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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

Your brain needs exercise just like a muscle. If you use it often and in the right ways, you will become a more skilled thinker and increase your ability to focus. But if you never use your brain, or abuse it with harmful chemicals, your ability to think and learn will deteriorate.

Here are 5 simple ways anyone can squeeze a bit more productivity out of the old gray matter.

1. Minimize Television Watching – This is a hard sell. People love vegetating in front of the television, myself included more often than I’d like. The problem is watching television doesn’t use your mental capacity OR allow it to recharge. It’s like having the energy sapped out of a muscle without the health benefits of exercise.

Don’t you feel drained after a couple hours of TV? Your eyes are sore and tired from being focused on the light box for so long. You don’t even have the energy to read a book.

When you feel like relaxing, try reading a book instead. If you’re too tired, listen to some music. When you’re with your friends or family, leave the tube off and have a conversation. All of these things use your mind more than television and allow you to relax.

2. Exercise – I used to think that I’d learn more by not exercising and using the time to read a book instead. But I realized that time spent exercising always leads to greater learning because it improves productivity during the time afterwards. Using your body clears your head and creates a wave of energy. Afterwards, you feel invigorated and can concentrate more easily.

3. Read Challenging Books – Many people like to read popular suspense fiction, but generally these books aren’t mentally stimulating. If you want to improve your thinking and writing ability you should read books that make you focus. Reading a classic novel can change your view of the world and will make you think in more precise, elegant English. Don’t be afraid to look up a word if you don’t know it, and don’t be afraid of dense passages. Take your time, re-read when necessary, and you’ll soon grow accustomed to the author’s style.

Once you get used to reading challenging books, I think you’ll find that you aren’t tempted to go back to page-turners. The challenge of learning new ideas is far more exciting than any tacky suspense-thriller.

4. Early to Bed, Early to Rise – Nothing makes it harder to concentrate than sleep deprivation. You’ll be most rejuvenated if you go to bed early and don’t sleep more than 8 hours. If you stay up late and compensate by sleeping late, you’ll wake up lethargic and have trouble focusing. In my experience the early morning hours are the most tranquil and productive. Waking up early gives you more productive hours and maximizes your mental acuity all day.

If you have the opportunity, take 10-20 minute naps when you are hit with a wave of drowsiness. Anything longer will make you lethargic, but a short nap will refresh you.

5. Take Time to Reflect – Often our lives get so hectic that we become overwhelmed without even realizing it. It becomes difficult to concentrate because nagging thoughts keep interrupting. Spending some time alone in reflection gives you a chance organize your thoughts and prioritize your responsibilities. Afterwards, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s important and what isn’t. The unimportant stuff won’t bother you anymore and your mind will feel less encumbered.

I’m not saying you need to sit on the floor cross-legged and chant ‘ommm’. Anything that allows a bit of prolonged solitude will do. One of my personal favorites is taking a solitary walk. Someone famous said, “All the best ideas occur while walking.” I think he was on to something. Experiment to find the activity that works best for you.

Conclusion – I hope you aren’t disappointed that none of the techniques I’ve proposed are revolutionary. But simple, unexciting answers are often the most valid. The challenge is having the will to adhere to them. If you succeed in following these 5 tips, you’ll be rewarded with increased mental acuity and retention of knowledge.

If you’re still hungry for more, check out the follow up post: 5 More Ways to Make the Most of Your Intelligence.

  • Dave

    I wholeheartedly agree with everyone listed. I’ve just started doing these things plus a few more within the past couple months and my productivity in every aspect of my life has tripled. It has turned out to be exhilarating, educational, and refreshing. Bravo!

  • Donald Latumahina

    Great tips, John. I especially like #3, read challenging books. Most people will just read books which are comfortable for them, me included.
    Reading this post makes me realize that it won’t grow my intelligence much. Stretching our mind to the boundaries is the way to make it stronger and stronger.

  • Greg Morneault

    Fantastic post John. I think all five points are valid, but no TV is by far the most important. What do you do if you don’t watch TV? You are naturally inclined to fill the time by reading, excercising, relecting, and if you’re too tired to do any of that….go to bed early.

    • sam

      exactly Grey your smart man :d i think watching tv it’s a waste of time..let me talk about myself ,i when i was a child the only thing i was doing is watching tv allday long and now i can see the symptom of it ,really it make your brain cell’s dies and let me have a weak concentration and reduction of education .i advice every one to read books instead of watching tv .trust me

  • James

    Most people dont read…so reading is a start for most.
    Great idea…but if I am gonna watch TV what is some challenging TV to watch?
    Also what are some of those “challenging” books to read.
    I find reading books very time challenging issue…Id suggest reading “challenging” magazines/periodicals as well… You can get a lot out of the short stories/essays.

  • muklin

    I’m almost finished reading Foucalt’s Pendulumn by Umberto Eco and I can recommend it to anyone who liked the idea behind the Da Vinco Code, but hated its banal false pretenses. I never watch TV, (its antenna is not even plugged into the wall.) I do spend a lot of time behind a computer, playing computer games and reading. I enjoy chemicals, but have had to stop that to persue competitive sport. Unfortunately I don’t sleep enough and drink too much now. So you missed one aspect, self control. One of my personal rules (may not make you smarter) is everythig in moderation. Not only what you eat, drink etc (which will help you be a healthier person) but what you listen to, what you read,what you watch. Every time you experience some genre you have never experienced before, it gives you a new perspective on life, as long as you are open minded to the reason behind it. And then you may use it as it is valid in your everyday life.

    • mary

      really that is great apsolutly loved it man

  • John Wesley

    You are right about self control, that’s they key to actually doing any of this stuff.

  • Stephan

    if you want to watch something challenging on TV try to watch shows in foreign languages and then learn them, or watch documentaries or political talk shows.

  • John Wesley

    Or you could watch a good movie with interesting dialog. I also love Discovery HD.

  • Ron

    i disagree with the reflection, i dont think its nessesary if you live now.

  • guy

    I am a fundamentalist follower of all 5 points. Though for me the 5th, reflection, cannot be radical enough. No, I don’t sit cross legged and go ommmm, but I do meditate for 30 minutes everyday. It cleans the mind and gives me mental energy.
    As far as TV goes, I don’t think there’s anything like challenging TV. The most challenging TV is minor league stuff compared to any good book.

  • Brach

    All my life I’ve ha this. “potetial” “so smart” “phenom” Nade me lazy, unhappy. Thank goodness I smartened up!

  • David

    I used to watch a lot of television when I was younger, but then went for a long period when I didn’t have one. When the mere habit of watching was broken, I was astonished to realize how stupid almost all television shows were once I got a TV again and sampled some. Even more annoying were commercials, along with the fact that they run *during* a show. Imagine trying to tell someone a story, but interrupting every few minutes to shout, “Hey check this out!” Even if there is challenging television, much of the value is lost if the station runs commercials during the show.

    I own a television now, and am not opposed to catching a stray night of David Letterman, but mostly use it to watch DVD’s. Try watching a bunch of the movies that get conistently high reviews. Then do the same without requiring that the movies be recent. Then do the same without requiring that the movies be in English. Your world will be changed.

    • cyrax

      the best way 2 become intelligent is by absorbing skills from intelligent people around you.

  • Daniel Haugh

    Well, while I whole-heartedly agree with your tips, I think you’ve forgotten a crucial one- save some time for prayer. Daily prayer is absolutely essential. True, it could be tied in with tip # 5, but it goes beyond reflection. Spending time with the Lord is the most important thing I do each day, and it leaves me feeling clear-headed and ready to take on the world. I recommend it for everyone.

    • Sasha

      Oh puleeze. Spending time with the Lord? When will you people stop this crap? You make me want to throw up.

  • Martin

    I totally agree with all five points. I will also add moderated internet usage and with a concrete objective. I notice that “internet zapping” has really fucked up my concentration and attention span.
    Also, I good way to avoid excesive TV usage is avoiding zapping at all costs, thats the real brain drainer. Nowadays I only watch certain tv shows I donwload via internet, that way I don’t lose time zapping.

  • Owen

    Without “internet zapping” I would not have read this article 😉

  • Danny

    I like how this article claims your methods make you ‘improve your thinking and writing ability,’ yet contains the following flagrant error of bad writing:

    “If you want improve your thinking and writing ability you should read books that make you focus.”

    Hate mail expected. Have fun kids.

    • Nate

      Did you really need to point that out?

  • John Wesley

    Yes, that is a typo. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Samir Mishra

    I would like to add one more, reduce surfing the net aimlessly. I reduce my TV watching only to find myself surfing general sites. Now I have taken up reading and learning the piano again but this TV thing, man it ain’t easy quitting it.

  • Jaga Dish

    The most important thing is to try new things. Variety is the spice of life and also the only true antioxidant.

  • Eddie

    Yes, TV isn’t challenging at all. Unless you’re watching a great PBS series like “American Experience,” “Frontline,” or “Nova.” Or a great science program on the Discovery or National Geographic channels. Or an in-depth history show on the History Channel. Or a great movie. Or just about anything on the Documentary Channel. Or just about anything on Free Speech TV. Or a jazz bio on Trio. Or a vintage concert on VH1 Classic. Or a great, challenging music video like “Kick, Push” by Lupe Fiasco. Or a highly intelligent, literate, mentally engaging comedy like “Futurama” or “Extras.” Or an exciting sporting event. Or … you get the idea. In my opinion, blanket condemnations of television tend to be woefully ill-informed and generally useless. Every medium out there has its share of brilliance and garbage. You’re not enhancing your intelligence by blindly writing any of them off. I also think having some regular contact with the culture of the world you live in enhances intelligence and understanding. I roughly agree with your other four items, though I would add creative socializing to the list. But everything in moderation, including TV. As Pete Townshend once wrote, “Too much of anything is too much for me.”

  • pit

    Hm poor ?? (I opened this site by mistake )
    I couldent forbear from comment
    I think that it take high intelligence to come to so brilliant ideas
    I am only wonder if you know tahat expresion of your gene is possible only in some range
    So if Iwere born as a idiot I could only reduce my stupidity 😀
    I am also wonder how a classic novel can improve your thinking ( of course without view to it`s often fiction)
    for example : Żeromski uu yeeeh tahat`s it

  • craig

    Don’t forget the crossword puzzles..!!

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  • http://PicktheBrain JimPGFoi

    I agree with this article, especially with numbers 3, 4 and 5. To me, there is nothing more mentally stimulating than reading a book that makes me think about the content and significance of what I am reading. To danb: perhaps you are suffering from a disorder of somesort.

  • Deng Xin

    Read chanlleging books, Exercise, Early to bed & early to rise, Reflection, Minimize dull stuff. Thank you, John. It does good to me.

  • Paul

    I do all this stuff, except going to bed early, i always thought it’s just my biological rythm going to sleep at 4 and waking up at 12, and yet i do feel kinda lethargic, thanks, John, gonna try your advise.

  • Natalie

    JimPGFoi: It’s only a disorder if it is a problem.

    I am a late sleeper/waker. It is simply my body clock; the only thing that makes me lethargic is caffeine addiction (which I intend to break soon). For curiosity’s sake, what is “early” anyway?

    Television only interests me if it makes me think; same when it comes to websites. Books I simply don’t have time for. That may sound conceited, but I just cannot afford the time it takes to read books. It would probably help if I were a speed-reader, but I’m not. I compensate by drawing and having stimulating conversations. I’m sure your pointers are very effective for people that cannot find their own ways.

  • Rob Neville

    Amen to the early to bed, early to rise…if I could just convince my wife of that! We are diurnal creatures by design and were meant to sleep when the sun goes down and become active again when it rises. Television and the electric light bulb and modern society have seriously altered our natural patterns. My sharpest mental period is always from about 6am to just after lunch.

  • usrtyp

    Read Challenging Books : hit me on the head once more with the cherished book. This is getting to be a stale muffin. Its always implied the computer can not perform the same function. The alphabet is the same, and the words have the same meanings.

    Early to Bed, Early to Rise: another bonk to the noggin. Implied is the glory of that period leading up to daybreak, as if it had special precedent over any other period. Quite right that sleep deprivation is a robber of a sharp mind, as are irregular sleeping hours.

    I think your picks are sound and wise, I just don’t agree of putting books and the morning on a pedestal. Enjoy your egg McMuffin while reading Pride & Prejudice in the early daybreak, but theres no need to say that is the best for others who have different ideas of accomplishing the same goals.

  • Kaleb

    All of these are very true, yet I find that getting out and socializing is sometimes one of the most mentally-beneficial things one can do.

    If you live alone, and isolate yourself, over time the social areas of your brain begin to weaken, other areas soon following suit. Alzheimer’s, afterall, mostly affects those middle-aged adults who have lived alone for several years.

  • danb

    > perhaps you are suffering from a disorder of somesort.

    It’s called “laziness” :) I’ve been experimenting with a free-floating schedule, and it seems to work great. No computer programming when I’m sleepy, coffee only when I feel like it, and I sleep like a baby. All the other things in this article work very well, but I’ve never liked the “early to rise” part :)

  • kamesh

    Can you give us few more tips. These are not sufficient.

  • John Wesley


    I just posted some reader tips, and also invited everyone to share their own. This is the new post:

  • John Wesley

    Whatever floats your boat.

  • Shadus

    I would disagree with the thought that “popular suspense fiction” isn’t good reading. It really depends on the author… and generally it’s easier to read something you ENJOY than something you loathe. I can sit down and read classics all day, I was reading at far above that level in 9th grade in high school (back in the early 90s)– however, I loathe reading it. It takes me 4-5x as long, not because of comprehension or lack of knowing the vocabulary being used… but because it’s dry and boring as hell and I can’t “get into” reading it. Give me something that interests me, like Greg Bear’s Eon or Larry Niven’s Ringworld and I’ll devour the book in a matter of an hour or two and go looking for more. After falling asleep 6-7 times reading “a classic” I won’t want to read again for a week. I think I’ve read 300-400 books that most people consider to be “classics” and I’ve enjoyed less than 20 of them. I’ve read perhaps 8000-10000 popular fiction/science fiction books and I enjoyed more than 50% of them.

    If you dislike what you’re reading no matter what the quality of the work is… it’s boring and sucks.

  • W[oIa]nDerIngMind

    > The problem is watching television doesn’t use
    > your mental capacity OR allow it to recharge.

    I would challenge that because it highly depends what you are watching on your TV.
    Sure if you watch Soap operas and Talk Shows you don’t train your brain at all.
    But if you watch complicated Thrillers, for example your mind is – or at least should be – working out who the killer is etc…
    Documentaries can be very educational – and a good way to learn new things on a higher level because it audio and visual – the more ways you get information presented the higher the chances are that they stick in your mind…

  • Karthik

    Thanks MAN….Really a good one..

  • Paco Merh

    This may look strange, but it works for me.

    Iclose my eyes and image halls that have doors and paintings on the walls. This may sound simple but if you really focus on everything you are watching , like the walls, doors handles, colors, shapes, and try to completely immerse in that though. Dont think of anything outside that, just see every single detail. Then you are exercising your imagination

  • femme

    As a library media specialist I am more than happy to see the “reading ” factor. I wholeheartedly agree that reading stretches your mind. I have never been one for pop lit but I do see the popularity because it is considered easy and a page-turner so the title is completed faster than one that forces you to think.
    I dont read avidly but I do read a good deal.
    I went without tv for years and now Im back watching tv and I do find it relaxing. Mostly I watch movies. So my tv time is focused to the time of the movie. I will admit I also watch the junk tv here and there…
    As for surfing the net. I do it so much for my job that its all over the place. Alot of zapping did bring me here, some focus usually helps, going astray sometimes can also lead you to good things!

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  • Sultan

    Thank you for give the tips…

  • Robins

    Agree with *every single word* … in fact all the five points exactly as they are.

    Great post !!

  • John Wesley

    Thanks, Robins! :)

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  • Howtolife

    I would add “learn new things” to your list. Learning a new language or a sport can be helpful to improve the intelligence.

  • Brett

    Thankyou for constructing such a clear and informative page. I have printed off your points, and will make a large effort to carry through with it all. Hopefully you have given me the positive energy I need in my life at the moment.
    Kind reguards.

  • John Wesley

    @Howtolife – Learning new things is definitely a great way to stimulate your mind. It’s a good addition to the list.

    Brett – Best of luck in your efforts. We all need to make an effort to start in a positive direction. Thanks for the reminder.

  • CaribbeanSizzler

    John I agree with these principles. I summarize these to say: rest (sleep, away from TV)and stimulate (exercise and absorb challenging material) the brain.

    I want to tickle the mind here…has the Internet replaced the TV for some of us?

    I can spend hours here soaking up information on StumbleUpon, MNSB, Blogs on a variety of subjects that keep me in tune with current events, educate me on subjects which I would not have the time/money to acquire reading material. Some people do not know what a “Blog” is and they are Executives of companies, holders of Degrees but are only challenged in the rat race society to focus only on job-related material

    Back to big bad TV…….relax with Grey’s Anatomy, stimulate your brain on History Channel, learn to prepare a meal with Rachel Ray, worship with TBN…get my drift.


  • CaribbeanSizzler

    By the way, I left my job June 2006 and entered the world of the Internet, cut back drastically on TV and learnt “Blog” at age 46Yrs!!
    Now I fill each day with a little from each John-spectrum and feel I am mentally more agile than before.
    From Jamaica, respect!

  • John Wesley

    I definitely agree that the internet has now surpassed TV as the primary information source for many people, especially people on the forefront of technology. TV is slow, its out of date, it lacks variety and the individual flavor of internet media.

    Having a wide variety of sources of mental stimulation is a great way to become more agile, and the internet is a great place to do it. How else could I exchange thoughts with someone in Jamaica?

  • penny

    Lately, I have become much sharper by doing the following:

    Put in much less time working on math or learning things.

    Resting my brain and feeding my need for diversion.

    More sleep, more exercise.

    I find that now I can do better math research in lots less time because my rested and relaxed mind is sharper.

    As in all things, it is about balance.

    ” How long will it take to reach enlightenment if I try hard?”

    Ans. Ten years.

    ” If I work twice as hard?”

    Ans. Twenty years.

    ” If I work all out?”

    Ans. Never

    From: “Zen Flesh, Zen Bones”

  • ninad

    I think some good tv programs like bbc’s documentaries ( or discovery ) etc..make you think and are great to watch…

    Also solving one or two puzzles/riddles from the internet daily …gives your gray matter some exercise :)

    third thing is to meditate :)


  • lee

    Great methods depicted though the change in external enviroment is only important as the change internally so in conjuction with the methods proper diet is vitally essential.

    keep up the great work!!!

  • John Wesley

    Thanks, Lee.

  • Stephen Welton

    Thank you for taking the time to share such great information

  • Anand Muthu

    Yeah ! All the techniques are exactly true and working for me .I would recommend this to All. *Little of ZEN* would be fascinating you more in Work and Life !

    As you think , So you Are – Buddha

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  • Melissa Gallagher

    Thanks for such a fantastic article. My friend and I comment who people are zoned out cogs…if we do not work our brains now…they will not work for us later!
    Very grateful for your article!

  • John Hill

    Interesting post, I especially liked your tip on cutting back on the TV.

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  • ahed

    thanks alot for these 5 tips

  • Erick

    “Early to Bed, Early to Rise”

    Wrong. While it’s critical to get an appropriate amount of sleep (though even this is debated… Buckminister Fuller managed on a couple of hours a day believe it or not), it doesn’t matter much whether you go to bed at 9 or go to bed at 12. In fact, studies show there is some truth to the “early riser” and “night owl” categorizations. That is, there may be something biochemically/physically going on to make someone one way or the other.

    “Minimize Television Watching”

    I’ll also have to say a couple of words about this. I probably watch 1 or 2 hours of TV a day, and it is almost always either the news or some documentary on PBS, National Geographic Channel, the Travel Channel, etc… Some of the shows I really enjoy are CNN Presents, Modern Marvels, How Things Work (is that the name of it?), and Good Eats (surprisingly informative show about cooking and it’s basic chemistry). Anyway, I feel like I learn a lot from watching TV, for the most part. I havn’t watched network shows (dramas, comedies, etc…) in several years. I simply can’t watch them, to be honest. They seemed aimed at the intellectually challenged.

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  • Michael

    very inspiring indeed. I will surely benefit from these points and remember that small things are the ones that matter the most. So following point by point will surely help in time.

  • Nick

    I agree with everything except the TV and going to bed early. There is some evidence that TV actually increases your intelligence. If I didn’t watch TV, then I would be ignorant of a lot of world issues. I wouldn’t advocate watching it all day though. I’m at my most productive in the early hours, between midnight and about 2am, which was when I used to do all my university work. Some of us are morning people and some night people. Every time I’ve had a job which requires me to be up in the morning, I’ve felt awful, even if I’ve had 8hrs sleep. My gut doesn’t seem to like it either.

  • troy

    hey now

  • troy

    whoa bud

  • Atheist

    >Well, while I whole-heartedly agree with your tips, I >think you’ve forgotten a crucial one- save some time for >prayer. Daily prayer is absolutely essential. True, it >could be tied in with tip # 5, but it goes beyond >reflection. Spending time with the Lord is the most >important thing I do each day, and it leaves me feeling >clear-headed and ready to take on the world. I recommend >it for everyone.

    Not everyone’s a Christian.

  • Whatever-ishere

    thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful…

  • http://none Lin Floyd

    I think many of you are arguing over semantics…what if John had said “complex intellectually stimulating” novels instead of “classics” and made clear that he was talking about mass media television, and not PBS/History Channel/Discovery/et al?
    While Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Tony Hillerman (for example) don’t qualify as “classics” they certainly are intellectually stimulating.
    Likewise almost no-one considers Ken Burns’ “civil war” or Sir David Attenborough’s “Life of Birds” to be mind-numbing but this is not mass media…it is aimed at a very small segment of the TV viewing audience – the segment that includes most of us. The point is to avoid dreck like Danielle Steele and MTV and commercial television in general.

  • http://- hanina

    I’m having trouble with the first one. Thing is, i do every single thing with the television on. It helps me not to think about other problems. Above all matters, i really want to use my talent and passion in the greatest way; which is in arts and painting. I had wasted years keep searching on ideas and creating a masterpiece, but accomplish nothing. I know this isn’t suppose to be a ‘therapy blog’ but can I have just ONE BIG tip/reason for me to just do what i have to do?

  • Nathan Ketsdever

    Just a couple more….
    6) Thinking in metaphors.
    7) Using your time efficiently.
    8) Relaxing for idea incubation
    9) Seeing and integrating both the micro and the macro. (ie think like a telescope, thinking like a telescope)
    10) Think like chess. Anticipating the next move in competitive markets and trends.

  • shirley

    I agree with your article.. Minimize television watching.. most of our family time are on tv.
    And to start a day.. have to rise early in the morning.. make me feel fresh to start a new day.

  • Rachel

    Hey, do any of you guys know if reading more will increase your life span?

  • anup

    i agree

  • Ali

    I beleive that there are some physical motives to increase intelligence like:
    decreasing foods , no much sleeping(2-6) , writing anything if it is insignificant and something like that for television i cannot see any benefit of it except for knowing the current event and have an alternatives
    con:this topic especially is exciting you abridge it too much .
    and then thanks

  • Jón Absalonsen

    My worst problem is sleep deprivation. I think I can easily fulfil the others. But keeping a steady sleep pattern is and has always been difficult for me.

  • Daniela

    Most of the points are good and I agree with them. However, there is one small problem with point 4, which morning people always forget – namely, night owls. Some of us, ARE more productive in the evening, regarless of habits, and pushing into what the majority thinks is productive only leaves us tired, unable to concentrate and often migrainous.

  • Ori Manor

    That’s some nice article but I think
    something’s missing here – There’s no
    planning. A program to increase our
    intelligence can’t go too far just by
    counting on some habit shaping. Certain
    books should be read, certain curriculum must be
    followed in order to achieve real results..
    That’s my opinion anyway..

  • Patricia

    These are good steps to improve your memory and attention span.

    I especially notice that my memory is affected when I don’t get enough sleep, but sometimes I just can’t sleep. I don’t seem to require more than five hours a night, and you are correct the opposite can also be true, too much sleep and I am lethargic.

    I also find if I spend too much time on the computer my brain seems to turn to mush. Too much information. Also the glare is hard on my eyes and causes dryness. I try to limit my exposure. I also work all day on a computer so when I come home the last thing I need is more computer, but I love blogging so find I have to limit myself.

    I find a variety of things are probably good. Too much of anything is not good.

  • Martin at IQ Training

    I just wanted to add that recent research (reported in Wired and the NY Times) shows that you can improve your intelligence by training your working memory. I’ve developed software that allows anyone to do this at home. Check it out: iqtesttraining dot com

  • Mohammed Moupasher

    Great Tips, as Muslim praying clear my mind and enable me to communicate with ALLAH by reading Holy Quran, for us Muslims we have 5 prayers per day which really reduce stress and make us feel very comfortable and happy. this is for people that really practice Islam not just Muslims by name.

  • Drew

    I think all of them sound like good ideas except for number 4. Recent studies have shown an actual biological basis for the morning person/evening person distinction. Each person has a set of enzymes that are active at different parts of the day. When the enzymes are active, the person is more awake. When they are absent, drowsiness sets in. Morning people begin producing these chemicals as soon as they wake up. Evening people produce them later in the day. Hence, some people are more producting in the morning, whereas others are more productive later in the day.

  • stefan

    indeed, the methods are not revolutionary… hoped to find something fresh – those are very basic hints presented in superficial way. Anyway it’s good that you tried to share Your observations :)

  • taoufik

    thank you this is a good tips…

  • mathew kurian

    I need to understand the technics.

  • Oyuncu

    Well, this very nice and wonderful.

  • asadullah

    As per my understanding, watching TV does reflect into boosting to intelligency power, But in TV waht’s are you watching that’s matter suppose you are watching some movie but not in your regional language that keep you always in good listening mode that can help you. But suppose you are watching a movie but in your own daily uses language then offcourse no benefit. Watch TV in other language( which you can understand but not too much use to), science fiction movie, puzzles program etc.

    One thing more I am not agree that anyone can increase their intelligency level. You can increase your brilliancy level only. But again i am not sure too much and just reachearching on that myself…
    As per my observation,
    Brilliance = Intelligency + Knowledge
    Intelligency is fixed thing that’s GOD gifted or you can say it depends on your birth period( 9 months in the womb of your mother)
    etc Again i dont know more how to? If anyone know more please can you tell me. You can increase a lot of knowledge so you can increase your brilliance level but not intelligency level….

  • Chany

    I did all those stuffs except going to bed early. I wish that i could sleep easily but there is too many things going through my mind. I just can’t shut them down. I dont know how to evacuate those thoughts, to free my mind. Do u have any advice??

  • lightning


    I like your simple yet effective ways to improve intelligence, sometimes too much advance thinking make us forget the basics. honestly I am often lack of sleep and have no time to exercise. I am a multi-talented person and I excel in any field that I want to excel, i always want to improve myself and always studying. I have an IQ of 145 and now I am doubting if I still have the same IQ score cause I am always tired and lack of sleep. My brain seems to be slower than it used to be and I am becoming forgetful. I guess sometimes becoming intelligent does not mean you can’t be stupid, sometimes we people tend to forget the basic and we became stupid. The common sense is now becoming uncommon sense. I like your article, there is not much scientific explanation just purely practical and yet effective. You did a good job



  • Gopi Krishna

    Beautiful article, i appreciate it!

  • jc

    The changes I have made to improve my intelligence are: consistent sleep, nutritious foods and exercise. I also recommend praying and meditating to God, above all.

    Keep in mind that too much stress causes people to lose their mental edge. Slow down, relax, be flexible and go about your business.

    “Grin and Ignore it” is my new mantra!

  • bosshoof

    nice words

    concerning the fourth tip you gave ,

    Our prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him] told us alike advise:

    he told that in the early morning we can find blessing

  • 美服代理


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  • Gina

    You posted this two years ago…I hope you’re happy to see it is STILL being read and appreciated. I’ve just had long drown-out bout with the feeling that I am just the DUMBEST person in the world – I finally resorted to going on-line to see if I could find suggestions on how to improve my focus and increase my intelligence. I even thought that was dumb!! But I’m glad I found this information. There was nothing new and nothing I did not know already. But I did need the reminders. Everything you said was 100% true and I’m planning to put those points in action immediately. Thank You!

  • Paulina

    Good tips. Good eating habits is also invaluable. Paying attention to what go into your body makes it possible to practice most of the others.

    • shafquat

      to me my IQ level is not so good.your comment is convincing.hope for the best.take care

  • Emanuel

    its very important the brain, my father says that and its true. i am only 6 years old and i already know 5 languages ( but not very well of course)because my father teach me what i need to do in order to be happy and to create a good future

  • shafquat

    ithink all the 5 tips are obviously vital to get good result.i really appreciate………

  • naz

    Nyc nd useful stuff that really helps me out in improving my intelligence. goood keep up

  • Abdallah

    By far i agree with you in all aspect, as a muslim we are encouraged to always reflect and think about life and its creation. So in essence this has been communicated to us 1400 years ago when the prophet(peace be upon him) came. The mind by far is the greatest privilege human being has been bestowed with. Had we been created with animal instinct as animals, by far now we would have been extinct. Yes am refuting Darwin theory as it never existed.

  • Personal Development Matt Belcher


    Great article.

    I think the TV really causes challenges. I am also conscious of watching it for too much. Really there is so much more that can be done.


  • Kris

    Love the site!
    I have a very hard time focusing. Also since childhood, it’s always been a problem, also because I got the ADHD. (Even if you don’t believe in those psycological disorders). Everyone can make progress. Thats what I love about this site. Keep reminding me to not open to many doors at once. Start with one 😉


  • jubilee

    Spend time in prayer and learn to play a musical instrument; preferably guitar or keyboard (full 88 key keyboard) it would also help you from getting somewhat clinically depressed (although some musicians have depression) they have courses online that you can buy for an instrument as well and listen to the type of music you would like to play..very important

  • zubi

    beautiful ,after years of trying things out i also have come to things you said

  • Adam

    It is true that tv kills us, but what about challenging movies?

  • dushan

    ye these stuff do really work ……………………………
    AND also in my opinion if u have a test or something like wise be away from computer games …………… IT REALLY does make u get low marks

  • Jotto999

    Good thing I don’t watch more than a few hours of TV per week. I think most shows are really stupid anyway.

    Forget TV, I find computer activities more interesting and stimulating. At least on a computer you are much more engaged.

  • outstanding

    good post but i don’t agree watching tv is way to increase your Intelligence because most the information in tv are not accurate you have find real trusted source of information may be like books. thanks for sharing

  • Dee

    As a returning student to college after a few decades I began to read about increasing my brain power. I’ve use several methods and found that they work including the ones mentioned here. After reading a list of problems that occur when eating refined sugar I decided to eliminate it from my diet. With the problems after the transition to digital tv, I tuned out by turning off and unplugging the television. Although it’s a challenge with study, the information, “Pick The Brain” has helped.
    Thank you

  • Rory

    10-20min nap? I take At Least that long to get to sleep. Should that be counted?

  • Rebecca

    I agree 100% with the tips above. I would say another tip should be listen to classical music and learn how to play an instrument.I know for my self that this helps increase intelligence (at least for me). After focusing on a complex song and after playing something on the piano, I feel my mind becoming more clear and accomplished.

  • chonie

    thanks for the great tips

  • chonie

    It’s terrific. Thanks

  • Saleh

    Masha Allaah! It’s a good one and I find it useful although I listen to classical nasheed of Abu Ali instead of music 😀

    I must say that it’s been 7-8 years ever since I more or less quit watching programs in TV despite my increased activity in computers/laptop. I realized that if you adjust screen brightness both in TV and laptop, your eyes don’t get ‘sore’ nor would you feel being drained with empty illusions. Nonetheless, reading books and attaining knowledge are very productive!

  • Ask Doctor

    I too have felt that watching television can make me dull and reduce my learning power.

  • karan arora.klimzee

    I do all 5 simple steps to increase inteligency.

  • karan arora

    You are right about self control, that’s they key to actually doing any of this stuff

  • gur saheb

    effective amendments, especially for common untamed minds

  • Momo

    Very nice and useful article! I didn’t know about the reflecting thing, but I can understand the concepts :)

    What if you watch something “challenging” on TV?
    Like Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, Discovery, NGC etc?
    In other words, what about viewing television for educational purposes?

  • pemnor

    hi there, well it is a very good thing you are doing. Especially for people who have a strong will to work out and doesn’t know how to begin. One of the tip i.e prefer reading over TV wathing which i haven’t been doing and now from today onwards i will try my best to follow it. Thanks million.
    your tips are very simple and yet effective.

  • draft9chem

    great advice although i must say that when you used the word “vegetating” i couldn’t help but laugh. I’ve never seen or heard someone describe a couch potato with an active verb/noun. I almost fell out of my chair. cheers!

  • Alaba Daramola

    i think watching TV has both negative and positive advantage,but the true is that its negative side is more than the positive side when it become an addiction. however, watching also develop your brain somehow, bcos there are many educative programmes

  • cathy

    i think this is great im having major and minor problems like facebook and other things interfering with my studies and i am even forgetting how to spell!because of facebook we spell short way in stead of the whole word ill take your advice i think its great!

  • kathy

    :) lets hope this works 😉 <3 ill tell you all if this works i think this is great advice :)

  • Sasha

    I agree. My attention span is about a minute… no, make that 30 seconds long.

  • Sasha

    Will somebody please pass me a barf bag?

  • Default-Name

    Since everybody has told me “You can’t study for a test like the ACT or SAT” I decided that maybe by improving my overall intelligence that possibly my score would reach new heights. Although memorization plays a huge role in such test, so does concentration and sleeping habits (as you said). Cutting back countless hours of tv and getting to bed earlier has really made me more confident about taking the test again–and if it hasn’t actually helped me it’s at least put me into a better state of mind! Thanks John!

  • soham.taple

    in one week i want to become the intelligent boy

  • rg

    a good and well written article

  • James

    These are great on number 5 one i also suggest doing journaling just wrighting about your day also gives you a different perspective on your life and off your mind i love it.

    Great Stuff Keep It Up

  • christy

    hi….. thnks!!!! nahimoh nko akong research…


    in english!!! thank you I did my research….

  • Steven Horton

    Heh, this is pretty bad advice. :-( The most important thing about improving your intelligence, as well as your intelligent memory is doing new things. Doing old things, such as reading a book, doing cross word puzzles, or other things you already know very well won’t help very much, if at all.

  • Igor Lebedev

    The article is well written and on its right way, but probably the idea of being Universal as in studying and reading variety of books and seeking connections between them is quite important in becoming intelligent.

  • Mikan Sakura

    I Hope It works becuse i keep practicing till i stop using the computer all the time but i can’t stop using it . any way thanks for the advise. i’ll try doing it all the time.

  • WY Yen

    Interesting article. Not a bad thing to follow those tips! I am sure it will work. On top of all those, I would like to add, mental strength is important and keep looking forward to things – Optimism.


    really bad advice, IF IT WASNT TV

  • Zachariah Logan

    wow, guess I just needed to read it, simple things our parents always told us. I bet brushing your teeth has something to do with acne too. Wow, thank you very much, and if picking the brain is your theme, you have a new subscriber! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  • james major e. rock

    the best way which is simple, straight and short to increase your intelligence is by studying the word of God (bible). because dat is d beginning of knowledge.

  • lucky

    howstuffworks “5 ways to get smarter” is also helpful

  • Annmarie

    I think i could agree on this article. Oh c mon I live withouth TV for more than year and a half. A barley watched 10h in past year in a half. Documentaries and so are really good to watch.

    Doe i’m increasing my intelligence already two weeks now, even doe i saw this article today. Uum i can say i already have some results( like faster reading, memorizing by studying, better concentration and soo) just because i changed some things, maybe i’ll use some of these advices.

    Doe yeah, i’m 17 so in my age is best time to increase it, but yeah, good luck!

  • Gopal Rao

    It’s really amazine specially excersing tips and reflecting thought alonly to observe urself and priorities to characterized u.

  • ANDRE`

    I heard learning the piano made people smarter…anybody have any other tips? I really want to increase my learning abilities.

  • bexters

    Yes, I would agree that “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.” -Proverbs 1:7 After posting this I know that someone will accuse me of being a “stupid, narrow minded person,” but logically, think about the search for knowledge. Without a God, one could not have the ability to KNOW anything, because everything would be random, purposeless, and meaningless. Searching for knowledge and truth only makes sense in the context of a God because there must be a reason to differentiate between what is correct and what is not.

  • Ogwa tobore

    It’s all true, i’ve realy got alot of work 2 do

  • Jessika Gains

    Can I just say what a relief to find someone who as a matter of fact knows what they’re talking about on the internet. You especially know how to bring an issue to light and make it be significant. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  • Iris

    Great advice. Yes, I do agree that TV can lower intelligence. I rarely watch TV and despises reality shows. However, there are some exceptions such as programs for educational purposes. For instance, the history and discovery channels provide various series full of great information. Even a show such as Law & Order can enhance your knowledge on law and police enforcement. Also, only read subjects that you find fascinating to ensure that you can stay motivated especially if the books are challenging to read. Lastly, the most important improvement you can make is to interact with smart (and a positive attitude) people on a regular basis.

  • anurag sharma

    one man cannot do anything – one man can do everything.
    either you think you can do it or not ,both ways you are right-HENRY FORD.

  • sameer

    Thanks to Ajay, I bought this product and its really good:-

  • JC

    Don’t forget nutrition. I know personally that if I don’t get enough natural foods and good lean protein, I’m not as quick mentally.

    I also recommend finding your true vocation in life and you will be successful. I’m stuck in a job that does not interest or inspire me. I just kind of go through the motions day by day. I have been at that job for 8 years now and actually feel like I am not learning anything new. The motivation and desire are not there.

  • http://www.imvu pixy

    i love reading in my spear time, it is better than tv and facebook.

  • http://www.imvu pixy

    hello i llllooooovvveee rrreeeaaaaddddiiiinnnnggg

  • Jeremy

    Learning the word of God is not the answer. It is quite possibly the most ignorant statement I’ve ever come across. Believing this means that anyone who doesn’t believe in the Christian God is not intelligent. This does not make sense. Increasing your brain power has nothing to do with what your religion is. Personally, I am an Athiest, but I’m not going to go around saying that becoming an Athiest is the first step to increasing brain power or intelligence. I find all religions interesting, in fact, I’ve read the Bible. Interesting story but it lacks a couple of key components, one being that the answer to all our questions is a one word answer, “faith”. Coming from a scientific point of view, faith is blind hope. But just because you have faith in something, doesn’t mean it’s true. Christian’s forget that there are no more facts to back up their beliefs than there is for any other religion. This makes them ignorant. People forget that the only reason why Christianity is so widely excepted is because all of the countries in North America were discovered and taken over by Europeans who were heavily religious. They forced their beliefs on the natives and eventually Christianity was the norm. Had this not happened, we would be living in a completely different world right now. It’s the classic situation in which, majority rules.

    So before you go preach to the world about how the only intellects out there are the ones who know the “word of God”, remember that you have no idea what you are talking about. Because let’s face the facts.. Oh wait! Christians don’t consider facts. My mistake.

  • rocky

    its goood

  • Ismat unnisa begum

    hello folks actually its a very nice and interesting article which is written bye john wesly but i dont think watching tv is a defect coz it has both negetive and positive things and except that overall i’ll agree wit u john best of luck

  • damon

    Thank you very much for the information! I read every night and can not stop! I had to know if it does anything for me. Now I know I’m helping myself! Thank you!

  • Tolito Sumi

    I tink the 5 steps are Cool!!:)

  • Dukan

    Exercise is the key. It enhances not only the body but the mind too. It allows us to make use of our mental resources. My personal trainor has been really honest in telling me that if I am not going to do it regularly, I am not going somewhere with my efforts.

  • Brianna

    Haha. Nicely put, Jeremy!

  • loujane

    nice keypoints. i hope i can apply this one as one of my study habits as a student. =)

  • Abhi Balani

    vry nice article



  • http://- Zahraa

    thanks i liked your artical sometimes people knwo the above things but they are lazy to do it and it is realy simple

  • jay

    I have a pill that increases your intelligence by about 35%. $350 each pill. let me know if u want one. Each last about 8 hours. :-)

  • lou


    please send me a pill for

  • hava perdesi

    consistency has been fully explained in the article is quite descriptive writing and sharing parts of your post I want to share all liked it very much thanks

  • Amari

    Jeremy you couldnt be anymore right if your were wrong. But you’re 100% correct. Well put dude. In my opinion, religion in today’s day and age is completely overated, if not watered down, that the bible is now used for what people want it be instead of what it actually is. Modern day sacreligion!
    Intelligence has nothing, if anything, to do with the bible, religion or the like. Granted everyone has their own believes and im not one to discredit anyones personal god. But if youre a smart, normal, rational thinking human being then you would know that science overweighs fiction written in a book which has no proof of its contents – i am starving so believing im eating a nice juicy steak would satisify that insatiable appetite instead of actually eating one?! The proof is in the pudding – taste, smell, sight and touch. Blind faith is a recipe for disaster. God i can go on. Good article tho

  • Amari

    Jeremy you couldnt be anymore right if your were wrong. But you’re 100% correct. Well put dude. In my opinion, religion in today’s day and age is completely overated, if not watered down, that the bible is now used for what people want it be instead of what it actually is. Modern day sacreligion!
    Intelligence has nothing, if anything, to do with the bible, religion or the like. Granted everyone has their own believes and im not one to discredit anyones personal god. But if youre a smart, normal, rational thinking human being then you would know that science overweighs fiction written in a book which has no proof of its contents – i am starving so believing im eating a nice juicy steak would satisify that insatiable appetite instead of actually eating one?! Whats that saying “the proof is in the pudding”. Simply put, blind faith is a recipe for disaster. Good article tho

  • yashaswi gaur

    GREAT!GR8!!I just luv to read this type of articles. thaaaaannnnk uuuu john for spreading u’r amazing,cool&fabulous vies with us.

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  • Bob

    Well written, but poor content. It’s unfortunate that this is the top result when I search for “how to improve intelligence”. You clearly haven’t made an effort to research the science behind fluid intelligence and the most effective ways to improve it. You didn’t even qualify what you meant by “intelligence”. How am I supposed to measure if your advice works if you don’t tell me what I’m measuring?

    Software like Dual-N-Back is little known but has shown to improve fluid intelligence by a significant percentage after a few weeks of use.

    • PBJ

      Also, studies have shown night owls to be more intelligent than morning people. Just saying

  • Simran

    Nice Suggestions

  • martin

    This is very good advice and it works for me.

  • Brutalbrutus

    One way to lose intelligence: state the obvious. Or listen to someone stating the obvious.

  • Ask

    Meditation is one of the easiest techniques you can learn to refuel your body, mind and spirit. While many of us have heard of the benefits of meditation, few of us actually want to spend the time it takes to learn how to meditate. We often cling to stress, fear and anxiety because we think we need these things in order to function in this fast-paced world.

    • 031850

      That is very true I practice in meditation whenever I get some quite time and I feel great after

      • Sandy

        quite time or quiet time? Hmmmmmmm…….speaking of intelligence.

  • andy

    i think that intlligeneus comes when you are not nervouse or stressed and have all the time in the world to think you can all suck it too jerk offS!

  • sathya

    well said but i excepted some more information to improve my intelligence

  • sumit kumar gupta

    its very nice msg and i’ll follow now.thanks

  • mugilan

    how can i judge a person weather he is talent or not ,pls help me

    • samuel odor

      pls i do study, but in a short time i find it difficult to recollect what i learnt pls i want to know why thanks

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    Well!i like Ur technic and i will practice it thax!

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    i am her dauter.everytime i am trying to be intrusted in studies,and every time i am on the t.v.i am studiying in 6th,and thanx to say me the idea!!!!!.

  • Joseph

    Great steps

  • Umba Juvenal

    I’m so disappointed by people who judging this article as unfinished or incomplete. Let me tell you that, even nowadays, in the scientific and medical world, brain is still an unknown and unexplored part of our body in some fields. It titled 5 “SIMPLE” ways. As example, most of time, we neglect the fact that staying long time on watching TV weaken our brain capacities, and in my own life I’ve experienced it, so I think he’s right. Try first before judging, then you can argue efficiently!!!

  • Douglas

    think its good. it adds to knowledge..

  • Lathan

    These are very realistic and makes sense. Thanks

  • Jubaida_rimu

    i liked it

    • Anonymous

      Me too. These are all good tips. Keep ’em coming, John!

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      It’s good

  • Mohdkhairul12

    that’s a good one.Thanks you

  • Blablablabla4

    Reading is reading. Whether you are reading a suspence novel or a classic, reading is great mental exercise. I happen to find many classics to be crap. On the other hand I love reading books like The Count of Monte Crisco although it is another suspense novel not much different than reading a suspense novel. For that matter Dumas never wrote those as novels initially. The chapters were weakly episodes printed in a magazine. Alexander Dumas was the original soap opera writer along with the likes of Charles Dickens. My personal favorite writer is Pat Conroy. He to is a suspense writer but I think you will find many other genres in his novels as well. Ironically he would argue that the best way to go is with the classics, but I still believe whether you are reading a suspense novel, classic or a comic book, reading is reading.

    Plenty of sleep is a good tip, but early to bed early to is crap. That would indicate anyone working a graveyard shift at work would be by definition a moron. Get six to eight hours sleep depending on your body, I prefer eight to ten hours sleep and obviously learn to lucid dream.

    Amen to the meditation paragraph.

    Definitely exercise but even more specifically do ATM or awareness through movement lessons. Common sense dictates generic exercise won’t do you much good compared to ATM. You can look up ATM or Moshe Feldenkrais. Open ATM project can. Be googled easily and has many free lessons. If you have back pain or any other kind of pain this is the only exercise gaurenteed to help. Other exercise might help but this will help.

    • whodoyouthink.

      People working graveyard shifts, aren’t morons, they do what they have to do to earn money. The person writing this article isnt saying that they are morons at all- but the fact is that people who do work graveyard shifts end up having health problems later in life.
      And on the reading… the more you exercise your brain the more intelligent you get. Reading is not reading, because sometimes you read without thinking about it- but if you really concentrate on your reading then you are exercising your brain, and therefore increasing mental aquity.
      My point is do research before you blatantly put your opinion up here. However, the author HAS done his research- most of this is proven by clinical trials and studies. 

      • Ice_zer0z

        I believe you are a moron or don’t read too well. ‘Blab’ said hey said that it would “indicate” that they graveyard shift people are morons. Read buddy and comprehend. 

        • Jikk

          Use punctuation bud.

          • Johan Karlsson

             increasing mental aquity? isn’t it acuity you mean ? :)

        • Steven King

          shutup loser

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    • Sai_205

      Ur profile name absolutely suits you…u only know to blabber…shall i remind u sth?,’ speach is silver but silence is golden’…john wesley has putforth simple yet effective strategies to improve intelligence..but u were opposing his ideas which i felt unbecoming and blameworthy…i may be excused if i provoked  and offended u…

    • Jamie

      You’ve obviously misunderstood, what he was saying was to read classic novels to absorb a more elegant English. You can’t read as you seem to have misread basic English.

    • Andrew brown

      Yaaah but i thnk if u leard bible it better thn any book.

  • Shruthi Tresa

    this was really helpful..i turned out that i did exactly the opposite of what has bean mentioned above..!!!

    • Assf


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    thanks for the article :)

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    Pagal Kute

  • Aadamcycle

    Also depends on what TV you watch… Yes watching housewife’s of  jersey or american idol yeah will dumb you down and thats part of what is wrong with society. Now watch something like Through the Wormhole or How its Made will increase your understanding and knowledge of the inner workings of the universe. Reading is even better but it can be challenging for some that are right brained to understand and myself to stay on a single thought process while reading. Tv with visuals are much more meaningful to me and I hate reality TV, soap operas, and other purely entertainment shows. Dont disregard TV as evil but used under the correct conditions and for the right reasons can be more valuable than a library full of books.

    • Justin Bieber

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      • Beradiarahul

        i think your father is

      • charlie

        oh please shut up 

      • Aks7660

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        Says the person who is named Justin Bieber

    • Justin Bieber

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    i have not tried it

  • Jack Leak

    I love
    the “read challenging books” ’cause I read a lot and I didn’t know
    that it was a form of exercise. Now I have an excuse not to go to the gym. :)

    – Jack Leak
    Customized Fat Loss Review

    • Techsin

      I think your comment was joke at best, right?

  • vishal jain

    i dont think reading a book will increase iq rather thinking what is saying and conc. on it would
    puzzles and games like chess would

  • Amrissahota

    love it it works within a week and so
    tahnx uur briliant

  • No memory

    I have reached a horrible stage, I think I have became very stupid. I think big part of it is being rather lazy and not interested in over-working my neuron cells. I remember I used to do calculations without much pain before high school but later as I aged, I feel mentally challenged to do so.  Even in my speech I stutter. I feel sad that I have become this way, that’s why, I got myself books and some puzzle game books.
    Even memory I feel my brain is not sticky enough to keep certain info stuck in my head.
    At times I feel I should check for early signs of Alzheimer but then I say maybe I am not trying hard?
    I kind of scared but then I have to be strong. My mom and her auntie, a very old woman in her 80s, can still sing the lyrics of old songs and poems they learned when they were very young. But me, a much younger person is the one who is aging and going all senile.  Seriously, I can not memorize or remember …singing a song has become challenge!
    Should I check in for Alzheimer?

    • short term

      i feel the same way

    • k.r.

      Hey, if you’re still around you might try eating 2-3 teaspoons of coconut oil a day. There is a theory about how Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia may be a 3rd type of diabetes where the brain cells can’t use glucose so they starve and die. These same cells could use and metabolize the ketones in coconut oil as fuel. I’ve been taking it for several weeks now because I get fibrofog really bad and I have to say, I feel much better. I buy virgin coconut oil in a glass jar from a healthy foods type store. It is said that plastic containers leak toxins into the oil so avoid those if you want to try this therapy.

    • Nicki

      Ok. So it turns out, we’re in the same exact position. I’m so ashamed!

  • Modfrank9

    I’m very disappointed, you show how to steadily increase one’s intellect with no omission of mediocre info. Sorry, didnt enjoy it.

  • Richard Cambell

    yes these are efficient ways to boos your IQ. But unfortinatly this wont have great results. One succsful way to boost your IQ To go through a program. click below to read and find out more.

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    yes these are efficient ways to boos your IQ. But unfortinatly this wont have great results. One succsful way to boost your IQ To go through a program. click below to read and find out more.

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    In Pursuit of Truth

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  • Akshayshrivastava

    Perfect Thoughts..M doing d same thing..spending some 20 days alone n sorting out all d matters which r making me difficult to live..From 1st Oct. Onwards..I’ll Be Back n will be better…

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  • Adityapachori87

    Hi , Just one question, I don’t like reading books and newspaper but I like reading online news and other knowledgeable stuff If I continue in this fashion that not reading books and reading online then Is this help me in increasing IQ?

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  • Randy Nichols Jr.

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  • Selena

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  • Robert

    I am currently an idiot who craves apprehension of the world from rudimentary arithmetic to Riemannian Manifolds, paleolithic to contemporary, and even universal to the quantum scale. Unfortunately, I am incapable of abstract thinking, inductive and deductive reasoning, and crystallized knowledge. My mental acumen and poor prospects has placed me in multiple situations where I always felt the need to capitulate to the forces of bad grades, low IQ, and my sorrowful lack of social skills. I understand that “good things come in small packages” and endeavor to utilize these tips to benefit the world. These procedures will serve as my guide on the path to knowledge. Thank you from a more intelligent man in the near future.

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  • Lakhibeniwal

    All the statements given above are really helpful but meditation is such a key which can be used anytime and anywhere to overcome your state of being tedious.just take some water and do it.It will definietly help you to refresh.thanks…..

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    Very True.3. Read Challenging Books
    true, but too simplistic. there’s many ways to challenge yourself they should all be valued. maybe someone is a visual learner etc.4. Early to Bed, Early to Rise
    your not sleep deprived when you sleep in to 3 PM 😉
    My energy peaks after i’ve been up for 8 hours, although its kind of a problem lol.
    should be:
    get correct amounts of regular sleep and get direct sunlight (for health). but maybe we need sunlight all the time.5. Take Time to Reflect
    I love this one. still, to each her own.
    As soon as i saw this article and the simplistic items, i thought,
    adsense site. some page thrown together that anyone could write.
    This list reminds me of the Monty python meaning of life:

                      QUOTE: “Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now
    and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and
    harmony with people of all creeds and nations.”

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  • Yusra Ahmed8

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  • Yusra Ahmed8

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  • S.Shivaprasad

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  • Williamdb1111

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    And now i’m enough for human beings to retrain…

     – John Bush Kala Kutta

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    ‘the challenge is haveing the will to adhere to them’
    we all new that what we have to do to overcome the problem but due to procastination or leasyness we don’t take step to do what is necessarry.
    Pawan GArg

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    Very good post. I agree step 4 specially i have exp it very well. In the morning you are fresh and you get the benefit of quit atmosphere. You can focus more and can get best out of it. Another thing to stimulate your mind is to read books. It gives you more views and keep you free from negative thoughts.Happy reading

  • Pulin

    Very good post. I agree step 4 specially i have exp it very well. In the morning you are fresh and you get the benefit of quit atmosphere. You can focus more and can get best out of it. Another thing to stimulate your mind is to read books. It gives you more views and keep you free from negative thoughts.Happy reading

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  • Zain Zulfiqar

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    This is good Tips , but these tips won’t help you reading alone, you need to learn how to read fast so the brain don’t get tired. Humans read to slow and that makes the brain fall asleep. Try not to read the words ,just look at them and try to read 3 words at one time. This will get you a lazer focus and you will start imaging streaming in the mind. If you don’t get this focus your brain is not training, your distracted. / Johan from sweden

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  • Mysterioushumanbeing

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  • Sweet gal

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    Good advice! I recently read an article on personal productivity that
    explained that we’re only capable to function at “full speed” for 30/40
    minutes – hence the need for frequent short breaks!

    The opposite is also true: to be productive for 30/40 minutes, you’d
    better turn off your IM, email, and other devices that keep interrupting
    you during the day :-)

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    Watching TV DOES help if you are watching informational channels like History or Discovery or even the Food Network. If you’re watching cartoons, analyze how many pictures the artists might have to draw to create this cartoon, and how long it would take. A high IQ means gathering information from where ever you can and processing that information with your own intuition as much as you can. ANALYZE everything, but don’t stress yourself out. It’s OK to not analyze specific things. But you should generally build an interest in analyzing most things.

    Don’t be picky with the type of books you’re reading. Authors put a great amount of time and effort in placing subliminal messages in even the most theoretically-bland novels. As long as you are able to analyze details, speculate on patterns, reasons as to why the author wrote in that style or why he chose a certain word, your IQ will increase.

    Not only should you take time to reflect, but you should reflect almost all the time. This is especially hard for the S type personalities, because they live in the present world of what they see, hear, touch, smell and physically feel. It’s also hard for certain NF types. (read about jung/briggs personality types). Also take the personality test and find out what you are, do some research about your personality (how you process data and view the world), and you’ll get a solid idea of where you stand and what your weaknesses are. I’m a mixture of an ENTJ + INTJ where my E is at 1% if you’re curious. I can be very social but I can also be to myself. Either way I LOVE to think and organize my thoughts.

    Getting sleep doesn’t help you increase your IQ, although it does give you energy for motor functions and cognitive thinking when you do read those books. Sleep is health maintenance. Exercise as well. Eat organic foods.  but using your brain is what will actually increase your IQ.

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    And it arguably lowers metabolism and leads to higher weight, even if you don’t feel a deep need to procure and eat the advertised junk food.    

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    accdg to some studies, people with high iq sleeps late at night. does that mean we need to sleep late? I sleep late at night. 12:30 tops. ummm, should i change or stick to it? sounds dumb but pls do answer

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    Anyway thank you for the help :)

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    Couldn’t agree more with the TV watching. There’s so much garbage on TV that has no real value or merit at all. It’s amazing how many people just go home and sit in front of the TV for hours, not interacting with anyone or anything.

    One other idea that adds to the Exercise tip is to actually challenge yourself physically to learn to do something new.

    Something as simple as a weekly salsa class can help increase your intelligence and your memory as it stimulates parts of your brain that are otherwise fairly dormant. 

    Doing new things makes your brain make new physical connections (neural pathways) in order to accomplish the new activity. This helps your brain work more effectively in all aspects of your life.

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    Taking the time to reflect is crazy powerful. Lately I have been taking time everyday to ask myself “What will make today a 10?”. I then write down my answer and try to accomplish those tasks. 

    It has been very powerful because it forces me to really identify what would make my day wonderful – then I go out and live it. Everyday my answer changes, which also keeps my life spontaneous and exciting. 

    I love the practical nature of this post. It makes it so darn easy to implement. 

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  • Angela

    Hi John, these are so simple yet so effective! I’m a little bit of a late sleeper and I do get up late as well, it seems many things are pointing to tell me not to – including this post! I also plan to do more exercise, I am guilty too of reading instead of exercising too. Thanks for the post!

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    Why do some brain damaged patients recover while others with the same brain damage do not? Metastudies by Kurt Fischer, Christina Hinton et al. shows that the key is tolerant environments. This agrees with Francisco Lacerda’s theory that the reason why children learn language easily is because they do not fear being wrong, just like non-prejudiced scientists. The fact that the tolerant environment factor works even way past the end of all supposed “learning windows” also shows that there is no such thing as an immutable “shame instinct” either. There is evidence, especially from domestication research, showing that evolution can very rapidly select on individual variation and turn it into group differences. Thus there is a contradiction between nature explanations of individual psychiatry and nurture explanations of ethnic differences. There must be some missing methodological factor. Since racist discrimination is a form of intolerance often associated with other forms of intolerance, studies of ethnic differences effectively takes the tolerant environment factor into account, explaining why nurture explanations prevailed in studies of ethnic differences. But studies of individual psychiatry have, at least before Kurt Fischer’s and Christina Hinton’s metastudy, not taken the tolerant environment factor into account, explaining why nature explanations prevailed there. It is well-established that there was/is anomalies from the nature model of individual psychiatry, but people ignorant of the metastudy lumps everything into one statistic and dismiss the minority of cases as “anecdotical”. Real science is about finding the pattern behind the anomalies to de-anecdotize them, just like Kurt Fischer and Christina Hinton did. And considering how stupid behavior is destroying the world (just look at pollution and deforestation!), this research about possibilities to change behavior to a rational form is invaluable. The fact that the plasticity only applies if the environment is tolerant means that there is no reason to fear that dictators will abuse the plasticity whatsoever. And stop generalizing about all TV. Scientific documentaries are like reading good books.

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    I try to follow ur step
    Thank u for posting

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    Thank you for a great advice, John! I loved that you brought up the importance of minimizing TV watching. It has been over four years since I have limited watching TV and stopped watching news and I have never regretted it.
    What I wanted to ask you is Do you think that there are different ways we can be smart? I’ve read a theory about 9 Different Types of Intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardener and I believe that he is right. I actually wrote a post about it on my blog just this past week:

    You are welcome to take a look. :)

    Thanks again for the post!

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    Nice tips. After reading this article I reduce watching television. After some time I am getting the pure return. Now I can memorize anything and my ready witness increase dramatically. Also I can concentrate on my studies based on my routine. 

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    They’re terrible tips. Please name your sources.  Maybe getting enough rest is a good tip, but the other tips are personal opinions. I have friends that watch a lot of TV and are engineers. Reading challenging books only make you good at reading. They’re not going to make you an innovator, or someone creative who will create the next invention. Exercising relieves stress but doesn’t make you smarter. No athlete is a brain surgeon.  You get smarter by eating the right foods. Taking plenty of Fish oil and Omega 3. They’re awesome for your brain. Def get plenty of rest and live a balanced, happy life.  Open your mind. Explore. Open your mind and awareness. This allows for your consciousness to increase and allow new, fresh information into your brain. The brain gets stimulated only by things that interest you. You can absorb a ton of boring information. But if you’re not interested, your brain will only discard it after a month. Meditation is also good. Most people don’t know this, but when you meditate, you use 100% of your brain. We normally use 8-12%. Which is not much. lol. That’s pretty much it.  People today think that the smartest person is the one who can memorize the most information.  But that person is not going to be a CEO or an Einstein. Remember, its not about solving a formula. Its about creating your own formula. And that only comes with exploring and expanding your mind. Einstein never said he was smart. He said he was creative. And that allowed him to explore the unknown and revolutionize physics. Enjoy life. Face your fears, and open your mind. 

  • Boss080

    They’re terrible tips. Please name your sources.  Maybe getting enough rest is a good tip, but the other tips are personal opinions. I have friends that watch a lot of TV and are engineers. Reading challenging books only make you good at reading. They’re not going to make you an innovator, or someone creative who will create the next invention. Exercising relieves stress but doesn’t make you smarter. No athlete is a brain surgeon.  You get smarter by eating the right foods. Taking plenty of Fish oil and Omega 3. They’re awesome for your brain. Def get plenty of rest and live a balanced, happy life.  Open your mind. Explore. Open your mind and awareness. This allows for your consciousness to increase and allow new, fresh information into your brain. The brain gets stimulated only by things that interest you. You can absorb a ton of boring information. But if you’re not interested, your brain will only discard it after a month. Meditation is also good. Most people don’t know this, but when you meditate, you use 100% of your brain. We normally use 8-12%. which is not much. lol. That’s pretty much it.  People today think that the smartest person is the one who can memorize the most information. But that person is not going to be a CEO or an Einstein. Remember, its not about solving a formula. Its about creating your own formula. And that only comes with exploring and expanding your mind. Einstein never said he was smart. He said he was creative. And that allowed him to explore the unknown and revolutionize physics. Enjoy life. Face your fears, and open your mind. 

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    please reply

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    Erm the TV stimulates your senses and teaches you a hell of a lot (depending on what you watch). I stoped reading when I read that.. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about

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     i reckon the number 4 and 5 is the best to enhance one’s intelligence.if you want to know yourself precisely then i think you should pass  at least a short span of time alone to think yourself and also how to develop your skill. though i never follow the number 4 which states ‘early to bed , early to rise’,i deem it outright.and the less you give time to watch t.v. the more you can save your valuable time to think yourself and also bounce back if you are in a steep plunge….

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    My main trouble is to do with getting to bed earlier and a distraction by the TV. I find that after reading what you have written it clearly has opened my eyes to not be so dependant on useless subjects like that. Further more, I need to go to bed earlier but it is so difficult for me as my mind is in constant movement on what I need to do for tomorrow. I find it a lot more easier, since I go to bed one hour earlier than I had intenended to go. Most of all John, I thankyou for putting the commitment into writing this post to share all around us. So thankyou.

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    Understanding how your mind works by Tony Mc Mahon .Most of us go through life without really understanding our conscious mind .What makes us have good days and some bad days .Without understanding how the mind works you will be on a fascinating with me on learning more about yourself It’s all about becoming a bit more aware of when and where to focus your mind .This is a skill most people only dream about .You can learn more about the conscious and your subconscious mind every week at [ mental training & inproving life skills ] plus more parenting tips .

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    is true we have to read sometime but we most also have a time of relax i think the person is true so for all this we have to make our timetable in such a way a time for everything.

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    Deprivation is a viral

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    I think your points are valid but I agree with the commenter that said it depends what you watch on TV…an hour spent watching NOVA is definitely different than watching an hour of some vapid sitcom or reality show. I did hear somewhere that some study said that persons watching 2 or more hours of TV a day was shown to have lowered IQ scores. TV watching is such a passive activity.
    I think reading the Classics is excellant but many modern day books will become “Classics” in time but aren’t considered that yet, so a well rounded reading program would be good. The standards for good literature have gotten higher naturally with time. People expect more out of a serious writer now than in the past, especially with craft and plot. Sometimes occasionally reading a poorly written book stimulates some thought. Reading some good nonfiction is great too, like Joseph Campbell’s books, etc. I’m not a science buff but I really enjoyed The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. I felt like it expanded my mind some.
    Getting the proper amount of sleep is important but I think we all have different cycles and biorhythms so time and amount could vary from person to person. One commenter said people who go to bed late and sleep late are found to be more intelligent. That just doesn’t jive with common sense. You have to take statistics and studies with a grain of salt. Some researchers are biased and it shows in the way they conduct the study and the way they interpret their results. I think the best thing is to figure out what your own natural rhythm is and work to accommodate that with a good routine. I have known people who were just naturally night owls that were also very intelligent and people who rise early and go to bed early who were equally as smart.
    Of course, many of us don’t have the luxury of choosing our exact sleep schedule; we must adapt to our employer’s specified routine and to our families, etc.

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    The outlined ideas are easy to start and keep practicing….thanks

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    i think d walking trick is very much helpful to me….but diff types of movies also help me to think…….to be inspired… my lptp or tv…….bt i love to read books also….in a suspense story our brain naturally think what will be nxt in d story… we r thinking in a way……so whats wrong?? i also read classic novels they also influence my thinking…

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    any famous books about increasing intelligence of mind?
    That will mean too much to me
    Thank you…

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    This used to be a problem for me when I went back to school, when you learn something new try to relate or think of it using concepts you already know, or read over again and again until you get it.

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    Looking for challenging books, here are two of the many I have read. Try, The Book On the Taboo of Knowing Who You Are, by Alan Watts. Also, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell. If these bore you try, Territorial Imperative, I don’t remember the author.