10 Tips To Attaining Success And Happiness

You need to know that success is not limited to specific individuals and that anyone can start today and achieve all their goals and dreams. This should, however, begin from a point of having your own definition of the word, if not then you will go through life trying to achieve other people’s version of success. What happens when we keep chasing false objects of success and happiness is that we end up losing ourselves and we never reach a point in life when we feel fulfilled and satisfied. Achieving success is a journey, one that requires you to cultivate certain new habits that make up for the main tips towards real success and happiness. A fact you should put in mind before we get into the details of how to attain success is that true success should always be built on the foundation of happiness. These two aspects always go hand in hand as they complement each other in making a person’s life purposeful.

  1. Determine What You Want

With a desire to be successful in life you need to start by determining what you want to be successful in first. This means having an idea in mind of who you want to be, where you want to be and what you want to have in life. It is a step that opens you up to the path of finding success and happiness. The path is actually clearer when you understand and feel passionate about the things you want in life. It is depressing to go through life every day without a quest and this is what happens when you don’t know what you want. To attain progress and growth in any area of your life, then the first step is defining and understanding your innermost desires. Determining what you want in advance is more of preparing yourself emotionally, psychologically and physically. It, therefore, becomes easier for you to put things in place and then put efforts into realizing your dreams.

2. Believing In Yourself

There is so much strength and motivation that grows inside us when we always believe in ourselves. Self-belief is exactly what you need to be able to face all of the life’s challenges and also prevent the negativity from weighing you down. It is self-belief that makes you get up again and again after every failure or setback experienced. You will always know deep inside that there is nothing impossible for you and that you have what it takes to make a difference in all areas of your life. One thing you should know is that when you lack self-belief then there are high chances that you will have very limited thoughts and ambitions which could mean getting stuck at one point in life. I, therefore, consider believing in yourself as an important step towards creating your desired way of life. It influences how you think and feel about yourself when it comes to attaining success and happiness.

3. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is believed to be the key to cultivating both success and happiness as it generally impacts every area of a person’s life, both personal and professional. This means enhancing every single aspect from having a growth mindset to having enough self-belief all of which work together in making you a happier and more successful person. Positive thinking is what we learn from the universal law “law of attraction” which teaches that like always attracts like. It, therefore, calls for each person to maintain positive thoughts, words, actions, and emotions. Whether we are aware of it or not, we always attract what we think and the reason why we say that life always stems from our thoughts. To manifest success, health and happiness then you need to develop a positive attitude towards life by being positive in all that you venture into. Do this consistently and never allow fear and disbelief to be a distraction. What the mind believes it can achieve so start your life to a happier and more successful life by believing in all your abilities and in the existence of possibilities. Positive thinking changes us from the inside out and this basically includes increasing the levels of motivation. You can, therefore, use the following tips to have a positive approach towards life:

  • Always use positive words when talking and thinking.
  • Learn to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • Read and watch inspiring content.
  • Cultivate and maintain enough self-love.

4. Showing Gratitude

Gratitude is all about appreciating who you are, what you have and where you are in life. It is a character trait that will bring in more happiness, better health and increased productivity as it changes how we think and feel about life. When you are grateful then every space in your mind is occupied by positive feelings which allow you to face life with enthusiasm. The thing is that if you can’t appreciate your current life situation then it is very unlikely that you will appreciate what you aspire in the future. The universe rewards those who bring out positive vibes and is exactly what gratitude helps you create. We say that gratitude helps you achieve more in life because it leads to increased energy, determination, and enthusiasm.

5.Goal Setting

Goals are exactly what we all need to make real change in our lives as they offer one direction and when you know where you want to go in life chances are that you will always get there. What holds people back in life is the lack of clear goals which are meant to guide you through the journey to being successful. With goals written down, you will always have both the focus and will keep working hard. What makes the idea of setting goals more appealing is the idea of aligning them with specific time limits. An individual therefore works within that period to ensure that all objectives are achieved. We link goal setting to success and happiness as it not only provides you with direction but also a benchmark for determining whether you are making progress or not. It is also essential to know that just writing down what you want doesn’t work the magic, there should also be effort put and strategies laid down. Below are effective tips to creating a life of success and happiness using goals:

  • Ensure that all the goals you set are motivating.
  • Make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
  • When setting goals we do that in writing as that makes them tangible and real.
  • Stick to your goals and always track progress.
  • With goals in place make sure that you have action plans for each.

6.Effective Time Management

You might think that there is always so much time in the world to create a life but this is never true and we need to make every moment count. Anyone who desires to live a life filled with success and happiness should understand the importance of effective time management. Be the kind of person who plans everything in advance, prioritizes tasks and never procrastinates. Time management allows for increased productivity and reduces stress because you will always do things when they should be done and thus won’t be cramped up with tasks.  We define time management as the process of planning and utilizing your time well between different activities. It is exactly what allows a person to work smarter and harder and that is where real success stems from. Knowing that time is limited is what helps one to ways live in the present and that kind of awareness makes you more focused creative and less stressed. Effective time management is made possible when you apply the tips provided:

  • Avoid procrastination.
  • Prioritize all your activities
  • Adapt to the habit of waking up early.
  • Complete most important tasks first
  • Always put your mind and heart into what you are doing.
  • Know that there are times when saying “no” is okay.

7. Taking Risks

You can never know how far you would have gone if you don’t take risks as life is about reaching out and flying our wings to find new and better possibilities. You can’t get stuck in your comfort zone and expect life to improve or progress. There should be a part of you that is willing to face fears and also have an open mind. When you have goals you need to go beyond limits and find ways of making them a reality. Am sure you have heard the phrase “it is better to try and fail than not try at all” which makes sense because how else will you know whether you can or can’t. The whole idea of taking risks means you need to reach deep into yourself and find that person who is ready to face challenges and obstacles encountered. A risk taker is a person who understands that success doesn’t come easy and that they need to chase it with all they got. Risk taking is what distinguishes doers from dreamers and you already know that you can’t keep doing things the same way and expect different results.


Visualization is all about creating mental images of the things you want in life and it always motivates, inspires and energizes. It is actually what all of us need, to create a life of purpose. The idea here is that what the mind perceives it can achieve and by living your dreams in the mind your desire to achieve them is increased. It is simply much about picturing yourself succeeding before that happens in reality. Doing this accelerates your achievement of ambitions, goals, and dreams. The effectiveness of visualization lies in the fact that it does away with any negative thoughts or feelings and allows a person to believe in their strengths and abilities.

9.Taking Responsibility

You are your own person and the only one to exercise control over your life by taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts, words, and feelings. An individual who always remains responsible and accountable no matter how bad situations turn out creates room in their life for growth. Taking responsibility puts you in a position where you understand every aspect of your life and are ready to do all it takes to improve yourself. Blaming external forces for what happens to us only makes you weak and is exactly what deters you from achieving your life goals. When things don’t go your way, get back to the drawing board, find out the mistakes made and then come up with new strategies. This saves you a lot of negativity energy and is exactly what will align you with aspects that contribute to real success and happiness.

10.Increasing knowledge and skills

We live in a very competitive world which means that every day should be an opportunity to improve yourself in terms of knowledge and skills. This is especially important in our career path as it allows us to stand out and be able to perform to optimum levels. Anyone who is career minded and focused on succeeding understands the importance increasing knowledge and skills. What this process does is boost your career growth, unlocking your full potential. Knowing and understanding more means that you can handle more and this makes you a productive person, something all industries are looking for in employees.

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