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The 7 Unseen Benefits of Rejection

Rejection sucks! I know because I face them often in my life. What’s even worse is that no one can escape it. Everybody has been rejected and most likely will experience rejection again. It can be a dating rejection, a social rejection, job rejection or more. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure – It can be tough to handle. It feels so terrible to be rejected especially if it’s something you work hard for. Most people will torture themselves for quite a time reliving the humiliation, the pain and all the lost opportunity. A lucky few are seemingly immune to it and is always brave to move on fast until they get what they want. But the courageous ones see a light through the darkness of rejection and use it to motivate them.

Speaking through my own experience, I realized that there are benefits on being rejected. I saw famous people that have been more successful after rejection – Walt Disney, Stephen King, Soichiro Honda and more. I saw some guys who married a better woman after being rejected by dozens. J.K. Rowling herself, the famous author of the Harry Potter books had been rejected several times by various publishing houses until she found bloomsbury.What if she had stopped at the first rejection? So if you’re feeling hopeless out there, remember that rejection doesn’t necessarily means failure. It’s just a curve we need to pass by. And with every curve we get something. Here are some of the benefits of being rejected.

1. It makes us high. Scientific studies by Albert Einstein College of Medicine shows that we need to feel an emotion that is higher than anything else. When our emotions are at its height, the brain’s reward and addiction centers showed increased activity. Specifically, dopamine production was higher in college students who were dumped by their partners but were still intensely “in love.” This only proves one thing, when we are rejected, our brain is at its highest capability so don’t waste it but instead do great things with it.
2. It motivates us to do better. I don’t know about you but rejections force most people to come up with a better version of them. If you experience social rejection then you can change your attitude for people to like you more. If you got a rejection letter for your business proposal then come up with more creative ideas and work harder. Empower yourself with each pain and never give up.
3. It reminds us that we are humans. Sometimes people think so highly about themselves that rejections act as self affirmation that we are not above anyone. It keeps us humble and with humility comes the openness to learn new things and new ways. It also reminds us that humans make mistakes, what’s important is how you bravely face the consequences of it.
4. It teaches us patience. Most people think of rejections as failure but most of the time, it’s just the wrong timing. You or your ideas may still just be a diamond in a rough. Everything has its right time so wait for it and don’t rush things.
5. It teaches us not to burn bridges. If someone says no now, they may be willing to say yes later. So the answer on how to handle rejection is with grace – and don’t burn bridges. Don’t cut any relationships that had been formed. Whether it’s a friendship or a joint venture, it’s still a connection. You can go back next month or next year to bring something else to the table.
6. It redirects us to different paths. Do you believe in the saying “When God closes a door, he opens a window”? Believe it now. Because most rejections most often give us the chance to explore other options. One may decide to change their careers after all, others may decide to change companies or colleges choice and some may even choose to be single all their life – what’s wrong with that?
7. It shows who we can count on. And last but not the least, rejections can let us know who true allies are are. In the gloomy days of being rejected there would be people who will help us stand again or even people who will give us other opportunities. Be thankful for them.

No one likes to receive a “No” – especially if you are so hoping that you will get a “Yes”. But remember that rejection is a part of growth. To truly develop as a great person, one should experience rejection and get through it. Rejection helps you know your weaknesses and strengths, to learn more about yourself and to ultimately grow. So think positive and everything will be just fine.

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