6 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood

We all have moods which can affect the way our physical body feels (and operates), as well as how we deal with other people and situations. Our moods can affect and infect others. You wouldn’t purposely infect someone with your germs, so why would you infect them with your mood?

Few of us were taught how to self-soothe or manage our undesirable emotions; therefore, few people are able to maintain a steady level of “good” mood all day.

Unfortunately, there are many times throughout the day that when our not-so-good mood can affect the proceedings and the outcome of a situation. The following suggestions can be used before any important event and they can be used when you recognize that you would rather be in a better mood.

Our moods are generated by our thoughts. All the ideas below will get you out of your head, and into your body, specifically, your vibrational body or spirit.

They will also get you out of the past where sadness and anger live and out of the future where fear and anxiety live. Each one will bring you into the present moment where there is nothing but peace.

The two main moods we generally wish to get out of are stressed moods (anxious, fearful, frustrated, overwhelmed, and angry) and sad moods. We can then choose to calm our mood or to uplift it.

Dwelling in a depressed, anxious or angry mood is unhealthy for your physical and vibrational bodies. We are energy bodies, and we vibrate and resonate, therefore, our moods have a tone. Change the tone, change the mood.

You can change your tone through any of your senses; however, I don’t recommend using your sense of taste, as it can lead to overeating. You can also change your tone by using high-frequency thoughts, words and actions.

  1. The first thing I do is “Think Gratitude.” For the next five minutes thank everything your can touch with your eyes and your hands. Look around, or if you can, walk around and do this.

Be as specific as you can with what you are grateful for and why.

You can thank your perfectly functioning organs, your body parts and your  phenomenal operating systems.  You can thank the people who enhance your life.   You can thank your job, your devices, your car and all the other things in your life that make it easier and better.

I like “Thank you for this magnificent planet without which none of this would be possible.”

I believe the more things you’re grateful for and to, the more the things in your life will work well. [I hug and thank my refrigerator when it’s making noises!]

This may feel weird at first but you will start smiling within a short time. You’ll  probably be very surprised how truly grateful you are for so many of these things. (If not, imagine if it didn’t work or didn’t exist!) You’ll also be surprised by the perceptible change in your bodies’ vibration; its feeling.

  1. Smile

Just choose to smile and hold it for at least a minute.

Or find something to smile and laugh about. Imagine your funniest memory, a  favorite scene from a movie, watch a video, or look at photos. You can also share  the wealth and tell someone else a joke, or share a funny memory or story with  them.

  1. Choose Your Words  

Words have energy and thus, impact. By thinking or saying uplifting or calming words, you will change your mood. Repeat any of the following high-energy words: (or choose your own)

For uplifting:

  • Magnificent (My favorite.)
  • Wonderful
  • Spectacular
  • Perfect
  • Glorious

For calming:

  • Peaceful
  • Serene
  • Tranquil
  • Calm

If you want to share the wealth, compliment someone else.

  1. Hum

When you hum, you’re producing the same vibratory sound used during the  meditation chant of ‘ohm.’

Different tones affect different chakras, so with a little research you can discover which musical notes and which sound chants to use when experiencing dis- harmony in each chakra.

  1. Breathe Deeply

Conscious breathing is one of the quickest ways to get out of your head and into the present moment. Follow the breath in and out. Focus on the sensations.

-If you’re stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, angry, or frustrated, there are two methods you can use:

A. Close off your right nostril and breathe in and out through your left nostril.

B.  Breathe in through your nose and out slowly through your mouth. Try both and see which one works best for you.

-For uplifting, close off your left nostril and breathe in and out through your right nostril.

  1. Be Child-like

Try doing anything that engages your inner child, when you didn’t care what people thought and fun was your only goal: i.e. jump for joy, run silly, BE silly!

You can try combining two or more at the same time!

If you’re a parent and/or in an intimate partnership, there is one particular time, each day, where your mood will affect your most important relationships: when you get home from work. You can use any of the activities to improve your mood before you go into your home. In this way, you can bring you’re best you home to those you love, not the stressed-out, cranky you.

By incorporating one or more of the above suggestions into your daily routine, you’ll be more likely to maintain an even mood throughout the day which will help you live a more peaceful life. And by minimizing or eliminating undesirable moods, your physical body will have access to the energy it needs to remain healthier throughout your life.

Michele Goldstein is a Spiritual-Interfaith Minister, life counselor, former teacher, writer, gratitude-junkie, and founder of Return Love .

Her mission is to share her unique message of healing, evolving perception, and the end of suffering derived from her own personal growth journey. (42)

45 Responses to 6 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood

  1. Michele, have you ever taken a look into the classic philosophy that is Stoicism? It seems to be classic Stoicism that you are preaching. Most people assume that Stoicism equals total lack of emotion. In reality, it is much more amazing than that.

    “The first thing I do is ‘Think Gratitude.’ For the next five minutes thank everything your can touch with your eyes and your hands. Look around, or if you can, walk around and do this.” This right here? Classic Stoicism. They teach you methods that help you want what you already have as well as to appreciate the things you currently have even more through something they call “Negative Visualization”. 

    William B. Irvine’s book “The Stoic Joy” does a good job modernizing the philosophy and he uses an example very similar to yours. Close your eyes and try to go a few minutes doing seemingly mundane tasks. You may have troubles and have to navigate through feel from your hands. Now open your eyes and you are truly blessed to discover that not only were you able to navigate without vision, but you now have the bonus gift of a pair of beautifully working eyes. It’s an amazing life philosophy that can be adopted to fit anyone. Hope you give it a quick look Michele!

    As for conscious breathing, I recommend Thich Nhat Hanh’s “The Miracle of Mindfulness” . It does a good job of going over mindful breathing.

  2. The idea of hugging my noisy fridge is pretty damn funny. There’s just no way I wouldn’t be able to smile if I was doing that — I would feel too silly to not smile. I may actually try that next time I’m having a bad day.

    Pets are also a great way to improve your mood. A few minutes spent petting your dog or playing with your cat will go a long way towards soothing your negative feelings.

    But you’re right, the key is to find something — anything — that bings you back to the present. Dwelling on negativity only reinforces it.


  3. UpbeatBrain says:

    Just reading your post lifted my mood, Michele. I especially like what you wrote about words. I agree completely that words matter, as you’ll see at: http://upbeatbrain.com/words-matter. Your suggestion of repeating uplifting or calming words makes great sense to me. I’m going to try that the next time that I need a lift. If that doesn’t quite do it, I’m going to rely on the words of Milton Berle: “Laughter is an instant vacation.”

  4. Aaron Morton says:

    Good post and something that can be a welcome addition to being mindful.

    One thing I like to tell my clients is the connection between physiology and the brain. By changing your posture and how you move you are creating a change in your brain that can affect your mood. 

    The Confidence Lounge

  5. Ani says:

    Nice post. Have not tried everything but am sure that all your points work :)
    I had created my own list in this blog post called ”What do I do when things go wrong” – http://www.lifeprobabilities.com/2012/03/13/what-i-do-when-things-go-wrong/

  6. I really like it. Going through every single one of them just uplifted me. Thank you…and yes, they all work if people allow themselves to feel more emotions.

  7. In the same way, I use “physical memories” to bring me back where I feel certain emotions. Thank Aaron. Do you have a website? 

  8. I love this one “Laughter is an instant vacation.” For the repeating uplifting word, I use “I Love you, Thank You”.  I like your blog by the way

  9. The only thing that grows are the thing we give energy to. You are right about pet, they are great to uplift our mood.

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  11. Michele says:

    Thank you, Aaron. Physical movement and posture can surely change your mood. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Michele says:

    I am so grateful you enjoyed it.
    Let me know how repeating chosen words works for you.
    Love the Milton Berle quote. It is 100% true. Thank you for sharing it.

  13. Michele says:

    Hi Renaud and Sarah,
    Using I love you and Thank you are excellent choices for raising your vibrational frequency. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Michele says:

    Hi Trevor,
    Hugging the frige does combine gratitude, smiling and acting child-like. I’m grateful you enjoyed the example.
    I focused this article on things we can do without preparation when we are alone or at work. I totally agree that pets are uplifting. They are part of the follow-up article coming soon on my site.
    May you always live in the present.

  15. Michele says:

    You are right: the only things that grow are the things we give energy to. This applys to both positive and negative things, so we all need to keep out attention on the positive things.

  16. Michele says:

    Thank you, Vincent. I will definitely check into Stoicism and pick up Irvine’s book.
    I love the idea of learning to want what you already have.
    I am a big fan of Thich Nhat Hanh’s work, but havent read that one yet. I will put it on my list as well.
    Thank you for sharing such valuable information.

  17. Michele says:

    Thank you Renaud and Sarah, I am grateful to be able to uplift you with my words. Feeling our emotions is what helps us learn and grow.

  18. Michele says:

    Thank You, Ani. I have more suggestions that will be posted on my site that include many of the ones in your post.
    Your post is excellent and we definitely share the same mind on this subject.
    I hope I gave you some new ideas as you gave me.

  19. iPhoneUser says:

    Technical problem:

    Ever tried to read you articles mobile? I just wanted to take a look at it (via Twitter). The  “social network bar” on the left makes it impossible to read anything at all. Maybe you can do something about that. – Good article tough

  20. Michele says:

    I’m grateful you were able to read the article and enjoyed it. Hopefully admin will look at the problem.

  21. KarolGajda says:

    A big yes to #1. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal since 2011. Even on less-than-stellar days I find there is something to be grateful for. It doesn’t always necessarily take me from sad to happy, but it does help get to less sad if nothing else.

    As for #6: a group of friends and I were in Mexico for a week last year. We discovered that play, being child-like, has an incredibly intoxicating effect. There were lots of smiles and hugs that week.

  22. Michele says:

    Thank you.
    May peace and love be with you always,

  23. Michele says:

    Thank you for sharing, Karol.
    There is only good in keeping a gratitude journal!
    It sounds like you have some good management techniques.
    Yes, play and fun are great mood-boosters!
    May peace and love be with you always,

  24. Ben Ross says:

    Thankyou for the tips.

    One big thing that helps me is meditation. I have these times after meditation where my mind is just quiet and I can just relax into the moment. That is when I feel the best.

    And it helps me to focus more on what I want to, which helps with my thoughts.


  25. Michele says:

    My pleasure, Ben.
    Thank you for sharing and possibly inspiring people to meditate. It will give you the ability to stay centered for longer than you would without it.
    These tips were intended for use on the fly: at work, in the car, at a family function…, for a quick change of mood.The breating tip is like a quick meditation.
    May peace and love be with you always,

  26. Drzoe says:

    Marvelously simple article I shared with others. Thanks.

  27. PaulH82 says:

    Some brilliant tips here. Proper breathing is the key IMO. The more basic the concept the more powerful its application. 

  28. Michele says:

    Thank you, Paul.
    Proper breathing is very important, but it as important to use our breath for the healing benefits it can provide.
    Thank you for sharing.

  29. Michele says:

    Thank you so much Drzoe. You are obviously someone who cares a great deal, to take the time to share healing and coping tips with others.
    Thank you for being a light in this world.

  30. Lib says:

    I have just created a Visual / Scent Therapy Business focusing on Seascapes and Sunsets, When you combine the Unisex Island fragrances with the captivating Seascapes and Sunsets, When you experience this, the stress, pain and anxiety slowly slip away allowing the a sense of peace, calm and contentment embrace you 

  31. Michele says:

    HI Lib,
    I totally agree that the sense of smell can lead to calming, as well as uplifting. I didn’t have room to discuss it in this article but will be talking about aromatherapy and the power of smell in the follow-up to this article on my site.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  33. And I am very impress Michele by how much you engage on social media. Are you on twitter?

  34. Michele says:

    Thank you. I am on twitter-MicheleGoldstein@ReturnLove_org

  35. Michele says:

    Hi Vincent, I just wanted to let you know that I am almost finished reading Irvine’s book. It’s been a very interesting read. I prefer gratitude over negative visualization, but seem to agree with the efficacy of most of their techniques and points of view. Thank you for the recommendation.

  36. I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the book! Gratitude is quite powerful after all, so it doesn’t surprise me that you prefer it. :)

  37. Michele says:

    I enjoyed it so much that I already wrote one post on it and am working on the next one. I think it is a reasonable option for people looking to improve thier lives.
    I don’t ascribe to any one religion or philosophy but take pieces from many. Stoicism supports many of my guiding beliefs and it shares much with Buddhism. It is a great read for peace-seekers.
    Do you know any practicing Stoics?
    Thanks again. :)

  38. My close friend practices it and applies it to Entrepreneurship. I actually wrote an article on Stoicism a while back that you can draw inspiration from if you’d like. http://www.selfstairway.com/stoicism

  39. Michele says:

    I did a little searching on line to see if there were any practicing Stoics out there. And I found this really interesting article by Tim Ferris and Ryan Holiday on Ferris’ site fourhourworkweek.com – Stoicism
    101: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs. This wouldn’t be your friend would it? Good article.

    I will check out your article. If you want to check out mine -http://returnlove.org/my-intro-to-philosophy-a-guide-to-the-good-life-by-william-r-irvine.

  40. I have read that article, but Tim Ferriss is not my friend. That’d be really cool if I knew him!

    Here is another article on Stoicism and it was my first introduction into Stoicism: http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2011/10/02/what-is-stoicism-and-how-can-it-turn-your-life-to-solid-gold/

    I’ll be checking yours out right now. :)

  41. Michele says:

    Your article is a very compelling book review!
    Thanks for sharing.

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