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10 Excellent Self Improvement Podcasts

Recently I discovered some excellent new self improvement podcasts, and in doing so I was reminded just how beneficial podcasts have been my development. Apart from the interesting and insightful content they can contain, podcasts are a perfect way to work in multiple positives. That is, they give me the opportunity to feed my brain with self improvement material while commuting to work, going for a walk, working out or a number of other activities.

The following is a list of my 10 favorite self improvement podcasts (in alphabetical order). It includes some old favorites (Steve Pavlina and Robin Sharma), as well as the new discoveries that prompted this article (Genius Types and We The Change). Enjoy…

1. Awareness and Consciousness

Gary’s aim with his Awareness and Consciousness Podcast is to increase your self awareness and make it easier for you to live in the emotional state of happiness. Gary has some wonderful insights into happiness and is very easy to listen to.

Recommended: Not Good Enough.

More: click here for the full archive.

2. Cultivate Greatness

Cultivate Greatness is site focused on personal development, leadership training, and life hacks. Many of Travis’ podcasts are discussions with published authors on these topics. The episodes typically have a relaxed and fun tone making them well worth a listen.

Recommended: Interview with Carmine Gallo.

More: click here for the full archive.

3. Genius Types

Brian describes himself as a student of creativity, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. I have been a fan of Genius Types for some time, and the podcasts are a very welcome recent addition to the site.

Recommended episode: Career Strategies for Creative Types.

More: click here for the full archive.

4. Guy Finley

Guy is a best-selling author and well-known radio presenter. He speaks on a range of issues, including relationships, fear, addiction, stress/anxiety, peace, happiness, and freedom.

Recommended: Keys to Consciously Changing Yourself.

More: click here for the full archive.

5. Lifehack Live

Lifehack Live is the weekly podcast from one of the most popular blogs on the net, Lifehack contributing editor Dustin M. Wax discusses with his guests hacks, tips and tricks that help get things done, increase productivity and be better organized.

Recommended episode: Lifehack Live Interview with Scott Young (note there are a few technical difficulties at the very start, but your patience will be rewarded).

More: click here for the full archive.

6. Oprah and Eckhart Tolle

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard that Oprah and Eckhart Tolle have been holding a 10-week live web event to discuss the concepts in Tolle’s book A New Earth. What you may not realize is just how good these discussions actually are. As at the date this article is published we are coming up to Week 7, so there is still time to join in the online classes.

Recommended episode: Ego: The Current State of Humanity.

More: click here for the full archive.

7. Patrick Mathieu – The Power of Mortality

Patrick has an inspiring and personal message to share . Patrick is a professional speaker, and this comes across in the quality of his delivery.

Recommended: Life is Too Short.

More: click here for the full archive.

8. Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is one smooth talker – I love listening to his voice. He backs this up with some of the most inspiring, yet down-to-earth, advice you will come across. While he doesn’t seem to record many new podcasts these days, there are 35 podcasts available free on his site.

Recommended: 8 Things Successful People Do.

More: click here for the full archive.

9. Steve Pavlina

I was actually introduced to podcasting through Steve. Like Robin Sharma, Steve seems to have slowed down with recording new podcasts. That said, he has 20 podcasts available on his page and each of them is a goldmine of wisdom.

Recommended episode: Faster Goal Achievement.

More: click here for the full archive.

10. We The Change

We The Change is dedicated to personal growth and also to the emerging global consciousness that is spreading peace, sustainability and social justice throughout the world. In just a short amount of time, Todd’s “Conversations for Change” podcast has featured some of the top spiritual and development thought leaders in the world.

Recommended episode: Interview with Siona van Dijk (a director of the Gaia Community, one of the largest conscious social networking platforms on the Internet).

More: click here for the full archive.

* * *

I am sure there are many more excellent self improvement podcasts that did not make this list. If you know of any, please let us know in the comments below.

Peter writes about how to change your life at The Change Blog. He is also the author of Starting a Blog and Audio Book Downloads.


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