Harnessing the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

More and more people are becoming aware that they have two distinct minds–the conscious and the subconscious. We are generally more aware of the conscious mind, because we spend most of our waking hours there, while we spend our sleeping hours in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is like the tip of the iceberg that you see above the water, while the subconscious is below the surface.

We think, reason, decide, compute, and reason with our conscious mind. That would make it seem indispensable and far superior to whatever the subconscious mind does. And until recently, the vast powers of the subconscious mind remained fairly untapped. As science continues to explore its depths, we continue to learn more about its capacity as the quiet dynamo behind the conscious mind.

Imagine that the subconscious mind as the puppeteer pulling the strings of the conscious mind. It’s like an enormous warehouse storing all the experiences, impressions, ideas, lessons, and beliefs you’ve ever had. It’s like your computer’s hard drive, that is, if you save your data! And back it up. So when the conscious mind needs to make a decision, for example, it pulls up data from its storehouse or hard drive to help make an informed choice. Now all this is pretty much done unconsciously.

That’s where you can start to harness the power of your subconscious mind. By using it consciously and deliberately, to guide and influence you to make the best choices. And you do that by communicating with it. You ask it questions, offer up problems for it to solve, set up goals for it to achieve–so it can get to work to mine its reservoir to create answers, solutions, and actions. When you have a specific outcome you want to achieve–such as finding the ideal home for your family, or overcoming a health challenge–what you need to do is to tell your subconscious mind exactly what you want in full detail.

Then, leave the how to your subconscious. For not only is it a storehouse of all your life experience, it is also connected to an unlimited, infinite source through its connection to the universal mind, just as your computer is connected to millions of computers through the Internet. Initially, you program your subconscious mind through the conscious mind much as we put data on our hard drive. We read books, take courses, experience certain events–and all this gets recorded onto our subconscious mind. However, and this is a big however, a lot of things get programmed into the subconscious accidentally. For example, experiences we didn’t plan on, and thoughts we didn’t choose to entertain, and beliefs we formed based on misperceptions.

So if you are not getting the kinds of results you want in your life, it’s often in the faulty programming of your subconscious mind. The good news is that since you programmed it, whether accidentally or on purpose, you can re-program it at any time, so you can get the results you want. Although scientists have not come up with a way to simply “delete” unwanted thoughts as easily as you can delete files from your computer, you can override unwanted programming with more desired thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

How you do that is by putting your undivided attention on what you want to accomplish. Think about your goals, visualize your goals, imagine them already achieved. When you hear any background noise in your mind with the old programming, let your new thoughts get louder and louder, until the negative messages get quieter and quieter. Adopt the attitude that you will not fail, that you will succeed, that there is no other option. And if temporary setbacks crop up, keep moving forward to your goals. Setbacks are just the result of your residual old thoughts. As they get quieter and the supportive thoughts get stronger, you will start to see concrete evidence in your results. When you harness the power of your subconscious mind, you are using your mind’s capabilities wisely and powerfully.

This article was written by David B. Bohl – Husband, Father, Friend, Lifestyle Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, and creator of Slow Down FAST.


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