10 Rules For a Happy Life


These should be golden and steadfast. Too bad a lot of people forget them.

1) You can’t please everybody in life

That means to say, it’s okay if somebody out there doesn’t like you. That’s their problem, not yours.

It’s not your duty to make sure you are friends with everybody. Try as you might, it’s impossible. So chill. The right people who belong in your life will naturally come in even without you trying.

2) Ignore what others say and get enough sleep

I personally do not believe anybody who says they can function, much less churn out an entire, productive day from getting four hours of sleep only.

You’re only human, so sleep. Get ample rest. You deserve it. Don’t listen to others. It’s not a sin to want to sleep a little more.

3) Dump toxic people forever and find better friends

If the sight of somebody turns you off and makes you unhappy, something is wrong. If a friend or partner starts to feel more like a burden, something is terribly wrong.

You have to dump them. Real friends should inspire you and lift you up. You’re meant to feel positivity with the people around you in life, not the other way around.

4) Stop caring about what others think or say 

Because they literally don’t exist in your life. Words and thoughts from others don’t even belong to you.

What should run your goals, desires and your life are your own thoughts and emotions as they produce your own drive. Everything is from you. Others do not matter.

5) Money is important, but the bottom line is whether you want to chase it

Money is everywhere. We can’t escape it. We need it one way or another.

Whatever convictions you have with money, be it you want to be rich, you’re barely scrapping by or you want to live a minimalist lifestyle, the ultimate trick to it is whether you want to chase it or not.

It’ll create a big difference for you  if you shift your mindset about money.

6) Do the work

Have any endeavors? I’m sure you do. Then you need to put in the effort, stop procrastinating and start doing the work.

This is how you gain satisfaction and pride in yourself. This is how you feel a sense of accomplishment in your life.

Nobody can escape the work, so just do it already. No excuses. Your happiness is at stake here.

7) Eat right and exercise enough

Because you can’t ever be happy if you don’t feel good about yourself. You also can’t be happy if you don’t like what you see in the mirror.

Eat right. Have a balanced diet. Cut down on alcohol and fast food. Start exercising and sweating!

Once you look good and feel good, you’ll be that more confident with yourself.

8) Perfectly balance time with others and time for yourself

Forget the whole “introvert versus extrovert” war already.

Everybody needs to spend time with others and yet need their own space for themselves! It’s perfectly natural that way.

When you spend time with others, you’ll realize you don’t have to dwell on your own problem. When the world gets too much for you, that’s when you need to go back to your special place alone and recharge.

9) Help others

Sometimes, the only way to solve your own problems is to help others, hence allowing yourself to stop focusing inwards.

That’s how you realize you get to be grateful and that others would gladly give their life just be you.

10) Above all else, remember to have fun

You’re allowed to.

If you’re not having fun in life, then why the hell are you still up?

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