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Why Intelligent People Tend to Be Unhappy

My post from a couple weeks back on the beauty of sadness opened up a great discussion about the difference between sadness and depression and the merits of accepting sadness vs. treating it with prescription drugs.

On a very related note, I recently came across an interesting article on the tendancy of unhappiness in intelligence people. The author (a sociologist) claims that unhappiness develops in childhood, primarily because of Western cultures lack of esteem for intellectual values.

Children develop along four streams: intellectual, physical, emotional (psychological) and social. In classrooms, the smartest kids tend to be left out of more activities by other children than they are included in. They are “odd,” they are the geeks, they are social outsiders. In other words, they do not develop socially as well as they may develop intellectually or even physically where opportunities may exist for more progress.

Their emotional development, characterized by their ability to cope with risky or stressful situations, especially over long periods of time, also lags behind that of the average person.

Adults tend to believe that intelligent kids can deal with anything because they are intellectually superior. This inevitably includes situations where the intelligent kids have neither knowledge nor skills to support their experience. They go through the tough times alone. Adults don’t understand that they need help and other kids don’t want to associate with kids the social leaders say are outsiders.

Interesting stuff, although I’m not sure I completely agree. It’s nice to know that if you’re prone to the occasional bad mood, it’s only because you’re too smart to be happy. :)

Interview for The Happiness Project

Also, if you’re interested in checking out more of my thoughts on happiness, I recently did an interview with Alex Shalman for his series, The Happiness Project. If you have moment, leave a comment. The interviewee with the most comments wins $200 for charity.

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  1. Alex Shalman says:

    Awesome. Thanks for mentioning this John =)

    An open invitation to all the readers here, you are very welcome to answer the interview questions on your own blog. If you do not have a blog, I would love it if you would share them in the comments here, or over at my site under John’s interview.

    Enjoy! =)

  2. Ayn Sof says:

    “[Too] smart to be happy.” That is actually a good way of putting it. I agree that society’s lack of appreciation for intellectual values tends to isolate intelligent people.

    There is, I think, much more to it than that. Often intelligent people are simply unable to enjoy the bliss that accompanies ignorance (which would include blind acceptance of a society’s core values.)

    The semi-autobiographical novel “Steppenwolf” by the Nobelist Herman Hesse illustrates this point beautifully.

  3. John Wesley says:

    Steppenwolf is an amazing book. I read it last year and strongly identified with the main character, although my suffering/isolation is much less extreme.

  4. Peter says:

    From my observations, intelligent people often have a tendency to over analyse certain people, situations, etc.

    The ability to “switch off” and just enjoy the moment is a key to happiness in my opinion. This is completely different from ignorance btw.

  5. John Wesley says:

    I would agree with your point about over analysis, especially if you tend to over think potential problems and can’t appreciate positives.

    Definitely different than ignorance, but I also think the point about ignorance helping people be happy is valid. Imagine, for example, someone who has no idea about the U.S. economic problems compared to someone who is constantly fretting about it.

  6. etavitom says:

    thanks for the interesting post! i think highly intelligent people are sometimes unhappy because they are more aware of stupidity and absurdity around them…. best, brad

  7. KM says:

    I believe the interests of intelligent people cause problems for them as well. While many intelligent people may be interested in some of the same topics, it is difficult to find social activities associated with them. Thank goodness for dorkBot!

    On the other hand, there is no end to non-intellectual social activities (especially for women, imo) such as scrap booking parties, jewelry making, chick flicks and the like. As a reasonably intelligent woman, I find most of these activities boring and do not think that someone is an artistic genius because they can twist wires and stones together. Quite frankly, I often see other womens’ hobbies and think, “Meh, I can do that.” Try it out for fun if I’m interested and move on. Other women seem to oooh and ahhh as if these activities are the holy grail of female achievement.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some elitist snob, but these activities just aren’t appealing. I enjoy being with friends, but often leave parties wondering what is wrong with me that I’m unable to play along. I love to read books, but (book clubs notwithstanding) that isn’t a social activity. I think it is similar to men who aren’t into sports, they are often left out of conversations and activities b/c the main topic is sports related.

    Perhaps, by being excluded from activities, the intelligent “geeks” found other things to occupy their time that have a more independent bent. If these become their main interests, then the social activities are phased out as the geeks pursue their passions.

  8. Marc says:

    Great post, though I’m not sure I agree with the citation regarding child development and lack of nurturing in intelligent children. I think more intelligent people tend to be unhappy because they are usually more bored with things. It is more difficult for them to find something challenging and engaging or fulfilling. When one is intelligent, it’s also easier to get frustrated with others when they don’t meet an intelligent person’s high expectations.

  9. Jesse says:

    Not to toot my own horn here, but as I WAS one of the more intelligent ones in my class (Gifted Program, reading and comprehending at a high school level before Kindergarten, etc.), I say that I’d have to agree with the premise here. In fact, were it not for my VERY supportive parents, I might have been less satisfied with school than I already was. As it were, most of my friends were ALSO Gifted students, and we were known as the “preps” and “pre-college”.

    I say I agree, because teachers DO tend to think that if you know more about one subject, then you most likely are ahead in ALL subjects, which is TOTALLY false about all of the Gifted students I’ve ever known. Most are a little ahead in many subjects, but some of us still struggled in classes (mine was Math, and mostly because of teachers who didn’t know how to teach me). And there is nothing more frustrating than to feel disappointment from the adults in your life, particularly when the disappointment comes from YOUR failure to understand something.

    Another problem is that teachers often don’t take into account learning styles – yes, some people CAN sit in a lecture and get a lot out of it, but for some of us, it’s like sitting in a Charlie Brown cartoon – “wah-wah-wah”.

    But the biggest part of unhappiness comes from the feeling that they ARE different – for example: I understood at a VERY young age how to make relationships work – that it takes kindness, understanding, and communication – yet I didn’t fit in with my classmates when it came time to date because, frankly, most high school boys aren’t looking for a REAL relationship – that doesn’t come along in most guys until they hit their 30’s and 40’s (or if they’re lucky, at LEAST 25). I dated, but not very many guys, and not very often, and was told by a good guy friend that many guys said I came off as overbearing. But my understanding was that I didn’t have time to date for no reason, that dating was to find the person you wanted to marry, and that dating anyone else wasn’t worth my time.

    Now, I’ve married a FABULOUS man, and we have an intelligent daughter. My parents were helpful in that my mother encouraged me to go out and try things, and that my father helped me build my self-esteem by teaching me that being my own friend and loving myself first would help me through times when it seems that I can’t get on with anyone else. We’re both introverted, but I can go places with my (extroverted) hubby and (extroverted) daughter, and talk to only a couple of people, and still feel like I enjoyed my time.

  10. John Wesley says:

    That’s a really interesting point about the nature of social activities. For guys it is largely the same, with many group activities being sports or entertainment oriented.

    For me, the most intellectually stimulating activity is good conversation. Although very social, it can be very hard to find.

  11. John Wesley says:

    I felt sort of the same way about the passage. Although I didn’t agree completely, I still thought it was interesting and worth discussing.

    I’m with you on boredom. That was the definition of my high school experience.

  12. Explorelife says:

    Hi John, I haven’t been at you site for awhile. It is looking good.

    Intelligence is word that to me is unclear. Intelligence as a measure of scores on tests is only one kind of intelligence. There is emotional intelligence, physical intelligence and much more as you probably know.

    “People are about as happy as they choose to be.” Abe Lincoln

    I think happiness is much more related to how we think about ourselves and how we learn to view the world.

    Keep up the great content, you are a real asset to the blog world


  13. Gary Smith says:

    Interesting topic (and one that apparently resonates with a lot of people!) Why does unhappiness in childhood carry over into adulthood, when we have the resources to do whatever we want? Simply force of habit?

    Readers may want to check out “When Gifted Kids Don’t Have the Answers” – it’s aimed toward parents and teachers, but reading it prompted a lot of retrospective “a-ha!” moments for me.

  14. Bruce says:

    Just a thought – but I wonder if “intelligent” people; or I think more to the point, intellectually-minded people are not less happy or more happy than others, rather they did not develop the social skills to mask their unhappiness to the world as well as others?

    Happiness is very difficult to read from an position of observation.


  15. Jeremy says:

    I’m sad! I must be smart!! Right!? Anyone here play world of warcraft? I’m on Illidan, hit me up! Tailor LFW!!

  16. Harris says:

    It’s the story of my life, with overanalysis included.

  17. Jacques says:

    Also, they are more inclined to see ‘patterns’ – connecting events and realizing something similar happened before – because they tend to hide in reading and history – based on that, you can become rather good at predicting outcomes…

  18. Katie says:

    I couldn’t disagree more. This piece of writing you’re referring to is a short article, self-published, ending with an advertisement for some scared parents who want their children to be smart and happy.

    It is neither peer reviewed nor properly published nor a study. It lacks any references to actual research.

    Maybe there are more famous smart unhappy people than famous stupid unhappy people. However, that could be because of them being famous or known for their intellectual achievements.

    It is a nice hypotheses. Looking at the comments here, many of your readers seem to be drawn to it. That’s a start, an idea, to conduct a study on this, nothing more, let alone scientific evidence.

  19. pdxWoman says:

    As I said to the guy who wrote the bit on intelligence and unhappiness, the research doesn’t back up his opinion. It sticks in my craw that this bit of unsubstantiated opinion has moved past his own website into the greater internet.

    Check out the positive psych research by Chris Peterson, Marty Seligman, et al. Individually, an intelligent person may be depressed, but, as a group, intelligent people aren’t more or less happy in any statistically significant way than less intelligent people. In fact, the vast majority of people, regardless of intelligence level, are more happy than not the vast majority of the time.

  20. pdxWoman says:

    And, yet, I’m in the top .3% on IQ, and I love quilting, scrapbooking, beading, crochet, chick flicks, tv, Artemis Fowl books, and many other “non-intellectual” activities. I am, like you, often unimpressed by the “artistic talent” I see, but life isn’t always about excelling…sometimes it’s just about doing something you enjoy, something that makes you happy, and being proud of yourself for doing your best.

    I’m curious as to what constitutes “the interests of intelligent people”. Most of the people I associate with are highly intelligent, and we/they seem to be interested in the same sorts of things as people of average intelligence. Frequently, our interest in the area simply runs deeper.

    It seems to me that being highly intelligent only separates me from those of average intelligence if I am condescending, lack empathy, or am otherwise unable to successfully interact due to my own inability to be present and connected with another human being.

  21. Arianna says:

    I was tested at age four and am supposedly a “genius.”

    I would say that I started struggling with happiness as an adult. I think some of the reasons behind that was the fact that being a smart adult is not valued as much as being a smart child, and that as an adult, there were no longer the same social support systems that are in place for gifted children.

    Sometimes I feel very lonely because I have no one to share my interests with, and people often come to me for solutions and not much else. That, to me, has been most disappointing of all.

  22. tan says:

    smart people tend to be unhappy because they are faced and put upon more responsibilty than the avergae person, they see things and understand things a dumb or average person may not see or understand.. for example most smart people will see problems in areas, and also positive in ares others cannot see this brings along extra responsabilty, cause what you dont knwo or notice doesnt brother a person.. also most of the worlds majority is average people, so smart people find it harder to find someone on their level of understanding… and the main problem is smart people can see there is problem with the world and that most people today are infact wrong, and destroying each other and the world.. avergae and dumb people dont quite understand or realize the full pottentials of our actions… a smarter person understands the out some of most actions… people that live the happiest lives are down syndromes, simply because they have less responsibilty and understanding of the world, and this works in order so, then a average or dumb person can find happiness alot easier also and less pressure and responsibilty….. but the intelligent people are less understood… and have the hardest times…. its easy for a clever person to understand a dumb person, but a dumb person will never understand a smart person, hense thats why they are dumb…. i can go on forever there are millions more reasons than these… being smart is a gift… genius is a god given gift!!!

  23. Lewis Foster says:

    Happiness is the radiance of an untroubled soul. It is the sum of our dispositions rather than our circumstances and because of this we, in theory, are solely responsible for our individual level of happiness. I find it saddening that some of the self-proclaimed geniuses who have replied to this post seem to generalise people into classes of ‘dumb’, low intelligent and high intelligence. Not keeping an open mind to everyone’s outlook on life may have perhaps been one of the reasons why your levels of contentment aren’t at their optimum.

    I tend to agree that western society (especially at young ages) lacks a lot of respect for those who are intellectually flamboyant and instead tends to outcast them. Is it possible that someone who has (for example) a rare talent at mathematics may tend to lack skills in other areas like sociability? This is certainly true in forms of autism. The reason behind the conception of the ‘geek’ as the social-outcast is most likely due to the common traits that these mentally skilled people often have.

    In my opinion, finding happiness is largely about self-actualisation. This may perhaps be more difficult for those who ponder, analyse or generally think about things a lot because from these thoughts insecurities, negativities and discontentment can emerge and I think that this may play a big part in ‘more intelligent’ people feeling generally less happy. I do feel that in me is the ability to rise above all of these unwanted bi-products – this is self-actualisation… For some it is playing the blues!

  24. Davis says:

    As an extremely intelligent person, I thought I’d try to give my perspective on life. I remember the last time I had lasting happiness. I was 9 years old. Then I became the victim of societies aggression and hatred toward those that are different. I had to calculate my daily activities and monitor myself to keep from being a further target of abuse. I even pretended to be less capable than I actually was. This unfortunately drew me farther away from the only few individuals who were like me. I need only look in their eyes to see the bond of trust that resembles similar intelligence, it is an awkward thing to describe to those that have not experienced it. I lost trust in humanity as a whole. For a long time i was depressed and isolated. I had convinced myself that love was the answer. Though i found it impossible to get any girl to like me. I think perhaps my social skills were just not developed. I was always the odd one, but far from unattractive. Yet at the age of 15 i was given no choice.. my dream of happiness was ripped out of my mind. Mental illness that ensured i would never feel pleasure, a warm touch, or any feelings again. I think of the joy and possibilities left behind in my shattered life if i had been someone else. At that age i decided to leave behind this world of stupidity and embrace my intelligence with books, and skills, it is my obsession because it is all i have left. Am I unhappy? most of the time I’m too busy to think about whether I am happy or not. Briefly for a few moments i am happy when i think of those that i teach and help, possibly for the rest of the time i am sad. Yet I fully know what would bring me happiness. Perhaps that is the most important step. Freedom from this set of circumstances, the freedom to choose my life. To see my world ignite with prospect and desire for intelligence instead of stupidity, self gain , and vanity. I work everyday the hardest I can for those things, even though i may get depressed, even though i may be too weak to continue. I was given the gift of knowledge and I must use it to help others even if they care nothing for me and wish cruelty upon me. This is my life and I’ve come to accept it. The rewards of life are at the end of the journey not the beginning.

  25. Michelle says:

    Hi All,

    I agree with many people who posted, but I didn’t read everything, as I don’t have the time.

    I’ll try to keep this short LOL

    Like Jesse, I think a lot of people feel I’m overbearing, but I never equated that to intelligence even though I do know I’m above average in intelligence, but maybe not for the same reasons most of you are.

    I barely graduated HS, never went on to post secondary, can’t be classified a nerd or a geek, I’m what I call a learner of life.

    I also learned only a couple of years back that when I say intelligence, I’m not just talking left brain (there are a few different forms of intelligence), I’m also talking about intuitiveness.

    I don’t know my IQ & I would probably score very low since math & science aren’t my things, but I can read people’s feelings (sometimes b4 they even know what they are feeling), & I often have them lie to me b/c they won’t admit their truth, or how they are feeling.

    I’m not a social butterfly, far from it, but I try to work on that weak side of me b/c I don’t care what anyone says, very intelligent people do far worse most of the time, then people who have a very high EQ & I know I don’t have that.

    I did use to over analyze people, now I moved on from that b/c I’m spiritually conscious & haven’t been into psych since ’90.

    Because of my spiritual growth (not talking religion here), I’ve gone from one step to another learning about who we really are as humans. Finally about 3 years ago I started to learn about energy & “HAPPINESS”, of all things.

    LOL, I remember the first time reading my first book on happiness & getting angry b/c the authors said Happiness is a choice. I scoffed at the idea that I could control my feelings, & happiness. : )

    Thank god (I say that as a figure of speak, I don’t believe in god, I believe in the Universe) I continued to study & finally about 1-1 1/2 years after I read that book, I realized that happiness is a choice, & we are the only ones responsible for our happiness & of course our reality. I’m still studying the reality part, it’s hard to undo brainwashing from others : )

    So while I agree with everyone who said that us intellects notice things more than average or below average people do (I know that, agree, etc.), what I’m trying to do is set aside more of my left brain & concentrate on enjoying life more just like Peter said – live in the moment.

    I wasn’t able to “live in the moment” the way spiritual books & some people were teaching me, I found it very hard, so I guess I went around in circles a few times b4 I found my own way of dealing with it & I stopped trying to force myself to live in the moment & instead started concentrating more on my connection to the Universe b/c that’s where you get the happiness from.

    Trying to draw energy from other humans is exhausting, makes people feel uncomfortable & somewhat abusive/intrusive even though the person drawing may not realize that is what they are doing & the person giving it up is also being proactive even if they are being passive about it.

    I was a very very happy child until I started being abused first by parents, then by students & it went down hill from there, so I’m very happy that I’ve found the answers for me & I have had a lot of moments where I feel very childlike in my happiness which is great.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can still be very critical b/c I used to notice everything (my attention to detail is quite high), but it’s decreased some over the years & that may be a good thing.

    I still do have a problem speaking to moronics (sounds better than morons). I just can’t help myself. I can end up figuring out the solutions to their company’s problems & I don’t like wasting my time, so I’m still working on how to relate to the average human (any suggestions are welcome), b/c one thing I really need is someone who “gets” me, not after 20 times LOL, but the first time.

    That doesn’t mean I’d trade my brain for anything in the world b/c I love my brain (& I’m always trying to love myself more).

    I know I have a very old soul, but like someone else stated, it’s been hard for me to find people I feel compatible with, but that is where creating your own reality comes into play, so I’m working on that every time I feel like it.

    For me healthy above average communmication skills is paramount, & I tend not to learn this area that is so crucial to human development, b/c by the time I start to feel close to someone via the phone, they start to run away, or the signs are there for me it won’t work. I also tend to talk way too much b/c I don’t have enough friends, so I vent quite early on & a lot of people can’t handle that.

    I do seem to have the same issues others have like getting bored easily (that’s why I’m an entrepreneur LOL & need people who constantly keep my brain active & they love having fun too).

    I do have a dual personality & while others may have that too, I find most people don’t admit they do, or they are unaware of it.

    For example, I can be serious one minute, laughing & joking the next.

    I can sit home & relax, but in a relationship get bored if we aren’t out having fun.

    I can work all day, or on some days just want to veg.

    I have no favorite music, actor, author, singer, type of food, b/c I’m too diverse.

    I’ll stop now : )

    I hope I sort of answered the premise of the post about happiness vs intelligence. I don’t believe for one minute that we can’t all be happy if we set our minds to it. : )

    I wish everyone all the best & MUCH happiness in their lives.


  26. Jorge says:

    It’s funny how a few people who posted here started with how they are really “intelligent”. Like they always have to prove their worthiness first before making a mark. Maybe that’s what separates the happy people from the others. People who are always afraid of rejection and are overly conscious about their actions will find it very hard to be happy.

  27. sovanroth Nguon says:

    To me , honestly i am so small comparing with the smart people. It is so hard for me eventhough i know myself not a smart person, but still i don’t seem really work hard. i believe whether or not you are smart, as long as you are really working hard, one day you can be considered to be smart. People will respect your determination, a strong spirit of hard working person.

  28. Sascha G says:

    All through school I was the target of bullies and found myself pursuing hobbies that could be done in a solitary environment – computers and photography. The darkroom at high school provided me both a rewarding hobby and somewhere to hide during my lunch break.

    Now, later in life I find myself struggling with personal relationships. Two years ago I seperated from my partner of 18 years, I would have left sooner but I felt that my two sons needed, for some time at least, a stable ‘normal’ home environment. They were 12 & 13 when I left.

    The things that caused the breakdown of my relationship in that relationship are the same things that are causing me problems in the one I am currently in. Both my former and current partners exhibit the same traits – the hardest for me to deal with is apathy. I find that I can’t sit still. I have too many things on the go at once and I bounce from project to project. (How many here can identify with that?) I’ve not found anyone who can cope with me doing that.

    The other big thing is my partners inability to understand that I enjoy learning new and different things – where as they are happy to simply sit and watch tv. It was said of my previous (18 year) relationship that we grew apart. I agree with that in part – but somehow I feel that I kept growing whereas my partner decided that she had gained all the knowledge she wanted and spent the rest of her time being entertained by the TV, she chose not to grow with me. Unfortunately, I can now see the same traits in my current partner.

    I suffer from depression and quite often feel lonely – even when I have my partner with me. I struggle at times to have a conversation with her.

  29. Michelle says:

    Hi Sascha,

    While I agree that really intelligent people have to be constantly learning, the agitation is more about inner peace & IMO, that has nothing to do with intelligence.

    If your partners always feel you are moving around, then they probably never feel connected to you & while I’m a strong believer of having alone time in any relationship, I personally could never be in a relationship where I don’t feel connected to the other people. That has been my challenge, most humans don’t truly let me in, they are too scared, especially when I can connect very deeply beyond the superficial, so I have always felt alone in any of the few relationships I’ve been in.

    You are probably moving around jumping from project to project b/c you aren’t settled internally. Letting go of bullying is hard. Even years after school (I’m 42 now), In the past 2 years I went to a few huge biz seminars & during one in particular, no one came up to me to talk to me, out of the entire 1,200 people, I was pretty much the only one standing there & I couldn’t understand why, so there are still times when I feel like an outsider just like in school. This is why I still continue to strive for building relationships with like minded people & facing my fears b/c I will get nowhere continuing to hide.

    I can’t tell you how to feel inner peace, that is something you need to figure out on your own, not for your relationships, but for your own inner self.

    If you want me to recommend some books to you that have helped me (I’ve been studying spirituality [not religion] for years), then you can e-mail me.

    Wishing you all the best & much peace within : )


  30. Mel says:

    I have so much brainpower and so little to use it on. I’m so socially isolated from my dissatisfaction with the indifference and insipidity of nearly everyone around me that I’ve developed bipolar and schizophrenic tendencies. I have serious problems communicating with people my own age, and even adults too (I’m 20). I’m quite socially underdeveloped, but I’ve been working on it.

    I’ve been near suidice in the past few months because I can’t stand this isolation anymore. I’m a college student, majoring in music ed, and I cant connect with most of the people I meet because none of them are at my level of maturity. Nor can I find common ground in interests.

    Another problem intelligent people face is advanced emotional maturity. I’ve been this way for years and while I know its a blessing in some ways, I want to forget all the hard experiences I have had and still am going through that made me so jaded. When you cant find people who are able to deal with your skewed age, intelligence, and emotional maturity levels, you pretty much go insane. I’m going insane!

    If anyone has any advice I’d love to hear it because I’m at the end of my rope here. If I don’t find some smart people soon my already deficient personality will crash and burn.

  31. Tomo says:

    Smart people are unhappy because they see the world for what it really is, a cruel and mean place. That said there is alot of good and noice people in the world… but there is still a heap of mean things going on :(

  32. tan says:

    yes its true,, average people also see the world for what it is, but they are unable to see the routes of the problems,, they also know there is a problem, but they are not as strong mentally to be able to put into action what they want to do,, so the become sheep.. intelligent people often are not sheep because they can see the flaws of it,, but this can also be a downfall and is often why most intelligent people dont succeed, because the average is the masses and the status quo, so what the average see as right is right.. and the average person is unable to understand a intelligent persons point of thinking or view…

    but yes most smart people can see the flaws in the world and see how bIG the issue actually is, so most intelligent people often want to make a change in the world..
    people that created the lightbulb, computer nerds, top musicians, or anyone that is intelligent care about making a change,,, but in a world where only 2% have the mind to do this,,, it makes it a far fetched target..

    intellgent people seem to be more individual, and less reliant on people because they are mentally strong enough to wrok and deal with things themselfs,, however average are unable to deal as well, and tend to become sheep just to make life easier, and also take their problems out on other people without the ability to reconize the consequences until after its done…

    if a average person came across this page they would more an likely be filled with hate and call us ignorant,, arrogant, and big headed… but i know as well as any other intelligent person in this forum,, its not spoken in that light at all…

  33. tan says:

    however i do not consider people that simply done well at school to be intelligent.. these people may have been forced by parents, to study hard and they never really done anything else but study,, so they spent alot of time studying.. so they are very smart in the areas they study,, but are flaws in other areas…

    i see someone who is intelligent or genius, to be able to do anything, that other people can do better and in a quicker amount of time…

    they say if you dedicate yourself to any one thing, you can become a genius in that area,, and i believe so most definitely,, however, i also believe this would take a average person their whole life,,, or many years of dedication,,, where as the gifted can do that thing and become just as good, majority of the time better in a few weeks or months,,, sometimes even days….
    and these are the people i consider gifted…
    this can go for anything, practically or mentally.. because even physical things is about brain speed and coordination

  34. yasi says:


    There really isn’t such a thing as someone smarter or dumber, it’s only a matter of someone’s mind-speed and capacity tolerance. ” Intelligent” people have faster and deeper thoughts only because they are attuned to delve into that speed and that depth and feel un-alive, being any less complicated. ” Dumb” people or ” average” people, have minds that chill the fuck out. ( To be frank. I’m tired of caring about eloquence here.)

    If you develop intelligent interpersonal skills ( and stop blaming your ostracized past, and lack of gifted and talented school programs, and yadda yadda), you will find that as a HUMAN BEING, you can, indeed, connect to ANY other human being.
    All you have to do, is alter your language, or the way you communicate the said ” intelligent” interests, and ideas you’re so starved to share.

    I’m sorry if I sound so rough here, it’s just that I’ve been through everything everyone is saying, and have actually found too many like-minded people that have completely put my heart and soul through a damned guillotene, because of their UNWILLINGNESS, to lower their pride ( you cannot love and be such an elitist at the same time, no matter how exceptional the other person is, or unexceptional) , get off their ” intelligent” high horse, put aside their ” intelligence related rejection”, and just
    live. feel. trust. ENJOY.

    Instead of compete and compete and defend in a rather desperate attempt to connect on a meaningful level.
    You can have meaningful connections with plenty of people ” lower” than you, if you just learn how to relate to somebody’s BEING. If you stay open minded, and child-like enough, to FIND something absolutely beautiful and astonishing about their minds–no matter how different they are from yours.

    There is sheer beauty, peace, and absolute genius in the minds of the “simple”, us ” intelligent” people should be very admiring of!

    I was labeled a child prodigy growing up, and had a slew of expectations to remain so from teachers, peers, parents, and myself, and I am not saying I cannot commiserate with the isolation, defilement, identity and personality confusion or depression everyone here has talked about. I can, whole-heartedly.

    But there is a point where you have to stop classifying everything into one category or another, in yourself, and everyone around you, if you want to claim a means to a more free spirit. Smart people tend to be petrified to be happy, because something about happiness and ease, rubs against every grain put in place to be “smart”.

    People like ” us” tend to be the dumbest people ever when it comes to freeing ourselves from our OWN extrication and imprisonment, we totally and utterly rob ourselves from what would make us happy—-which is letting GO.

    I’ve yet to meet anybody intelligent capable of sharing themselves in a way that isn’t purely objective and scientific, and if you ask me, the most important intelligence anybody can acquire as a human being, is intra and interpersonal. If you cannot connect with the world,
    look within yourself first, before you point at the rest of this place as ” average” and not good enough for you and all that relative bullshit.
    You can learn from ANYBODY. Even those said “dumb” people who watch tv all day and get joy out of making bracelets or whatever activity that doesn’t stimulate you enough.

    There is a place for stimulation, and there is a place for rest. You can stimulate yourself, and it isn’t impossible to meet anybody like-minded ( this entire website is proof that you are not alone) and maybe where happiness lies for those with minds that are so fast and so deep, are places where your mind slows DOWn. You just have to let it, and trust that you can speed it up elsewhere.
    That is when your social life will start looking a lot better for you, but until your expectations are set to be having a bunch of mind-soulmates floating around everywhere, you may even find those mind-soulmates, to find that they cannot fulfill what your heart needs to feel good.
    Stay true to yourself, but also put those brilliant minds of yours ( which I’m sure everyone here has) to good social use.
    You can’t even begin to do that, when the only thing you hold onto, is sad resentment for the way you’ve been so unlucky or islolated.

    Take responsibility, and quit that pride, if you don’t want to feel lonely anymore.
    We create our realities, just as much as we become a product of them.

  35. tan says:

    what your saying is what a dumb person would say,, there is no such thing as a dumber person or a smarter person… REALLY!!! what you said there is retarded right away..

    so yes you are what I stated as a person that is forced into doing what he done at school by parent pressure, or whatever reason, and you became good in that area because you studied alot in it, so thats why people called you a child prodigy,, but as you grew up you realized yourself you cannot keep up with their expectations and your not a prodigy at all,, am i right??!!

    what makes you think i am unlucky and isolated,,, me growing up i never hardly studied i didnt do well in school, not because i werent good enough, but because i wanted to have fun,, i had an amazing childhood, just doing what kids do being a bit naughty at times… but i never really knew my talent,, or that i was more intelligent or better than other people at things,, i really didnt have a clue,, cause what was me was me… and i assumed everyone was the same… its only as i gotten older that im starting to grow up and think about life,, and also learn forom how people have reacted to me as a adult, and in the past,,, that i realize people are not like me,, and often cant do what i can… and that people dont understand me.. or see what i can see…

    i never said i was alone but genius’s or talented or gifted however you want to put it are always isolated because of the status quo, so alot of them choose to be alone, and also like it better that way,,

    science is not fact,, i dont believe in science cause its lies, i believe in GOD evolution is the biggest pile of bullshit… however dont try and undermine my inteeligence now by claiming i dont believe or like science at all.. cause doing that simply undermines yours..

    so thanks for you trying to explain to me how i can have not be isolated,, i am not, and know exactly what to be and how to be,, i was the popular kid at school also because i had fun…

    but what i am saying is NOW i often choose alot of solo projects, because i consistantly have bitter jealous people around me trying to make me fall…
    i also realize that we need people,,, noone can be in the world alone, we need the help of others at least once in our lives… but i know what is useful for me and what is useless…. and friends that are going to make me spend the rest of my life doing nothing and getting nowhere is useless!!!

    do you get my point

  36. tan says:

    that doesnt mean i am cold and dont love my friends,, but if you look at it another way if they loved you and was true to you,,, owuldnt they accept that you want to become a better person??? instead of getting insucure that i am no longer acting like a sheep and have my own mind,, and no longer just agree with them even though i know their wrong,,,, im sure youve heard the term “your just lying to make friends” cause thats what ppl do, especially in western society,,, if you are honest with a friend they often call you two faced or even a liar… because they only want you to tell them what they want to hear,, by being honest i dont mean being nasty,, because people often take being honest out of context,, (well the liars do)

  37. tan says:

    and its also intersting to meet people that are NOT like you,, because that brings abotu new ways of looking at things,, this has nothing to do with intelligence, sometimes the dumbest person can come up with the greatest ideas,, this is what i mean!! and also the dumbest person can be the most loyal friend you can ever find,, i dont judge people that way and your getting it all wrong by thinking that…

    the problem is people dont fully understand me,, often i think to fast speak to fast and normal converstaion can bore the life out of me, when people talk about rumours, that are malicious or how much they are looking forward to getting bladdered on the weekend,,, to me thats like you dont that 50 weeks on the run,, what new are you learning? before ya know it theyll be 50 and still doing the same stuff and only knowing the same stuff..

    i want to find what lifes about the meaning of life, im always growing, and everyday i understand more and more.. and weather you acknoledge this or not,, the people you spend alot of time with can rub off on you and you can become like them…

    hang with a angry person youll become angry, hang with a dumb person you become dumb… that is unless your not a sheep,, and it wont affect you… but then if your unwilling to drop what YOU STATE AS PRIDE!!! you wouldnt be able to become friends….

    its not pride its what jesus teaches about not being like everyone else, SHEEP..

  38. yasi says:


    I wasn’t talking to you in my post. I didn’t even get to read your comment, I was referring to all the people who kept saying they can’t find something that fits.

    And your whole sheep thing blew my mind, because I’m not talking about becoming , or aspiring to being sheep-like and ‘just like everyone else’, I just said to not let how unique and different and “faster” your mind is, to pull you away from experiencing things that are different from it—-which, I see, from what you’ve said, you don’t do, which is good.

    You can still stand by yourself without standing IN FRONT of people. THAT is what I meant by pride. Not relinquishing your identity all together and turning into something else to be friends and gage yourself.
    It just means not setting your expectations , ( all the time) for like-mindedness, for you OWN sense of well being.

    there are plenty of people who get bored fast and think fast and want to delve into deeper meanings of life, like you, it just takes some digging to run into them.
    All I’m saying is, that won’t be the perfect solution, even when you have it, and as great as it is to be ” understood”.

    Ultimately intelligent people question the hell out of everything too much to ever be satisfied with any answer, and they rotate around doubts ( which is why they are such intellectuals in the first place)—all I’m advocating, is not letting that gift, hurt you, in the end, in very subconcious ways. All I’m saying is to not have that limit you.

    not YOU, in specific. I don’t know what you do or don’t do, so you really don’t need to get so defensive.
    I’m talking pervasively.

  39. tan says:

    right ok if you didnt reply to me thats fine, but i received a message in my inbox telling me someone had writen on here,, after i replied to your first comment.
    i totally dont agree that you think there are no smarter people, and in fact its just how they think,,, scientists have been trying to do this for years,, genius kids have been like lab rats to them cause they are trying to uncover the secret to becoming a genius,,
    the fact is you are born that way,, so yes there are smarter people…

    not to say average or intelligent people cannot become great at something with pure dedication, but a average person if commited his whole life to one subject or area, could become a genius in that field,, but in every other area he is just average..
    a smarter person can pick things up alot quicker,, and also work things out for himself…

    there are many types of people when it comes to intelligence

    there are group 1, the people that never learn after their mistakes, no matter how many times they are told, they keep doing the same thing,
    then group 2. people that are told 1 ,2 or 3 times and understand,
    and group 3,, where they know before it even happens..

    and trust me there are people out there so dumb they keep making the same mistakes in life, cause they are not intelligent enough to learn,, kinda like why i think cats are smarter than dogs,,, cats learn things and pick things up and remember it,, they learn on their own,, a dog is told what to do and needs direction…

    and if you put both of them structures into a human,, the way the cat thinks is the intelligent person.. thats also why cats are solitary or isolated too..

    also intelligent people tend to be good hearted,, thats one of the main reasons why its so hard… they care too much about others, when other people care about themselves and only really have you in their life cause they dont want to be alone…

    where as intelligent people are more pure hearted…
    this is a very interesting fact it think!!
    do the gifted understand something the sheeps are too blind to see????????

    i dont think the whole sheep think is out of context i hope it blew your mind in a good way, cause like you said you agreed with me… people are sheep can you really be with people that live a life you dont agree with and not become like them??

    what happens when you get into a situation where there are drugs,, and you know what friends are like, if they have it, you all gotta have it…
    what about if they bully a person you like??
    i dont think you can without changing,,, no matter who your with you eventually have to give in and mutually agree on things maybe you didnt agree with,,, you start talking about it and then before you know it,,, youve comformed and start believing what you didnt in the first place…

    thats natural human behavior we imitate our friends and people we communicate with,,

    but agree that you trying to give out a positive message to people, but the fact is life is the way it is, we have ups and downs, we have times when we enjoy life so much, and times when we even want to die.. but without good there is no bad,, and intelligent people there are no dumb people…

    everyone in the world plays their part, and its about finding who you really are!!! and playing your part

  40. yasi says:

    also, —in leu of you being completely condescending, to point something out:

    the FIRST sentence I wrote was

    ” there is no such thing as being smarter or dumber”

    …and then your first sentence was ” what your saying is what a dumb person would say,, there is no such thing as a dumber person or a smarter person… REALLY!!! what you said there is retarded right away..”

    I laughed really hard then, because not only did you obviously not at all read what I wrote and just take it as a complete ATTACK since you completely attacked back, but you were rude as fuck along with it.
    I don’t think GOD taught you that, did he.

    I’m sure you’re justified in everything you’re saying, and I’m not gonna tied up in semantics here,

    but maybe people ” try to make you fail” or get bitter or what have you

    because you’re an asshole.

    think about it.
    and don’t respond to me about either, cause I will not only not read this website again but it’s a moot point.


  41. josh says:

    i’m sorry but i don’t agree with the smart kid is gonna have depression/or chronic sadness just because he didn’t make any friends or get picked to play soccer. if the kid wants to make friends and play sports then he needs to get the hell out there and do it, u cant tell me that smart kids can’t make friends and fit in, because i have known many people much smarter than me have more friends than me and there never depressed. its the persons own fault for not trying to accomplish what will make him happy so there for they did it to them selfs

  42. Peter says:

    Testing throughout my life has resulted in me being mapped at genius levels. I’m not sad, but surprised that more women have not wanted to mate with me. That would make me happier.

  43. Bigherm says:

    I will not be starting this post with whether or not im considered gifted/smart/intellectual or if i have the IQ and attention span of a household gnat.

    It seems to me that a few people posting on here would fare a tad better in the happiness department if they were a bit more humble.

    When you go around flaunting your intelligence, always correcting people or showing them up, it gets on their nerves a good portion of the time. People will find themselves less and less inclined to spend time or converse with you. They start to initiate contact with you only when they need something that they can’t figure out.

    So instead of being ready and willing to constantly throw out “Well technically I’m a genius” or “I’m above average/an intellectual/extremely gifted” just live your life, do what you love, try on a little humility for size and leave it at that.

  44. Jivix says:

    While people of high intelligence have a tendency to desire intellectually stimulating activities, they can also find enjoyment in a simple tactile activity. One think I don’t think was pointed out well in the article is that there are multiple types and areas of intelligence, such as social intelligence. A less popular type of IQ test is the EQ or emotional quotient, mainly the persons ability to feel a complete range of emotions and feelings and general awareness of social interactions. High EQ people are very uncommon, and you won’t see someone with a genius EQ and IQ in your lifetime (most likely), because the experiences they needed to have both are pretty much opposite each other, i.e. social interaction vs lonely contemplation. Anyways, myself being a decently high IQ person, I enjoy playing around with computers. However my favorite part is the tactile experience of putting them together.

  45. Jivix says:

    If you want to help somebody out, use a nicer tone please. Harshness is completely unnecessary.

  46. angiemoose says:


  47. Brian says:

    Intelligent people, defined by any one of the many intelligences human posseses, including, but not limited to intellectual intelligence, understand the more they learn the more untilligent they truely are, hence, if you were one of the above who proclaimed their intelligence, you actually just categorized yourself otherwise, I gues ignorance is bliss. I think the few simpleton articulations of what an intelligent person deals with in life highlights the frusterations that arise at the intersection of diffent complexities of minds and intelligence, moreso for the intelligent mind. This stream has just highlighted why simplicity and ignorance is bliss for me.

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  49. Nocona S.Lee says:

    blessed hah its a burden a total and huge mess of a burden and somtimes i just dont want to take it any more T-T and i dont know where to go to go talk to some body theirs nothing to do and i need some major help pls somebody help me T_T pls somebody help me …

  50. prabhu says:

    hai all are idiots ..talking about intelligence ,to show your language skills.
    Intelligence means living happily without conlflict in oneself and with others.

  51. in my opinion, intelligent people tend to become unhappy due to many factors. one is the family, some parents give their child a high expectation or what we often call high standards, as a result, the child tends to focus on his studies so that his parents would be pleased which oftentimes becomes the reason why he neglected to explore his social life. another is the peer factor, most of the time, an intelligent person is avoided by some because they feel that intelligent people were some kind of a boring person who dedicated his life on his studies, and that they cannot get along with the intelligent because they cannot match his abilities (that is what we call “insecurity”) the last one that i can mention is the self-problem, most of the time intelligent people wishes for more and more knowledge (thirst of knowledge) in which they neglect to notice that they were driven too much of this “curiosity”, which imply the situations wherein these people tend to exaggerate a simple problem.

    Like this one, prove that this message is not existing!
    Intelligent people, I am challenging you!!

  52. Elizabeth says:

    I believe that are muli-variables involved in whether or not someone is “happy.” First, what exactly is “happy?” People are looking for a constant state, but it doesn’t exist. We have happy and unhappy moments. The percent of each varies from person to person, but it isn’t based just on IQ or even mostly IQ. Much has to do with how a person was raised. Are they overly critical of others? This is usually a learned behavior and contributes to more unhappy moments. Intelligent people can take their intelligence and learn how to be more accepting of those less intelligent. They need to be taught to appreciate their gift, but not expect others to be like they. Hope this helps a bit or pushes someone in the right direction. Embrace your talents, whatever they may be, and don’t expect others to be like you. Good luck.

  53. steven nelson says:

    I find it interesting that the sociologist states “Not enough study exists to quote on this subject”, because I did my Senior Capstone paper on whether or not intelligence is a good predictor of depression.

  54. Michelle says:

    I’ve come across many people who I feel aren’t that intelligent who get depressed, so I doubt this has any direct correlation to intelligence level. Maybe EQ, but not intelligence.

    Depression can also stem from lack of nutrients in the body (one factor, not all factors).

    Just my pov.



  55. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for your article! I am not a genius, but intelligent and I continue to be unhappy. I read your article and it made me feel better that my knowledge is what makes me unhappy. Plus, I got a laugh from the logic of it. Thank you!

  56. Elizabeth says:

    That’s because you’re normal. Happiness is just moments. It’s not a state. People are unhappy because they expect to have those highs more often. Well, people, sorry, but that isn’t how it works. Treasure those rare moments of happiness and remember, we know they are happy moments because we experience the unhappy. Happy doesn’t exist without unhappy. It’s like a balancing act.

  57. Aaron says:

    Depression and I.Q whilst not necessarily being joined at the hip seem to be related more often than not and I think it comes down to having more understanding the world and potentially the universe than the average joe and therefore creates more stress for the individual or at least that is the case for myself personally. Its also a major cause of frustration for myself personally trying to communicate with people who do not understand the subject matter I try to communicate to them. I can completely relate to the Poster “Km” as I am Male and have interests such as Computers & Technology rather than sports and I find it extremely hard to get on with other men who seem to exists solely to watch sports, drink beer and live a very average lifestyle. I have had few friends thus far in my lifetime and despite several women telling me I am attractive the grand total of girlfriends for me personally stands at 2 with neither relationship lasting more than around 6/7 months. I have a secret lothing for those people who say such things as “you just need to do what everyone else does” and “you just need to try harder” because I know personally in my situation that is complete bullshit. I just hope one day that I will be able to move into a community, town or city where I know more intelligent people on a personal level.

  58. Michelle says:

    Actually “House” had an episode on last week that dealt with this very issue.

    The patient had an off the charts high IQ, & it turned out that he couldn’t handle not being able to relate anymore, so he started taking cough medicine & a shot of alcohol to numb his brain cells. That’s when he met his current wife.

    Once in the hospital after they cleared it from his system, he went back to his previous intelligence level & started drawing complex math & when he tried to explain it to her & she didn’t get it. He started to feel depressed again & her lack of intelligence annoyed him.

    In the end once House figured everything out, he said go for the numbness b/c he could relate to the patient & he knew he really loved his wife.

    I used to do this with pot. I could relate a lot better with humans if I was stoned although even then it was difficult.

    It’s no way to live & we should embrace our talents & who we are.

    Since so many people on here have trouble finding like minded people, I suggest people contact one another & see how they get along.

    I am always open to making new friends.

    My intelligence probably isn’t the same as some of yours on here, but I welcome anyone who wishes to contact me & get to know one another as friends first with no expectations.

    My personal website should be attached to what I wrote.

    Happy Holidays! Be Happy & find Peace Within : )


  59. Minco says:

    hey people,

    that is one hell of a good and insightful discussion. i would like to take anyone’s opinion….

    I have a problem conforming with people because i live in a fake and superficial community that is only marked by appearances.
    If you are good at pretending, then you are one of the key players of the game.
    But whenever i am with most people i feel detached and i am suddenly in the observer mode, seeing the top view perspective with no involvement.
    It is my faith in myself, my faith in God and some little voice of wisdom that keeps me going on my life journey without looking back. I cannot deny that i am still learning but I thank our creator for all the blessings that i have. If you feel unhappy, think of all the blessings that God gave you and think that things could have been alot worse.

    Thank you all, i hope the dose was not concentrated :)

  60. Michael says:

    Creative people are on their own plain. If they try to express themselves, peoples eyes glaze over. If they try to appreciate other peoples’ whims, they are quickly bored and frustrated. Cliche’ phrases, predictable humor, football games – creative people evolve beyond that.

  61. Marian says:

    I completely agree. As a child, I was always best in my class, which made me very isolated and shy since people would constantly reject me. All you grow up having is your intelligence and your passions. It is difficult to cope with some situations which other people find easier to cope with; I am prone to stress always and keep over-analyzing events, people and things. There’s simply very little awareness that intelligent people need other types of support. I am bored to death by ‘female’ activities; and as I don’t drink and smoke, I feel left out of a lot of social situations. I also find it very hard to relate to people my age (I am 24) as I usually don’t have their interests.

  62. Jotto999 says:

    The simplest advice I can offer to people establishing their intelligence and then telling how hard it is:

    Fix your depression.

    Yes, I say fix, since it likely is mostly mechanistic in your brain.

    I get disappointed and frustrated with people all the time. You probably do too. But feelings of isolation…that is a symptom of depression.

    Here are some easy ways to mitigate depression, in the long term you may even recover from it:

    1. Exercise. Physical exertion will you feel better. You are designed that way, take advantage of it. Get down and do some sit ups or something, anything. Even just going for a brisk half hour walk is excellent.

    2. Get sun exposure for at least 20 minutes early in your day. Again, biology at work, and it will improve your mental health. Use it. Lots of depressed people are “sun deprived”.

    3. Eat many vegetables every day.

    If you do the above 3, you are going to feel *SO* much better. And your cognition will improve beyond what it currently is too, in addition to the mood boosting effects.

    I had similar feelings of isolation and depression until I did these. They work. You can also talk to a doctor or psychiatrist, of course, but these really should be tried first. They are the necessary base for a healthy mind.

  63. P says:

    For some of us, the unhappiness stems from realizing that we’re different from other people from a very young age. Boys as young children are expected to be aggressive and beat on each other. If you’re more sensitive and don’t see the point in this or don’t want anything to do with it, you’re immediately ostracized beginning at 3-4 years old. As classes begin and you do things with little to no effort that the other children fail to understand after trying very hard, they then grow somewhat resentful of you (children haven’t yet developed the ability to appreciate differences and so mostly just feel simpler emotions, such as jealousy). So, from a very young age, your greatest strengths (namely your ability to learn quickly and your sensitivity) become attributes that you feel compelled to hide in order to have any chance at all of fitting in. This results in terrible self-esteem deficiencies that form into the deepest parts of your mind during the years in which you are first beginning to form a sense of who you are and how you fit into the larger world, for that world to you is defined by your peer group. If you learn at this age not only to hide but even to be ashamed of how you think, which very clearly is also who you are, then these problems will magnify themselves as you grow older. I think a lot of us are still dealing with this in one way or another. Even once you recognize it, it can still take a long time to grow out of what ultimately are the deepest parts of your sense of self. But, hey, that’s why God invented grad school :p

    The other thing that ends up setting us up for failure is that many of us have never had to put an ounce of effort into much of anything. I graduated summa cum laude from a rather prestigious school, and I had several classes I never even went to. Extrapolate that back to high school and earlier, coupled with the fact that no one ever even made any kind of effort to challenge me or even feed my interests when I was young (quite the opposite really). Is it really any surprise that I now have to struggle to try to develop any kind of a work ethic?

    Education as it is set up now fails the quickest learners abysmally, putting us with peer groups who hate our gifts and teachers who just want us to sit down, shut up, and not complain that the class is moving too slowly. It trains us to hide our gifts and leaves us with a bitterness toward most other people that have to struggle to overcome. Some of us even leave it feeling as if we’ve accomplished nothing in our lives since everything came so easily to us, rationalizing ourselves out of any sort of self-esteem boost that might come from any of these accomplishments. We’re left to pick up the pieces from what feel to us to be our own failed lives, while no one around us even can see that there has been any sort of a problem.

    Then again, I suppose I’m reading articles and message boards like this one with a different goal in mind than a lot of you. It sounds as if many of you have taken the path I am trying not to take, toward empowering yourself through a form of bitter arrogance as a way to begin to move past your own wounds. That is not to say that you are not justified in feeling that way; I definitely have my days in which I don’t even want to deal with anyone at all and think that this abstract altruism I feel toward the world is misguided, for they’re all too short-sighted to listen to how they must change things for the good of everyone anyway. It is a very lonely path, though, and one that only serves to isolate us further from those who may be open to sharing their lives with us.

    My goal, then, is to somehow see that other people have gone through the same sorts of things or even just to find some greater accepted truth that encompasses my own experiences, allowing me to grow to the point where I can accept my own gifts and give credit to myself for my own accomplishments – not as arrogance, mind you, but rather as the confidence we all should have in our abilities. Most people seem to value the ability to project ability in a confident way more than the ability itself, and they choose people for the more highly esteemed positions in businesses / society / etc based on that facade. Coupled with this, however, is that the ability must be projected in a way that does not make them feel threatened or put down, and that delicate balance is what we all need to find.

    In the end, all any of us can do is to try to find a way to let go of our painful pasts, to search out like-minded people, and to find pursuits that use our gifts and pique our interests. We must not lose sight of being true to ourselves and to others in all these things, of course, but that should go without saying. Unfortunately, all this is much easier said than done, but perhaps our gifts will even help to make it easier through our ability and willingness to question absolutely everything, including our own innermost unconscious thoughts and motivations. And, in time, perhaps we can help to reshape parts of society and education so that those children like ourselves, the ones that the current system fails time and again, will have the nurturing, stimulating environments that they need so as not to fall into the same horrendous traps that many of us now have to claw our ways out of.

  64. Joe says:

    I felt compelled to post this.

    First of all I agree with the above poster that high school came off as so easy to me that I felt little in terms of accomplishment. Not to mention it hurt the development of my work ethic, because why bother working hard if you can get a 98 while only studying the night before the test?

    I spent most of my time isolated and reading books while I was a kid. I was quite shy and my parents had an iron grip on my social life. Hence this is why I had a slight problem with weed and alcohol my first year in college since I had never been exposed to that stuff until I moved into a dorm.

    A lot of my high school years sucked. But it was mainly because I failed at interpersonal communication and reading people. I even deluded myself into thinking that most people were beneath me and somehow inferior. Lucky for me I had some amazing teachers who gave me some enhanced assignments.

    Long story short I turned into a self-righteous prick.

    As I grew older I started changing. Just because multivariable calculus is beyond someone doesn’t mean that they are inferior to you. That person most likely has their own unique talents.

    I also started paying attention to sports and if you really want to get nerdy strike up conversations about sports statistics with someone when discussing a batting lineup. I also started watching a lot of movies.

    Having media and sports knowledge gives you a common ground to connect with most people. Very few people I know can enjoy the mathematics I indulge in yet I and most people can enjoy a good sports match.

    So to all of the self-hating intellectuals in the comments section listen to this mathematician. Try to spend just one hour watching or listening to something that casual everyday people are into. You’ll be a lot happier when you can participate in casual conversations.

    P.S. when you do run into someone who is into your field treasure them :)

  65. susan says:

    This has been interesting. I thought i was just depressed but now I’m finding I could be intelligent. That’s got to be a plus for my ego.

  66. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much everyone for posting these- I’ve been pretty miserable recently and feel better seeing that I’m not so alone in the world.
    I’m sixteen years old, and have felt isolated and alienated from others my age for pretty much my whole life. I’ve always been called ‘bright’- I was assessed by a specialist when I was five and came out with an IQ of 160 (which I am convinced has dwindled with age- I’m dumber than I used to be, I think) and was moved up a grade in elementary school. But I was never really catered for in terms of teaching- I’m not sure the teachers really knew what to do with me- and subsequently learned less than I was probably capable of. I was (and still am) very shy, and very well behaved as a child, and therefore usually got put in groups or paired up with kids who were badly behaved, or the bottom of the class, as a ‘good influence’, or maybe to make the class easier to teach. Who knows. Either way, I spent a lot of my early school life frustrated and bored, which led to a very negative attitude towards schoolwork. I never learned to persevere because I never needed to, I never learned Math properly because at my school we didn’t cover complex methods, as other children didn’t understand it, and I was completely unengaged. I’m now lucky enough to go to a very good grammar school (a school for bright kids, with an entrance exam) but since coming here when I was

  67. Dan says:

    Some truths have to be stated here:

    1) EVERYONE THINKS THAT THEY ARE SMART. EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter if your IQ is 140, 120, 100 or 80. Everyone says that they are smart. It is because you’ve never experienced being smarter than your maximum potential is.

    2) A person can understand when they are talking to another person who has a lower IQ than them. But when you talk to someone with a higher IQ than you fail to absorb everything that they have to offer. So you view the higher person as having they same level of intelligence as you do. You can only understand your maximum.

    3) It is easier to see that some people are shorter/taller than you are. It is easy to see that some people are slimmer/fatter than you are. But variations in intelligence are not as easily perceived.

    3) Unless you truly are in the top percentiles of intelligence and you have personally felt the alienation for the rest of the populations you don’t really have business commenting on this topic. You just don’t understand what we’re talking about here.

    4) Happiness and loneliness is related to your web of social connections. Not your wealth, power or status.

    5) If you are the most intelligent person in the room. You can understand the thoughts, emotions and life off all the people below you. But no one understands you. It is like being a kindergarden teaching and hanging out with 6 year olds all day. You understand them. They don’t understand you.

    6) The failure to feel like you are connected to other human beings is what makes intelligent people feel sad and lonely.

  68. C. says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Dan. Intelligence is something painful, and once you understand you have it, you understand other people around you, the reality in your own life, your family’s and it hurts to know how they behave and what do they feel when they don’t know or are too afraid to dig. I wish I wouldn’t feel so much pain around me. This sensibility I have, affects me very much sometimes. In a moment I am fine but if I start to feel what the person behind me feels, and these negative emotions take over inside me, I feel like a storm. I wish someone could bring me the silence of a life.

  69. I have Aspergers Syndrome. I am a social outcast and I am very depressed. Just the other night I went to a club to try and meet a girl, and have some fun. I started dancing by myself, and i was not approached. It seemed to me that everybody there knew one another. However I don’t think that’s the case. But that’s how I view it because I don’t understand a single thing that’s going on in that environment. When I approached a group of girls to try and get to know them, I was rejected within minutes because I guess asking them about themselves is just too much.
    I do stand up comedy. Im terrible at school. I cant hold down a job. I’m very inappropriate. But I feel like even though my comedy needs work, it will blossom into one of the most hilarious comedy acts because I am very intelligent when it comes to wit. I feel very different from every other comic.

  70. Austin says:

    Intelligent people often do not spend the time necessary to truly master a skill. Once they move beyond the skill level of what might be considered “normal” they lose focus, never reaching their potential. My advice is find to something and truly “master” it. Bear in mind, you can always get better; if need be outline what is to be considered mastery.
    You can master your job, a subject related to your field, your relationship with your sibling/parent, a sport, learning how to handle specific moments of inadequacy, anything really. With mastery comes accomplishment and confidence in yourself rather than the confidence you receive by your PERCEIVED superiority with other people.

    The idea of “mastery” is rather clinical (a method I tend to find off-putting when discussing issues of the mind), but I have found it to be helpful in a lot of ways. There isn’t a cure all, but I hope this might help anyone reading as it has helped me. Have a good one!

  71. Hersheisawesome says:

    What I see… All the time, (now that I have accepted how I feel) and stopped trying to hide it, is others who feel the same way. I am wierd. A gorgeous 27 year old woman, intelligent, can’t stand people, gave up on trying to communicate to them, and look pretty angry and messed up in the face. People close to me still always call me pretty. People make me angry because they talk in code. They think they’re so witty and brilliant because they can bring others down. They detect weakness or loneliness and take advantage quicker than a wink. From the point of detection, they begin to come up with “jokes” in the other persons expense (right in front of their face!) in words that could, and hopefully would, be understood in a different context. When they do this to intelligent, sensitive people, they don’t realize they are hurting them. Either that, or they feel more intelligent. The “victim” of their fun can’t prove they are bashing them because their hateful cryptic talk is in other words.
    I hate this! It happens to me all the time. It makes me hate people more and not want to get to know them. I don’t trust anyone and don’t feel the need to prove anything to them. I love love and wish everyone could be like children again and not take other people down in petty ways. They don’t realize these people know what they’re talking about because they never get confronted. Which is how they want it, but they are killing my reality and world. Putting negativity where none needs to be, and stifling the world of creativity. When what humanity needs is a hand, and truth, these mass amounts of people can’t handle that responsibility.
    I begin to see others who are weak, and have given up like I have. But we put ourselves in these isolated protective bubbles and can’t even reach out to eachother.
    Case in point: I am intelligent. I know it. This is how I think. This is what stops me from being happy, expressive, and productive. Stupid?

  72. tommo says:

    Hersheisawesome, I am the same as you. People always want to test you until you break or fight back, its like an education thing or lack of awareness. I am also sensitive to this and find it hard to fight back even though this is the only way. Maybe its just sorting out the pecking order. Who knows but yeh it makes you want to pack up shop and just live out on a farm and chill out, away from all the negativity that people bring. that said I am a really positive guy… life eh haha

  73. Ryan says:

    I’m extremely sensitive and my social iq is through the roof. This has made it impossible to find a girlfriend. I’ve been with numerous women and thought simple physical connection from time to time would quench my constant desire for someone, nope. I have kissed someone I’ve been “seeing”, and as I shut my door and watch them walk away, instantly that loneliness comes back. It never left, I was simply preoccupying my mind, like I do with drugs. Weed makes me think less, care less, I need it to stay sane. I’m fascinated by anyone with a sharp wit. I want to talk to them, get to know them, but I feel embarrassed or arrogant to explain to them why.

  74. John Sterling says:

    Wow. I could not agree more with everything! I just got back from a New Year’s Eve dinner and as always, I feel totally out of place in the bar. I feel almost an anger inside when I see people and their idiotic behavior. They look like little kids trying to emulate how to look good, cool, etc. I have always been unique, but it has brought a lot A LOT of pain due to feeling isolated. It doesn’t help that some of my best friends have also isolated themselves due to depression and other reasons. People like us really need to stick together. One other thing that gets me down is that I am a very talented musician who is not receiving recognition and a lot of it is due to the environment. This has caused me to work long hours in an unfulfilling job where I do nothing stimulating….the ultimate torture for me. I work hard on the music, but sometimes do really feel lonely. I have so many chances to go out with women too, as I am a good looking guy, but the thought of it brings me pain…I think deep down inside I know they won’t understand me. I hope to find some intimacy one day with someone who is intelligent, creative, etc. That, along with creative friends, would probably go along way for helping my depression. The brilliant friends I have are depressed and have anxiety issues….we should have our own little world or something guys….a place where we can go..our own tribe!

  75. Chaotabix says:

    I am a 23 year old male, i live in a house with 4 other guys, i have a 5/7 full time job which is well paid, my life is stable, my possition is sound, in short everything, physically/relatively speaking is perfect.

    I’ve been under the impression that i am on another level to a lot of people (i dont like to say more intelligent because…ego…er… never mind) for a long time, not drastically so but always just a step above on the ladder, school was a breeze, secondary school and college too, life in general seemed pretty easy all the way up to a year ago.

    The gap between my own level and others is widening, I find myself contemplating the most far out things, life and the universe included, recently i’ve moved on to Astro physics and astrobiology, personal amayeur study i might add, for fun, for kicks, to get my lulz on.

    My house mates? well they drink, and other recreational things (which i DO take part in, and even enjoy sometimes) video games, movies, etc etc, in short they sit there slowly rotting whilst doing something that can hold THEIR attention but makes me feel like my brain is slowly melting.

    I became depressed to the point of drinking or smoking myself into oblivion, i have suffered huge depression, Panic attacks followed swiftly after, my whole emotional state has been up and down more times then i can count, all the while though my mind was just as it always has been.

    Yes my thoughts turned to dark places, but the entire time another level of conciousness constantly reminded me it was an emotional thing, so i got through it.

    I find it very hard to connect with people, my housemates are the closest friends i have and i only feel completely 100% comfortable with them when im drunk or otherwise intoxicated, im starting to think its because intoxication calms your thoughts to a simpler place.

    I’m not really sure if i was making a point or not in this post, to be honest, although i am actually completely fine, not happy but not depressed, i still lack connection, seeing this article and the replies has confirmed that i am not alone, and that makes my life more bearable.

    I am not alone, and neither are you, we just have to find each other.

    Thanks for reading this.

  76. tom says:

    yes it is related to iq, the higher the iq the more logicly the person can see the world, when things are taken for what they are then everything seems worse, i techniquely have a genius iq of 143 and have a friend in the high 80’s to low 90’s which is the low end of average, she is always happy and when i point things out for what they are she calls me a pessimist which i prefer to call realist but it is true. In general the lower the iq, the easier to ignore obvious things, the easier to be happy, drinking makes things easier i would think but i dont drink, thats just how life is

  77. jake says:

    I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but im ppretty well informed and am not distracted by sports or the garbage we are fed masquerading as entertainment. My feeling is that more intellegent individuals are better informed at least for me its depressing. so many things I cant do anything about even though I have voted in every election since I was old enough to vote.

  78. stuart says:

    Intellectual thought processing used as a quantum predictor in a human’s happiness.. Intriguing subject.

    Less emotion means more rationale (so to speak), which inherently succumbs people to “realism”. A true realist would relate to 100% factual entity, with zero irrationality. Without happiness.. we simply see things how they are without happiness. Realism is nothing more than a completely rational brain; it doesn’t exist.

    I analyze everything in my life. I observe everyone I come into contact with, and depending on how they interact with me I evaluate and score them (metaphorically). From personal experience I agree that ignorance is bliss.

    Intellectuals(a) are bound for failure; those who prosper do not fall into this category(a). Depression dampens the soul, yet heightens awareness.. so you tell me.. who is better off? The idiot. The guy who can’t use his brain “effectively” is the happy one.

    Normal people have it easy, normal people have it happy. Having seen both sides of this social spectrum I accuse normality of massive perk hostility. A normal person complaining about his job has no clue what it’s like to have zero irrationality, emotion.. motivation.

    Anyone can opt-in to the Too-Smart-For-Happiness Club, but all with a good brain steer clear. The legit members don’t want to be here. So drown my thoughts, experiments, analysis.. I don’t care. Just let me be happy.

    I agree that people have a social-absorption cap that’s parallel to their IQ. But as stated, many people with a high IQ lack in the social field. So analyzing any social interaction can never be done with 100% efficiency. (In no way do I disregard the ability to label a fucking idiot when I see one, though).

  79. Ask says:

    Meditation is one of the easiest techniques you can learn to refuel your body, mind and spirit. While many of us have heard of the benefits of meditation, few of us actually want to spend the time it takes to learn how to meditate. We often cling to stress, fear and anxiety because we think we need these things in order to function in this fast-paced world.

  80. Ismael says:

    You just described me perfectly

  81. Claus Sethsen says:

    My mom is an university teacher, with a little above average IQ (around 110), My dad is a fisherman with an IQ way over my mothers (around 140). My mom doesn’t seem to be that happy, she really has no social life. My dad in the other hand, is always filled with happiness, energy. well at least I’m under the impression that he is. I would guess that’s because he has great social skills, and went to a school where there wasn’t much sports involved.
    I do horribly in the social life though, I have few friends who I really like, because I can have a stimulated conversation with them, they are one of those rare friends you want to keep. everything else just seems like a waste of time. I do really good in sports though. But after the sports, no one really wants to hang out with me. I know I don’t have a question, but I don’t usually want to talk to anyone about this, because it would probably make me look like I think way to high of myself.
    Just feels good to at least let it out in this comment. It’s nice to know that there are others out there. thank you.
    -Claus Sethsen

  82. Kim says:

    I am a college junior attending KAIST, a science and technology oriented university in South Korea often referred to as the MIT of South Korea. I read the entire article as well as all the comments and I totally agree with everything that has been said here. Growing up, I always felt that other people were just plain dumb. I’m a quiet guy who likes to contemplate on stuffs that other people would otherwise simply ignore. Although I hang out with people, I always find that none of them really understand me. There is no one that really understands how I feel. It’s nice to know that there are others out there that feel the same.

  83. It is very interesting for me to read that article. Thank author for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon.

  84. Crywolf657 says:

    I have to say that this is quite an interesting article.  Though perusing the comments written, I feel the need to add to this discussion.  I’m not going to mention anything about myself, because on the internet, we can propagate any image of ourselves we desire.  Firstly, the applications of intelligence are much more diverse than at the scholastic level, which this article clearly defines.  However, there is a strong correlation between intelligence and the depth one goes into concerning a particular subject.  Are we to say that the movie aficionado is smarter or dumber than a college professor of mathematics?  There has to be clear and indisputable proof before we can accept one hypothesis over the other.  My point here is that interests don’t dictate intelligence, it’s the depth one delves into the subject matter, and the strong, zealous feelings one possesses over said material.  Do you dub Leonardo Da Vinci as an imbecile because he is adept at painting?   While we all can flaunt our intelligence like a badge of honor(when in actuality, some people who do could easily be lying), does it change who we are?  People here say that change is needed.  Of course there is, for there always will be when man dictates the supposed absolute laws that have been set before us.  The main question I propose to the group is: what do you plan to do about it?  Take my argument any way you wish, as the rant of an imbecile or the voice of an intellectual.  Whatever you decide, I just want to say that nobody in this world is alone.  Sure, you may feel alone when surrounded by those you consider idiots (albeit you should learn to understand them first before you classify them as such), but remember there are people like you who see the world as it is.  And like one poster nicely phrased it, everyone knows the world is flawed.  The crux of this point is that not everyone knows what to do.  So, if you are one of the people who wear that badge of intelligence proudly, then put it to use, rather than harp on those who you think are not as smart as you.

  85. Motorizedtimepark says:

    I don’t agree with this at all.

  86. Oksana says:

    Passionate and very well said.Great comment.

  87. Oksana says:

    Do you need a friend?I love comedy.

  88. Oksana says:

    Take me with you.:)

  89. I’m a guy I think the same. There is nothing wrong with us. What I did was not to blame myself and I found ways to fight back fire with fire. Read this links.. and 

  90. L. says:

    Well, very interesting. However I will not use the term “intelligence” which is vague (as for me there’s as many types of intelligence than there’s people on the earth) but “intellectual” or “abstract”.

    Indeed, the tendancy to not obey blindly to social codes of the society perfectly describe, to me, why intellectuals persons cannot fully develop with their peers while less intellectuals person will feel more in sync with them. When you accept your society’s values you will find more persons with the same beliefs, connect with them and bonding with them.

    On the contrary, when you question your society’s values or even develop a value system of your own, you can still interact with others, still joke with them, and even still develop some compagnionship with them if you’re open-minded, but it is difficult to feel in real sync with them, you can rarely fully develop intimacy or meaningful emotional connections.

    To my experience, being intellectual has made me a nihilist. I do not pretend that this is the fate of all intellectual peoples, but I think that there’s more risks. Because, again, when you question the society’s values and ways of life, you will finish to think that there’s not an absolute value in finding love, working, being a leader, and even in life itself. In other words, you have a higher probability to find meaningless many things which most others find meaningful.

    Also, as many persons said, your hobbys will tend to be different that of those of many others people, you often tend to live more in your head than most people.

    To summarize, being intellectual has great chance to make you a lonely person, even if you have many friends.

    PS : sorry for my awkward english.

  91. God Versus Person says:

    You have said a lot of unjustifiable things. You act like you are extremely intelligent yet you lack so many writing skills.
    1. You said ‘Smart people have more responsibility’-Really? How so? There are many out there who could shift that to another, or even manipulate people. Its logical to assume that they have LESS responsibility (they can easily find loopholes/excuses to get out)
    2.You said ‘they see things and understand things a dumb or average person may not see or understand’-then how would one consider another a genius? Be practical, many acknowledge Einstein, and I doubt they are all geniuses.
    3. You said ‘most of the worlds majority is average people, so smart people find it harder to find someone on their level of understanding’-How do you know most of the world is average people? To be honest, you are completely wrong, most of the world is really deprived of education. IQ levels are falling.
    4. You said ‘smart people can see there is problem with the world and that most people today are infact wrong, and destroying each other and the world.. ‘. What if they simply did not care about world issues, you know you can be smart in ‘areas’, not everything…
    5. You said ‘ a smarter person understands the out some of most actions’. Be HONEST, only moral people understand the outcomes of their actions. The are murderers who are astonishingly smart, would you defend them with the same statement?
    6. You said ‘people that live the happiest lives are down syndromes, simply because they have less responsibilty and understanding of the world’- To be frank, I think that is an overstatement. Less understanding of the world, could also lead them to sorrow. If I was to ‘select’ a group of people who live the happiest lives, it will be one who has bad memory, a loving surrounding, good health, a lot of money, beauty and a lot of time. Bad memory allows you to enjoy the same thing over and over again.
    7. You said ‘its easy for a clever person to understand a dumb person, but a dumb person will never understand a smart person, hense thats why they are dumb….’. You said a similar thing twice (it doesn’t make it twice as effective, just makes your comment longer, a typical idiotic mistake to make). It would have been more intelligent to say that ‘dumb’ people tend to hurt ‘smart’ people unknowingly. Understanding is different. Look at 3.
    8. You said ‘i can go on forever there are millions more reasons than these’. You are not smart, how do you know a million reasons? I would laugh if you could even hit 100 reasons let alone a million.
    9. You said ‘being smart is a gift… genius is a god given gift!!!’
    * drum roll please*
    Is that the reason why MOST geniuses are sad, living cruel lives, deprived of social contact and ATHEISTS.

    (I am not an atheist, but I have given you 9 significant things you should have some thought about. I will let you make yourself a 10th reason against yourself).

  92. Jack says:

    Wow,  you have a lot of confidence in your argument, but there are at least a few points in it that are VERY easily countered. Such as “Most of the world is not average.” Average is by definition, most of the population.. of course it does not have to be most, in the case that 40% of the population has downs, 20% is average, and 40% are geniuses, but sir… that is not the case. 

    My apologies for that rant, but you disgust me, attacking the last comment calling them an “idiot” and saying “you are NOT smart” with absolutely no proof except a few holes in their post.

  93. Jack O says:

    Great post, L. I can really identify with pretty much everything you said. Also, it seems to me that your are very fluent and even eloquent in your written english.

  94. Science > religion says:

    Wow bet you feel like your one of the smart people obviously your not atheist if your name has god in it but there is always a scientific explanation behind all your bibles little miracles but sir or mam may I say science always wins against religion so good day to you and I hope your foolish religion works out for you.

  95. Chris says:

    “To my experience, being intellectual has made me a nihilist. I do not pretend that this is the fate of all intellectual peoples, but I think that there’s more risks. Because, again, when you question the society’s values and ways of life, you will finish to think that there’s not an absolute value in finding love, working, being a leader, and even in life itself. In other words, you have a higher probability to find meaningless many things which most others find meaningful.”
    I also had this view at one point but decided that would lead me to a life full of unhappiness and depression so I changed it. I think some people forget that their is more to life than logic.  You can choose your point of view. I’m also a nihilist but that doesn’t mean I can not find joy in life. Joy in life is your point of view not the point of life.

  96. Anonymous says:

    Nice crappy scribd link, with line breaks in the middle of words. Sheesh.

  97. Teru says:

    I think your comment is rude and incorrect. First of all, the reason people with average intelligence are called average is because their intelligence is the average!!! Think about the words we’re using here. And just because not ALL intelligent people are depressed doesn’t mean none of them are. And calling that last person stupid for stating his opinion is wrong and idiotic because you know nothing about that person by a little comment. Frankly, people like you discust me and I’m not afraid to tell you to get over yourself.

  98. You have no clue how spot-on you are. Society throws us into situations that the everyday person can enjoy, because their mind isn’t constantly working. I wish I could do that; I see my friends do it and I become jealous.

    Even my parents have always said I over-analyze everything. It’d be great to have a little switch that you can flip on-and-off at will.

  99. Phoenyxx says:

    Not always true. Some intelligent people can be very good looking and social, even social leaders. Intelligent people can also mask their intelligence to be socially accepted, which was my own strategy as a teenager and even as a child. But true to some extent for sure as far as the parents expecting the intelligent children to be able to cope with anything. Also indeed an intelligent person can adapt for social reasons, but might internally feel as though he or she never truly fits in or is never truly understood. Perhaps he or she will have to hide her true personality in order to  be socially accepted and therefore at some level feels like an impostor. In my own experience, the moment you show your true self and let your intelligence shine, most people are terribly offended and made to feel inferior. In many cases, people will still not understand your intelligence. It’s a complex issue, socially speaking. 

  100. Phoenyxx says:

    Not always true. Some intelligent people can be very good looking and social, even social leaders. Intelligent people can also mask their intelligence to be socially accepted, which was my own strategy as a teenager and even as a child. But true to some extent for sure as far as the parents expecting the intelligent children to be able to cope with anything. Also indeed an intelligent person can adapt for social reasons, but might internally feel as though he or she never truly fits in or is never truly understood. Perhaps he or she will have to hide her true personality in order to  be socially accepted and therefore at some level feels like an impostor. In my own experience, the moment you show your true self and let your intelligence shine, most people are terribly offended and made to feel inferior. In many cases, people will still not understand your intelligence. It’s a complex issue, socially speaking. 

  101. Phoenyxx says:

    I personally actually prefer isolation for the simple reason that it’s just hard to deal with idiocy and drama that comes from dealing with most people.

  102. Anonymous says:

    thaaaank you. somebody who understands..

  103. would it matter says:

    Im not saying im smart but I will debate..and I may qualify but who’s to judge right… opinions are always good too..just to start if intelligent people are usually proficient in some category then who’s to say without the educatin, tools or money. Im a high school drop out not ashamed at all… I think in some what’s it helped. My thoughts weren’t structured.. im fairly intelligent. I like to say “I think different”. To b honest I don’t know what to call it… hard to describe but to point out facts like u did some not..that’s eas.. its finding new ones that’s the fun part..

  104. would it matter says:

    Good points.. but do interest dictate intelligence…not really.. but a doctor cool we need them.. its the forward thinkers trying to search for the unknown. And thinking what hasten been thought. That is what’s important.. but jus as intelligent in many cases… divinci ( not for the painting)einstein sagan hawking edison people like these..Knowing the difference between the two for few its easy for most its hard to discern. For argument sake Ill save my next point to which im sure most like I said will say…

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  106. Oneshiningmama says:

    Glad to see this topic discussed. My teen is so isolated and alone because of her intellectual focus. I see her being “left out” of social events and yet – she is sooo smart and opinionated that she would rather not have those “stupid” conversations to maintain social connections. Being oversmart and socially backward runs in our family… Ugh!

  107. Oneshiningmama says:

    Glad to see this topic discussed. My teen is so isolated and alone because of her intellectual focus. I see her being “left out” of social events and yet – she is sooo smart and opinionated that she would rather not have those “stupid” conversations to maintain social connections. Being oversmart and socially backward runs in our family… Ugh!

  108. Oneshiningmama says:

    Thanks for the wise words… and we were cheering!  Many home schoolers in the USA would  agree that following one’s passions – intellectual, artistic or otherwise in a deep and thorough way is what learning is all about. If our culture and school systems proved that this was a valid perspective, we might find ourselves suddenly surrounded by more “intelligent” people than we thought possible!  (AND – there are always those…)

  109. guest says:

    This is all buullllshit.  Sorry, but you got it all wrong.  Western  lack of esteem for intelligence?  Are you kidding me?  
    1.  Mature people don’t need the affirmation of others.  2.  People usually revere smart people, and intelligent people surround themselves by like-minded individuals who respect them.  They usually are in fields or careers where intelligence is sought after. Why do intelligent people tend to be unhappy?  I think intelligent people are much happier than working class individuals because they have higher income and better career opportunities, not to mention healthier habits.  

    So what is with this question?  I believe that some people may be talking about people who appear intelligent and intellectually dominant.  I’m talking about the people always argue in conversations, are quick to point out what your mistakes/misunderstandings/false claims even when they are not part of the conversation, and show “know-it-all-ism”.  

    I know many intelligent people that are very successful at anything they set out to do, but are also very happy and balanced individuals.  They are reserved and you wouldn’t know how intelligent they are until you dig into them in stimulating conversation.  

    The former type of individual I’m talking about is miserable because they have an intellectual inferiority complex and they spend their lives trying to prove to everyone their intellectual superiority.

  110. ME says:

    I just remember everything.

    I don’t forget.

    Sometimes it hurts and makes me unhappy.

  111. Misterbadwrench says:

    RIP Steve Jobs. You were a true genius, very loved by many and if you had to sacrifice your happiness for the good of  all the people you employed and helped then I am sure your intellect justified you doing so.

  112. Jamesmansfield66 says:

    Interesting points. The Smart kids at school are indeed excluded from the other kids because they are more sensible and as a result get bullied and pick up the tag of being a geek. The other kids learn to sleep around and get girls pregnant while the “geeks” learn how to deal with their futures as adults. 

    Then in their adult lives the “geeks” become managers, leaders and professionals and become successful. Then every one becomes jealous of them and hate them for that as well.

     At the end of the day you will always be hated for doing the right thing. 

  113. Wow this forum sounds like a support group for self-affliction.

    First off the word intelligence annoys the hell out of me because it has so many different meanings and can be interpreted in so many ways. Every person gauges their definition of intelligence on their own paradigms and yardsticks and those who consider themselves truly “intelligent” don’t give much weight to standardised tests and finite extrapolations so it is more relative to the person concerned than E = MC2.

    In my personal opinions, the grounding for an extremely generic understanding of intelligence is the acceptance that one is grossly ill-informed in a broad and universal sense. If you call yourself intelligent then you aren’t because true intelligence is aware of absolute potential and how far one has to progress to get there.

    Just because you are more aware and perceptive than Joe Soap doesn’t make you superior nor does it give you more reason to bemoan your existence. Yes it makes it substantially harder but at the end of the day at least you have choices that are not gifted to most people. If you would rather canter through life then hit yourself with a blunt object or find some other means of nullifying your “superiority”.

    Everybody has a reason to complain. Intelligence should merely make it harder to justify it.

  114. Jess says:

    I’m fairly certain Jack is the only truly intelligent person posting here.  Why, you ask?  It’s quite simple: he can form a coherent thought and communicate it with proper grammar and spelling.

  115. Anonymous says:

    I believe that how far you agree with this article is largely dependent upon your definition of intelligence. My employment working with complex needs individuals has allowed me to see so many different forms of intelligence. 
    I worked closely with an Autistic student for some time who knew how many goals Man Utd had scored every season for the last 50 years, and an astonishing amount of trivia about cars. He had a phenomenal mind for numbers, but was very much detached from reality. In this instance, he was not depressed or unhappy.    
    Another student I worked with had an aptitude for crafting woodwork, but struggled to spell the simplest of words.  Of course, they had their mood swings, but again they were not depressed.
    However, I completely agree that over-analysis is a factor that is inextricably linked to unhappiness, as this is something I am all too familiar with.  It makes me excellent at essay writing, but causes me a whole host of problems in life.  I have had a tendency to do this for as long as I can remember. I am deeply unhappy and I have suffered with a mental health condition for a number of years.
    If it is the latter that is acknowledged as ‘intelligence’, then my theory is that these individuals pay the price for the ability to access a greater portion of their brain.
    Any views would be more than welcome, as I am 20 years of age and keen to learn!

  116. Anonymous says:

    Sorry if there are any typos in there, it’s late where I am haha!

  117. Marlice says:

    smart and or successful people are more than often viewed as flawless….people dont  
    give them as much attention, love and support because we think they dont ” need/want” it

  118. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always been told I’m very intelligent. “Scary” smart, according to some folks.
    In elementary school, I was sent to “gifted and talented classes,” where I was bored out of my mind. In middle school, I realized how condescending the teachers and figures of authority usually were, and I began rebelling, and ditching school on a regular basis.
    Most of what I learned, I taught myself via books and the internet. I am perfectly capable of completing classwork, but was bored with the slow pace and simplified subject matter.
     Being around people of inferior intellect was extremely uncomfortable
    and depressing for me, and I began drinking and taking drugs. When I was “dumbed down,” it was a lot easier to deal with the idiots around me. In high school, I became very withdrawn and depressed. I had plenty of
    friends, I just couldn’t identify with most people because they didn’t
    “get” me. I also dealt with a lot of traumatic family issues around this time (which continued for about 4 years) and eventually at age 17, I had a complete breakdown. Out of frustration, I lashed out violently and was briefly institutionalized as a result. This was an extremely traumatic experience. I dropped out in 11th grade and later got my GED, but I had blown any chances of an affordable college education by this point. Fast forward 6 years. I am 23. I have essentially no formal education. I am unemployed. I have never held a job for more than 8 months. I am a drug addict, and I have attempted suicide 4 times.

    So f**king much for being smart.
    I would give anything to be a simple-minded guy who’s perfectly happy going into his shitty office job from 9 to 5 every day.

  119. Jbollenbacher1 says:

    All of the reasons purposed seem to be much to specific.  Being a physicist, I look tend to look for broader structures.  I have considered this question a lot throughout my life, and here’s my two cents on it:

    Underlying all the things discussed in these comments is the fundamental difference in cognition of people.  The problem is not so much being intelligent, as being distant from the most common level of intelligence. When you don’t (and can’t) see things and react to situations the same way most people do, it is difficult to interact with “normal” people in a way that is socially effective. For this reason, people who are significantly above (or, I suspect, below) the mean intelligence will find themselves isolated. More broadly, I believe this would apply to any sufficiently fundamental difference in the structure of ones perception, whether mental illness, intelligence, or something else entirely.

    In short, its not a question of superiority of perception, but of difference.

  120. Christopher Polk says:

    The reason, I believe, why so many intelligent Americans struggle just to make it through life has mainly to do with the structure of American society, which tends toward egalitarianism (cultural egalitarianism that is, not economic).  Every American is taught from the time they are born to the time they die that being “an average Joe”, “one of the guys”, “hip”, and “cool”, is the only thing worth striving for above all else.  This is a stark contrast to traditional societies (including pre-modern European society) were more idealistic and hierarchical in nature, which placed more emphasis on excellence, virtuosity, superiority, etc.  Stupidity was looked down upon by the elites and the masses who embodied and represented stupidity and lawlessness had no rights.  By contrast, modern societies like ours have gone the opposite direction, bestowing universal rights on all, smart and stupid alike.  Well, with more stupid people than smart people on earth, it doesn’t take a genius to figure how this affects society’s values.  Unless we begin to focus on “the best” vs. “the rest” we will continue our inexorable slide toward mediocrity. 

  121. believeifyouwant says:

    I do not like the argument that only people who share my bias are intelligent.

    Leftist loonies versus  the extreme right wing, religion verses atheism, elitist verse common man, etc…

    I have found intelligence and what seems to be the lack of it in all the different groups. .

  122. Tim Beck says:

    So I am now 18 years old. People walk all over me, I’m socially inferior to everyone in my age group, and am emotionally unstable. I do believe I am intelligent, and agree completely with this article. I found this page through google looking for answers on how to fix myself socially. Can anyone help? Email me at:

  123. youngonce says:

    I don’t think this is the place to look for help. A lot of young men like you feel the same way.  Are you living in a very isolated environment? It would probably be most helpful for you to find a real life counselor or group  of some sort to talk to and possibly work out exactly what makes you feel socially inferior. If you feel isolated the internet is not likely to help you feel less so. I don’t think so anyway. Most things I could tell you would sound like cliches to you.

  124. Fabianleo80 says:

    great work 

  125. Fabianleo80 says:

    According to (Janet fletcher and Allison garton)2007, self others and society. cognition means the thinking part of what people do. Having good grammar skills doesn’t make a person smarter that anyone else. It just means the have good memory skills. 

    in 1983, Howard Gardner (1943,) argued that being intelligent involved more than solving problems. He proposed each one has several kinds of intelligence. It is just too arrogant to think that any one is more intelligent than others. Sadness and depression cannot be linked to smartness.

    Im not trying to say anyone is wright or wrong.It is good to have different points of view but it would be good to do some psychological research, analyse , and then make conclusions. 

  126. Cath says:

    Ha Ha, I was thinking the same thing about their writing.  I thought it was terrible and really took meaning away from the intended message.  But on the next thing in your list, I think that you were describing cleverness which isn’t necessarily intelligence.  You need to think about how the morals of an intelligent person would affect their decisions.   I personally would never manipulate some one; I can easily see the loopholes/excuses (as you said) but it makes me sad to find these ‘advantages’ over another person.  I would never push responsibility onto some one else.  God gave me the intelligence I have, and to abuse it or to force the burden of responsibility onto someone less capable of bearing it, would be terrible.  So, back to the things you two said, I have to say that you make a good argument but you have only half, and the other half lies in the comment you disagree with.  Okay I’m sorry, I read your points out of order.  Why would you say that geniuses are sad with cruel lives?  I mean, you seem so fond of facts or “statistics” (uncited “IQ level comment”).  I think you were unclear in this ending point, I don’t know what you were trying to say.  I am Catholic, and so I’m biased, but I think for myself.  I am still learning the church’s teachings, sometimes disagreeing, and plus I am 15 years old, a girl, pretty too (I’m sure my writing isn’t perfect either, so don’t get on me about that, I’m working on that, all part of the learning process).  I do think I am smart, and that few people really understand me.  I have been really observant of the behaviors of my family and friends.  Also, I haven’t been confiding in anyone anymore because it seems like when I do I only get frustrated and confuse everyone.  And so I’m left to figure things out on my own, hopefully God is guiding me, hoping I make good decisions that are right for everyone.  I want to take AP psych next year so I might understand better what goes on in the average person’s head.  Intelligence is a burden.  I’m willing to carry it because I know I’m strong enough to, and because if I don’t, who will?  And that is too big a risk, to let someone else decide what happens, to shove aside my responsibility in favor of being lazy.  Far too many people are lazy nowadays, if you want to contradict me, prove your not lazy.  Everyone needs to get up and do something about their life, start caring about other people and stop being selfish.  This world is something new, and it is bad, the beauty of it has been lost, and it disgusts me.  Think!

  127. cath says:

    no there isn’t, so much now is theory, try all might to figure things out, there will always be mysteries.

  128. posha says:

    some of your statements might be true but some of this are also overstatement..what TAN said or posted was quiete true but not in general. inshort, TAN has a better and realistic points of view than you.. but your statement is also true to little cases..anyways, when somebody says, million reasons, it doesnt mean really means a “lot”..english is not really my first language but i get what TAn means with some of his used words..and, you might be very intelligent? you seem very detail oriented :)

  129. Grey_Fox says:

    I’m glad that someone said this, because that is exactly my circumstance. You see I”m a six foot two 235lb black man living in Toronto. Up until about 4 years ago I had the athletic prowess of Chris Rock combined with Andy dick, then suddenly my body morphed into Le Bron. I don’t say this because I think I’m some stud quite the opposite actually, it actually seems to make my life harder.

    Most of my day is spent wishing I was dumber so i could enjoy the things that most people do like Jersey Shore, Adam Sandler movies and Republican presidential debates. I wish I could see the point of facebook, Twitter or any other social networking devices that allows me to tell complete strangers what I’ve eaten for breakfast, or how much i love Justin Beiber. 

    I figure if I wasn’t the size I am I would have been pounded to chewing gum by now. The worst part is, as a result of reading way too many books, it’s somewhat ostracized me from the majority of society, that is, unless, I pretend I’m not. 
    It really sucks. I don’t feel the need to spit out pre-approved statements like “Really?!” or “Dude” or the need to quote people who actually have individual and intelligent thought, to give others the impression that I actually know something. 

    I spent the majority of my college life pissing out A+ essays that I would sell to other students for 120 bucks, that I wrote in a matter of 8 minutes, while I listened to my professors praise my thoughtfulness. 

    I have friends who are doctors and engineers who can barely tie their shoes. It terrifies me. I’m not sure if it is simply conscious and complicit ignorance or the fact that people simply don’t care. I went to a bar, and I asked the waitress if she knew how to make a mixed drink, you know what she said? “I have an app for that” seems we have an app for everything, what point is there in actually knowing anything? 

    I find the majority of people seem to respond the same way to almost all stimulus. If it is not of immediate use, people simply don’t want to know. All of this seems painfully obvious to me, and yet when I bring it up to people they get mad, they act as if i think I’m superior, nothing could be further from the truth, I personally think I’m of average intelligence……it just seems like the majority of people have gotten significantly less intelligent, they don’t evaluate the world and come to their own conclusions….they speak in slogans,  they accept the conclusions of others unflinchingly.

    A couple weeks ago they had that stupid occupy movement….in my opinion it seemed like a lot of people angry at something as to what that is, I have no idea.
    I mean, think about it. you finally have the world listening to you and you, what? Ask for more condoms? Here is an idea; If your issue with big business and teh economy etc is that they are destroying the world waste etc. etc. etc. why wouldn’t we simply focus our economy on actual innovations that apply to these fuel sources, is there no money to be made? Can there be no business model created from this? Give incentives to companies that do so, thus creating jobs and filling the hole in the energy sector that the absence of the present energy industry would create. 

    But I’m supposed to be an idiot, because that is what the world expects of me, I”m supposed to speak with a New York, or Southern Accent even though I’m from Toronto, I”m supposed to watch Basketball,  I’m supposed to want to screw every woman that crosses my path, I’m supposed to be in your face, loud, rude. 

    All I have to say is this; A Truly intelligent person never lets anyone know, because all it will do is isolate you, how can you be happy in a world where that occurs?

  130. Grey_Fox says:

    I took a second to read some of the responses to what some of you had to say… simply underscores my point, forget I said anything………I’m sure I will be called an idiot for what it is I’m saying.  Stupidity is in, intelligence is out. I get it. Later.

  131. Amelia Davies says:

    I never knew anybody else had this awareness… I always thought I was just a neurotic bitch. But everything you said is what I’ve been thinking for ages… Good on you. Feels good to know I’m not alone… Thanks for typing this up. I’m a 20 YO girl in Australia so we would have a totally different environment but what you experience in Toronto rings completely true. It breaks my heart feeling like I live on a totally different plane to the rest of the human race sometimes.

  132. Chazza_wazza111 says:

    i commpletely agree with every single word that was spoke on this post.. i myself, am only 17 but i realise that i am far more intellectual than the bulk of my generation. i find that real true inteligence comes not from reading books or getting a peice of paper to say your qualified in this or that but to be able to perceive things from a completely different stand point with out a second person telling you how you should think or feel about something, and making your ow conlusions to the many questions life has to offer.

    i know its meant to be a blessing, but being intellectual feels like more of a burden most days :(

    (and yes i know im a terrible speller please excuse the spelling mistakes)

  133. Grey_Fox says:

    Well, I’m glad someone gets what I’m saying, regardless of whether or not I’m “intelligent” it doesn’t give me the right to tear down someone else’s opinion or be an idiot about it. 

    If anything intelligence is about asking questions about things, not about quoting others who have original thought to give the impression I am smart by proxy somehow, or using words that are underused in an attempt to appear different or to listening to some people talk I can understand why some people wouldn’t like me or some of the ruder of you on this site. 

    We’re unhappy because we highlight other’s stupidity to them. It’s one thing to be stupid, but imagine having a friend rubbing it your face everyday. You know how I realized this? I asked someone. 

    Anyway thanks for your kind comment Amelia, this was not directed at you, it was directed at the people who can’t understand that people don’t like being made to feel stupid

  134. Don webb says:

    so you think this is a grammar class?
    gtfo,im pretty sure that he’s smart,most of smart people are always lacking in social interactivity as i am.
    you seemed to be looking at his writing skills too much,so in other words you “think” you are smart because you are good on these grammar thing, you weren’t smart because you are like hating those who don’t have same arguments like you did,and you are trying to mess up with those people

    but some of your arguments are right.
    being smart isn’t exactly a gift,it’s because YOU were born smart,that’s it,nothing else.thank no one but yourself.

    and yes,people born with down syndrome weren’t happy as much,as you can see.they know they’r different and they would like it better to be a normal person.

    im a person with an IQ above average just to say.
    but im not unhappy like how you are.
    you are just living in a miserable life

  135. Guest says:

    The truth is ignorance is bliss. Knowledge can bring a painful awaremess that wasn’t there before. Intelligent people are usually just more aware and their emotions are parallel to the degree of helplessness that accompanies this awareness. The more I learn, the greater my world, the more helpless I feel.  Does this make sense?

  136. manilovepie says:

    “but some of your arguments are right.
    being smart isn’t exactly a gift,it’s because YOU were born smart,that’s it,nothing else.thank no one but yourself”.   .  ……. pretty sure they just mean a gift from god or something along those lines, the use of the word gift gives the impression it’s something to appreciate (“i’m lucky i have a good mind and find it easy to understand complex things” etc). and if your not into religion (like me) having gratitude anyway is apparently very good for you psychologically…………sorry had to join the arrogant smart kids argument lol

  137. Mcarifelle says:

    This article is very interesting and formative. As recluse-I have found this information to be quite useful because I have been struggling with a mood disorder recently. Thank-you. 

  138. Mcarifelle says:

    This article is very interesting and formative. As recluse-I have found this information to be quite useful because I have been struggling with a mood disorder recently. Thank-you. 

  139. writingtitan says:

    I think the answer is more simple than this. I think the sadness is due to the fact intelligent people tend to be more logical and so, as a result , they tend to see through absolute illusions that the majority of still dim primates blindly follow. They see the world for how it truely is and must deal with living a life that they know is completely pointless, after all were only part of the uncomprehensible amount of matter. They know there is no truth, no altruism and no self. Their perception of life is simply more accurate.

  140. Slywolf77 says:

    I agree I have been social penelized when I was 5 I could read at a collage levle and do math at an 8 th grade levle. I was put threw psychoatrist abuse to lower my ability of intellagence. My thought was my intelagence was found threatning by athority, and they where jelouse. Becuase it ment I was smarter then every teacher and the princaple, cops. So they had to damage me to feel powerful. At 4 I used reverse psychology on my mom she beat me choched me and shook me and I thought I was going to die. Well I thretened her life. And she changed and was quite wounderful till she started dranking. I now have server postrammatic stress disorder server and major deppresion do to man made disorder. I still have no friends people put there stress on me and have my whole life I thought it was becuse I can handle stress better and more then a normal person. Every thing I have to do I have to prove I am smart after graduating high school with a 3rd grade edjucation levle. I was screwd by cps and I had to raise my self from the age of 8 to 18 becuase I dont trust no one. I was never happy and still aint now I am 28 it is systematic black sheep rulelette. How every frindships didnt work out. But I have a significant other who is like me. I cant do the basics so I failed english. If you dont understand what I have wrote or do how did I faile english. Just already use bassics with what I write. So I play video games and write law paoers tell people what to do and what they do is wrong I should have a docterite by now for herbals I should have an awsome lifebecuase I am so smart. But being a 160 to 180 in my I.Q. I am on disability and my flash backs are clear as day do to my photagraphic memory and my intallect swtches between entj intj intellect masermind and really serverly rational minded person. But I cant understand why I am attractive, rational, take coplements I learnd word math to find solutions theroys to make hypothisis and chemisty to make solutoins to damages done to the body,brain,orgins and blood temps as well as mg for herbalsuplimintation for my self . I have even used newtens law number 3 motion to prove how a person will react each time every time. And cooperation law.Yet my biggest problem is making time for myself I have no time for me becuase of others demands to still put stress on me. Emotionally puting me threw flash backs I cant remeber . But I can emotionally understand why with no sence in knowing why. If any one can help me my email is be for warned I can tell when there is scrutny is a foot and no mhp please. I dont know witch direction to turn.

  141. Smaxsam says:

    1.       You said ‘Smart people have more
    responsibility’-Really? How so?  Usually in a
    family every member of that family seems to stand behind this person when they
    feel strength or knowledge is needed and they don’t have the capacity.  This is natural for children, what would be
    your explanation if it was the entire family, social circles?  They are not just standing behind them, they
    are looking up with desperation in their eyes that reads  like, (you’re the one, please help)
    responsibilities much? Who is their support?  Suddenly they are responsible for either the
    situation, or the emotional growth of the one’s who don’t feel they can front
    the situation.  Responsibilities much? It
    would be nice for that support person/ intelligent person, to be taken care of
    or shown this kind of support also, but there seems to be no one. Perhaps part
    of the intelligent persons inner dialogue would include “What does it feel like
    to be shown regularly that someone cares about you, or offered this much
    support on a daily basis?  Must be a good
    feeling.”  Who’s lucky?!?

  142. Perceiving complex issues is intelligence itself; add a little bit of sadness and a lot of time to think can make for a very miserable person. When you understand or “see” the greater picture one can really over-do their personal analysis of their relationship and place with everyone around them. Also, the intelligent person can see right through everyone and is a fair yet critical judge of character….this allows for the undesirable truths to surface, then we all find out that nobody really cares about us; they are just here to tell their stories, lies, and try to impress everyone else. This revelation sucks because then we really do feel how exceptionally alone we really are……..we are not intellectually superior we are just well adjusted to critical situations and social moments only by cold hard facts and not from a warm knowledge of how it feels to be socially intertwined which, according to this article is to be expected.

  143. Which holes in the point are to be expected because a truly smart person would realize the title to this article and the fact that all of us looking this up are having a difficult moment organizing our thoughts and figured doing so in a public forum would help us understand why we are a little down in the dumps??? 

  144. FYI: I came across this article randomly but it sort of fits my keywords

  145. The Deadly Nightshade says:

    A client of mine, who hails from Australia, noted that as a culture, Americans tend to not be very introspective. I would agree with her. We tend to take the news (ahem, propaganda machine) as undeniable fact and never bother to question why there are so few details. We are reactionary. All too often we tend to ignore the past, or classically educate ourselves, despite the well-known quote that those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it.

    As a relatively intelligent person, tested once at 135 IQ, I learned early as a child not to question, not to be introspective, not to act on my innate curiosity. It made it…easier…not too. I fit in better. However, this was done at the expense of happiness. I fit in, somewhat, but traded my feelings of self-worth in the process.

    Despite having intelligence encouraged within the home, not having it encouraged in the large world outside is definitely a downer.

  146. Legend1Soul says:

    I agree with the part that says  a smart person is harder to find a someone on their level of understanding. I was a very smart person before I had schizophrenia. I always felt very agitated because my friends and family were all stupid people. I could think almost 5 to 6 times faster than them. This was one of the main reason why I felt unhappy all the time. It was like an adult talking to a child all the time with my friends and family.

  147. Basically, most of the human race are worthless and unfortunately we’re born on the same planet as the schmucks. Tribal apes are better off dead.

  148. Basically, most of the human race are worthless and unfortunately we’re born on the same planet as the schmucks. Tribal apes are better off dead.

  149. trncemkna says:

    ‘8. You said ‘i can go on forever there are millions more reasons than
    these’. You are not smart, how do you know a million reasons? I would
    laugh if you could even hit 100 reasons let alone a million. Puney little mortal. You do not know the meaning of anything, look to me, your god and I may well spare your life.’

    Jeez man he only said a million for effect, why you gotta take things so literally, it makes you sound like some kinda demented bond villian, I bet your the kinda guy that gets into a hissy fit when someone says’ humungous’, I bet the veins in your god praising head would start to swell and cause you to forget everything you ever learned from the bible and have you licking imaginary blood from your lips, coz your a bad mofogger right?  at least you were kind enough to disguise your wrath in list format instead of just punching through his head with your almighty fist.

  150. Deepak Verma9305 says:

    By saying these things proved that u r a average person and u will never understand what …is the real meaning of intelligence…it is not education..its agd gift and very few are blessed with this…

  151. Alvaro says:

    I with I was dumb so I would’t have the responsebility i have now. My brothers all enjoy life, while im studying most of  the time alone. I feel very isolated and it feels like studying is my duty. I’m scared wether I will be happy or not in the future because all of the time I feel so unhappy now.  I don’t really think I am smart, but the people around me are clearly less smart than me and I envy them. I don’t know what to do. Follow my ‘Duty” or just enjoy life? 

    Alvaro ( The Netherlands)

  152. It's the thought that counts(; says:

    Hi, I just want to say I appreciate this comment yet not many others. We need not argue with eachother about how we believe a “smart” person would feel. 1. What defines “smart” and “dumb”? Exactly, you can’t really explain that easily if you are going into a psychologic level of thinking about it(which this article is about)… 2. Nobody is going to win, and isn’t that what everyone here is arguing for? Victory? 3. This is getting into religion which is rather ironic since we are speaking on a level of psychology, everyone looses once we get into this subdivision.
    I appreciate this comment because it is only stating what you think, it was not made to make another look stupid or to make you look smarter. I understand every other comment i’ve read was a -response- to this comment, which would most likely make it a counter-statement only because this is a “controversial” topic… But it honestly makes everyone here look a bit “stupid” themselves, arguing over the internet about a topic which obviously will remain with no conclusion. The only reason I would think an “intelligant” person would argue about this would be only to see everyones reaction and learn more about cause-effect/reactions or simply to have fun messing with our messed up society.

    I’m not saying I’m smart at all, in fact I’m probably the dumbest here, in a sense. It is probably the worst thing to ask, but i’d like to see everyone calm down and keep their opinions to themselves until a situation where they would be appreciated, because they sure aren’t appreciated here where everyone is against everyone.

    As everyone says nowadays, “LOL”

    If anyone wants to talk about this and everything related/semirelated/not related at all(no arguments please, just a nice conversation) you can email me, ive been wanting to hear other’s opinions about everything and just simply talk.(:
    The name’s Monique.

  153. Nerd4nerd says:

    Lol hey, i just stumbled upon this page, i knew you wrote this comment like 3 years ago but if you still play add me on real id and hmu(:

  154. EverWatchfulEyeXIX says:

    This is the perfect example of a reply that comes from a dumb/average/frustrated individual that spends over an hour(or so!!) to reply with a bunch of hypocritical excuses, desperately trying to manipulate a “truth” which is SO evident and perfectly summarized by Tan’s comment.
    That’s exactly what he was referring to when he was talking about dumb people not being allowed to SEE/UNDERSTAND what more evolved and more sensitive people can…

    * drum roll… suck on that PUNK!!*


  155. Kazx007 says:

    It’s not a gift it’s a curse.  Unfortunately, as John Lennon summed it up in working class hero “they hate you if your clever, but they dispise a fool” , the world will never except you people want to challenge you because you have the burning need to challenge their stupidity; you become infuriated because people don’t think, ever. If it is a gift from God then I didn’t get the instruction manual with it and I have not done anything with it apart from lose people I love.

  156. anonymous says:

    Whoever came up with the idea that intelligent people are unhappy is a liar. Not all untellignet people ar eunhappy. If you’re totally ignorant, then you could become unhappy because intelligence helps people get through life and live longer. Without intelligence, you could live a short life.

    If we’re ignorant, ‘;d stil lbe living in primitive times and the middle ages. See why intelligence is important?

  157. anonymous says:

    Are you blind? If you never take responsibility for anything, you’ll never a happy life.

    Without intelligence, you could end up miserable and alienated. Besides, ignorance is harmful and makes people do unacceptable things.

  158. anonymous says:

    I couldn’t have agreed more with what you typed.

  159. speaking of holes says:

    Speaking of holes…
     1. You said ‘Smart people have more responsibility’-Really? How so?
    There are many out there who could shift that to another, or even
    manipulate people. Its logical to assume that they have LESS
    responsibility (they can easily find loopholes/excuses to get out). – –
    ****** So you admit they do in fact have more responsibility. The shifting and manipulating is a an added burden, as is the finding loopholes and excuses.
    2.You said ‘they see things and understand things a dumb or average
    person may not see or understand’-then how would one consider another a
    genius? Be practical, many acknowledge Einstein, and I doubt they are
    all geniuses. – – – – –
    ******What are you even talking about? Yes I acknowledge Einstein existed; What does that have to do with intelligence? If I say the world is round while the rest believe it to be flat I can sail around it to prove my genius. I can put a dumb person on a boat and sail them around the world to prove I am a genius that said the world was round. That doesn’t make the dumb person smart it means they learned something, they are still a dumb person in a boat.
    3. You said ‘most of the worlds majority is average people, so smart
    people find it harder to find someone on their level of
    understanding’-How do you know most of the world is average people? To
    be honest, you are completely wrong, most of the world is really
    deprived of education. IQ levels are falling. – – – – –
    *****Do you know what average means? In point number 9 you claim genius is a god given gift, but here you claim we should blame depravity of education??? If you do not acknowledge most of the world is average you are a part of that average group.
    5. You said ‘ a smarter person understands the out some of most
    actions’. Be HONEST, only moral people understand the outcomes of their
    actions. The are murderers who are astonishingly smart, would you defend
    them with the same statement? – – – –
    ****** May I first suggest you go visit a prison and separate those that are “smart” from those that are not. You would be surprised at what you find. Second, it is proven and accepted that less intelligent people have more trouble deciphering right from wrong. Intelligent people can justify their actions while dumb people don’t grasp the consequences of their actions.
    6. You said ‘people that live the happiest lives are down syndromes,
    simply because they have less responsibilty and understanding of the
    world’- To be frank, I think that is an overstatement. Less
    understanding of the world, could also lead them to sorrow. If I was to
    ‘select’ a group of people who live the happiest lives, it will be one
    who has bad memory, a loving surrounding, good health, a lot of money,
    beauty and a lot of time. Bad memory allows you to enjoy the same thing
    over and over again. – – –
     ******This is so convoluted I don’t know where to begin. Ignorance is in fact bliss. Why are you selecting a group that you assume to be happy? What you have done is define what would make YOU happy. My friend works in a home for mentally challenged, they think nothing of dropping their pants or inappropriate words because they do not know better. This also applies to your #5 statement.
    7. You said ‘its easy for a clever person to understand a dumb person,
    but a dumb person will never understand a smart person, hense thats why
    they are dumb….’. You said a similar thing twice (it doesn’t make it
    twice as effective, just makes your comment longer, a typical idiotic
    mistake to make). It would have been more intelligent to say that ‘dumb’
    people tend to hurt ‘smart’ people unknowingly. Understanding is
    different. Look at 3. – – – –
    ******This is so stupid it doesn’t even deserve a response. But I would like to ask if you meant people lacking in morals hurt people with morals? Yes please do see # 3 for why I ask.
    8. You said ‘i can go on forever there are millions more reasons than
    these’. You are not smart, how do you know a million reasons? I would
    laugh if you could even hit 100 reasons let alone a million. – – – –
    ******Is it possible that he was using an exaggeration to make a point? Let us test this with another question; Did any smart people reading this believe he really meant a million reasons?
    9. You said ‘being smart is a gift… genius is a god given gift!!!’
    * drum roll please*
    Is that the reason why MOST geniuses are sad, living cruel lives, deprived of social contact and ATHEISTS. –
    ****** Is genius a god given gift or due to education? Your point earlier was lack of education, but now you are saying it is god given. So you are saying god is dumbing us down, hence the falling IQ of humanity? Not only have you argued against yourself here, but you are completely wrong about falling IQ levels.

    am not an atheist, but I have given you 9 significant things you should
    have some thought about. I will let you make yourself a 10th reason
    against yourself).  – –
    *****This is a laughable statement and really means you ran out of things to say and, in fact, have no 10th point.
    I find it particularly interesting that people have no problem believing in “miracles” because they happened thousands of years ago. Give it the modern day test. How would you react if a person came forth having claimed to talked to god through a burning bush? Or claimed they parted a sea? Or lived inside a whale? Or went to a mountain top and came down with a printed list of commandments from god? Killed his son because god to him to kill his son as a sacrifice? A woman, (a teenager at that), claimed to be pregnant but had never had sex? A person or people claimed a dead man had been ressurected?

  160. speaking of holes says:

     Speaking of holes…
     1. You said ‘Smart people have more responsibility’-Really? How so?
    There are many out there who could shift that to another, or even manipulate people. Its logical to assume that they have LESS responsibility (they can easily find loopholes/excuses to get out). – –
    So you admit they do in fact have more responsibility. The shifting and
    manipulating is a an added burden, as is the finding loopholes and
    2.You said ‘they see things and understand things a dumb or average person may not see or understand’-then how would one consider another a
    genius? Be practical, many acknowledge Einstein, and I doubt they are all geniuses. – – – – –
    are you even talking about? Yes I acknowledge Einstein existed; What
    does that have to do with intelligence? If I say the world is round
    while the rest believe it to be flat I can sail around it to prove my
    genius. I can put a dumb person on a boat and sail them around the world
    to prove I am a genius that said the world was round. That doesn’t make
    the dumb person smart it means they learned something, they are still a
    dumb person in a boat.
    3. You said ‘most of the worlds majority is average people, so smart people find it harder to find someone on their level of  understanding’-How do you know most of the world is average people? To be honest, you are completely wrong, most of the world is really
    deprived of education. IQ levels are falling. – – – – –
    you know what average means? In point number 9 you claim genius is a
    god given gift, but here you claim we should blame depravity of
    education??? If you do not acknowledge most of the world is average you
    are a part of that average group.
    5. You said ‘ a smarter person understands the out some of most actions’. Be HONEST, only moral people understand the outcomes of their actions. The are murderers who are astonishingly smart, would you defendthem with the same statement? – – – –
    May I first suggest you go visit a prison and separate those that are
    “smart” from those that are not. You would be surprised at what you
    find. Second, it is proven and accepted that less intelligent people
    have more trouble deciphering right from wrong. Intelligent people can
    justify their actions while dumb people don’t grasp the consequences of
    their actions.
    6. You said ‘people that live the happiest lives are down syndromes, simply because they have less responsibilty and understanding of the world’- To be frank, I think that is an overstatement. Less
    understanding of the world, could also lead them to sorrow. If I was to ‘select’ a group of people who live the happiest lives, it will be one who has bad memory, a loving surrounding, good health, a lot of money,
    beauty and a lot of time. Bad memory allows you to enjoy the same thing over and over again. – – –
    is so convoluted I don’t know where to begin. Ignorance is in fact
    bliss. Why are you selecting a group that you assume to be happy? What
    you have done is define what would make YOU happy. My friend works in a
    home for mentally challenged, they think nothing of dropping their pants
    or inappropriate words because they do not know better. This also
    applies to your #5 statement.
    7. You said ‘its easy for a clever person to understand a dumb person, but a dumb person will never understand a smart person, hense thats why
    they are dumb….’. You said a similar thing twice (it doesn’t make it twice as effective, just makes your comment longer, a typical idiotic
    mistake to make). It would have been more intelligent to say that ‘dumb’people tend to hurt ‘smart’ people unknowingly. Understanding is different. Look at 3. – –
    is so stupid it doesn’t even deserve a response. But I would like to
    ask if you meant people lacking in morals hurt people with morals? Yes
    please do see # 3 for why I ask.
    8. You said ‘i can go on forever there are millions more reasons than these’. You are not smart, how do you know a million reasons? I would laugh if you could even hit 100 reasons let alone a million. – – – –
    it possible that he was using an exaggeration to make a point? Let us
    test this with another question; Did any smart people reading this
    believe he really meant a million reasons?
    9. You said ‘being smart is a gift… genius is a god given gift!!!’
    * drum roll please* Is that the reason why MOST geniuses are sad, living cruel lives, deprived of social contact and ATHEISTS. –
    Is genius a god given gift or due to education? Your point earlier was
    lack of education, but now you are saying it is god given. So you are
    saying god is dumbing us down, hence the falling IQ of humanity? Not
    only have you argued against yourself here, but you are completely wrong
    about falling IQ levels.

    (Iam not an atheist, but I have given you 9 significant things you should have some thought about. I will let you make yourself a 10th reason against yourself).  – –
    *****This is a laughable statement and really means you ran out of things to say and, in fact, have no 10th point.
    find it particularly interesting that people have no problem believing
    in “miracles” because they happened thousands of years ago. Give it the
    modern day test. How would you react if a person came forth having
    claimed to talked to god through a burning bush? Or claimed they parted a
    sea? Or lived inside a whale? Or went to a mountain top and came down
    with a printed list of commandments from god? Killed his son because god
    to him to kill his son as a sacrifice? A woman, (a teenager at that),
    claimed to be pregnant but had never had sex? A person or people claimed
    a dead man had been ressurected?

  161. Anonymous says:

    Ok now let’s define “smart” ;P

  162. henry says:

    You could not put it in any better way. Thank  you.

  163. My name says:

    I do not agree about the writing skills. Maybe English isn’t his native language or he is just typing too fast and missing some keys.  Who said Einstein knew how to write?
    1. Smart people make the world go on so they are more responsible. If they don’t invent things or lead the things the world stops evolving (like in the midle ages when the church got rid of all the intelectually superior people, where would we be if they could continoue their work? Imagine where we would be right now)
    2. When I see a physical problem I see the answer to it. More than 95 % people see only the numbers and the lines in an equation.
    3. ”How do you know most of the world is average people? To be honest, you
    are completely wrong, most of the world is really deprived of education.
    IQ levels are falling”.
    Actually an average IS made (in this case human IQ however we know more kinds of IQ) is made from all the IQ combined and divided with all the people so most of people are average (3 have IQ 100 1 has 75 1 has 125, then the average is 100, seriously i know that since I was in 3rd grade). In my country ALL the people that protest say ” we want above average pays” how is that even possible? People think. Oh and some of my friends (that are going to one of the best high school in our country) say this : if you pay enouf for the lottery you will get more money out of it and so its always profitable. Dude think everyone says that, it is a simple thing to know that you are playing against the odds.
    4. Thats in human nature you can’t help it
    5. smart people understand them better, but the question is if they care.
    6. Some do some don’t but think about the fish… Do they care?
    7. Actually it makes certain tension for the reader. Many great poets use it even more than a few times. I would tell you the name of that literatic element, but I know it in my language that is spoken by only about 2 million people. We actually have verbs for 2 people.
    (me, (midva, vidva,),them)
    8. Don’t take it literary, you say there are million things i have to do today -.-
    9. Again don’t take it literary. That is NOT the reason, but the reason is that people exclude them from society. When I was going to the church study thingy the priest guy or whatever he is told us : Science and God coexist, god created science and science comfirms what God does. Btw they also use computers and that kind of things.
    10. Reason because of people like you some people fell that way. I know i make people fell dumb but hey there will always be something to argue about. You think you understand the world so good but ask yourself this do you understand it or do you think you understand it? Please don’t be so impulsive and try to make world  a better place, because in the end you will die sooner or later and all that you will leave behind is either a better or a badder world.

    Fell free to disagree with me there will always be someone

  164. Chammy says:

    I do not meant to gloat or seem arrogant but this is an important point to the argument: I have an above average IQ.  In my high school, the less intelligent people (well some may have been intelligent but were just too lazy to show it) ruled the year. They bullied my friends and I for trying hard, for working hard to get good results. Now they have dropped out of school and doing nothing, and claim they are happy, while I have been accepted to the top university in my country to study psychology and sociology. In this respect, I know a lot more about what the author is talking about than you. 

    1. Intelligent people/hard workers have more responsibility. In most cases at work,( although there are quite a lot of exceptions which is a shame) the smartest people are at the top and therefore have more responsibility than less intelligent people/their inferiors in the workplace. I can give you an example from my life. I am taking advanced higher maths (first year university maths) while I am still in high school) and I have to work extremely hard to keep my grades up, but I know it will be worth it when I get my degree. In contrast, my friend from work dropped out of college and is now working in a dead end job. She will retire in 50 years in the same position she is in now, while I have hopefully achieved my dream of becoming a senior lecturer and senior counsellor in psychology. I will have more responsibility as I will teach the future generations and conduct experiments that will improve our knowledge of the human brain, while she sells books.
    3. Look up average in the dictionary before using it in your argument. Do not use words you don’t understand, it makes you look like an idiot. And  by analysing what you have said and using my knowledge of psychology, I am 95% sure that you are not an intelligent person, but you are jealous of those who are , and tried to form an argument against them which fell flat on its face. You formed this argument to make yourself feel better.

    5. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, you either have morals or you do not. Hitler was a very clever man, but he was the most disgusting human ( I resent calling him a human being) that ever walked to face of the Earth. Some of the dumbest people in my year at school bully ‘geeks’ and have no idea of the consequences. They destroyed my confidence and that has left me damaged and afraid to talk to new people and large crowds. Perhaps the author was pointing out that intelligent people can see more outcomes because they have more flexible thinking, but it is up to their personality not their intelligence whether they act inappropriately or not

    People which down’s syndrome have a view of the world that is like of a childs. They are unaware of reality and see the innocence in people and the world. The saying that ignorance is bliss is true. It is only when we become away of our ignorance that we feel sad. 

    7. That is a technique in English literature to emphasise their point. Just because you have not studied English writing as they have does not mean they are wrong

    And you can be intelligent and religious. Why do you have to bring religion into this? Most geniuses have autistic characteristics and do not particularly like human company, but if that is what they like then why are you judging?

    I am an atheist and proud of it. I am not a hardcore atheist who goes around insulting religious people and call them stupid for believing what they believe. I personally admire religious people for having faith in something that is attacked so often and called make-believe. I put my faith in my work, my studies, my friends, my sport, my family and my relationships, because I want to work hard, to discover and to be happy. Just because I am an atheist doesn’t mean I do not have faith, I have faith in my world not my religion. 

    I think that because I am an atheist I am more open-minded. I do not discriminate like you have just done, and I do not think I am better than people who have a lower IQ than me. I respect anyone who treats other people with respect when they deserve it, and I like anyone who tries hard to achieve their goals, whether it be big to them but small to the world. If we met in real life, I would not like you, and I would above all not respect you. You are a spiteful person who is trying to be more intelligent than you actually are, and this shows.

  165. Tom F says:

    If you look at the percent deviation chart for intelligence, you’ll see that the smartest people are very rare. So a very intelligent person will only meet meet someone at his level once every 100 people he or she meets. People like to communicate with others at their level. So think how lonely the most intelligent people are. One major factor in human happiness is the quality of their friends. Think how hard it must be to find friends when your more intelligent than 99% of people around you. There are many others factors in human happiness but if one lacks significantly in this category happiness is extremely difficult.

  166. John Bailo says:

    Remember that SNL skit, “the Hominids”? 

    Steve Martin was an evolutionary leap who spoke like a modern human amidst a tribe of cavemen.   Bill Murray was the slow witted leader who ruled by force.   Martin babbled on about building dams and harnessing fire and made a pact with Murray that they would rule together, saying “You are strong, and I am smart”. 

    Then when Martin went to bed, Murray took a club and struck Martin on the head and finished by saying, “I am strong.   And now I am smart”!

    This is the society we live in.

  167. Davidmfife says:

    “da Vinci not for the painting” Actually realistic (esp from imagination) painting is a highly intellectual activity, it requires a very strong understanding of the way the world is constructed. I can assume from your comment that you are not a painter and speaking about something outside of your sphere of understanding.

  168. Davidmfife says:

    “da Vinci not for the painting” Actually realistic (esp from imagination) painting is a highly intellectual activity, it requires a very strong understanding of the way the world is constructed. I can assume from your comment that you are not a painter and speaking about something outside of your sphere of understanding.

  169. Sharon A. Ryder says:

    I read many of the comments, it is great to read so many different people’s perspectives. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned what I am about to explain because I did not read this myriad in comments completely. I am a 16 year old girl, and I have been to many places in the world compared to the “average” teenager. As a small child in a private, Catholic, Chilean elementary school I was outcasted for being tall and having buck teeth. There always seemed to be something wrong with me, whether physically or socially. Eventually I moved to Massachusetts to go to a better middle school and live with my father, and entered the American Public School System. Being taller was no longer a problem, the characteristic that bothered the kids around me the most was my accent and my silent, observant, yet sometimes objective nature. From then to now I traveled to different parts of the country with my 70 year old father (the most intelligent man I know) and went on a few trips to my home country, Chile, with my mother, and recently to Peru. Within my short life I attained “indispensable” social skills, which I thought would help me to get people to like me. Now this is my problem, which I am sure many people of my nature encounter — not wanting to waste these skills on people that I do not enjoy being with, which is the majority of the people I have met. It seems that recently I have been alienated by many students at school, but now thinking about it, I realize that it has been entirely my choice. I have chosen not to conform to the mediocrity of the people around me, just because it does not appeal to me. Entirely opposing my parents’ belief system in order to become who I really wanted to be, I became a vegan (have been one for over a year) because it didn’t seem right to me to take anything from a sentient being, stopped wearing a bra because I do not find them very comfortable, and stopped caring about everybody else’s expectations they had for me. In this sense, I am truly myself and doing so has resulted in me being labeled as “weird”. WELL, to me, the majority of Americans are the weird ones, who lack intelligence, self-control, and morality, for the most part. I will not join this group of people in this mediocrity, and if the result of this action is alienation, I am proud to be an alien. You should too.

  170. Gilberto A. Resendiz says:

    This didnt help at all Im doing a report on adults now children

  171. Carrieaj222 says:

    It sounds to me like you are just mad because you are not intelligent.

  172. KRISKALI777 says:

    I work with specialist doctors and professors within my every work day, and I must say, that it seems to me that MOST of this ilk has more than likely been bullyied in their younger-life.
    They, (within the medical vocation that I work within), tend to be from wealthy, immigrant backgrounds.
    They genuinely do think they are very good at what they do, yet most of them feel the need to impugn anyone that has done well materialistically and does not enjoy the same academic level that they do. This to me is particularly intriguing (jealousy).

    Quiet sad really. To see grown men and women behaving like high school children.

    I guess the real problem is, most likely being sheltered for so much of their lives, they have never had to deal with the more ‘seemy’ side of human interaction…or more bluntly ‘A punch in the mouth’.

    In the military, this is known as ‘Atitude Adjustment’.


  173. KRISKALI777 says:

    There goes an old saying:
    For a fool to realise that he is a fool; he is but only a fool.
    For a fool to think he is a wise man ; he is a fool indeed.

  174. KloeK says:

    There’s an article that says unintelligent or ignorant people are not so happy as well. I really don’t believe this article to be honest. This seems to be based on opinion only.

  175. KloeK says:

     *You’re not your.


  176. KRISKALI777 says:

    Like so many things friend…never objective!

  177. commenteers* says:

    There is, I think, much more to it than that. Often intelligent people
    are simply unable to enjoy the bliss that accompanies ignorance –  thanks Dunning_Kruger I came here for those words. I feel the same idea,  apparently the article is very narroW. btw commenteers, i feel like writing imperfectly.
    Also the article takes the phrase Too smart to be Happy to mean arrogant, self satisfied, and victims. But there is a beauty to our viewpoint . .as self-actualized, humble, confident gifted people we can’t accept stereotypes with the ease of a fool. . nor simply justify everything (Christian). It’s just that we need to keep our standards true/real. so this explanation just doesn’t suffice.  Something i also think is sometimes we can’t be satisfied. I mean genius doesn’t mean you are void of ignorance and failure. Also, in the above article what defines a smart kid? one who raises their hand frequently and wins a chess tournament? And/or someone who is popular and runs the game their way? I would say it strictly concentrates on the former.
    whoopsies did i say “we’ and ‘our”.. well we all strive to be geniuses. .. or not.

  178. Dave says:

    I think to analyze the idea that more intelligent people tend to be unhappier than people with average or below average intelligence requires us to understand and agree with what happiness actually is.  We can look up the definition of happiness in the dictionary but that is only going  to offer a superficial understanding of what happiness is and what it takes to attain it.   Also, I maintain, from an evolutionary point-of-view that what tends to make men happy will differ from what makes women happy…be they intelligent or not.  I believe that happiness comes from achievement or the course to achievement.  Less intelligent people will tend to have easier attainable goals in life therefore reaching those goals or being on a path to achieving them will bring on a sense of accomplishment thus happiness.  More intelligent people will tend to have grander goals in life.  These goals may be well thought out or they may not.  However, our culture is based in a marketplace and the marketplace is overwhelmingly average (by statistics or definition).  So this means that higher intelligent people will be working alongside average people.  Their peers, customers, bosses, employees, friends, elected officials, etc….will culminate into a stream of mediocrity with which the high IQ person swims thus inhibiting the intelligent person’s course to achievement.  This will bring up feelings ranging from frustration to hopelessness.  Sure, a few smart people will make it to the top but most will end up bitter.  That’s just my two cents.

  179. Anonymous says:

     Nigga, you just went full retard.

  180. Eamonn R says:

    I agree with the conclusion but not with the method. Emotional intelligence is directly linked with one’s ability to work well in social situations, and many, though unfortunately not most, of those with a high general intelligence have a high EIQ as well. Despite them being more “generally intelligent” and being able to work with others when young, they still grow up sad and depressed. I don’t think it has to do with being left out as much as being able to see what’s actually happening to begin with. And physical is almost totally genetic.

  181. izzythedr says:

    Well we must contribute our lifes for the sake of humanity by inteeligence. No other people no what we go through and difficult tasks we must accomplish to achieve it.

  182. Raguu says:

    Of course you don’t believe what the sociologist is saying, because you don’t fit the intelligent profile. In other words, you are one of the idiots that make intelligent people unhappy.

  183. Raguu says:

    Of course you don’t believe what the sociologist is saying, because you don’t fit the intelligent profile. In other words, you are one of the idiots that make intelligent people unhappy.

  184. I’ll start to think I agree with some of you, but then someone says something fucked about people with down’s syndrome or something. I think it’s lonely being intelligent, because you see how simple happiness is, and you have to watch everyone else destroy it, or be elitist,or bored, or unappreciative. People are so damn horrible, they have nothing better to do than obsess over each other’s grammar, or beliefs, or any stupid thing that means nothing.  It’s hard being smart because you can conceptualize things like there not being wrong or right points of view. You can see there is beauty and ugliness in everything… and no one else can. So, it’s lonely. Even if you are well adjusted in all areas mentioned, you’re popular and good looking… it’s like The LIttle Prince. “It is also lonely among men”  Maybe people with downs are smarter than the rest of us, because at least they don’t go around judging people and concerning themselves with things that don’t concern them.

  185. it'swhatever says:

    So if you are what can be considered smart, does that mean you’re always going to be screwed happiness-wise? I don’t see how that’s comforting. I’d rather be stupid.

  186. gurumagoo says:

    I also say the really intelligent kids frequently do not do well in school for the simple reason that the more intelligent someone is, the faster they become bored. ADD/ADHD I think, is not a disability as society and doctors have labeled it. That is simply what people call children who are more intelligent than average children and require much more mental stimulation.

  187. Jaime Tang-Culler says:

    Mate, when you wrote , and I quote; “…To be honest, you are completely wrong, most of the world is really deprived of education. IQ levels are falling.” did you account for yourself as well? Because, sincerely, most of your points are, quaint, to put it gently. 

    Even though Tan’s primary language of expression is obviously not English, you still went for “the writing skills” as the mindless drone you are. And all that without showing any bravado on the linguistic front yourself. You either have gigantic balls or you suffer from some weird undiagnosed syndrome.

    You most probably think of yourself as being into the “slightly above average” category of people? I call your fake PC  Modesty! 

    You lack the pretension to pronounce yourself above average, because you could not prove your statement without sounding like an idiot. Each and every one of your paragraphs serves as proof of that.  You even “believe” in “God” even though you will always lack concrete, collectively acquired,  verifiable data upon which you could experiment and, hence, prove it’s existence, yet you believe you have the right to participate in a discussion on intelligence.

    In reality, the nature of your comment/personal attack as well as the connotation of your Username puts you into the category of “bright-enough-to-feel-their-difference-but-not-enough-to-accept-it-without-lashing-out-at-anyone-that-makes- ’em-feel-their-true-nature”. This is basically a category of it’s own! So far from putting you in the “above average” category, this makes you quite special. Special but not unique! You still are just like the rest of us. A clueless little meat bag with a limited existential reach and a short life span. In other words, grassfeed.

    You are grassfeed and a troll. A boringly, average troll. And like all trolls, you could not even recognize genius even if it punched you in the face. So why even bother discussing it with you in the vicinity?

  188. Jaime Tang-Culler says:

    Intelligence itself is rather elusive even to the best trained cognitive therapists as there are many levels and expressions of intelligence. Most people who have conducted or have been subjected to psychometric tests of any nature could confirm that. 

    For example, we all have met someone who could solve complex mathematical problems easily and yet lacked the necessary linguistic and/or emotional skills to make themselves understood and share their feelings. Yet people such as Voltaire developed social rationalizations only possible with a higher understanding of the language but could barely acknowledge the usefulness of Pi in geometry. It is obvious that if one feels misunderstood, one’s happiness level might be influenced negatively. Yet one’s propension to solve complex arithmetic problems should not interfere with his ability to enjoy life’s most beautiful moments. Neither a higher understanding of linguistics and communication does assure one of being truthfully happy. Ask Nietzsche 😉

    People seem to mix the meanings of joy and happiness. I do believe that Happiness is a state of mind, not an emotion. When a beloved persons dies, that makes us sad, but not necessarily unhappy. I think that a big part of depression is loosing sight of that.One thing is certain though, adaptability seems to play a big role into the equation that we call intelligence. Can’t that argument put unhappy but intelligent persons on the same level as the blissfully ignorant delusional mass ? After all, aren’t we all the same?

  189. Unknown says:

    I am a 6th grader (atheist) that studies advanced (college-level) physics and astronomy, yet I don’t get left out by other kids. They WANT to work with me (I do have plenty of friends) and think it’s ‘cool’ that I’m smart. I’m not depressed, ever.
    Post Script: To all adults: Kids can be smart highly smart, so I don’t know why you think we’re always stupid.  

  190. Phantom says:

    I feel that by sitting on a message board arguing about intelligence, shows how unintelligent some people are. If you are a smart person you do not need to argue with others and prove to them you are.

  191. Anonymous says:

    Hi all;

    It’s rare that I read an article and all it’s comments as thoroughly as I did this.

    While there may be some valid arguments against generalising the author’s assertions, I believe he has some valid points.  My search for solutions to what many brought up is what brought me here.

    I’m a 55 year old biomedical engineer who has struggled with effectively being around others for decades.  I related to many of the frustrations mentioned.  And yes, I’m one of those intelligent ones (IQ 141 after 20 years of drug/alchohol abuse).

    I’ve never really related to most of those I knew.  Growing up, my intelligence was ignored and denied.  I really believed I was dumb.  And I tried to live down to those standards.  I was miserable – I couldn’t understand why other didn’t want to understand more of the world.  I started using drugs at 13 and alchohol at 18 to ‘fit in’.  Only now, I realize that I was probably abusing substances to relate because they ‘dumbed’ me down to other’s level.

    I also lived in areas of the country where intelligence was mostly irrelevant (rural areas focussed on farming, fishing and logging).  By some miracle, I had an opportunity to really  challenge my intellect – and obtained an electrical engineering degree.  It was also my first opportunity to be around those with similar abilities and have honest interactions.

    I have many varied interests that help – from amateur radio to building street rods and fishing.
    The world is still filled with average people.  It is still frustrating to find few that I can really share ideas with.  I have friends from all walks of life and different levels of intelligence – I cherish them all in their own way.  But I do see ‘more’ than they and it is disheartening.  And often lonely.

    To those of you who understand – I understand as well.
    To those who don’t – it’s OK, be grateful you don’t.

  192. 86kylexj says:

    I’ve noticed smart people tend to have more bad luck then stupid people who get coddled.   

    Let’s say you want to join social  group X.  Well I’ve noticed in order to join social group X you have to act,stupid so the leader will feel like his or her’s opinion is wanted which then the leader will accept you and not only accept you but will protect you from outside harm if you are stupid enough but show you are inrested in the groups ideals.

    The key secret is to not forget your true self so you can be able to help someone with important knowledge in solving a crisis  which often is my mistake so I wind up losing out on that someone and end up feeling sorry for myself and then events happen that force me away from that social group.

    Kinda sucks that I’ve lost out on a lot of friends that way but thanks to the internet I am learning meditating tricks to help me thru and ask God to guide me in order to use these social groups.

    So far I am in a dry period and have no friends at all.

  193. 86kylexj says:

    After asking for God’s wisdom I realized that nobody is really more intelligent then other especially if they have pride which a lot of Atheists have and once you have too much pride your spiritual growth is blocked.  

    People either believe in their one religion or they believe in no God AT ALL which both answers lead to the same end result of ignorance and pride hardening their hearts at the possiblities because they don’t want to believe due to their experience in church or hearing about sex scandals/holy wars or whatever.

    God really can send a message or vision to someone but due to laws of free will that someone can have their ego misunderstand the message and twist it to their own agenda which God tests to see if the person is worth of such knowledge such as John of Arc whom claimed she had visions of God to fight her enemy which likely is a result of her ego taking over.

    Her message is likely to have been real but her ego can make it out to be anything on this end.

    To those who don’t believe in God you can throw statistics after statistics at them but if they don’t want to believe they will ALWAYS look for the negative side of the statistics to , prove God doesn’t exist, claiming they do not have an agenda but their wording gives it all away with their dark aurora.   I can often feel the negative energy all the way from here leaving me with a bitter taste!
     I am not fooled by these monsters even though sometimes I question God’s existence but then once I feel centered after a period of depression I go looking for more proof in as non  biased websites as possible to have an open mind but not too open my brains will spill out!          

    Look there goes my brains!       Zombies:  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaainz!

    *Grabs the AK47 and fires at the Zombie with guts flying all over the place and other graphic details I WON’T mention on here*

    I have seen many websites that are out to try and prove God isn’t real while claiming they have no agenda but you can often tell a bad tree by the fruit they bear just as the bible said

    A bad tree will very rarely openly admit their fruit is bad so you have to learn to use your intuition and listen to that still voice instead of the panicky hurry hurry voice enticing you to take action that you know deep down is a waste of time.

  194. 86kylexj says:

    I sometimes wonder what would’ve happened if she acted with compassion to further increase her spirituality instead of going right off to war getting killed not accomplishing anything.

    God never orders holy wars.  It’s people’s ego’s that interpret the message wrong due to having their minds set to one goal so God’s message/vision.etc will go in one ear and out the other!   LOL

    If God was truly a dis illusion then over 4 million people are having the same hallucination as often reports are the same when people develop spiritual abilities though not always in the same order.

    That’s one helluva hallucination.

  195. 86kylexj says:

    How often have you told somebody who trusts you to do things in XYZ order but they instead go from X  straight to Z skipping Y all together with the end result getting F’d up and they complain you were not clear enough?

  196. 86kylexj says:

    Same here.

       I have  a real hard time figuring out when to let someone be aware of their stupidity and have to ask God for guidance as there is no way I can do it on my own. 

    I have missed far too many chances due to being viewed as too aggressive as I do
    which I still am not exactly sure what I have done and if I try to contact that person it usually results in yelling or flame wars if I don’t try to calm myself first.

  197. 86kylexj says:

    Glad to know I am not alone in waking up!   It’s like being in a dream and you realizing “Hey this isn’t real!”   “Something smells rotten in Denmark!”

  198. Tjberkhof says:

    I do not think that any intellectual, with any sense of morality and ethics can be completly happy in our (read: western civilasation) society.
    Theres just too much stupid going on in this world.
    Pardon my english, i am still learning the langauge :)

  199. Rababelashmoney says:


  200. Derek says:

    I agree, but at the same time of the kids were so damn smart why don’t they google a bit on self esteem and becoming a leader? I understand the nurture could have been slightly off-kilter but maybe the smarter kids should be raised more on self-reliance sothey feel more at ease In their environment. Don’t baby these children either; for obvious reasons.

  201. Corey Hanson says:

    As somebody who throughout life has been praised for being smart, I fully support the information brought up in this article. It was like somebody narrated my childhood, with all the praise for being able to notice small details and work out complex problems, but be crippled by the prospect of interacting with three people at the same time and trying to get heard without simply/rudely blurting out what I want to say.

  202. Nctccksckr says:

    I’ll just change what this person said around a little bit, mostly to the same end, then say they’re wrong and I’m right.

  203. Nctccksckr says:

     What sense does it make to expect a child to know how to raise themselves?

  204. Nctccksckr says:

     I can relate to this, my whole life I’ve hated interacting with people, especially my own age, because they just don’t have anything interesting to talk about. “Reality” TV and celebrity gossip are utterly unimportant and uninteresting, yet dominate the vast majority of young people’s attention.

  205. Nctccksckr says:

     I often also feel like I’d rather be dead than have to keep dealing with a world run by idiots.

  206. Nctccksckr says:

     Most people in this country aren’t worth getting to know, as they would be just as well off in an alien zoo.

  207. Blazeoffire says:

    As funny as your drum roll was (and yes I did laugh at it’s truth) I wonder…. does a smarter person really need to lambast someone over something so silly.)  When you think about it; what real intelligent person needs this clarification?  If the original writer ever reads your comment; do they really need the verbal beat down?  Do they need a reason to be unhappy?  I mean…. what if they truely are smart and taught their parrot to type and that’s the real issue here!  That parrot would be a pretty smart bird if this were the case.  My point is Smarty Pants, what’s with bringing another human down because you feel superior.  Albeit, I agree with you mostly but Parrot Bird could have been spared.  Are you truely out to educate or poke a little fun because the latter seems more likely here.  And lastly, I don’t mean to call anyone Parrot Bird…. it’s an analogy so take my meaning behind my statement and not an insult to injury.  Thanks.  Oh one last thing…. I did mean to call You a Smarty Pants so take that any way you like.  But try to have a little fun. 

  208. Blazeoffire says:

    Just one comment if I read this correctly you claim that more intelligent people have more responsibility?  You bring your own case to point of your studies as proof.  Let me remind you that responsibility is merely the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something.  Someone with less intelligence could be quite capable of huge and numerous responsibilities that quite possibly outnumber in task and skill than someone who would be considered more intelligent simply because they work to obtain larger goals in life.  I’m simply saying that it’s an over generalization to state that someone with more intelligence has more responsibility.  I would argue that is a case by case scenario. 

  209. Intelligence is very important, but nowadays it is overrated to a large extent. Being intelligent does not mean you are mature or able to handle yourself better- that’s what many people fail to understand.

  210. haoxinren says:

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  211. stranger says:

    he may have been a genious but he was just as selfish as any of us. Just because a famous person dies doesn’t make him a messiah.

  212. Kermit113 says:

    I believe the Happiness Project is a book written by Gretchen Rubin. Interesting.

  213. crapple says:

    @ stranger – i am surprised and relieved to know that there is actually another human on the planet that doesn’t worship and deify Steve Jobs  — thank you for the breath  of fresh air!

  214. Rod says:

     that’s what i used to go through until i found a group of different people and starting hanging around them and that’s how i stopped being a geek

  215. Kyle Teague says:

    No, I think he had it the first time.
    Science > Religion.

  216. Jenny_wiegand says:

    An intelligent individual wouldn’t argue about silly things like this.

  217. i am a person who is prone to sadness and depression. i have an iq of 131, so i am considered above average, since the average iq in america is 100. however, i think that it isn’t that simple. i use my son as a case in point: where we live, there is a program the public school system has called “WINGS.” it is for gifted children and their idea of gifted is scoring an iq of 135 or above. so i took my son to try out when he was seven because i knew that he was vee ry intelligent. it’s divided into four parts: math, language (to include grammar, spelling and comprehension), artistic and emotional patterns. in the math section, he blew it out of the water. i mean, he was a little einstein. but the language section knocked him down a peg or three and so did the artistic section. while he scored at 150 in the math section, he didn’t do as well in the others. he averaged out at 132, three points short of qualifying and one point higher than old mom.

    so, my long-in-coming point is: you can be a genius in a certain area and fall short in others. for instance, i am an english and language person. i am a great speller and grammar rules come naturally to me. however, anything even remotely math related makes my eyes cross. there is a  mental block there that makes me just zone out. i am very creative and artistic, though.

    i do think that less intelligent people tend to be happier simply because they don’t over analyze everything and “think” life to death. they tend to just “do.”  i remember reading a study that said pessimists tend to see the world more realistically and they tend to have higher iq’s. so maybe life sucks and smart people don’t swallow the propaganda that it would be beneficial for them to swallow, because happiness is about psyching yourself out. smart people find this difficult to impossible.

    life really does suck and i can’t drink the kool aid and pretend it doesn’t. it turns beautiful young people into old people who eventually lose everything. life is so short and it seems horribly unfair. and there is simply no way for me to feel differently, because feeling differently would mean altering my basic personality. short of heavy duty drugs or major brainwashing, there is no way for this to happen.

  218. Busrel says:

    I totally understand your meaning! as an intelligent person myself, I experience the ups & downs as well… the upside is that I love reading books and always can see things differently from any one else and was able to pull great mark and got myself through grad school at a breeze. the down side is that I suffer depression all the time, can’t stand ignorant’s hypocrisy, stupidity and their evilness associated with ignorance.

    Sometimes, I have to pretend to be dumb to enjoy the party, eg. going to strip bars pretending I enjoy watching bitch’s naked bodies but in reality I don’t.  Watching soccer games with fellow coworkers yet downright my guts I wanted to leave ASAP.

    However, I don’t suffer from much *isolations* someone else mentioned above becoz I have this great ability to feign my social side, and blend with ignorants pretty well. and I supposed for us intelligent people, this *drunk* ability is a must-be otherwise you will suffer for greater deals due to social rejections, etc.

  219. Busrel says:

    I totally understand your meaning! as an intelligent person myself, I experience the ups & downs as well… the upside is that I love reading books and always can see things differently from any one else and was able to pull great mark and got myself through grad school at a breeze. the down side is that I suffer depression all the time, can’t stand ignorant’s hypocrisy, stupidity and their evilness associated with ignorance.

    Sometimes, I have to pretend to be dumb to enjoy the party, eg. going to strip bars pretending I enjoy watching bitch’s naked bodies but in reality I don’t.  Watching soccer games with fellow coworkers yet downright my guts I wanted to leave ASAP.

    However, I don’t suffer from much *isolations* someone else mentioned above becoz I have this great ability to feign my social side, and blend with ignorants pretty well. and I supposed for us intelligent people, this *drunk* ability is a must-be otherwise you will suffer for greater deals due to social rejections, etc.

  220. Busrel says:

    I totally understand your meaning! as an intelligent person myself, I experience the ups & downs as well… the upside is that I love reading books and always can see things differently from any one else and was able to pull great mark and got myself through grad school at a breeze. the down side is that I suffer depression all the time, can’t stand ignorant’s hypocrisy, stupidity and their evilness associated with ignorance.

    Sometimes, I have to pretend to be dumb to enjoy the party, eg. going to strip bars pretending I enjoy watching bitch’s naked bodies but in reality I don’t.  Watching soccer games with fellow coworkers yet downright my guts I wanted to leave ASAP.

    However, I don’t suffer from much *isolations* someone else mentioned above becoz I have this great ability to feign my social side, and blend with ignorants pretty well. and I supposed for us intelligent people, this *drunk* ability is a must-be otherwise you will suffer for greater deals due to social rejections, etc.

  221. Travhoang says:

    Hey I’m super smart. After reading I agree with all you. I want ignorance so I can be happy finally. I quit my software engineering job and going to work as a Janitor and resort to government handouts. Obviously I am not a Athiest. God gave us a choice therefore it’s time to quit! Free at last. Someone read the Atlas Shrugged by Aynd Rand or watch Idiocracy by Mike Judge. XoXo

  222. It’s sad but true. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so intellectual, average people don’t want to socialize with intellectual people and make nerdy assumptions and stay away from intellectual people.  It’s sad and in my life I couldn’t never commit to any sports or get invited to any parties, proms, dances. Even my family insults me. :(

  223. It’s sad but true. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so intellectual, average people don’t want to socialize with intellectual people and make nerdy assumptions and stay away from intellectual people.  It’s sad and in my life I couldn’t never commit to any sports or get invited to any parties, proms, dances. Even my family insults me. :(

  224. huston3 says:

    I don’t think Steve was shooting for Messiah. I think he was a driven person, caught between his hippie desire to make stuff easy enough for everyone to use, then after that attitude got him kicked out of his own company, to become a successful businessman, focusing on getting new instruments with elegant design into the hands of as many people as he could, while pushing the technological edge. Yeah, he was a perfectionist. Yeah, he was selfish. But since he wasn’t selfish to ME, I’ll just enjoy the fruits of his genius (and yes, anyone who was able to accomplish what he did in his lifetime, deserves to be called a “genius.”

  225. hustotn3 says:

    Science>religion? Depends of the problem you face. That’s how you pick a tool. Science solves problems on the physical plane. You can pray all day, but a flat tire needs to be changed. Likewise, if you have a hole in your souls, you can take drugs to change how you react to it, you can take counseling to think about how feel about it, but religion can fill that hole.

  226. Hsiii says:

    As a genius, you must understand that there is no need to broadcast the level of your intelligence to others. So go to the Y and join a pickup basketball game. Look for social groups that do things together and join; get involved in things that people like to do that don’t require you to display your superior intelligence. When people request solutions, require them to do something for you, like jog. You will find that by enjoying the passage of time with people of average intelligence, you will enjoy your life much more (and, you could even run into someone in the group of superior intelligence, hoping to meet someone like you.

  227. Xitij Thool says:

    fellow commentators, as we know Intelligent people are on each and every field many of them are on more then one fields both in history and current time.

     In my opinion they are normal people having devoted more times then average people for their loving field.
    If you take for example Yasser Seirawan one of best Chess player but also he is social not like other chess players who restricted their social life. And Josh waitzkin who is also Chess grandmaster and Martial artiest and had a good social life too.

    We they think for one thing only that is “Perfection ” that is always in their mind and further they go in thinking they seems looks unhappy to us but in reality their mind is always going ahead in their perfection achieving goal. Their  visions seems more time ahead things.

  228. Nothanks says:

    Although it is part of the topic, I dislike to say I’m smart. My friends, iq tests, school performances indicate above average intellegence. Whatever. Nearing 30 I will say I’m not happy. I had a crappy childhood, (meth addict barfly mother, who gave me beer at 3 for example) may have influenced my developing of brain chemistry. I’ve wanted to die since I was 6. I’ve attempted suicide and been hospitalized for it twice. I think I believe in God in a cosmic intelligence, but not dogma, which I used to until I researched it unlike most church goers. I don’t know if what I believe matters I’m just adding to the compilation here, pertaining to the article. I hate life. I despise it. I don’t want afterlife. I don’t want to exists at all. I believe in non-dualism in the sense we are all one consciousnesses experiencing itself subjectively, and I want it to stop. I can do anything, fix literally anything. I have the capacity to make alot of money, which I’m not doing too bad at now, but I hate this planet. The only thing I want more than death for me is to take all you down with me.

  229. Lydia Moret says:

    If you’re really a genius you should know that ‘god’ doesn’t exist.

  230. hey says:

    I’ll be your friend :)

  231. Yomommaissofat says:

    Learn how to spell

  232. Justin Green says:

    Interesting topic, however the argument made by this excerpt is wrong. I grew up around many very intelligent people who were not only brilliant, but also quite popular. I knew several people who scored above 1500 on their SATs (combined Verbal and Math Scores, ie., 750 average per subject area!) but were also successful athletes (all-state level, NCAA division I etc), definitely not regarded by others as “geeks.”

    The topic itself, however may be true, because I cannot judge the happiness of the people I am using as examples, only their intelligence, popularity and apparent social success. 

    I have an IQ around 140 +-3 (standard deviation) and I can say I have had both periods of happiness and sorrow in my life. I think, if anything, the adults who interact with intelligent children need to be appraised, more than the peers of the children, in terms of traumatizing behavior.

  233. Lorirn58 says:


  234. Amirreza says:

    Sorry but something is missed in here. Intelligence develops in the course of growing like personality that develops in the same way. As the intelligence develops one dimension is added to the viewpoint of the individual. In fact the intelligent person can feel, sense and understand things about the world that can not be realized by ordinary people. Understanding such things which are real facts suffers the intelligent person. Its like a disease that as long as you are not aware of its existence you are OK but once you are notified about it you become sad.

  235. Sci vs Rel not Sci vs God says:

    Spirituality, not to be confused with religion attempts to fill that hole.

  236. Aged-cereal says:

    You claim you have an IQ above average yet you believe in the fallacy that intelligence isn’t a gift. Our parents’ genetics make us who we are; some people are born with higher cognitive functioning, hence, granting them the capability for achieving higher intellect. There are numerous reasons that lead to unhappiness and being intelligent isn’t one of them. Unless if it was put into a different context, for example, a person finds a bunch of logical reasons why life isn’t worth living for. It may even be the chemicals in the brain that make you depressed, but the article bolsters the fact that intelligent people know too much to view humanity as something majestic.

  237. you serious says:

    Go figure!

    Firstly I’d like to agree with Crapple on the SJ matters. Sorry, but there are many others who have contributed to this ever changing world – although I will admit to owning an iPhone =p That’s my silly two cents on that matter. But secondly, the answer stands evident here. The most intelligent  one  will be one who can balance the forms of BOTH worlds, obtaining the fruits of knowledge whilst enjoying the fruits of life – sounds both ‘smart’ and ‘happy’ to me. But I will note the happiest I’ve felt (not that I’m intelligent), would be when I am able to make others happy. Now this can come from both ends – true statement! So smart people ease up a little, and those with the absence of intelligence… It is truly a gift, decisions yours. You have doctors, lawyers, engineers etc for all other complicated matters in life. Just might cost an iPhone and a half -_-”. FML =)

  238. Emanrouy stahw says:

    Intelligence apparently falls ignorant to argument once again. Butting heads ends with a head ache for everyone. HAHA one liners like Gandhi bitches! I hate people who act smart in comments by trying to make someone else look stupid.  IT MAKES YOU INSTANTLY JUST AS DUMB!! 

  239. Javi Baltrusaitis says:

    “Interesting stuff, although I’m not sure I completely agree. It’s nice to know that if you’re prone to the occasional bad mood, it’s only because you’re too smart to be happy.” I’ve heard a lot of insulting things in my day, but that just might take the cake. 

  240. Emillielevesque12 says:

    I like you.

  241. ephillips says:

    When I was eight years old, I scored unusually high on an IQ test.  However, I think that unhappiness in very intelligent people is not primarily caused by prejudice but by self-inflicted pressure.  I never feel like I’m good enough, even if I overachieve. 

  242. ephillips says:

    You have to stay here.  Even though you may not know the reason for which you are living, you have one.  Someday you will find it.

  243. Anon says:

    That last comment in the article was retarded.  The article holds VERY
    true.  No one ever wanted to be friends with me where I grew up because I
    was “too smart.”  Then my mom died.  My “father” (I put in quotes
    because I severed the relationship years ago) was never around, and then
    was but only to abuse me.  I have an IQ nearly off the charts (it’s
    been tested) and so many emotional issues, making friends has literally
    become impossible.  So I’ve written it off, but then you still want
    relationships with people.  So I go through periods of depression.  And I
    have no one to go to with it.  I have no support.  I’m completely alone
    and so thoughts tend to turn to suicide regularly enough.  If I hadn’t
    already tried pretty seriously and failed, I’d probably be more serious
    about trying now, but . . . Eh.  It’s a toss up.  Damndest thing is a
    gun is about the only sure bet, and I don’t have enough money to go buy

  244. That1U.S.Guy says:

    Strange thing is, I did a search on bing,   ” I’m smart, and capable, why can’t I make decent money? ” and one of the results was this article.  I read it tirelessly, and found myself surpringsly interested. I’m very athletic, have always fit in well socially, and handle difficult situations quite well (for the most part), and rarely unhappy.  Still I read on, and upon completion I read the words “The interviewee with the most comments wins $200 for charity.” the irony of this, is literal enough to “iron” clothing. I don’t need money for charity, because I’m not unhappy or sad enough to be considered a charity, what i need is money for my pocket, so I can afford new tires, fix my car, work on a patent, essentially take care of myself.       

  245. Shadowsteal91 says:

    i am smart but i  am not sad just a little crazy

  246. I have a 153 I.Q. I know sentience is an illusion and I can reverse engineer any human being I encounter. I know there is no god and I know life is pointless and we’re just animals who don’t like to believe we’re animals and make up fantasies in order to deal with the inherent meaninglessness of life. That’s why. 

  247. Eyecare4all says:

    I just read what you wrote 3 yrs ago. I wonder how are you doing.

  248. ggh says:

    coming from someone that is always worried and unhappy it is because i look into the future and plan, then worry i might not have the desired outcome therefore worry. i want to do so much to have a good life that i cant stop and appreciate anything. i am totally determined.
    I agree with the article as one of many reasons. i was constantly bullied because i liked learning and played classical music etc i always found it hard to have friendships and couldnt have physical contact with anyone until i was16 because i wasnt used to it and was too embarrassed….although i care more about doing well in my field rather than friends i don’t like wasting my time. i agree with what peter said…always analysing lol i cant listen to music on the radio without listening for editing errors and chord progressions… no joke 😉

  249. jk says:

    quite a lot of the population is a bit thick because its not about being educated (told what is right) it is about finding and reaching a level of understanding that is right (questioning and research)…something quite a lot of people quite frankly cant do..not because they havent been encouraged. i personally believe it’s just being type of person..a leader, follower etc nd dont go using the ‘your english is bad’ shit. you try typing this on a kindle fire with one finger haha

  250. Leann Wade says:

    John Wesley I agree…. PERIOD!

  251. Leann Wade says:


  252. Just plain and simple me says:

    And hope your foolish science works for you. RN/LMT

  253. Just plain and simple me says:

    Get a grip

  254. Just plain and simple me says:

    Many hard workers in the world, get over yourself. Grow up.

  255. Guest says:

    Details matter. I can’t take anyone seriously, who doesn’t understand BASIC writing skills…. or at least ATTEMPT to with pay attention to detail in that area. Sloppiness does nothing to impress me…. I couldn’t trust that person in other areas.

  256. Just plain and simple me says:

    Stupid is as stupid does

  257. Just plain and simple me says:

    And as most people know, John Lennon was a mess

  258. Just plain and simple me says:

    Peace within one soul requires mainly common sense, gee… thinking!!! Ho Hum!

  259. shar says:

    funny , i say those who are reading and understanding and not saying anything are the ones that are intelligent . all this “debate” “arguments” is just so, so , . . . dull . not to be rude but am i the only one that thinks that way. no disrespect here . just leaving a comment .


  260. Tyler O'Hare says:

    I completely agree that intelligent people are underdeveloped socially and emotionally. Public Schools are literally the worst place you can be for intelligent children in America. You start to know more about the subject material than the teachers at a young age (I’m not saying you know it all, but you start to notice their mistakes). This starts to eat away at your faith in the system, and all it takes is a couple of lazy or underpaid or overworked teachers in elementary school and you lose most of your trust.

    Then comes the most depressing part – you look at everyone around you, and they still blindly believe every word they read and every single thing they’re told. Finding like-minded individuals can be a monumental task, and in some areas it is completely impossible. I think intelligence can cause depression simply because it pulls you apart from the social fabric of the world at a young age. Other children happily believe there’s a god that sends you to heaven for being good, while you question why he would send good, honest people that you love dearly to hell simply due to lack of faith. Other children run around and knock each other down for fun, you’re the weirdo who likes to read, or, god forbid, write for fun.

    I might sound like I’m ranting here, but think about it. Was there a kid (Was it you?) in your elementary school who loved writing? What about math or science? Or music? There had to have been one, at least before he hid all that away just to survive. Think about that kid, that one boy or girl who always raised their hand, who always knew all the right answers. Just visualize them, the school they were in and the kids around them.

    Try and recount all the times they were encouraged to do those things they love, and continue to try and find all the right answers. Now recount all the times they were chastised and mocked for what they enjoyed. If you’re an American and the latter number is lower than the prior, consider yourself EXTREMELY fortunate to have been raised in such an accepting environment. This may have something to do with why intellectuals are more likely to use illicit substances, and it almost certainly has to do with why America is lagging further and further behind the rest of the civilized world.

  261. Brian Black says:

    I don’t make excuses, but will not deny that this is another product of western society’s vain attempt to be materialistic and distracted from everything, by valuing style over substance. Look at some people not made up for social discourse. This should illustrate quite well that this encourages lies through perceptual manipulation.

  262. Brian Black says:

    Yes. I am so glad that I worry about others and where the problems our leaders produce through aggressive coercion are leading them. I am so glad I live in a country where I am hated for actually caring about others instead of “managing” them.

  263. Brian Black says:

    1. Only if they have no morals.

    2. Blind acceptance is common among human being, and does not imply understanding.

    3. If IQ levels fall, the average will rely more on the few bastions of intelligence to maintain the modern and “safe” (by their definition) life that they have come to expect.

    4. Not caring and not seeing both produce the same effect, festering of social, economic and policy problems brought on by negligence.

    5. You are confusing the words “understand” and “care”.

    6. People look down on stupidity a different way, showing patronage, something that makes them feel powerful and something our society has taught them to think of as compassion.

    7. There is a difference in comprehension here. One who only knows the safety of social structure and its norms will ridicule one who expresses the knowledge and ability to see through its flaws, the dumb party failing to UNDERSTAND the flaws to begin with. People usually fix problems if they care and know they are their. Most of the time they do not fit either of those criteria.

    8. Mockery can be acted out in absence of it in itself being correct.

    9. It is not a gift by itself, the uncertainty of its base level is there, but IQ, or the measurement of fluid intelligence can be increased through training or neglect by as much as plus or minus 25 points. Imagine my frustration when people would rather watch Jersey Shore or some other similarly scripted and horrible piece of excrement pouring through the box in the middle of their room. Smart people are outcasts and dumb people can’t become smart are socially scripted excuses for not trying.

    So, God Vs Person, what does your name mean? Does it mean that you think god is something to be opposed, that you think you are god in this situation or that you believe you can rise to fight a god. My god, mathematics, tells me your beliefs are as likely as anyone else’s, so don’t waste time dwelling on them. They are only an excuse for you to discredit others without thinking, just like religion is for so many of those who practice it. Instead, as I have already implied, use the energy and time you brood to actually think. :)

  264. StephanieB says:

    I think that its not only people with book smarts that become depressed. I think that people who have good common sense also tend to feel depressed because its hard to be around people who don’t have that as well. Also, its annoying to feel like people don’t ever understand you or see where you are coming from, and you have to explain yourself over and over to people and they still don’t get it.

    I think being smart doesn’t always have to do with getting good grades. A smart person usually is someone who can do anything they set their minds to, and also someone who has great common sense.

  265. Dylan says:

    1- Since when writing skills has anything to do with analytic inteligence whatsoever ? In fact writing is about memory, about gramatical rules and shit like that, in fact, writing skills is something anoyone who “gave a fuck” could learn, but teaching math (A process that use analytic inteligence ) is harder because not everyone has the same analytic inteligence.

    2- Let me tell you why your “Number 1” is shit.
    You know the “brown recluse spider ” ? The one that bites you and half of that extremity dies of necrosis ? The one that has no anti-venom at the time ?

    Lets say this, at the UNAM (Universidad autonoma de Mexico) some scientist are developing a anti-venom for this bite; Its hard, stressfull and time consuming making a vaccine, and while smart people with jobs can trust your “Writing skills” to bring them coffee or some shit, they can shift into you the responsibility to make the vaccine, why ? Because you DONT KNOW SHIT about that, that’s another depressing thing about being smart, you are the only one that know what you are doing and help from anybody else just can fuck up things and cause more stress.

    3- Someone can be considered a genius if they have made something outstanding to prove it. (Einstein, for example) im pretty sure your “Writing skills” can make theorems about critical mass, right ?

    4- The world is average, you know it, i know it, im showing to you by telling you why what you say is shit, thats a better analytic intelligence than you, so you are the average.

    5- You have to care about the world, the only people that doesnt care about the world is down syndrome people and dumb people, you know why ? Because THEY DONT FULLY UNDERSTAND THE WORLD, Most average people dream with a job at Starbucks, a house, a wife, children, a nice car and that’s all, while the intelligent people thing further more, having a career, helping the world, making industries, create something new.

    Now lets wrap this up so i can go smoke more weed.

    “Smart” people tend to be unhappy because of the awareness and responsibility they have, and trying to explain dumb people about things they will never understand.


  266. Amirreza says:

    I totally agree with Dylan. I truly liked number 5. Now the question is who is gonna convince dumb people about their low standard of living that they have chose for themselves?
    Plus As long as the majority of the people in each society are dumb the world is such hell where I and you are living.

    A bunch of sheep that can easily be brain washed, following the wave that everyone does. Like you said a job, a payment, a kid and wife or girl friend listening to Gamgam stlye and Justin Beiber and do not give a damn about what’s happening to the world as they already got what they want from their lives and since they are happy about that and don’t want to bother themselves they don’t feel any need to make changes to this shitty world.

  267. Benedict Maxwell says:

    I agree so much with this statement! Growing up I always had to deal with an above average amount of insecurity about myself which caused (or possibly was caused) by my tendency to over analyse EVERYTHING! It’s only been very recently that I’ve developed an ability to switch it all off and just enjoy the moment, the world and myself! I’ve never been able to become as happy as I am when I switch off, it’s like seeing the world in a completely different way!!

  268. Dott says:

    To summaries, God Versus Person was either frustrated because he was “bullied” by intelligent people/genius or he was speaking as a person with IQ of at most 115.

    Before I go on, I believe I’m highly intelligent through my experience despite being only 16 years old.

    Before I was 14, I didn’t have a goal in life though I could study and was intelligent but I didn’t get good result. Then, after I decided to become a physicist, I somehow began to see many problems in this world and I could hardly see any good things while learning new stuff and gaining more knowledge. One of the major problems is that I find that the education I’m getting isn’t beneficial to highly intelligent people. I believe with reasons that not everyone who can do well in all subjects they are taking are intelligent. In fact, I have been some of these people who are dull outside studies. Now, in Singapore, people who go to college are required to take at least one art and at least one science subject. But clearly the minority of intelligent people are only good at one of them, most probably science.

    Another problem I find is religion. Religion is a big thing and different religion are practiced around the world but you know what? Religion seems to be the thing that caused war. However, the exceptions are probably Judaism and Buddhism. If you learn about Buddhism, they don’t only teach you about God and unproven stuff aka Beliefs. They teach you how to be a good person instead, hence, there’s no war associated with Buddhism.

  269. Suzanna says:

    How did you manage that? I am struggling with switching off – I REALLY WANT TO, but don’t know HOW! Help please…? Thank you!

  270. CesareG says:

    I see many of you use the word intelligent. What exactly do you mean by ‘intelligent’? Book smart intelligence?

    Just asking a question.

  271. Anonymous says:

  272. Joshua says:

    “Over-analyze” is a cute euphemism that the unintelligent throw around because analyzing anything for them is associated with “hard work”. As a matter of fact…the word “analyze” comes with it the basic assumption that one has endeavored on a specific task with an objective. When it comes to intelligent people…this is a process that occurs naturally and is nearly instantaneous requiring very little…if any research with no objective. If anything…the research happens just so the intelligent person may better articulate the idea that is already present in their mind.

    By your very definition of happiness…you are stating the assumption that happiness is coming into life…pulling all you can from it from a myopic “this is the only ride I get…so fuck everything around me” mentality…which…that idea coupled with the proliferation of the base population…one may as well issue a death warrant for the species and any another species around it. You are also describing situational contentment…not happiness. Walk outside once and look around. Then tell me your definition of happiness is actually working for anybody.

  273. alex says:

    if you can see how wonderful and beautiful life is you’ll be able to. i have learnt that some things you can’t change so your only wasting time worrying. although don’t make the mistake of not trying (like recycling).

  274. alex says:

    ok i’ll tell you what he might of meant in your points above then and tell you what i think

    1.he means people which can see problems can see how daunting they are and that they think it’s their responsibility since they know about them.
    2. doesn’t make sense to me
    3.average people have average intelligence. your point is pointless and hasn’t got anything to do with ‘understanding’
    4. yes but it doesn’t make him wrong if they did care which they would as humans care for each other.
    5. doesn’t make sense to me
    6. yes i to disagree as small things for a dumb person are amplified since they don’t understand the world so think they can’t do much about
    7.point is dumb as if you where smart you would have realized he is trying to help us understand his trail of thought was an exaggeration and also referring to the amount smart people see farther then dumb isn’t a gift or a disadvantage. those are only opinions. i think personally it’s a gift as with a good brain you can do good stuff.

    anyway being so hateful to him (saying idiotic) will only spread hate. just forgive him or see that saying opinions are just what people say with their understanding and shouldn’t be punished with um death or anything so consider me also. don’t hate

  275. Just_a_dude says:

    I’m an extremely smart individual and I don’t mean for my comment to sound condescending.

    I live a happy life with a family I love, but there is a part of me that is extremely lonely and I don’t think people who are not this smart can understand in what sense. It’s like a parent trying to explain to someone who is not a parent the feeling of being one and how it changes your life. You can explain, and the person you explain it to will think he understands, but he doesn’t.

    I’m not a depressive individual, so I don’t mean to portray myself as one. But I will say I have come to understand that the loneliness resulting from being very intelligent, is one I will never be able to overcome. No, it is not because we over-analyze things. It’s not because we think we are better than the rest either. It’s probably because the way our minds work allows us to understand things in a way that makes our life experience incredibly beautiful. Turning the “switch off” would only keep us from enjoying it, not that we can actually turn the switch off.

    So analyzing (and not over-analyzing) events tend to make us look silly, boring or stupid to other people around us. We have to risk boring the hell out of others if we want to talk about it or we can keep it to ourselves and sort of “dumb down” our interactions with others or just refrain from interacting. I’ve been told “why do you have to use logic for everything?”, why wouldn’t I? “just relax and enjoy” As if i couldn’t do that, it’s just that I can relax and enjoy and still continue to think, but that is not my fault, “you think you know everything”, When all I’m doing is trying to find out because I’m aware I don’t know, etc.

    Here’s an example that may help you somewhat understand. I know that the difference of intellect between me and the average person is not as wide as the one between the average person and a 2-year old, but it will help illustrate:

    Imagine you live in a world full of 2-year old toddlers, you know you’re able to interact and even have meaningful relationships, but at some point you know part of you would forever be lonely because of your lack of ability to explain, and the toddler’s lack of ability to understand certain things.

    In many ways, being extremely smart is really not a good thing. I used to hate people telling me I was smart until I started being honest with myself. I hated people telling me I’m smart the same way someone in a wheelchair may hate people reminding him that he is in a wheelchair. In order for that comment not to be offensive, you need to understand that very high intelligence in a world of average intelligence people is in many ways a handicap.

  276. Shitface McGee says:

    The idea that intelligent people are pretty much fucked as far as general happiness goes depresses the shit out of me. This psychiatric-type counsellor with whom I used to speak actually once told me she thought I was too intelligent to really ever be happy… That is some fucking depressing shit to tell someone, because it basically means you’re fucked if you have an active mind. Motherfucker, is it ever depressing… The worst part is that I’m not even that smart; most other people around here are just really fucking dumb (which is even more depressing; if I’m among the smartest people in the region, we are FUCKED).

  277. ndp says:

    I cant begin to tell you how much your story just spoke to me. I really needed that right now.

  278. Donavan says:

    I’m going threw the horrible parts of being smart. It’s as if I’m speaking a different language that know one else knows.The things average people do for fun (clubs,concerts,movies and ect)
    do not entertain my any more. I find myself going out so I don’t feel crazy and having as much sex as I can so maybe I will feel human but it feels like nonsense, and I’m only twenty years old so fighting the thought that I’m not loosing my mind can become very difficult. How can I change this curse into a gift?

  279. Brandon says:

    Very nice post, it’s good to know other thinking individuals exist :).

    I’m very curious about your happy family.

    At the moment it seems as though I’ll never find a mate with which to endeavor through this quagmire (for life is a morass of meaning, often with critically unfortunate moral, emotional, or future derivative impact). And as you said, I’m not exactly depressed… but if you can fully comprehend the insurmountable scope of the problems surrounding you, it’s definitely a minefield.

    For me, partners inevitably feel trodden on.

    I love learning, and have the vastly unfortunate propensity to be better at everything than those around me. Life would be so much less interesting if I gave up figuring out how things work… but social interactions are difficult when people feel constantly inferior by being around you (and not because I show off… just because I try at everything, and learn far too rapidly). I’ve been experimenting with losing on purpose, and it seems to be doing good things for my interpersonal interactions, but feels wrong, and people are even more offended if they gain wind.

    Plus, people interact on a number of levels. When they’re offended, they toss out slights and subtle attacks subconsciously to try and reassert their sense of self. Which largely goes unnoticed in the byplay of people interacting… a waxing and waning as people naturally vie for social position. However, when you’re smart enough to perceive every detail of that interaction consciously–and therefore feel immoral to slight others when you yourself are upset since it would have to be done consciously–social interactions become wildly stressful to the point of not wanting to bother at all.

    Still, I crave a partner… someone with whom to experience the world and add reciprocal value to a mutual life. Independent people, together, making life a little better. But at some point in my unthinking accomplishment in areas they struggle with, their self esteem folds under. And for years I’ve been actively going out of my way to add genuine praise to their triumphs, even if they would be insignificant in the scope of my accomplishment in said area. Cause honestly, I don’t want someone who’s my equal (well, I’ve thoroughly given up), I just want someone who’ll enjoy the wealth I have to offer and simply be nice to me in that self-aware way.

    Anyway, congrats on your happy family, and thanks for letting me blather.

    If you have any pointers, please forward them on :).

  280. Meagan says:

    Quite frankly intelligent people are usually unhappy. Intelligent people are constantly thinking about their surroundings, the future, sad realities, deep stuff that are unfortunate. To constantly be over analyzing the depressing world we live in would definitely take a toll on any person. You become so consumed with understanding the complexity of the world and it’s disappointing. Happy people are not necessarily ignorant, they just don’t tend to over think about as many things, leaving capacity for pleasure in the moment rather than troubling thoughts. That’s just my opinion though. Dumb people can still be sad and smart people can fortunately be happy.

  281. Robert Jones says:

    I wasn’t for sure if that sentence would ever end…

  282. Robert Jones says:

    It is really hard to find good people… And you explained exactly how I feel towards society, even though I consider myself a loner. It’s good to know morals still exist in at least another’s life, other than mine.

  283. High School College Student says:

    So I’m 18 and finishing up my senior year with week days full of tests and projects, and week nights working as a dish washer where I stand for 7 hours straight cleaning dishes, than I get home and study more. During school I over analyze my day at work and it stresses me out to the point where I shut down and get high and don’t do anything. I can’t stand this so I just lie to my self that it’s okay, and I bottle it up inside. I don’t eat well and I don’t sleep well either. If anyone reads this please give me a suggestion. Side note: I have been using adderall to keep me awake during school to get my school work done but it makes me over think every little thing, but I’ve become dependent on it.

  284. teddybowties says:

    I’m sad too. I live in America… nobody around me ever really understood, and the adults I went to for help never saw my point, let alone proved capable of seeing ME. ;( I want to die. but, I keep hoping that the changes we are seeing now are evolution and not devolution. I keep hope. it’s the only thing i have, even though I have a house to live in, and things to look at, and health issuesthat keep me at home wiht parents who, though they love me, don’t quite understand as much as they like to think they do. i feel alone in the world. Even other people like me think I’m strange. it’s enough to make you drop dead. But much like Glados, I’m ‘Still Alive.’ why cna;t everyone just learn to be nice and like it? ;O
    yo uahve articulated everything i have thought for a while now. Except the ‘America’ part. i really odn’t like it when someone claims that this is only hapening strongly in America. It’s not true. Everyhwere. it’s everywhere. the more i know them, the less I can stand them. I feel for them, but I am not one of them. I never will be. And it makes me sad that we cannot co exist yet. ;((((((((((((((((

    30 years old… not looking forward to a life of this emotional tedium and emptiness. but.. maybe it will be better tomorrow?

  285. teddybowties says:

    I’m sorry. Me too, but only sometimes.


  286. teddybowties says:

    go fuck yourself you damn jock. Also, love thy neighbor, not his religion.

    Another random rant from your resident mpreg writer.

  287. teddybowties says:

    actually it’s a mechanial failure of the brain/and/or an ability gained by better brain-utile/perceptive genetics. Still, if the machine is broken, it can’t fix itself.

    Unless… nanites… WOOO

  288. teddybowties says:

    oh god. Somebody kill me I cna’t stand it here anymore. you are so right.


  289. Abtin Tankas says:

    Hi man. I sincerely admire your hard work. I was sad too but one of my friends told me something interesting he said life is like a poker game. You might be lucky and have good cards in your hand or you might be unlucky and have the bad ones. It doesn’t matter what kind of cards are your hand. A good player is the one who plays professionally with his own cards no matter he wins or not.

    I was born and raised in a middle class family. I dedicated my whole life for studying because my family was not rich enough to support me financially and in order to survive I had to study hard enough to be able to study for free. I never had the chance to go to the parties and enjoy my youth period. In the university where I am teaching the kids are coming from rich families. Paying dozens of money for their fun, party, vacation to Europe,…. also you know that usually rich kids are good looking. Sometimes when I look at my own youth period and compare with these kids I get sad about the injustice existing in this world. But I am happy about one thing. I didn’t let my parents pay even a penny for me. Life examined me quite enough that I am not a dumb person any more. I got one thing and that is maturity.

    Those kids that I am talking about might be good looking, with nice shirt and … but they are just a bunch of brainless, two legged creatures that follow the flow no matters where it goes. It just takes you 5 mins to figure out they know nothing about the world. Indeed these creatures don’t live as a human being

  290. motv8 says:

    I can go on and on about how wonderful it is to know I’m not alone. The thing I find most satisfying is finally reading a forum with correct spelling and grammar.

  291. Dumm Dee Dumm says:

    I find it hilarious that so many people who are posting on here proclaiming themselves to be “extremely smart individuals” are unable to form well-written coherent arguments. Amazing! Arrogance does NOT equal intelligence. It’s fascinating how people’s minds work, and how they are able to convince themselves of this false sense of superiority. A funny thing, the ego is. I would love to see the real IQs of you geniuses on here.

  292. Tomtomb says:

    Surely there are some people you can accept are on your wave length or is everybody except you a toddler?

  293. Thomas says:

    It’s funny how none of these self styled ‘intelligent’ people have told us which form of intelligence they rate highly in ‘analytical/logical, spatial, emotional, linguistic, or all of them! . I’m not here to deny that these people are smart but if you feel alienated, sad, lonely, depressed as a result of your intelligence then this is probably a result of you misinterpreting the world around and people around you. It’s a sign that your emotional intelligence hasn’t yet reached its zenith so sorry to say it but you might have to accept it that in certain areas of your intelligence (emotional) you might be lower than average.

  294. Desirey Killjoy Howard says:

    I can definitely tell you that I have been subject to students in my class who don’t involve me in anything, unless it is group projects in order to get a good grade. Now, as an adult, I am in college getting my bachelors, but other adults think I am unapproachable or they call me a bitch because of my smarts.

  295. Sam says:

    Average people don’t understand that smart people feel more
    perceptual responsibility to plug holes – by nature. They’re essentially left physically/emotionally alone because Western society shuns the smart, for the reason they see everything the elders and rulling class constantly deny. If they’re not shunned or marginalized into obscurity, they become idols and god figures. Eventually the word filters down the grapevine to fools like yourself that they were on to something.
    Smart people perceive abstract problems in multidimensional form – and here’s the key – without trying. They understand their potential – and feel an astonishing degree of pressure. It would be easier to live without that, but not at the cost of this kind of ignorance. Average is as average does.
    Despite your hamfisted arrogance, you made a few good points. YES, instinct, intelligence, and the awareness that inspires true morality, are different forces. Intelligence without awareness is blind – and vice versa. And yes, there are different kinds of understanding.
    There’s also a thing called ‘being full of it’. Your version of morality would obscure the heart inside which it lives. Thanks to the compulsive lies of dittoheads immutably scattered across the cultural landscape, it’s become clear in all our hearts, that the resultant inability for the public to present a unified image of love to all humankind is perhaps the greatest tragedy of all time.
    Your attempts to cloak your half-baked venom with religious, authoritarian veneration prove you’re just another institutionalized drone, forcing the intelligent to deny their heart intelligence, in return for getting everyone back into the culture that’s slowly killing all of us – and you call that morality with sickening piety. Dumb people act from unconsciousness – an example proven here over and over. And if those more equipped to analyze this argument stopped fearing the jealousy of their peers and spoke out, you and your kind would be running for cover. Your ignorance is not better than our knowledge. Your kind is only good for receiving instructions. But that’s not our fault.

    To all other beaten down mental mutants, break the social cold war and STAND UP for being smart!

  296. best name ever says:

    why most intelligent ppl tend to be unhappy; mecause most ppl are unintelligent. fact

  297. Frank says:

    WOW ive really never met a person which i have so much in common with. Wow its just so beautifully incredible (specially considering ive never even seen u or spoke to u). I dont know where to begin. Ill start off by saying that i am intelligent enough that i completely understand what u are referring to in most of this and let me get this straight i really dont understand any complicated math problem or most of what the words mean in the second half of ur whatever u call it( i guess essay i dont know), but its not like my mind is not capable of understanding its just something that doesnt grab my attention and i dont bother learning it. And u can tell my vocabulary is minimal and thats probably because i really think a truly intelligent person does not really base intelligence on knowledge of words or punctuation or anything like that but its like they actually feel what the person is saying and they actually know how capable the person is, no matter how dumb it might sound. At this point i probably sound very defensive of why i dont have a vast vocabulary or dont care to sound intellectual but this most likely because this is my way of not understanding how intelligent u actually are, if u are equally intelligent as me (or more) to understand what i am saying or inferior enough to think i sound like a dumbass. I know u are definitely more intelligent than my friends which i guess u could say i hang out with most of them to not feel lonely, but there are some that actually capture some of my attention (i probably sound like an asshole saying this) but its truly how i feel. Now, i am completely like u in the sense of always wanting to know how things work ( in regards to social interactions and other things, im not talking about how stars form or how to cure cancer or anything at that level of intelligence (genius level i am gonna call it) I lost my train of thought of where i was going with this. I also completely relate with u (i dont know how to put this into words so its gonna sound really stupid) in how u try at everything and learn way too fast so people feel inferior to you and they naturally attack u with slight and subtle attacks (couldnt have said it better myself) and i think people do this because they are not smart enough to tell what my true intentions are when i say something (which i never say something to hurt others and i mean never unless i truly feel like the someone is actually a bad individual) so they take it the wrong way and like u said attack slight and subtle which is generally blind to the average person. Cause of this i have just gotten used to dumbing it down or like u said losing on purpose (i think this is what u meant when u said losing on purpose) and again like u said it feels wrong. Sometimes dumbing it down works and people just dont pay attention to what u say and other times i dumb it down too much and it sounds stupid and they laugh. Cause of this i am very bad at social interactions and that really bothers me because (this is gona sound dumb but bear with me) i think i am intelligent enough to be able to over-succeed in social interactions. I am very curious in intelligent people like us that over-achieve in social interactions ( this bothers me because i usually can understand anything but i cant seem to understand this). Recently ive just become a quiet person and rarely say what i actually think is important but mostly say what i think others think is important or relevant or funny or right for the moment. And once AGAIN like u said it just becomes stressfull to do this all the time and i rather not bother with it (which u can say is why most of the time i rather be alone). In no means i am depressed in the sense of hurting myself or comitting suicide i actually think that is ludicrous but u could say i am depressed in the sense that i am havent found someone to fully capture my attention or someone to reach my level of understanding and i dont only mean like a partner but friends and family also. Now in regards to what u said about giving up in looking for a partner that really bothered me because that is actually the only thing that i think will help me achieve my happiest. A partner that is at the same level of intelligence as me and is beautiful and that ( this is gonna sound corny) i fall in love with. (On another note) Something that also bothers me a lot is not comprehending life at all. Like what is the point of watching tv shows, playing games, reading, and etc. What i mean is that why do we do all of this if its gonna come to an end. For example, why watch a tv show if when it ends ur gonna forget it about it no matter how much u like it and say u like it, u might talk about if for a week or a month but in the end ur gonna forget about it and it will all be a waste of time. I dont know if this is only me but i guess this comes back to me not fully getting the attention of something, dont get me wrong ive watched and watch A LOT of shows and movies and its a good pastime but its not something that fills me up with joy, like when someone that trully loves playing a sport (this is gonna sound corny) and they get butterflies when they walk on the field (i imagine people that feel like this exist). Well ive said everything that is on my mind and i would like for you if possible to simplify some words that are in ur essay (mostly after”making life a little better”) so i can understand everything u have said. And keep in mind that i am nowhere near depressed, i just want to see if anyone relates to these feelings and thoughts. Please respond, if u do, it will actually make me really happy that there are people i can relate to.

  298. topcommenter says:

    It causes some major feelings of anxiety.

  299. onceaholic says:

    In my experience, intelligent kids are just on a different wave length. The average kid, ”the masses” see things one way while the intelligent kids see things another way. As a result they don’t understand each other. The intelligent kid gets frustrated by the group-think of the average person that has little logical or moral ground, while the average person in group-think mode despises anyone who thinks differently to them.

    This leads to social isolation of children who are more intelligent and are able to stick to their morals rather than give into what everyone else thinks. Not following the majority is not necessarily over-analysis. It is just proper analysis, thinking things through.

  300. vyrys says:

    This is very interesting and I have read similar before. First of all, being intelligent does not mean you always make the best choices in life. That’s just part of being human. So, if you think you might not be as smart as somebody else, don’t let it bother you. IQ and learning ability are just one part of a complex reality, most of which we cannot control.

    As for myself, I am often frustrated when speaking to others. I have an ability to connect very disparate dots to “see the big picture”. I am able to extrapolate, from sparse details, what is happening. I’ve always been able to do this. So, I can see things happening that others do not see. When I try to explain it, most people can’t see the connections that I do. I attribute this to my own poor descriptions. This is important to note because even intelligent people have flaws and shortcomings. Countless times have we seen the assumption of superiority lead to the downfall of intelligent people.

    I have also noticed my own unhappiness when I look at the state of the world. There is a huge amount of anger, mistrust and negativity, most of which would be avoidable if people put themselves in the shoes of others. Ironically, while this awareness can make one feel sad for the state of humanity, it can also make you feel good, knowing that everyone (almost everyone) will get a chance to grow and understand these things. A lot of what I take for granted, other people will figure out when they get older (I am 43, BTW). Likewise, even though I am intelligent, there are people with lower IQs who can do things that I can’t and who know things that I do not know.

    In this light we should remember that our perceptions are relative and that our attitudes ultimately can be controlled. We can be happy if we want to be, and this comes from someone who has experienced bipolar disorder. Thanks for reading.

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  302. EmptyHearse says:

    After reading the comments, I find it hilarious how many people self diagnosed themselves as being lonely or unhappy because of their “intelligence”, while at the same time reminded everyone several times that they are not boasting or being condescending. Ah the ego is in full bloom here.

  303. Gailanne Wenks says:

    I just smile.

  304. Yrocs says:

    So I see myself as a fairly smart person. I’m generally the first one to answer questions in class, or just able to figure it out before the teacher tells me to. I’m in all honors classes and a year ahead. I’m 15 years old. I think this could relate to me but the part I don’t understand is the socially underdeveloped kids are the ones that are sad. It’s not necessary because they are smart but because they lack the social skills that other kids have. But I don’t. I have a girlfriend and we are one of the popular couples at school. I am on my second year of varsity for hockey and cross country and I’m ranked nationally for hockey. I have tons of friends and fit into almost every social group at my school. Because of my intellect I can fit into the smarter group, And because of sports and my social skills I can fit into the more popular groups. My problem is most of the time I’m a super happy kid, but around once a week I just get super super sad and I don’t know why. I’m hoping that one of you may have had a similar experience and can tell me WHY IM SAD and maybe what made you better.


  305. Samuel Sanso says:

    I was categorized as “genius” from very young, and I have always had great expectations on me. But I think diferently and see everything diferently, I feel “above” others, watching them from above through a glass floor, I hate it. I feel separated. I have clinical depression and anxiety disorder (both GAD and Panic disorder) I suffer greatly and I am ALWAYS thinking, non stop about so many things, things others don’t even understand. I try to fit in, I have fell into bad habits to numb my pain, including smoking, drinking, and pot. That does not help my condicions, and I feel terrible. The world is so… Ilogical, but perfectly harmonized. Class is my thinking and working time, I sit at the very back, far from everyone, watch them do pointless unchallenging activities while I do my own stuff, from daydreaming, to distracting my mind doodling to writing philosofical papers. I strive to fulfill myself, but I feel trapped. I do have very clear what I want to do and how to fulfill my goals. I have intently studied everything I need. Now I just need to break free. Sorry for my writting, I’m Spanish.

  306. Shad Reigns says:

    I, myself, personally know that I’m one of the intelligent people. And as one, I usually think, analyze, and observe too much to the point that I lose the sense and meaning of doing something. For example, if I were to go skydiving, I would ask myself, “What’s the point? I’d return to my regular dull life after this anyway.” But, that’s not really the main problem. The main problem is being too intelligent that it’s hard to fit in with people your age or connect with ordinary people. I’ve noticed that a number of intelligent people have hobbies or interests that are so uncommon that a lot of normal people brand it ‘weird.’

  307. Connie Taylor says:

    Don’t hate. Anger is the initial response of a weak mind. You just out-ed yourself as a toddler.

  308. Connie Taylor says:

    God does love to punish anyone exemplary …

  309. Connie Taylor says:

    Fly the moron flag, you are an idiot.

  310. Connie Taylor says:

    Obviously you have never been the person with the answers when everyone else panics, say during a hurricane. Dont’t look now but your intelligence is showing.

  311. lexx b0t says:

    You put this so well. This, exactly, has been the cross I’ve had to bear since childhood…

  312. lexx b0t says:

    Sure thing: for me personally, my strengths are definitely intrapersonal, visual/spatial, and mathematical/logic. I always score exceptionally high in those areas. However, I will readily admit that I’m absolutely and utterly inept in the physically-intelligent sense. Also, although I am a very empathetic person and what not, my interpersonal skills are pretty low.
    Just thought I’d answer this question, as the multiple intelligences are fun for me to think about…

  313. John says:

    “Don’t hate. Anger is the initial response of a weak mind. You just out-ed yourself as a toddler.”

    Wrong. Or at least, not _that_ kind of toddler. Brilliant people have equal capacity for hate as average people do.

  314. Lovish Mittal says:

    Our mind is programmed to remember the bad memories better than the good ones. The so called “smart” people tend to over think about those memories, and start living in the past. Its sad really, how helpless your own memory can make you.

  315. as humans we seek approval from other humans, but here’s the tricky part. Most of them don’t understand, and the others don’t care, it sure is a sad world out thr!

  316. Scary68 says:

    I’m not smart enough to discern your level of intelligence w/ any degree of accuracy so you could dumber than a box of rocks for all I know. But, thus far, this is the first comment that actually seems to come from a higher level of understanding which could be attributed to superior intellect as well as to having acquired a minimal degree of life experience/maturity to bring value to their opinion.
    My point is, who cares how smart you are? As long as you all sound like a bunch of sniveling, nobody understands me, adolescents–NOBODY will take you seriously or deem you smart at all. If you just glance the comments overall, you’ll see the same arguments that have been made between average minds since day one. Same mistakes same dumb thinking. Read the above comment again and you’ll see what’s different & why it stands out as on a higher owned

  317. Maceymg says:

    I am also a very very intelligent individual and am in high school. I have cried over how smart I am and how many people have called me a freak. Yet when you look at me from a distance I look normal. I don’t look like a nerdy person. Yet when you talk to me you discover how awkward I can be. Most people talk about petty things and I don’t. I will talk about world problems and analyze them. I also analyze my past events and how I could have changed them (this eats me away). Yet you don’t find most high school students doing this. I have called my teachers out on getting things wrong. I have proved them wrong and flat out told them why their argument is invalid. Yet all anyone ever wants is to fit in and many smart people have a hard time doing the this. I try so hard to fit in and be normal that I don’t try in school and guess what in a class of 1000 kids I’m number 7 for GPA all because I don’t do my homework. I hate being smart and yet can’t help but feel guilty because of all of the not smart people who want to be smart like me. I also can’t stand not being right and not getting something. Yet for someone who doesn’t want to be smart I sure do have a hard time acting like I don’t want to be. Well it’s because I’ve been pegged as the “smart girl.” It drives me insane. I feel like to fit in I have to be the smart girl because that’s what everyone one expects when in reality I don’t want to be that person. I know I sound ungrateful and I’m not, I’m grateful that I’m smart, intuitive, and have perseverance. I enjoy knowledge. Heck I even crave it but it’s this craving for knowledge that I hate. It’s another reason why being smart sucks. The information that you know is never enough. You know information that you don’t want to know but do know. This information will stick with you and when someone asks a question relating to this information you can’t help but answer it even when you don’t want to because you can’t stand the fact someone may give them the wrong information. When you tell them what they want to know especially when it’s detailed you do get the dirty looks and it’s awful.

  318. Michael Benesch says:

    Fairly accurate, I still live with some of the weight of how people treated me in the past for being interested in other things. While other kids were riding quads, playing paintball, etc… I was watching documentaries, taking apart electronics, coding, loving math, and things of that nature. All of this was basically on my own as my mother was usually at work and my father a lazy bum/addict (who is doing much better now). My family always talks about how gifted I am, even joking about how they put the wrong kid through music lessons. I do not find it funny, however, as I was unable to make those decisions on my own and was never given the opportunity to pursue those things until senior year in high school when I decided to take music class (my old schools didn’t have music programs). I found then that O not only have great natural ability in it, but also love doing it! I feel like if I had music growing up not only would I be far ahead of where I am now, but could also have had some close friends and something I could use to express myself without seeming so odd, as most other kids didn’t care much for science and technology. It doesn’t really matter much now though, as the past is the past and I can only move forward from here. My time working with technology as a kid did land me a job as a cell phone tech though, and the best one at my place of employment nonetheless! At 21 I’m better than anyone who is here or has worked here, so I suppose I can be proud in that aspect.

  319. Stephanie Ralston says:

    Wow, this is literally the exact same way I feel on a daily basis. Some days are better then others but I wish for one day I could just shut off my brain and stop being angry at the world for not functioning the way it’s supposed too. “What is wrong with people” is a question I ask consistently. I’m so glad I found this page. I’m not alone!

  320. MossMonster says:

    I think these are just complaints from people who think they’re smarter than they are.

  321. Jordan says:

    I don’t want to, in saying this, make myself seem anymore intelligent than I am, but I believe there is quite a bit more that goes into why socially isolated kids become “intelligent”. I believe they are given much more time to their thoughts, as opposed to the other children who frolic around together, and they gain an understanding of the world that is different and more objective than the kids who are accepted socially. I believe, even more so, that over time, as the kids are exposed to more and more adversity and circumstance, that their then current perspectives are further refined and clear to them. I think in a more concise yet general statement, it is often easier to understand society from outside of it, which these kids, in a different regards, are subject to. I think there are an indefinite amount of quotes from scholars and artists alike praising the ability of adversity to allow one to see one’s predicament in a better light, and that of those around them.

    I believe both that the “unhappiness” of life, especially childhood, plants a seed of intelligence, bearing all the capacities of intelligence, but the will and the capacity do not always meet, i believe also that intelligence brings with it unhappiness, seeing the world for all that it can be, all that it’s capable of, all that it has been, and then seeing it for what it is, a bit unfulfilling, i think that creates a sense of unhappiness, seeing the world more accurately as it is.

  322. Jordan says:

    Who’s to say what is irrelevant though? Are not your own observations as important as those of others? I think as we journey to expand our understanding of the world, people tell us the things we believe in are naught – they tell us our views are wrong or unimportant, but I think it is entirely contrary. I think the adjective “overanalystic” is wrongly applied and pretentious, who’s to say you can’t look at a situation for everything it is and can be? Is that not more objective and just than viewing a situation only how you are expected to see it?

  323. Jordan says:

    But constantly fretting is not the same thing as being economically aware, how you react to information is more what determines your countenance than the information itself I believe.

  324. Jordan says:

    I don’t believe these less intelligent individuals are incapable of understanding, I think it to be more true that they decide to not exert the effort required to understand and, instead, create meaningless arguments to describe why they’re not willing to put the effort into understand the things you are saying, or even just to understand you, but I believe it very important to differentiate though, that it is a choice, not an incapacity on their behalf, to not understand, it’s not a manner of semantics, it’s not technicality, they just don’t care to truly endeavor in/for thought and its fruit.

  325. Brandon says:

    Hey Frank,

    Logged in to make a comment for the first time in a year, and noticed your reply. The later part of my post basically says:

    ‘After being with a partner for a while, when I constantly, almost ‘unfairly’ succeed where my partner struggles, their self esteem falls apart. To combat this, I started making a real conscious effort to praise others, genuinely, and make a point to find and comment on their triumphs. But most of the time it’s a small triumph, overshadowed by larger accomplishments I’ve already attained in that area. So they think I’m speaking down to them, even though I’m being honest and mean well.’

    To provide a somewhat immediate example, I wanted to mention that your writing shows quite a bit of intelligence, and reminds me of my own some time ago. More importantly it has a great emotional honesty, which is rarer and more important than skillfully implementing the structure and grammar of the language. If you wanted success as a writer, for instance, you would need to learn the craft and all its gory grammatical details… but that is something anyone can do with enough time. That innate spark of intelligence and honesty is far more important, although it will take some discipline to galvanize it into something truly great.

    Anyhow, if you want to chat at some point, fell free to email me. Not sure if my profile links my address, but I can be reached at: An old address (future me sighs at the name) but one I still check regularly!

  326. Brandon says:

    Sigh, just change it to “and feel more responsibility” so people will get the message.

    I’ve carried a tremendous, overbearing weight of responsibility and sadness since the first day I conceptualized how truly destructive humanity is to the other species on this planet–killing trillions, and spreading boundlessly through ecosystems like a virus. We are earth’s quintessential invasive species. And that weight, that shame, is always in the back of my mind.

    The average person doesn’t endeavor to consider such matters, and frankly can’t wrap their mind around the meaning of a trillion lives. I feel a touch of bitterness and envy for this lack of capacity–although paradoxically, I wouldn’t give up my intelligence were I given the chance. But inevitably, we prefer the devil we know… and in this case the greater attendant beauty, in spite of the pain.

  327. Brandon says:

    Quarrels with your content aside, I’m somewhat amused that you qualify most geniuses as atheists, yet are yourself a believer. I feel oddly recognized, so… thank you?

  328. VictoriaChen says:

    What you are referring to, my love, is emotional intelligence. That is if you are looking at Howard Gardner’s “multiple theory of intelligences.” There are not only one kind but several kinds of intelligences. Logical, mathematical, musical, emotional intelligence, for i.e. If you study an geniuses in history, you will find that though some may have overlapping geniuses, it is quite impossible to be a genius at everything.

    A lot of this discussion here in the comments refers to emotional intelligence. Though basis for reasoning, I’m certain can be shared among the other intelligences.

    I feel relieved that there are quite a number of people that experience this very thing here. But more profound, I find mind- boggling is the irony of it all.

    Here we are, saying we are the unique one in our set of friends yet look how many people are here with the same experience! It’s safe to presume perhaps we’re not that common but keep looking, if you allow yourself to open up and let others in, you will find someone like you. I have 3 friends I feel content with compared to the 1,000s of friends I’ve made.

    I am also a little different in that, I CAN turn that switch off. I have a desire to relate to others. though sometimes I do hold back, there are infinitely many things to discuss and share. Everyone you meet regardless of level of intelligence will know something you don’t know. Stick around long enough, you’ll see it and maybe even enjoy it as much as I do. Long story, short, I am equally extroverted as I can be introverted. I do all my learning in both environments. I see it as a sort of of yin and yang that balances my life for contentment and a drive to want to know more. And to address and agree that yes, being smart/intelligent can be isolating, or “depressing,” Why not use that to your advantage? You know that saying, “Comedy is tragedy,” use that brain of yours to make your friends laugh with your witty knowledge! When you see them laugh, you will too; monkey see: monkey do. It’s ingrained in us to socially share these feelings. I am no expert in a thing, I know a little bit about everything and it feels amazing to find something to relate to each and everyone I encounter.

    Finding friends like us are not easy but we exist!! I’m happy that I have those 3 ridiculously intelligent friends that chose to befriend me even though we can’t always hang out and be together even within the same country! I will agree that finding a mate with these virtues is tough… I seek to answer why that is and I have chosen that I will rather die unwed woman than to settle conveniently as so many have chosen for their lives. … My mind is running off on a couple of tangents so I will end it here.

  329. Raven Rayne Winter says:

    Ignorance is bliss because they never are “on” to have to “switch off”. Sorry to tell you but you cannot switch off the brain from being intelligent. The brain does not work that way. But no sense in arguing with someone who couldn’t understand what it is like to be intelligent.

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will only drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”

  330. James Denis says:

    As a child who went through the gifted program and recently delt with my issues I can see a lot of truth in this and honestly what led me to this article was the google search “being an “intellectual” made me depressed even though I’m inherently intelligent.” so ponder that *shrug*

  331. wtf says:

    ‘i see are the chains of people repeating history around me. I can fix most of peoples problems given just a bit of time’

    Some people might say you are being egotistical, but I know exactly what you mean. What happens to wild animals when they are caged? They go crazy, they become violent and / or depressed.

    We live in mental cages, with bars made from the hundreds of subjective laws and rules we are told to obey; laws and rules that might have nothing to do with who we really are as human beings. These bars are passed from generation to generation; an endless loop of unquestioned values and beliefs. Unfortunately, much of what is passed on is prejudice, hate and intolerance – and this is accepted as reality.

    We only need a two laws in a sane world:
    Beliefs are personal. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want.
    Bodies are personal. No one has the right to control or harm any body but their own.

    Unfortunately, this is not a sane world.

  332. BaSH PR0MPT says:

    You mean ignorance is bliss? How insightful.

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  334. I think that’s just a very tiny part of the suffering.

    For me, the main causes would be:

    1. people can’t stand you being obviously better at something. or everything.
    2. you are alone
    3. the world sucks

  335. Terry Fraser says:

    there are a few things that may make an intelligent person feel depressed or unhappy, and a lot is based on science, like the world running out of naturel resources, or an asteroid hitting the planet, the sun going to a super red giant and killing everyone and not being able to travel to another star because of E=MC2, knowing every thing you do today will be worthless in the future because there will be no future for humans, and the only thing intelligent people can think of is there a future worth working towards or is it all for nothing, so our subconscious may be looking at the negatives realistically daily , but on another level we are trying to figure out ways to avoid these ends to human civilization, but a stupid person thinks the world is like star wars in the future, unless an intelligent person can come up with anti gravity and faster than light which might be possible which again makes intelligent people feel sad or unhappy or depressed because they never thought of the new idea to save human kind.

  336. Untitled says:

    At least I can be glad that I’m wholeheartedly dense.

  337. Milosc says:

    It just looks like that, Peter

  338. Mike Glambin says:

    Nailed it.

  339. Brian Millar says:

    Our society is purposely rewarding lower intelligence because they are easier to exploit. As I observe, the people with the power and wealth tend to be more corrupt, ruthless and brutal.

  340. Terence Tizon says:

    Wow dude. You just made me make an account here just to comment to you. Your comment made me tear up a bit for it is exactly how I feel and I am very sad and anxious cause I feel that no one in this world understand how I or the same types of logical person such as me feel and think. Even my parents don’t understand how I feel.

  341. GayPirate says:

    Joy comes from ignorance. I’ve yet to see proof otherwise. You only think over-analysis is silly because you’re an idiot too stupid to decode and benefit from proper analysis.

  342. GayPirate says:

    You’re not as smart as you think you are. Either that, or your standards are low.

  343. GayPirate says:

    No. That’s not what’s happening. This person is a moron.

  344. If it’s not happening to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to the rest. And, by the way your comment really speaks loudly about your own intelligence.

  345. GayPirate says:

    There is literally nothing within my comment to give any indication of my intelligence in any way, whatsoever, positive or negative. Unless you’re the type of fool who believes that intelligence = niceness, in which case I suggest you try being a little less naive about the world.

  346. My comment does not indicate that intelligence = niceness. You are just being narrow minded, and the ignorance is dripping from every comment you write.

  347. It’s your ignorance which made me question your intelligence. You are cruising through life thinking your narrow mindedness makes you superior than most, well guess what it’s the other way around.
    Perhaps, I am a fool trying to match wits with an ignorant little git.

    My only advice to you, Grow UP!

  348. The Arbiter says:

    I suspect many of the people who fit this description probably have an Intuitive preference (introvert intuitive especially) instead of a Sensor preference on the MBTI. They’re in a catch 22 situation where the typical prescriptive advice of ‘living in the concrete moment (which conflicts with the intuitive preference for big picture abstract possibilities) ends up being one size fits all solutions aimed more at the extroverted / sensory leaning ‘ESxx’ preference oriented culture. The intuitives’ real-world experience and general lack of opportunity to ‘practice their preference’ in the arena of K-12 through the typical workplace culture and a only adds to that.

  349. be says:

    Interesting article, agreed with most of it. A lot of self-proclaimed smart people here — my question to them is “What have you done? Have you produced anything of value?” There is a fine line between intelligence and arrogance; and it’s easy to think you’re more capable than you are. Actually doing/creating things is a way to put your intelligence to the test. For this reason, I don’t take seriously the self-proclaimed smart people who haven’t done anything impressive.

  350. Ink says:

    This made me cry. For someone to finally put my feelings exactly to words. Thank you.

  351. Meagan Javier says:

    I’m not saying I’m the smartest person I know I just want to mention that I am around people who are unobservant and unaware on a daily basis and it irritates and depresses me. i can’t stand when people are quick to question things without taking a second to figure out the answer themselves. they are quick to get defensive instead of listening to reasoning and explanations letting them know why something is and they don’t notice things around them. It’s like they’re in their own little world. I believe that I am loose enough with grammar by not being a perfectionist but I can’t stand when someone doesn’t talk properly or doesn’t know how to spell or can’t do basic math. If I make a grammatical error while speaking I correct myself in my head. I read this article to try and figure out why I am so affected by the ….( for lack of a better word ) dimwitted actions of others. I hope my comment helped a bit. I like to think I’m just average like everyone else just with a quick temper.

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