost it.. I just could not live like that anymore! I searched and searched for answers. Finally I found some. Below is the top 10 solutions I have found. I know they are simple, but guess what? Simple works! Enjoy!

1. Eat more veggies
Ewwwww veggies! Let’s face it, they may not taste the best but they are absolutely essential for gaining the energy you need. Luckily, I found some yummy ways to get them in your diet!
-Drink a green smoothie! These are great tasting and great for your health! A yummy recipe is water, banana, strawberry, and spinach. You can start off with just a small amount of spinach and work your way up. You might want to add some kale too.
-Eat them cooked. Cooking slightly reduces the bitter taste. Over time you will want to cook them less and less and eventually go raw since its healthier that way.
-Progressive de-seasoning- Start with heavy seasoning and work your way down to no seasoning.

2. Eat smaller more frequent meals
We all heard this one before but do you do it? Now is the time to start! This keeps all the blood in your body from going to your stomach, instead of your vital organs and brain.

3. Move!
More specifically move a few minutes every hour. This stops your blood from pooling in your muscles and draining you. We need that blood flowing!

4. Take a walk outside
Sometimes we get mentally drained and that, in return, drains us of all our precious energy. A walk outside is a quick refreshing solution to both of those problems.

5. Do something adventurous
No wonder you have no energy! Your just bored out of your mind. Try new things, gain new experiences, and have a good time!

6. Love what you do
Trust me there is no greater energy drainer then settling for okay. Quit what you don’t love anymore.

7. Meditate
Meditation, over time can free up a lot of mental RAM. Try, 20 minutes a day for a month. You will be shocked by the results. You have thousands upon thousands of unnecessary thoughts clogging you up.

8. Talk
Being social greatly reduces tiredness. When your chatting with someone you have a great connection with you can look at the clock and hours will have flown by like minutes.

9. Exercise
Another great tip to get the blood flowing. Be sure that your excising aerobically (with oxygen) though. A simple way to test this is to check if you can breathe through your nose with comfort. If not your wasting energy.

10. Improve Yourself
People usually understand that diet and fitness play a big role in energy levels but they never look at the mental aspect. Mental IS just as important and diet and fitness. Live a happy life.

Until next time,

Brandon Dean is the founder of Live-Development.com and its amazing blog Live-Development.com/blog 


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